Thank u all so much for an amazing first week

Thank u all so much for an amazing first week at Kall & Dyyne, it has been unbelievable. As I just started out going day by day to see how we went offering a takeaway service, I’ve had complete sell outs ever single day since I opened so its definitely been needed in the town I think  🙏🙏

So here’s to the start of another successful week. Thank you all again for calling & supporting me it’s very much appreciated 😘  Sharon


Kall & Dyyne

Millstreet’s new restaurant Kall & Dyyne open their doors in the Square today. With a first day menu that includes bacon & cabbage, chicken curry, battered cod, beef burger, wraps, starters, all day breakfast, and much more, there promises to be something for everyone. However, due to the current lockdown situation, the restaurant will operate with a takeaway menu for the moment.  We wish Sharon and co. the very best with their new business! Ring them at (029) 71079

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