Millstreet Youth Club would like to thank Elaine Hooper for all her hard work given much freely and generously.

Without Elaine there will not be a youth club in Millstreet Town.
Yours sincerely
Eileen Murphy and all at the club

Elaine Hooper Youth worker
Millstreet Youth Centre writes:

Started towards the end of 2002 and meets each Friday night in the Youth Centre from 8pm – 10pm.
Along with another local club in Dromtariffe, Millstreet Youth Club is part of the Kerry Diocesan Youth Service (KDYS). This means we can participate in all of the youth services activities which include youth games, matches, monthly discos, Youth Forum and skills training. The yout club season runs from Sept/Oct until April and finishes with a big celebration “Youth Day” in Killarney where all the clubs come together for a day of dance, drama, drumming, bands, arts and games workshops.

KDYS work with young people on the understanding that the service should aim to enable young people to gain for themselves the knowledge, attitude and skills necessary to meet their own and others developmental needs. We do this in many different ways such as having an accessible youth club and through a variety of projects. Because we believe that young people can, with the right opportunity and support, make a positive contribution to their communities, KDYS has helped develop and support many such initiatives in Millstreet often in association with others in the community such as the Community School, Canon O’Donovan Centre and Presentation Convent.

The training and support given to young people involved in these projects have produced some spectacular results such as the Tir Na Nog mural in the girls national school; the Aidan Burke memorial garden in the Youth Centre; two award – winning community play schemes in 2002 and 2003, an inter-generational dance project between Canon O’Donovan Centre and girls from the Presentation Convent; a Peer mentoring project with Millstreet Community School as well as the Youth Club.

There is a huge lack of resources for young people in many rural areas and we are lucky in Millstreet that someone somewhere had the vision and commitment to convert the old boy’s school into a youth centre. Over the years it has developed a community gym, an after-schools service and is well used by a variety of community groups for meetings and classes. It is also available for hire for children’s parties.

It is very important in youth work that all projects are supported by adults in the community and the youth club has a committee which includes both parents and student leaders and youth workers. Parents take an active role in supervision, support and fundraising for the club and this voluntary commitment is crucial to success.

Youth Club members are aged between 13-15 years. All out members are boys at present. Girls are very welcome and many attempts have been made to encourage them to join but not much success so far.

Older students are encouraged to become involved as youth leaders and they complete a six week KDYS Youth Empowerment Course to qualify. To date over 20 young people in Millstreet have completed this accredited course. The training offers students the opportunity to develop some important life skills in communication, group work, leadership, self esteem and assertiveness.

For the past 2 years the Youth Club has participated in a Peer Education Outdoor Activity summer camp where leaders have an opportunity to put their youth work skills into practice and support the younger members in participating in all of the activities which this year included abseiling, canoeing, caving and boogie-boarding in the Burren.

The student leaders we have at present are incredibly committed and have contributed enormously to the success of their club. They are John Fitzgerald, Con Dennehy, Connie Roche and David O’Sullivan. We are very pleased when this month one of them Connie Roche was an overall winner in the West Cork Garda Youth Award which he received in Balyvourney last week. A well-deserved award for Connie’s courage and commitment and a popular youth leader. Congratulations to him.

Another anchor of the club is Sean Mannix who is a trained youth worker and who has been with the club since the beginning. Sean plans to spend a year working and traveling in New Zealand in February 2005 so we had plan a big send-off for him as he will be badly missed.

I am doing the 2nd year of a Diploma in Non-Formal Guidance at UCC which roughly translated as a training to deliver drugs education in the community, which is interesting and I hope useful in future youth work.
That is us in a nutshell!!

We are really pleased to be asked to participate in Millstreet web experience and the plan is for further news and updates to be done by the young people themselves.

December 2004

More fun images to be added later this week, showing the various activities of the very successful youth club!!





I recently completed this programme along with 10 other young people from clubs in Cork and Kerry. The training was full of experience, ideas and knowledge about many aspects of life. It was also hard work and a lot of fun!

Before the course started I was a bit worried about what would be involved but once we were all introduced we talked about what we wanted to get from the course and we shared our anxieties which was reassuring.

