Census 2016: Are we too reliant on manufacturing?

The Irish Independent notes today that in 2016, Millstreet had the second highest reliance on the manufacturing industry as an employer in the country:

“… some towns are heavily reliant on just one industry. For example, in seven towns, more than 25pc of the workforce were employed in manufacturing in April 2016 – they include Ballyhaunis, in Co Mayo, where 41.88pc of workers are in the sector, followed by Millstreet, in Co Cork, at 33.92pc…” [1]

From a community perspective, you’d prefer a broader spread of the workforce across industries, because in our case we may be too exposed to a shock to the manufacturing sector. At the same time we’re glad to have Alps, Munster Joinery, and the other smaller manufacturers in the area for the jobs they bring.

Detailed employment tables for Millstreet are below, though just the town and not include the surrounding hinterland.  [read more …] “Census 2016: Are we too reliant on manufacturing?”

Our Stats for 2014

In 2014 millstreet.ie again had an increased in visitors to all parts of the site (we do wonder, but it shows no sign of stopping).

There were over 1.1 million page views across the year. It works out at 3,044 views a day on average from about 2,000 distinct (human) visitors. The pageviews are up from 933k in 2013 and have been rising every year since we were first recording them in 2009. Our home page was again by far the most popular page viewed with 714 thousand views over the year, as it really is the centre of the site.

We have about 2,500 Facebook followers, 264 Twitter followers, 100 subscribed to emails, but most of the visitors to the site now appear to be just regular visitors which is nice to see.

So, to those that are now putting articles up themselves (Seán, Hannelie, Bernard, John, and Rebbecca), regular contributors (Eily, and Sharon), to the countless people who shared news, photos, notices, and anything else with us, and to everyone who visited the site to keep up with the news and happenings … we’d just like to say Thank You, because without you we’re nothing, and we’d be a little less without any one of you.

2015-01 millstreet.ie home page views from August 22nd 2009 to Jan 1st 2015
The ever increasing views on the home page of millstreet.ie and pretty obvious from this graph (August 2010 to January 2015)

[read more …] “Our Stats for 2014”

Recorded Crime in the Millstreet Area

Here are the latest Recorded Crime Offences by Garda Station, Type of Offence and Year as published recently by the Centreal Statistics Office:
Millstreet, Co. Cork, Cork West Division

Attempts/threats to murder, assaults, harassments and related offences1428131451518191817
Dangerous or negligent acts97413165891089
Kidnapping and related offences00000000000
Robbery, extortion and hijacking offences00000000010
Burglary and related offences11517655881488
Theft and related offences2532212425233123381933
Fraud, deception and related offences40842012121
Controlled drug offences32322218755314139
Weapons and Explosives Offences01011022101
Damage to property and to the environment1110132117232911152219
Public order and other social code offences2913314126273332203430
Offences against government, justice procedures and organisation of crime30001132012