Noel’s Wood Products are now in Duggan’s Hardware

It appears my work is on the move, wonderful… looking at this foto it please’s me to see that I made all that… 3 years ago I didn’t know I could do this sort of thing, surprised, hell yeah… I’d love others to be brave and take a chance and stop telling them selves that you can’t do it, whatever your dream is… please try… hope you go along to Duggan’s in Millstreet and check out my work… Noel

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143 Years and Counting

Noel C. Duggan Engineering Ltd in Millstreet has been a  top-level  steel fabricator  throughout Ireland and Europe for some time now. Building Ireland learned about  what  the company has been up to lately from Barry  C  Duggan, who is fourth generation in the family-run business.

Founded back in 1875  by Andrew Duggan, Noel C. Duggan Engineering  Ltd  provides steel fabrication services to a wide range of customers in Ireland and throughout  the rest of the continent.

The company is situated in Millstreet, Co Cork and currently employs 50 staff, placing  a  strong emphasis on high quality workmanship and excellent level of customer service throughout its 143 years (and counting).

The family run business has established itself as one of Ireland’s leading steel fabricators  and its current Managing Director Barry Duggan was good enough to take time from his hectic schedule to inform  Building Ireland  what they’ve been up to as of late … Read the full article here in Building Ireland Magazine (Jan 2018)

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