Recent Millstreet Winter Wonderland

The past week brought some splendid snowy scenes with Clara Mountain clothed in white and a full moon making night temperatures fall significantly. These scenes were all taken from Mount Leader Estate, Millstreet. Click on the images to enlarge. (S.R.)

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Winter is Coming!

2016-11-18-hello-winter-snowman-on-mushera-800The Sun is shining bright,
there’s a chillness to the air,

I feel it everywhere,
All through the day and night;
Winter is coming!

(Alexander Byron)

After a lovely autumn, the temperatures dropped last night to give us the first real sign of winter with snows on the hills.

Donal stopped at Togher on the road over Mushera this morning to make this snowman.

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Last Snow of the Winter ?

A week ago there was a sudden and unexpected heavy snowfall which blanketed the area, especially Mushera which got a good deep cover. While it’s lovely to look at, hopefully it will be the last one of the year, and that the weather will pick up, after what has been an awful winter. (With thanks to Paul/Noreen O’Connor who took the 30+ photos below at dawn last Sunday in the Mushera / Knocknakilla area).



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More Snow Photos from this Morning

Thanks to those that sent us these photos of the snow scenes and fun in the snow this morning: from Alan (taken from the Deer Park, above St.Mary’s Cemetery); from Michelle (playing in the snow before school this morning), from Tom from TMC Photography (of Millstreet Hospital, and Clara mountain, taken from the Killarney Rd), and from Áine (of Lackabane and the Nun’s Wood).

A Snowy Morning – wind, rain, and cold to come

2015-01-13 Snow on Mushera this morning - traditionally the coldest day of the year - Hillary's Day - photo by Donal Cashman
Snow on Mushera this morning – photo by Donal Cashman

Today is St. Hilary’s feast day, traditionally the coldest day of the year. So it was not unexpected that we awoke to a blanket of snow in town as well as the hills around us (it’s the second snowy morning this winter). We may get a few more flurries as the day goes on, but it could also be rain :-/.

But please be aware that the forecast for the next few days isn’t great. Tomorrow afternoon until Thursday is going to be very windy and wet too, and after that it will get cold barely getting above freezing during the day, and getting even colder at the weekend. More details below:

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First Snowman of the Winter !

The first snows arrived about 6:30 on Thursday morning. There wasn’t much in town, but there was a nice bit on the hills. One of our braver readers made a snowman and took some nice photos in the morning sunshine on his way to work at the top of Togher. Click the images for full size

2014-12-11 Snow on Mushera Butter Road - IMG3173

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Photo: Gneeves 2-Jan-2010

Thie scene yesterday is from on top of a wind turbine in Gneeves
Thie scene yesterday (Sat Jan 2nd) from Gneeves wind farm after the previous nights frost had melted. The top of Comeentrush is in the foreground, Mushera mountain (covered in snow) is behind the visible wind turbine, and Millstreet Town is just out of view at the middle left of the photo. (Click on the photo for a bigger image with better quality)

Initially I thought the photo was taken from the top of a wind turbine, but it was actually taken from a small remote controlled helicopter (a microkopter). who took it are a Macroom company that specialise in aerial photography. A video of the microkopter during a test flight (from Coolcower, Macroom) is available to see below:

Ballydaly Christmas Party Cancelled

Ballydaly Christmas Party (also celebrating the 50th anniversary of Ballydaly Hall) which was scheduled for tonight at 8:30pm has been canceled and rescheduled to next Saturday night the 9th January due to the cold weather and dangerous roads.

It has begun snowing today, and with no thaw expected during the day, and another freezing night, the roads are going to be deadly tonight, so expect most things to be canceled tonight.