Old News on Millstreet’s Water Supply

Various news outlets (RefFM, C103, independent.ie, …) have been reporting today that a report from the EPA states that Millstreet’s water supply is one of a number of water supplies vulnerable to contamination from Cryptosporidium.

However, put your mind at ease, because this is old news. The drinking water report is from the second quarter of 2017 before the new UV filters were installed. The report states that “Works Complete but need verification of the effectiveness of the action plan”. Verification was completed, and the boil notice for Millstreet was lifted on June 14th.

The Boil Water Notice for Millstreet has been lifted

From Irish Water: The Boil Water Notice affecting Millstreet Public Water Supply has been lifted. See wtr.ie/Cork for more details.

The two new UV Filters have been installed and have been operational with a week, but checks have had to me made to ensure that they were working properly and that water quality was correct. We’ll try to find out more on what’s the story. 

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Audio: Boil Water Notice and Millstreet Ambulance discussed on Cork Today

Millstreet news items were the topic of conversation when Cllr. John Paul O’Shea spoke to Patricia Messenger on the C103’s CorkToday, this morning. Two different topics were discussed (listen to them above):

  • The boil water notice for tap water in Millstreet, and communication issues with Irish Water (from 22:00 to 30:30), and
  • the removal of the ambulance service from the Millstreet area since last Wednesday which was done with no prior notice, and no consultation with anyone (from 30:30 to 37:00)

More on the Millstreet Ambulance: The Millstreet ambulance was originally withdrawn over two years ago, and reinstated temporarily 15 months ago after public pressure, and only a day service at that (8am to 8pm).

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Alert: Boil Water Notice for Millstreet

From Irish Water: On the advice of the Health Service Executive, a Boil Water Notice is being issued to all users of the Millstreet Public Water Supply. Areas affected are: Millstreet Town, Ballydaly, Laught, Drishane, Keale). This is due to detection of low levels of Cryptosporidium. Accordingly, in the interest of public health, it is recommended that all users fed from the Millstreet Public Water Supply boil water before use. The boil notice applies until further notice

Water must be boiled for:  [read more …] “Alert: Boil Water Notice for Millstreet”

New UV Disinfection System currently being installed

An Ultra-Violet  (UV) disinfection system

Last November the local papers reported that small levels of cryptosporidium had been found in the Millstreet water supply, despite the fact that an assessment in 2015 rated the risk of cryptosporidium as “very high”. The EPA recommended that even though there was no immediate health risk, Irish Water should install an adequate barrier against the parasite to ensure the town’s water supply is adequately disinfected at all times.

Thankfully Irish Water are reporting today that “Upgrade works are underway in Millstreet in North Cork to provide a new UV disinfection system at the treatment plant.” [theCork.ie]

Now, since UV disinfection replaces chlorine disinfection in other locations, wouldn’t it be great if this meant that our water will taste better when the install in completed 🙂 (Our water is disinfected by chlorination and fluoridation) [read more …] “New UV Disinfection System currently being installed”