The training was held on two Saturdays in Castleisland. The first day we did exercises around communication skills, leadership skills and the role of the Youth Worker in the community. In the second week we looked at organisational skills and programme planning; conflict in groups and ways of dealing with it. At the end of each session we had time to reflect on what we had done so far. We had time to exchange ideas and get to know each other.

Overall I gained a lot of new skills and ideas from this training. For instance, I became more confident in speaking out. By the end I wasn’t afraid to express my own ideas. I was able to think of new ideas and I felt empowered and encouraged to become a useful leader in my own community.

I recommend this training. No-one who does it will go back empty handed!


Golf Society 2004 – 2006

All the Golf society data from the old Millstreet website is here:


The first meeting of the Millstreet Golf Society took place in 1980 in Edie Reardon’s Bar, present were Frankie Reen, Brendan Kiely, Michael Feeley and Tom Collins. Brendan Kiely has been a member of the committee without break since its foundation and was made an honorary member of society at the AGM of November 2004.  Michael Feeley was the first Captain and Frank Reen Snr was the first President.
The first outing took place in Kanturk Golf Club.

Year Captain President
1982 Michael Feeley Frank Reen
1983 Johnny O’Keeffe Brendan Kiely
1984 ColmanCulhane Seamus Maxwell
1985 Frankie Reen Bill O’Keeffe
1986 Declan Dennehy Sonny Horgan
1987 John Casey Jim Barrett
1988 Edmond Neville Johnny O’Keeffe
1989 Padraig Looney Colman Culhane
1990 Michael Dennehy Tom Fox
1991 Barry Fraiser Kevin Lucey
1992 Liam Gallagher Sylvester Murphy
1993 Chris Twomey Frank Reen
1994 Eamon McCaul Martin Moran
1995 Joe O’Mahony Dan Murphy
1996 John O’Sullivan Tony Sheehan
1997 Sylvester Murphy Michael Feeley
1998 Gordon O’Keeffe Frankie Reen
1999 Denis Hickey Andy Quirke
2000 Tommy Burke Peter Lawlor
2001 John Twomey John Randles
2002 John Cronin Denis Murphy
2003 Padraig Sheehan John Lawlor
2004 Colm O’Connor Eamon McCaul
2005 Connie Cotter Michael Dennehy



Venue Date Tee Time Competition
Lee Valley Sunday       27/03/05 11.15a.m. – 13p.m. 3 person team
Dooks Sunday       24/04/05 10.00a.m. – 12p.m. 3 person team
Kanturk Sunday       12/06/05 11.00a.m. – 13p.m. Captains prize
Castleisland Sunday       21/08/05 10.00a.m. – 12.30p.m. Presidents prize
Killarney Saturday      29/10/05 10.30a.m. – 13.00p.m. 25th Anniversary
Beaufort Wednesday 28/12/05 09.30a.m. – 12.00p.m. 3 person team

Other dates for your diary

Castleisland Saturday 16/07/05 08.00a.m. – 18.00p.m. GAA Classic
Kanturk Saturday 17/09/05 08.00a.m. – 18.00p.m. Tidy Towns Classic



