Eily’s Report 19th Oct. 2021

 Dia is Mhuire  díobh go léir a Cáirde and welcome to my weekly Report.

Sometimes it’s good for us to be held back ,restrained for a while,it lets us appreciate what a wonderful thing freedom is ,and that when we have it, to put it to good use. Now that there is an easing of restrictions in the Covid situation ,the whole world seems to be rearing to go. At the moment the weather itself is playing it’s part .We have only to open our Millstreet Website and see accounts of the outdoor events which have been happening around us. Things for young and old to enjoy ,and people there to see that it happens.  Soft balmy days ,and nights which often give us heavy rain to keep our streams and wells supplied with the mysterious fluid which we cannot do without. In former years I can remember dry periods which left the farmer concerned about his crops . Local streams and wells would run dry and cattle could be heard for miles around , lowing for water. Some districts were more affected than others ,hilly fields would turn brown and the untarred roads would become dusty. In such times  the unwelcome task of drawing water to cattle and for other farmyard uses, became nessessary. Churns which were used only for milk, doubled  as tanks, loaded on the horse cart and taken to the nearest sourse of uische. If a person was lucky enough to have help, it made the job reasonably easy, using two buckets ,with one on board taking the full buckets and the other  drawing. But for one alone ,not so easy, because when trying to reach  up and get  the bucket emptied into the tank, it was hard not to get all wet from splashes and near misses. But it had to be done and  many trips a day made for as long as the dry weather continued. Where tillage fields were affected, those who were fortunate enough to have a stream which outlived the drought, they adopted the system of  irrigation.   Using the horse and plough they opened a rut or sod all along the top of the drills ,and turned the water into it ,and at several places along the way they made openings for the water to run downhill  along the drills, and  kept the precious crops of potatoes, or turnips or cabbage etc alive and flourishing  until  the Good Lord sent rain  again.   [read more …] “Eily’s Report 19th Oct. 2021”

Eily’s Report – 12th Oct. 2021

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a cáirde and welcome to my weekly Report.

The lovely long warm days over the weekend were just what the doctor ordered for all those who availed of them to get as much outdoor enjoyment as they could before the Winter sets in. It’s surely that because of Lockdowns and restrictions on every front ,that people are prepared to go a little mad when the tension is eased a bit. Confirmations on Friday and Saturday led to many family celebrations ,the fine weather helping in no small way. There were tractor runs to choose from and more to come when the great historic Village of Carriganima will show their colours next Sunday, which is held in support of their local transport CART. In Aubane where 110 vehicles took part ,and Gerdie Buckley created a record by reversing a Tractor & Trailer 5Kms in 46mins 27secs. And all proceeds in aid of their wonderful Community Centre. We’ve heard of nothing like that since the time that I reversed a 42seater Coach through 12 North Cork Towns to raise funds for LTV2 at the time. It was unusual and risky, and it worked. Buíochas le Dia.                                                                                                               The Centenary Commemorations in Dromtarriffe/Derrinagree were also blessed with a fine day, Not everybody was that lucky, Two of our friends who embarked on a Walking holiday four days last week got rain every day. So a fine spell is nothing  to be taken for granted. The rising sun of the past week took on a rather mythical,or magical touch,with the hills around coated in delicate fog and the slanting sun turning the scene into silver as it came through the trees. Lovely. [read more …] “Eily’s Report – 12th Oct. 2021”