Weekly Regional Report No. 1279 from Millstreet – Tuesday 18th August 2015

Greetings, dear Friends, from Millstreet as we share Regional Report No. 1279 on Tuesday 18th August 2015. 

To hear this Report Live just tune into www.corkmusicstation.com tonight (Tuesday, 18th August ) at 9.50.  It is also possible to hear the report on c103 Local Radio from Wednesday.

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To begin – We’re delighted to report that Eily Buckley (for whom I’m presently deputising) is recovering splendidly from her recent knee replacement procedure and wishes to extend her deep appreciation for the many supportive messages which she has been receiving.   And very special thanks to Poet supreme, Francis Duggan in Australia for his dedicated to Eily poem entitled “The Female Voice of Millstreet”. We shall keep you updated regarding Eily’s swift recovery to excellent health.

Millstreet International Annual Horse Show at exquisite Green Glens Arena was truly magical and hugely successful with some of the best weather of this Summer.  The live internet broadcast going worldwide through “Clip My Horse TV” was magnificent transmitting many hours of equestrian happenings on a daily basis with marvellous commentary and tremendous uplifting comments about the overall Millstreet atmosphere.  And, of course, a further major equestrian two-day event – the Millstreet International Horse Trials – takes place on 29th and 30th August.   It was Billy Twomey for Ireland on “Ardcolum Duke” who won the prestigious Grand Prix Championship on Sunday.  At one point during Show Week Press Officer supreme, Tadhg Ryan, arranged to feature a 1986 Millstreet Show video on the gigantic outdoor screen.  What a surprise I got when I could hear my own voice echoing through the Arena.  I had in fact done the commentary on that very same video in 1986 and never expected to be viewing with many others between competitions some nineteen years later!  Memories recorded for posterity. [read more …] “Weekly Regional Report No. 1279 from Millstreet – Tuesday 18th August 2015”

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Above is the audio, and the audio link to this week’s Regional Report (Tuesday, 11th August 2015)  … S.R.

Regional Report 1256 – 3rd March 2015

Eily broadcasting her Weekly Report
Regional Report is by Eily Buckley
Dia is mhuire diobh go leir a Cairde and welcome to News Report 1256 from Millstreet.

Fondest greetings dear listeners and I wish you all the best on this cold and wintry Tuesday morning, with a blanket of beautiful snow on the ground.

The Month of March is upon us and is living up to its name of being as wild as a March Hare. The light blanket of snow our our roads on Monday morning caused lots of minor mishaps,though the highway at Ceim was blocked for a while when a big lorry jack-knifed on the hill, however nothing serious was reported. Extreme caution is advised during this cold snap which is said to be short-lived.

Our annual March Fair was badly hampered by bad weather on Sunday. The crowds and the number of stalls were the smallest ever as well as the number of horses at the sales area in the Fair Field. The cold sleety showers made it clear to many that the out of doors was to be avoided.  [read more …] “Regional Report 1256 – 3rd March 2015”

Millstreet Regional Report No. 1247

This week's Millstreet Local Lotto Results.  Click on the image to enlarge.  (S.R.)
This week’s Millstreet Local Lotto Results. Click on the image to enlarge. (S.R.)

Regional Report No. 1247

by Seán Radley deputising for Eily Buckley

Wednesday, 17th Dec. 2014

Greetings, dear Listeners, from Millstreet on this the 17th December 2014.    Deputising for Eily Buckley this is Regional Report No. 1247.  And in our Millstreet Parish headlines this week we hear about a number of annual events, we learn about a 118 year old lady, we discover the arrival of Santa by boat in Carriganima…and there’s more, much more.

The Annual Mass at Millstreet Credit Union Centre took place on Tuesday at 8.00p.m. while on this Wednesday night at 7.30 Millstreet Reach Out Cancer Support Group will hold a Mass in St. Patrick’s Church.  Millstreet G.A.A. will hold its Annual Christmas walk on St. Stephen’s Day with Registration between 11 & 11.30a.m. at the GAA Hall on the day itself.  And Aubane Community Club will hold its annual Mushera Climb on Christmas morning – this year in aid of Aubane Community Alert.  

On our Millstreet website during the [read more …] “Millstreet Regional Report No. 1247”

Regional Report No. 2144 – Tuesday 25th Nov. 2014

Regional Report No. 1244

by Seán Radley deputising for Eily Buckley

Tuesday, 25th Nov. 2014

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The following is the script of this Week’s Regional Report from Millstreet:

Greetings, dear Listeners, from Millstreet on this the 25th November – the Feast of St. Catherine of Alexandria who is the patroness of philosophers and preachers.    Deputising for Eily Buckley this is Regional Report No. 1244.  We hear about a visit to Carriganima by the musical Murphys who in fact will be interviewed on c103 at 8.30pm on Wednesday. We learn about success in Youghal and about the new season of LTV2 Millstreet.   The Local Lotto Prize reaches new heights….and there’s more- much more! [read more …] “Regional Report No. 2144 – Tuesday 25th Nov. 2014”