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It’s only a few months since Eily Buckley starred in Daniel and Majella’s Road Trip, but now she’s in the latest SuperValu advert on our TV’s, in our cinemas, and anywhere else there’s a screen, and she’s back driving a bus full of children again, like she did for many years ! Huge Congrats to Eily, who appears at about 0:42 in the video below:

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Breaking News – Eily to be Grand Marshal of Millstreet Parade 2017!

Eily Buckley has been honoured with the highly prestigious role of Grand Marshal in this Friday’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade beginning at 5pm in Millstreet. Sincere congratulations to Eily who so richly deserves this great honour. The tradition of Grand Marshal for our annual Parade is new and we are very grateful to Margaret Bourke for suggesting the establishment of such an important role in the magnificent annual event. Do look out for Eily in a superb truly historic open vintage car at the beginning of the Parade. Eily will then join the many Guests on the Reviewing Stand in The Square. Click on the image to enlarge. (S.R.)

Seán and Eily at Café Aroma

Café-Aroma yesterday, home made soup & brown bread made by Noreen to warm you up on a cold day, and lots more amazing food on offer, deffo a place to visit if your in town!

And Look who I bumped into inside only Seán Radley & Eily Buckley!! Two amazing people with a wealth of knowledge and that do very important work for Millstreet, Duhallow, and beyond! Keeping rural Ireland up to date with past and present going’s on, all for free!

I know I say this for everyone when I say, Thank you!

(Thanks to Tom from TMC Photography for this article)

2015-02-03 Seán and Eily having a cuppa at Café Aroma 03  2015-02-03 Seán and Eily having a cuppa at Café Aroma 012015-02-03 Seán and Eily having a cuppa at Café Aroma 02

Eily Buckley

Long before she wrote for the Clara News
And years before I even knew the taste of booze
For her love of people she became well known
And the fame of Eily Buckley has since grown.
For years she drove the school bus up and down
The roads of Millstreet to and from the Town
And perhaps many of the kids she drove to and from the school today
From Millstreet Parish now live far away.
Miles from Cloghoula her own countryside
Her Cloghoula notes in Clara News read far and wide
In big cities far from Millstreet County Cork
In Sydney, Melbourne, London and New York.
Can’t say that I knew her that well at all
Though she is one I readily can recall
For her’s is such a well known and loved face
In Millstreet Parish still my favourite place.
A friendly person untouched by conceit
And one of the best loved people in Millstreet
She’d never ignore you as she drove by
She’d always smile and wave a friendly hi

by Francis Duggan