Eircode Community Outreach Programme

We thank  Lisa Cashman, Outreach Champion, Cork West, West Cork Development Partnership
West Cork Technology Park, Clonakilty, West Cork….for the following insight into Eircode.

Re: Eircode Community Outreach Programme

Dear all,

You will probably hear or read reports that Eircode was launched yesterday or perhaps you saw the TV advert https://player.vimeo.com/video/132084090.

People all over County Cork will receive letters between Wednesday 15th July to Monday 20th July to notify them of the Eircode for their address and advice on how they can use it.

The introduction of Eircode will bring numerous benefits. Not only will it make the delivery of services and goods to households easier, but in the case of a medical emergency, being able to accurately and quickly identify an address can save valuable minutes. Remember, addresses will not be changing – an Eircode will simply be added to current addresses.

As you know from my previous communications, I work with West Cork Development Partnership as ‘Outreach Champion’ for Cork West area. The programme is co-ordinated by The Wheel, working closely with Irish Rural Link. We’re delighted that hundreds of people from organisations throughout Cork County have got on board and are helping to reach thousands of people who might otherwise get left behind. We’ve all been busy, meeting the target group on a one-to-one or one-to-few basis to tell them about Eircode, to answer their questions and to reassure them. It’s been a tremendous community effort. [read more …] “Eircode Community Outreach Programme”