Millstreet  Golf  Society
Killorglin GC 10/09/2006
12:00 Michael Dennehy Sylvie Murphy Don O’ Riordan
12:08 Tim Murphy John Randles Colm O’ Connor
12:16 Jim O’ Sullivan D.J. McCarthy Peter Lawlor
12:24 Con Meade Arthur Murphy Matthew Dennehy
12:32 Tony McCaul Dan Daly Brendan Hickey
12:40 Hugh O’ Connor Derry Sheehan Patrick Lawlor
12:48 John O’ Sullivan Paddy Roche Eamon O’ Connor
12:56 Eamon McCaul Eoin Hegarty John Lawlor
13:04 Chris Twomey Padraig Sheahan Michael Dineen
13:12 Caoimh Sheahan Gordon O’ Keeffe Denis Hickey
13:20 Jeremiah Keating Connie Cotter Tommy Burke
13:28 Niall Buckley John Twomey Pat Buckley
13:36 Anthony Dennehy Noel O’ Connor Eamon Tarrant
13:44 Tom Flahive Liam Burke
Presentation of prizes in the Bridge Bar @ 9:00 PM.
Day Sponsor’s
Avonmore Electrical
Donagh Hickey Motors
K &L Deliveries
Millstreet  Golf  Society
Kanturk GC 11/06/2006
10:30 Colm O’Connor Don O’ Riordan Jesten Dineen
10:38 Jim O’Sullivan D.J. McCarthy John Randles
10:46 Liam Burke Tim Murphy Michael McCarthy
10:54 John Murphy Thomas Murphy Anthony Barry
11:02 Donagh McAuliffe Jerry O’Leary Brendan Hickey
11:10 Michael Dennehy Denis Cremin Barry Fraiser
11:18 Owen Hegarty Patrick Lawlor Eamon Tarrant
11:26 Eamon McCaul Don O’Connor John O’Keeffe (Snr)
11:34 Peter Lawlor John O’Sullivan Tom Flahive
11:42 Denis Twomey Matthew Dennehy Tim O’Donoughue
11:50 Denny Twomey Hugh Twomey Jeremiah Keating
11:58 Con Meade Tony McCaul Arthur Murphy
12:06 Aidan McAuliffe Pat Buckley Niall Buckley
12:14 Connie Cotter Denis Hickey Padraig Sheahan
12:22 Michael Feeley Caoimh Sheahan Johan Twomey
12:30 Paddy Roche Chris Twomey Anthony Dennehy
12:38 Frankie Reen Tom Fox Noel O’ Connor
Presentation of prizes  THE BRIDGE BAR at 9:30 pm
Day Sponsor’s
Reen’s Pharmacy
Eamon Tarrant Garage
Senator Windows
Millstreet  Golf  Society
Harbour Point GC 07/05/2006
11:00 Liam Dennehy Dan Murphy Michael Dennehy
11:08 Edmund Neville Anthony Barry Timmy Murphy
11:16 Caoimh Sheahan James Burke Thomas Murphy
11:24 Tim Kiely Dan Daly Denis Twomey
11:32 Denis Kiely Tony McCaul Michael McCarthy
11:40 Patrick Lawlor Gordon O’ Keeffe Arthur Murphy
11:48 Donagh McCarthy Tommy Burke Liam Burke
11:56 John Twomey Brian O’ Riordan Paddy Roche
12:04 Anthony Dennehy Denis Cremin Jerry O’ Connor
12:12 John O’ Keeffe (Jnr) Tom Flahive Patrick Randles
12:20 Denis Hickey Con Meade Noel O’ Connor
12:28 Eamon O’ Connor Connie Cotter Denny Twomey
12:36 Michael Dineen John O’ Sullivan Jestin Dineen
12:44 Brendan Hickey Hugh O’ Connor Jeremiah Keating
Padraig Sheahan
Day Sponsor’s
Mulcahy’s Pharmacy
Allied Irish Bank
Lucey Motors
Lee Valley GC 16/04/2006
11:40 Edmund Neville Eamon McCaul Colin O’ Mahony
11:47 Peter Lawlor Anthony Barry Arthur Murphy
11:54 John Twomey Don O’ Connor John Randles
12:01 Caoimh Sheahan Padraig Sheahan John Murphy
12:08 Patrick Lawlor Jimmy O’ Sullivan Thomas Murphy
12:15 Donal Kelleher Pat Buckley Paul Cassidy
12:22 Niall Buckley Tommy Burke Eamon Tarrant
