Interesting Article from Mushera Wind Aware

Stonehenge World Heritage Site.
In the August 2022 edition of National Geographic there is a very detailed article on the Stonehenge Heritage site in the UK. This is a world renowned site.
What is interesting for us is that the article is accompanied by a map of the UK & Ireland which depicts areas in both countries with the greatest densities of stone circles and we, in the Mushera / Ballinagree area are smack dab in the middle of one of only two areas listed in Ireland. We already knew that we are actually living in the area with the greatest density of archeological treasures in Europe but to have this acknowledged by such a prestigious publication is gratifying to say the least. And yet there are those that propose to plunder this rich heritage by replacing it or damaging it with wind turbines. Where is the sense in that mindset. ONCE IT IS GONE, IT IS GONE.
This is why wind turbines on Mushera / Ballinagree can never be acceptable.

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