Monsignor Slattery

I remember Monsignor Slattery when i was a boy
His stories on life and nature were a source for joy
Memories of his visits to our classroom are with me today
And for as long as i live with me are bound for to stay

He had so many stories on the creatures of nature to us for to tell
That if published in book form they would readily sell
He advised us to animals and birds to be kind
Since in the image of god they too have been designed

A devout and friendly person free of conceit and guile
With the warmth of kindness in his beautiful smile
He does not deserve to fade from memory
Since he was everything a man of god should be

A person like he was one does never forget
And his passing in Millstreet caused widespread sorrow and regret
He lived true to his teachings of him one can say
And when it came to good example he did lead the way

Since he breathed his last many Seasons have gone
But for his compassion and kindness in memory he deserves to live on
It was by good example that he led the way
And one hopes he is remembered in the Millstreet of today.

— by Francis Duggan


Monsignor Slattery was in Millstreet from 1954 to 1955 [ref]

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