3 thoughts on “LTV: Thade Mullane interviewed at Comeenatrush 1992”

  1. Great footage I remember the news about the boat. I understand it was buried again. Fabulous location I have great memories of it going and comming from the bog and climbing around the waterfall the midges would ate you.

  2. Wonderful video of my Uncle Teddy with Jerry Riordan at the lake, brought back many memories of Teddy and of my childhood holidays in Curragh with ny grandmother and Teddy and remembering the lovely neighbours all around. I have seen the lake and waterfall frozen over just magical. I also often heard the story about the “golden gates” from Kilmeedy Castle “resting” in the depths of the lake. Hope my grandchildren will get to visit the magnificent Curragh Glen,its lake and waterfall.
    Sending best wishes to Jerry and family on the arrival of the Dexter cattle to his farm lovely to see the old breeds back again. Also sending best wishes to Jerry’s neighbour Conor Sheahan on the arrival of the Wagyu herd to his farm, heard Conor speaking on the radio yesterday morning.

    1. Mary….How very true that the wonderful 1992 Interview between your Uncle Teddy and Jerry O’Riordan is now on YouTube shared with a global audience. Dan Joe Kelleher of Carriganima must take a huge bow for having captured magnificent video footage over many decades. The videos presently available under the LTV Services Ltd. on YouTube represent but a fraction of the enormous Archive of such precious features. We look forward to many more in the future appearing on YouTube. Very best wishes, Mary and Gerry and All in beautiful Co. Wicklow.

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