12:29 Tony McCaul Brian O’ Riordan Noel O’ Connor
12:36 Donagh McAuliffe Tom Fox Jerry O’ Leary
12:43 Frank Reen John O ‘Sullivan Michael Dennehy
12:50 Denny Murphy Hugh O’ Connor Liam Burke
12:57 Brendan Hickey Connie Cotter Paddy Roche
13:04 Denis Hickey Aidan McAuliffe Timmy Murphy
13:11 John Lawlor Tom Flahive Matthew Dennehy
Day Sponsor’s
Coleman’s Garage
Bank of Ireland
McCaul’s Hardware
Lee Valley GC 26/03/3006
11:30 Derry O’ Hare John O’ Sullivan John Randles
11:38 Denny Murphy Peter Lawlor Jestin Dineen
11:46 Edmund Neville Tommy Burke Jerry O’ Connor
11:54 Anthony Dennehy John O’ Keeffe Paddy Roche
12:02 Donal Kelleher Jimmy O’ Sullivan John Murphy
12:10 Niall Buckley Denis Hickey Hugh O’ Connor
12:18 Eamon O’ Connor Brian O’ Riordan Michael Dennehy
12:26 Liam Dennehy Padraig Sheahan Brendan Kiely
12:34 Caoimh Sheehan Tom Flahive Connie Cotter
12:42 Chris Twomey Donagh McAuliffe Arthur Murphy
12:50 Brendan Hickey Declan Dennehy Noel O’ Connor
12:58 Frank Reen Dan Daly Eamon Tarrant
13:06 Patrick Lawlor Tom Fox Liam Burke
13:14 John Lawlor Pat Buckley Matthew Dennehy
Day Sponsor’s
Coleman’s Garage
Bank of Ireland
Scramble – Beaufort GC 28/12/2005
09:30 Donagh McCarthy Pat Buckley Michael McCarthy
09:38 Michael Dineen Pat Dineen Thomas Murphy
09:46 Fergal Collins Padraig Sheahan Matthew Dennehy
09:54 Colm O’ Connor Tom Fox Colin O’ Mahony
10:02 John Twomey John O’ Sullivan Owen Hegarty
10:10 Tim O’ Donoughue Gordon O’ Keeffe John Cronin
10:18 Denny Murphy Tommy Burke Eamon McCaul
10:26 Michael Feeley Tony McCaul Brendan Kiely
10:34 Chris Twomey Anthony Barry Arthur Murphy
10:42 Eamon O’ Connor Connie Cotter Jeremiah Keating
10:50 John Lawlor Tom Flahive Paddy Roche
10:58 Frankie Reen Denis Hickey John Randles
11:06 Brendan Hickey Jimmy O’ Sullivan John Murphy
11:14 Anthony Dennehy Declan Dennehy Jestin Dineen
11:22 Kevin McCarthy Dan Daly Michael Dennehy
Day Sponsor’s
Centra ( Mr. Anthony Dennehy)
DCP Plastics ( Mr. Padraig Sheahan)
The Bridge Bar
Please check to see if the course is open the telephone number of Beaufort GC is   064) 44440
Presentation of prizes in the Bridge Bar at 7:30.
25th Anniversary Outing – Killarney GC 12/11/2005
08:50 Colm O’ Connor Denis Cremin
08:58 Thomas O’ Leary Michael Dennehy John Moynihan
09:06 Jerry Pat O’ Leary D.J. McCarthy
09:14 Matthew Dennehy Arthur Murphy Kevin McCarthy
09:22 Liam Burke Jimmy O’ Sullivan Donie Kiely
09:30 Joe Mulcahy Dan Daly Con Meade
09:38 Anthony Dennehy Niall Buckley Caoimh Sheahan
09:46 Padraig Sheahan John Twomey Jeremiah Keating
09:54 John Randles John Cronin Sylvie Murphy
10:02 Liam Dennehy Michael Dineen Eamon O’ Connor
10:10 Tim O’ Donoughue Noel O’ Connor Don O’ Connor
10:18 Paddy Roche Brendan Hickey Tom Flahive
10:26 Denis Hickey Connie Cotter Brian O’ Riordan
10:34 Brendan O’ Keeffe Hugh Twomey Hughie O’ Connor
10:42 Gordon O’ Keeffe Dan Murphy Barry Fraiser
10:50 John Lawlor Tommy Burke Denis Kiely

