Millstreet Panorama from Church…Part One

We bring you on a visit to view the excellent ongoing work presently being carried out at St. Patrick’s Church, Millstreet. Thanks to the very kind co-operation of Buckley Brothers of Ballydesmond …especially Tadhg Buckley… we join the ever obliging Foreman, Kieran O’Riordan (a native of Killowen, Millstreet) having donned my hard hat and hi-viz jacket to comply with health and safety rules. On this first visit on 9th July 2008 Kieran takes us to the top of the Church where some wonderful parnoramic views are experienced. We also note the splendid new developement next to the Church…the new Respond! Housing Association building programme at St. Joseph’s Gardens ( formerly Presentation Convent). On the various scaffolding levels of the Church we get a close-up of the highly skillful
work being undertaken especially on the roof of this hugely important building. The original Church was built in 1840 and reconstructed in the early 1930s. Our second trip on high took place on 1st August 2008 when some nine levels of scaffolding brought up to the very top of the cross and allowed us to ring the bell! The images of that trip will follow in Part
Two in a few days time. (Seán Radley reporting from the roof of St. Patrick’s Church)

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