Deer Sighting on Ballydaly/Millstreet Road

We thank the person who has alerted us to a Deer Sighting in the Millstreet/Ballydaly Road and who indicated the following:  “The Deer came out in front of me on Saturday night and I was lucky enough to avoid hitting him.”  Sincere thanks to this person for sharing such an important safety notice especially for Motorists and Users of All Vehicles who would be travelling on this busy road.  (S.R.)

Deer Observed at Station Road Millstreet

We thank Pat for bringing to our attention that a Deer was observed earlier this Wednesday (10th Apr. 2019) evening at Station Road, Millstreet near the Football Pitch (pictured below).  While I did not see the Deer when I visited the location it is quite possible that the Deer may still be within the area.  In the interest of Road SafetyDrivers should be on the alert in case the Deer may attempt crossing the road.  (S.R.)

Station Road 10th Apr. 2019 where the Deer was seen earlier today.