Day Sponsors:

Lucey Motors
Brittany Insurances
Avonmore Electrical

Please check to see if the course is open the telephone number of Killarney GC is   064) 31034
Presentation of prizes in Killarney GC.
Captain’s Prize – Kanturk GC 12/06/05
10:30 Donagh McCarthy Jack Murphy Jeremiah Keating
10:38 Michael Dennehy Donagh McAuliffe John O’ Keeffe (Snr)
10:46 Eamon Tarrant Liam Burke Tommy Burke
10:54 Tadgh O’ Flynn Hugh Twomey Tim Kiely
11:02 Kevin McCarthy Denis Kiely Michael McCarthy
11:10 Brendan O’ Keeffe Owen Hegarty Eamon McCaul
11:18 Paddy Roche John Twomey Brendan Kiely
11:26 Barry Fraser James Burke Arthur Murphy
11;34 Matthew Dennehy Chris Twomey John O’ Sullivan
11:42 John Mannix Brendan Hickey Jim O’ Sullivan
11:50 John Lawlor Padraig Sheahan John Cronin
11:58 Niall Buckley Caoimh Sheahan Con Meade
12:06 Peter Lawlor John Randles John O’ Keeffe (Jnr)
12:14 Robert Sheehan Brian O’ Riordan Edmund Neville
12:22 Anthony Barry Frankie Reen Dan Murphy
12:30 Patrick Lawlor Colm O’ Connor Denis Hickey
12;38 Anthony Dennehy Pat Buckley Dan Daly
12:46 Connie Cotter DJ McCarthy Tom Flahive
12:52 Tim O’ Donoughue Timmy Murphy
Eamon Tarrant Garage
Senator Windows (Mr Hugh Twomey)
McCaul’s Hardware
Play off the white markers
Presentation of prizes will take place in The Stand Bar in Kanturk at 6:00 PM.
The society is entering a team in the Kanturk Golf Classic on the 24th of June,the draw for the team
will be made at the presentation. Only people attending the presentation will be entered in the draw.

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Dooks G.C. 24/04/05
10:00 Michael Hickey Michael Dennehy Paddy Roche
10:08 Colm O’ Connor Thomas O’ Leary Con Meade
10:16 Matthew Dennehy Tony McCaul John Cronin
10:24 Edmund Neville Tom Fox Liam Burke
10:32 Padraig Sheahan John Twomey Caoimh Sheahan
10:40 Chris Twomey Connie Cotter Denis Hickey
10:48 Donal Kelleher Denis Cremin
10:56 John O’ Sullivan Tim O’ Donoughue
11:12 Tom Flahive Eamon Tarrant Brendan Kiely
11:20 Gordon O’ Keeffe John O’ Keeffe (Snr) Tommy Burke
Reen’s Chemist
Donagh Hickey Motors
Calor Kosangas


Reens Chemist

Donagh Hickey Motors

Calor Kosangas

Scotch Scramble – Lee Valley G.C. 27/03/05
11:15 Frank Reen Hugh O’Connor Michael Dennehy
11:22 Liam Dennehy Con Meade Brendan Kiely
11:29 Anthony Dennehy Connie Cotter Dan Murphy
11:36 Eamon O’ Connor Pat Buckley Colin O’ Mahony
11:43 Peter Lawlor Eamon Tarrant Noel O’ Connor
11:50 Donal Kelleher Tommy Burke Brendan O’ Keeffe
11:57 Denis Hickey Jim O’ Sullivan Jeremiah Keating
12:04 Liam Buckley James Burke John Randles
12:11 Chris Twomey Anthony Barry Thomas Murphy
12:18 Denny Murphy Dan Daly Denis Twomey
12:25 Brendan Hickey Caoimh Sheehan John O’ Keeffe (Snr)
12:32 John Lawlor Padraig Sheehan Timmy Murphy
12:39 John Twomey Tony McCaul Paddy Roche
12:46 Niall Buckley Tom Flahive Arthur Murphy
12:53 John O’ Keeffe (Jnr) John O’ Sullivan Liam Burke
13:00 Patrick Lawlor Paul O’ Donovan M.Dennehy / J.Mannix


