Sunday morning cycle through Millstreet Town

Summer of 2013 has been one of the best in years and people spent as much time as possible outdoors to make the most of the sunshine.

Click on the link below for a journey through Millstreet Town recorded on a sunny Sunday morning on the 9th of June.

5 thoughts on “Sunday morning cycle through Millstreet Town”

  1. Thanks a million, Hannelie for uploading this excellent video of the expert cyclist/videographer recording the complete journey on a June 2013 morning from Tubrid Holy Well to Drishane Road as far as Coole Crossroads. Presumably, the mini-camera was attached to the helmet of the cyclist. Many thanks also to this cyclist who shared such a great insight into our town and environs using a very appropriate lively soundtrack.

  2. Thank you for the kind comment Séan, this was an experiment with a new camera. A lovely sunny morning was the perfect opportunity to cycle through our town and capture it at its best.

  3. Hannelie – I had not realised that it was you, yourself who had captured this amazing video footage. Sincere congratulations on not only your marvellous cycling but also your brilliant videography!

  4. Thank you so much for letting me take a trip through good old Millstreet,it’s been a while since I got to walk those roads and I appreciate you making this video so I could take a trip down memory lane even if it was only virtually,it’s definitely changed since I was home last ,a lot more new building etc,but still has those historic sights I miss home very much and hope to walk those roads with my kids real soon,maybe even climb Clara with them.

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