Accommodation request for retreat team o/n 17th March

The 1st and 2nd year students at Millstreet Community School have a retreat on Tuesday 18th March in Millstreet Parish Centre.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I am hoping to find simple accommodation for the team of 18-25 year  young adults who will be running the retreat.  There are ten of them and they belong to NET Ministries.  They are mostly from USA and Canada.

Thanks to those who have already volunteered to host pairs of the team.  I still have four to find accommodation for.  If there are two families able to give them accommodation and a simple meal on the evening of 17th March (they’ll be arriving in Millstreet at 7pm), and breakfast on the 18th March, that would be great.  They need to be back at the parish centre for between 8.00am or 8.15am.  If you can help please contact John Magee at Millstreet Community School on 029 70087 tomorrow (Friday), as we are closed on Monday.  Thank you.

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