Bank of Ireland

Colemans Garage

Allied Irish Bank



golf society homepage

Dooks GC 16 hole scramble 4th April
1st    Colm O’Connor, James Burke, Tony McCaul 52.42
2nd    John Twomey, Hugh O’Connor, Paddy Roche 54.92
3rd    Denis Hickey, Tom Flahive, Padraig Sheehan 55.50
4th    Eamonn O’Connor, Jeremiah Keating, Brendan Kiely 55.50
Macroom GC 18 hole scramble 25th April
1st    Kevin McCarthy, Eamonn Tarrant, Denis Twomey 63.58
2nd   Anthony Dennehy, Hugh O’Connor, Michael Dennehy 64.17
3rd   Denis Hickey, Michael McCarthy, Dermot Golden 64.83
4th   Brendan Hickey, Noel O’Connor, Don O’Riordan 65.58
Kanturk GC Captains Prize
(Colm O’Connor
30th May
1st    Peter Lawlor                             (44 pts)
2nd   Padraig Sheehan                       (43 pts)
3rd   John Randles                             (39pts)
4th   Colm O’Connor                         (30pts)

Frank Reen Memorial – Peter Lawlor

Cat 1 (1) Anthony Dennehy (2) Frank Reen (3) Tony Lawlor
Cat  2 (1) John O’Sullivan (2) Tommy Burke (3) Brendan Hickey
Cat  1 (1) Don O’Riordan (2) Thomas O’Leary (3) John Murphy

Castleisand GC Presidents Prize
(Eamon McCaul
3rd October
1st   Connie Cotter                          (40pts)
2nd  Liam Dennehy                          (39pts)
3rd  James Burke                             (38pts)
Gross  John Twomey                        (26pts)

Cat 1 (1) Brendan Hickey (2) Denis Hickey (3)
Cat  2 (1) (2) (3)
Cat  1 (1)Matthew Dennehy (2)Thomas O’Leary (3)

Killorglin GC 18hole scotch scramble 7th November
1st   Denis Kiely, Eamon Tarrant, Padraig Sheehan 59
2nd  Michael Hickey, Con Meade, John Murphy 53
3rd  Colm O’Connor, Paul O’Donovan, John Hartnett 52
4th  Tim O’Donoghue, Hugh O’Connor, Michael Dennehy 52



golf society homepage













DENNEHY’S THE BRIDGE BAR sponsored the 2004 Fourball
Sponsors were thanked at the AGM for their continues sponsorship of the society and hoped they would continue their sponsorship of the society.

New sponsors are always welcome, sponsorship costs  €125 for the day and includes free golf on the day.



Millstreet Golf Society – Fourball 2005 Sponsored by Murphy’s Bar
Contact number First Round play by 30/05/05 Second Round play by 30/06/05 Quarter Final play by 31/07/05 Semi Final play by 31/08/05 Final play by 19/09/05 Winners
086-1794465 Michael Dineen & Jestin Dineen

087 2863637 Sylvester Murphy & Donal Kelleher
Michael Dineen & Jestin Dineen

087 2335777 Chris Twomey & John Twomey
029-70576 Peter Lawlor & Barry Fraiser V

087-2345123 Caoimh Sheahan & Niall Buckley

Caoimh Sheahan & Niall Buckley
087-2844463 Michael Dennehy & Paddy Roche
029-70262 John Randles & Edmund Neville

029-70223 Michael Feeley & Denny Murphy
John Randles & Edmund Neville
087-6661588 Patrick Lawlor & Jeremiah Keating
087-9379269 Tony McCaul & James Burke V
087 1207531 Tom Flahive & Liam Burke
Tony McCaul & James Burke
086-6063767 Tim Kiely & Kevin McCarthy

087-6484870 Colm O’ Connor & Owen Hegarty

087 2565270 Hugh Twomey & Tim O’ Donoughue

Hugh Twomey & Tim O’ Donoughue
029-70846 Connie Cotter & Anthony Dennehy
087 9925259 Donagh McCarthy & Aidan McAuliffe V

087-6821840 John Moynihan & Eamon Moynihan
Donagh McCarthy & Aidan McAuliffe
029-70758 Frankie Reen & Declan Dennehy
086-8172534 Denis Hickey and Brendan Hickey V

