Last Mushera Platform Dance of the Year

2015-09-13 Platform Dancing on Mushera _5751The last dance of the year on the Mushera platform was held on Sunday last. To make sure the day wasn’t called off due to the heavy rain, the organising committee erected a tent over the platform.

“I was visiting family today, on  holiday from Canada with my mother, and, we all attended the open air dancing today (Sunday). The photo’s are compliments of Frankie (Kelleher) Egan, born and raised in Mushera, now retired and living in Toronto, Canada with her 4 children and 11 grandchildren.” (there’s lots more  photos below, and some videos at the bottom too:)

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Re-Scheduled Open-Air Dancing at Mushera Platform next Sunday Afternoon August 30

mushyRe-Scheduled Open-Air Dancing at The Mushera Platform will be held next Sunday August 30 between 3.00 and 5.30.

Music by Mike Helen and Southern Pride with Special Guest (The Wanted Man) 

Everyone Welcome.