Memories Of Lisnaboy

Memories of my early lessons in Nature’s ways to me remain a source of joy
I loved the old rushy fields of Lisnaboy
When wildflowers were on the ditch of the bohreen
And the countryside was looking healthy and green

The Boggeragh Ranges a beautiful sight
Clara, Gortavehy, Kippagh and Caherbarnagh in the evening sunlight
Displayed a calm and a natural charm of their own
Such beautiful memories a joy to have known
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Tommy O’Connor Did Dream

1989 - Tommy O'Connor in the Middle (with Jason O'Sullivan and Donal Twomey)Of greatness for Millstreet Tommy O Connor did dream
That they would be the first club in Duhallow to have a senior hurling team
And against the best clubs in Cork County with success compete
And win the Senior County Championship trophy for the green and gold of Millstreet

An under age hurling tournament held yearly in Millstreet Town park in honor of the name
Of the man who was passionate about the hurling game
A love of hurling a great game played with speed and skill
In the youngsters of Millstreet he tried to instil

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John Twomey Of Laharn

2014 - John Twomey of LaharnI have heard through the grapevine that he is doing okay
John Twomey of Laharn for the Aubane Gaelic Football Club he used to play
When he was a younger man in his life’s prime
Before the Aubane Club fell victim to the passing of time

John Twomey the fellow who does laugh at life
I hear he has school going children and a wife
To support on his farm in the shadows of Mushera above Millstreet Town
Where the undulating road to Kilcorney does wind up and down [read more …] “John Twomey Of Laharn”

Connie Kelleher

Connie Kelleher for Millstreet Played Gaelic Football
And of his great games in the green and gold jersey many to recall
Loved by the Millstreet fans and a true gentleman
Though sadly of years of life he did not have a long span

It was with great pride he wore the green and gold
Today were he living he would be growing old
The Reaper of Lives did claim his life when young
But surely his praises deserve to be sung [read more …] “Connie Kelleher”

Dan Gould

I remember Dan Gould as an ageing man
He was then in the twilight of his lifetime span
He lived near Millstreet Town up the Cloghoula way
The passing of time had left him looking gray

He was a great road bowler in his life’s prime
One of the best in Cork and Ireland going way back in time
Till the biological clock did become his foe
He lived his last day many Seasons ago

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We Are The Migrants Of Duhallow

We are the migrants of Duhallow from our first homes far away
In Britain and Countries of Europe, South America, Canada and the U S of A
Australia, New Zealand and Asia and Countries in Africa as well
Of our journeys that took us from Ireland we have our own stories to tell

We are the migrants of Duhallow from Kilcorney, Nad and Boherbue
Rockchapel, Meelin and Newmarket and Dromtarriffe and Derrinagree
And Lyre, Banteer and Castlemagner, Kilbrin and Freemount of music and song
We may live far from the shores of Hibernia but our bond to Duhallow remains strong

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Michael Kelleher Will Climb Clara Mountain Again

On a day that is clear of the gray fogs of rain
Michael Kelleher will climb Clara Mountain again
Above the green countryside by Millstreet Town
Where he often climbed when his hair was light brown

Since he left Claraghatlea many Seasons ago
Time that rusts iron has become his foe
But he retains great love of his first homeplace
Where his years ago was a [read more …] “Michael Kelleher Will Climb Clara Mountain Again”

Perhaps I Will Never

Perhaps i will never climb Clara again
Or in Spring hear the birds sing in the wind and the rain
When the cool winds of April from the mountains do blow
And the male pheasant in the rushy field does cuck and crow

Perhaps i will never again see the old Paps Of Shrone
Or rugged Gortavehy in it’s face of stone
And hear the [read more …] “Perhaps I Will Never”

I Am Not A Poet I Never Said I Was

I am not a poet I never said I was I just pen doggerel
The sort of stuff that few bother to read and I cannot hope to sell
I’ve been rhyming for many years and though my better days long gone
Until the Reaper claims the life from me I will keep penning on
I’ve written reams and reams of rhymes one might say more than most
But that’s not something I’m proud of or of which one should boast
Though every day and every night more new rhymes come to me
I’m addicted to penning rhyme or so ‘twould seem to be
When I was in my late twenties and my hair was dark brown
I penned my first rhymes years ago back home near Millstreet Town
In my many walks in the old fields I made up rhymes on my way
I was in love with Nature then and I still love her today
And if I said I’d give up rhyming I’d be telling a lie
For I will keep penning doggerel until the day I die.

by Francis Duggan

In Millstreet Only One Cormac Dineen

He was a man we used to celebrate
A Millstreet and a Cork footballing great
A fearless fellow in his younger years
His passing would have been a source for tears.
Born on the Cork and Kerry border near Rathmore
The green of Millstreet and the red Of Cork he wore
And memories of him remain evergreen
In Millstreet only one Cormac Dineen.
As a person for his integrity respect to him was shown
A Millstreet vet one admired and well known
One in the flesh we never more will see
He will be missed by friends and family.
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In Matty Owen’s Bog