086 3212369 John Cronin and Tommy Burke
Denis Hickey and Brendan Hickey RULES:
V 1 Play by date.
087-2380881 Dan Murphy & Brendan O’ Keeffe 2 First name team contacts other team to fix match.
3 Toss for venue.
087-2345123 Padraig Sheahan & Eamon Tarrant 4 Green fees divided by four

V 5 In the event of a tie, play off in multiples of three holes with shots as normal.
087-2663188 Eamon McCaul & John O’ Sullivan 6 Handicap – lowest player to scratch with three quarters of the difference.
7 Handicap as of first match.
Eamon McCaul & John O’ Sullivan 8 Results to Murphy’s Bar or 087 6373437 by date.
V 9 Committee’s decision is final.
086 1611626 Donagh McAuliffe & Denis Kiely
Frankie Reen & Declan Dennehy
Tom Fox & Brendan Kiely

Christmas Day Climb 2006

The Christmas morning tradition of walking up a Mushera mountain while still half asleep, was held again this Christmas Day morning. This year sponsorship is in aid of two causes: the Courtmacsharry Lifeboats, and also for the purchase of a defibulator for the the area to be stored in the community center in Aubane. 10:30am and the first group headed off from St John’s Well, while more were tackling the slightly easier route up along the wire by the country park. It was a nice morning, but we could see what lay ahead of us – fog on top of the mountain. A small flock of sheep seemed the only other things moving. So after about an hour of moving uphill at our own pace, we got to the top at about 11:30. There was already a few dozen hardy souls plus a few dogs at the cross before us. By the time everyone had landed in the next half an hour, there was about one hundred or so cheerful souls on top. After a few photo’s and a good long chat, we we headed back for base, and the warmth of Christmas Dinner.

Aubane Notes December 2006

By John F. Kelleher

We extend our greatest sympathy to the families, relatives and friends of the following who died recently: Kathleen Burke Killarney, Shelia Kelleher Cockhill, and TJ O’ Connor Gneeveguilla. Ar dheis De go a raibh a namam dillis

Annual Christmas Party:
The Annual mass and senior citizens party takes place in the Aubane Community Centre on Thursday 14h December at 7.30 p.m sharp.

Christmas Morning Climb:
The Annual Christmas Morning Climb takes place on Monday 25th December at 10.30 a.m sharp and the meeting place is the St John’s Well Car Park. The Sponsorship cards will be available from any Social Club member. This year the proceeds of the climb will be in aid of The Courtmacsherry Lifeboat Fund and the purchase of a Defibrillator for the use of the Aubane Community and the Surrounding Areas.

Around the Fireside:
On Thursday 28th December a night of Stories and Songs around the fireside will take place in the Aubane Community Centre commencing at 8.30 pm sharp. Everybody is welcome.

Santa Claus is visiting Aubane:
On Sunday the 17th December Santa Claus will a pay a visit to all the boys and girls at the Aubane Community Centre commencing at 2.00 p.m All are welcome.

Annual Fancy Dress:
The annual fancy dress night took place on Friday (Oct 27th) in the Wallis Arms Hotel. This annual event raises money for charity each year. This year the money raised went to two deserving charities Marymount Hospice and Millstreet Hospital. There was a fantastic turnout again this year with a very impressive display of costumes. The variety, the colour and the great effort that everyone went to in dressing up makes this night, one of the best in Millstreet. In the past few years the Fancy Dress night organised by Tony Twomey, Mairead & Katrina Kelleher and Friends have raised a lot of money for different charities.
The organisers of the night deserve great credit for the hard work they put in

Calendar in Aid of the St Patrick’s Church Restoration Fund:
An Ideal Christmas present this year is Fr James Mc Sweeney’s Calendar for 2007. Last year’s calendar was an outstanding success raising over €20,000 for COPE. This year Fr James hopes to do as good again with all the money going to the St Patrick’s Church Restoration Fund in Millstreet. The Calendar is €5 and you will be glad to know that your contribution will go directly to the St Patrick’s Church, Millstreet, Restoration Fund. The Calendar can be purchased at Dennehy’s Centra, Colemans and Wordsworth. in Millstreet.
Fr James’s Christmas Crib at 1 Kilmorna Heights, Ballyvolane will open to the public on the 8th December and all the proceeds of the crib will also be donated to the St Patrick’s Church Restoration Fund. I also invite you to check out The website is checked out by thousands across the world each day. A new photo is updated each day with a short thought for the day. You can also get the calendar posted to anywhere in the world for €7 (includes postage and packaging) or send on a cheque to Fr. James Mc Sweeney, 1 Kilmorna Heights, Ballyvolane, Cork

