Live video: Seán Óg with Cork City in Tiblisi

Watch Seán Óg (#6) and Cork City live in Georgia, streamed on the (EAFF page)

Cork City through to the semifinal tomorrow (Sunday) morning at 8:30am Irish time, where they will play Ortotek Gaziler SK of Turkey. [1]
3rd Place playoff: : Legia Amp Futbol 3 Cork City FC 2, 11:30am


SemiFinal: Ortotek Gaziler SK 8 Cork City FC 0


2nd Match: Cork City 0 AFC Tbilisi 0, 2pm-3pm

The match is from 09:00 to 1:10:00 in the video above.




1st Match: Cork City 0 Dinamo Altai 3  [fb]

The match is from 06:00 to 1:09:00 in the video above.



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