In Matty Owen’s bog going back decades ago
With Pudsy I hunted near where Finnow waters flow
Old Pudsy our faithful old brown cattle dog
She chased many a hare through the length of the bog.
But nothing in life ever does seem to last
The days of my boyhood they seemed to go fast
And more than four decades have passed since Pudsy passed away
She was a tough dog but she too had her day.
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On The Passing Of Dan Leary

Dan Leary was a legend of old Millstreet but he’ll never more be seen in Millstreet Town
Or in the Town Park on a Summer’s evening With a pair of greyhounds walking up and down
He was a sterling corner back in his prime a stalwart of Millstreet Gaelic Football
Fearless and hard but fair he never shirked a challenge as those who played against him do recall.
For many years he was a Millstreet butcher the Learys of the West End were well known
And Dan the Millstreet schoolboys of the fifties did look up to we were so proud he was one of our own
In Cork County Championship Games in Coachford and in Macroom Dan Leary at his best was often seen
One of his Club’s greatest defensive players it was with pride he wore the Millstreet green.
It was with sadness I read of his passing in the flesh one that we never more will see
But for as long as I have the power to remember he surely will live in my memory
He was so down to earth and unassuming and to his friends he always remained true
‘Tis not because he’s dead I sing his praises in words I only give the man his due.
Dan Leary a legend of Duhallow Gaelic Football now with the dead of Millstreet Parish lay
‘Tis sad to think we never more will see him but good memories of him with us bound to stay
The best forwards in Cork Gaelic Football against him always found it hard to score
It was with pride he wore the green of Millstreet and may he rest in peace forever more.

by Francis Duggan

A note of interest is that Dan was in the 1930s the first child baptised in St Patricks Church following its opening after two years of restoration.

Eily Buckley

Long before she wrote for the Clara News
And years before I even knew the taste of booze
For her love of people she became well known
And the fame of Eily Buckley has since grown.
For years she drove the school bus up and down
The roads of Millstreet to and from the Town
And perhaps many of the kids she drove to and from the school today
From Millstreet Parish now live far away.
Miles from Cloghoula her own countryside
Her Cloghoula notes in Clara News read far and wide
In big cities far from Millstreet County Cork
In Sydney, Melbourne, London and New York.
Can’t say that I knew her that well at all
Though she is one I readily can recall
For her’s is such a well known and loved face
In Millstreet Parish still my favourite place.
A friendly person untouched by conceit
And one of the best loved people in Millstreet
She’d never ignore you as she drove by
She’d always smile and wave a friendly hi

by Francis Duggan

On the Passing of Dee Dineen

The news has spread far beyond Duhallow’s borders that Dee Dineen has passed away
In St Mary’s cemetery in Millstreet Town his last remains now lay
He was a marvellous character likeable in every way
But the journey through life for us all must end one night or day.
Characters like Dee Dineen was are glorified in song and rhyme
He wore the Ballydaly colours when he was in his prime
He was far from an old man in his late fifties or early sixties maybe
And sad to think that in the flesh him we never more will see.
In Duhallow he enjoyed the status of a character of renown
He will be missed in Ballydaly, in Cullen and Millstreet Town
And all through Duhallow and Sliabh Luachra where he was known quite well
A biography of his life in book form thousands of copies would sell.
He will be missed by his many friends as well as by his family
And sad to think that in the flesh him we never more will see
So likeable and kind hearted fond memories of him will remain
The likes of him in Ballydaly may not be seen again.

by Francis Duggan

Frank Riordan

He and Neily Lehane in the late sixties they formed a Club and a Gaelic Football team
And the Football Club they christened Slanan Rovers and Cloghoula people back then had a dream
That they might one day be Duhallow Champions but to win in any grade quite hard to do
And though out of dreams great ideas have been born dreams are dreams and they don’t always come true.

Frank Riordan was the President of Slanan Rovers and of the honour he felt very proud
And of the footballers who wore the Slanan jersey he spoke in glowing terms and sang their praises loud
And with help from the likes of Joe and Noel Buckley, Danny Healy and Dave Sheehan as well as many others who rallied around
A football club was thriving in Cloghoula and many willing helpers to be found.

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I Would Feel A Stranger In Millstreet Today

For me ’tis a sad thing for to have to say
That I would feel a stranger in Millstreet today
A stranger to those even I once did know
Apart in my ways from them I seem to grow
Though with great fondness memories of them I do recall
In my physical prime with them I played football
And though absence makes the heart grow fonder some are known to say
To them I might seem like a stranger today
Even in Claraghatlea and the Town of Millstreet
A stranger to most people that I would meet
The praises of Millstreet I often do sing
And memories of old friendships joy to me does bring
But I’ve not been there for years and from there live far away
And I would feel a stranger in Millstreet today.

by Francis Duggan at