Millstreet 5th year student helpers on Lourdes pilgrimage – Easter 2018

Once again 5th year students from Millstreet Community School have been given the opportunity to go to Lourdes as helpers with the Irish Pilgrimage Trust (IHCPT).  Ciara Manning and Denise Healy will be joining Group 126 for a week at Easter 2018.  They follow in a long line of students who have travelled as helpers for the Easter Pilgrimage and who have all come back with glowing reports about the experience.

As in previous years, fundraising events will be held to help cover the flight and travel costs for their week in Lourdes (€650/person).  The first event will be a bake sale to be held on Saturday 16th December in Millstreet parish centre after the 6.30pm Mass.  Your support is appreciated.

Thanks for supporting the Bake Sale for student helpers travelling to Lourdes

Thank you to everyone who supported the Bake Sale that took place on Saturday 12th Dec after 6.30pm Mass in Millstreet Parish Centre, and on Sunday 13th Dec after 11.30pm Mass.  A total of €749 was raised.  Thanks to everyone who baked and all those who bought! Congratulations to Kevin McSweeney who won the raffle for the wonderful Christmas cake made by Lilly Murphy.  A reminder that the purpose of this fundraiser was to help pay the travel and accommodation costs (€650/person) of the four 5th year students from Millstreet Community School who’ll be travelling as student helpers to Lourdes with the Irish Pilgrimage Trust for a week during their Easter holidays 2016.  The students are: Darragh McSweeney, Jasper Eastwood Lennon, Caroline Murphy and Bridelle Cronin.