What Matters

“What Matters” – I wrote this song at the start of the week on my way home to Millstreet from New York. I had to leave because of what is going on in the world at the moment. I’m lucky in a way because that decision is even harder for others who are facing and will face some very tough times. That unbelievable Irish community will get those people over there through it. As will our communities here. This song describes some tough situations but it is also written in the hope and knowledge that we’re going to come together and support each other through it. It’s an appreciation of everyone’s efforts and bravery. There is gratification growing in me right now for the small things in life and I hope this resonates with some if not many. Stay safe❤️ We can’t share a lot at the moment so it’s pretty safe to share this away mad – Darren Kiely

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