The Iron Age Log-Boat of Comeenatrush

In 1992 when the the then owner Thade Mullane had a digger on his farm at Curragh, an Iron age Log Boat was discovered when landscaping the edge of Comeenatrush Lake. Made from oak, it had been preserved by the acidic bog water.  It was dug out and researched by archaeologists from UCC and dated to 393 AD to 537 AD, it is the earliest boat found on the Blackwater Valley. After inspections, it was re-submerged into the lake to preserve it.
Other artefacts were also found in the lake, and these are now museum pieces [2].

The logboat discovered at Comeenatrush, seen here after it was taken from the water.

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Traditional Cottage Lisnacun

2015-02-26 Traditional Cottage Lisnacun - photo by TMC photography 01-800Traditional thatched cottage Lisnacun is open inside to the public this weekend!

Just a mile off the main Mallow/Killarney road (N72) near St.John’s Church in Dromagh! (see map below)

A beautiful place and a step back in time.

Photos thanks to Tom from TMC Photography.

2015-02-26 Traditional Cottage Lisnacun - photo by TMC photography 02-800
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Cillín (Keel) Graveyard

Just beyond the grotto on the Clara Road and on the lower slopes of Clara Mountain, there is a small old graveyard known as Cillín (or ‘the Cill’ (pronounced “Keel”) Cemetery in English), but known by many as The Famine Graveyard.

It dates from the middle of the 19th century and was located there because its close proximity to the rear of Millstreet’s Union Workhouse (which was is now St. Joseph’s Community Hospital). Many victims of the Famine (especially from the Mallow area) are buried there, including unbaptised babies born in the workhouse.

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