On Holidays:
It was great to see my good friends Brigette & Pascal Friossart from Reims in France visiting the Aubane during the month of October. I know that they are regular readers of the Aubane Notes.

Set Dancing:
The weekly set dancing at the Aubane Community Centre continues every Monday night. All the best Polka sets and Hornpipes are promised in the lively sessions. The dancing on the floor commences at 9.15 pm Music during the month of December will be provided by the following musicians – 4th Dec The Breens, 11th Dec Tim Joe & Ann O’Riordan, and on the 18th Dec which is the Set Dancing Christmas Party its Andrew O’ Connell & Friends.
On the 1st January (New Years Party Night) Mathew Kelleher will provide the music.

The Aubane Website Link:
The Aubane Community Website was set up over a year consisting of the History of Aubane, Aubane School, St John’s Well, Places of Interest around the Aubane Area, Aubane Community News and Photographs of the various events that were held during the year. During the Christmas Season a number of pictures will be added so don’t forget to log on. The Link can be seen by logging on to the Millstreet Website under the Aubane Community News. If anyone has any pictures or articles relating to the above that they would like to contribute please forward them to myself John F. Kelleher.or Michael Cashman. The Aubane Social Club email address is <email>

Congratulations to Seanie Barrett who participated in the Dublin City Marathon on Monday the 30th October in Aid of The West Cork Peto Fund.

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish everybody at home and abroad a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year for 2007

Aubane Christmas Party 2006

Christmas time again and we had our annual Christmas Party on Thursday 14th December. The crowd was up again and everyone had a great time again this year. Monsignor Manning and Fr James McSweeney concelebrated a mass for everyone, helped by a group from the Millstreet Church Choir. That was followed by food and tea’s. When everyone was full, they were entertained by a group from Ceomhaltas Ceoltoirí Eireann who played and sang, and were joined by people from the crowd who gave renditions of their own somgs. Many thanks to everyone that helped to make sure it was a thoroughly enjoyable night.

Santa in Aubane 2006

Santy was back in Aubane last Sunday the 17th December. A big crowd filled with anticipation and trepidation gathered to greet Santa who arrived a little late after his sleigh broke down just outside Aubane, but he phoned and was quickly picked up by the locals and brought to the old school where he was warmly greeted by everyone. He met all the children there and got notice of what they all wanted for Christmas! They all got a small early gift from santa, and left delighted with themselves. There was also an bouncy castle and biscuits and teas for everyone. Thanks to all the people that helped to put the day together, and especially to Santa who took the time out of his amazing schedule to be with us for a few hours.

Aubane Notes October 2006

By John F. Kelleher

We extend our greatest sympathy to the families, relatives and friends of the following who died recently Joe O’ Sullivan Killarney Road, Chrissie O’ Riordan Dromsicane, Han O’ Riordan Main Street, Eddie O’ Mahony Murphy’s Tce. Eddie formerly played for Aubane on the Aubane Football Team. Val Dean Barrack Street, Cork City.
Ar dheis De go a raibh a namam dillis

Set Dancing:
The weekly set dancing at Aubane Community Centre has resumed since Monday the 19th October. All the best Polka sets and Hornpipes are promised in the lively sessions. The dancing on the floor commences at 9.15 pm each Monday Night until May 2007.

Dancing Classes:
Dancing Classes have now commenced in the Aubane Community Centre since Friday 13th October and will continue every Friday night from 8.00 to 9.00 pm. These classes are for eight weeks and the cost is €25.00. If anyone is interested please contact Eileen O’Riordan or Gerdie Buckley for further information..

On Holidays:
It was great to see Frank Egan (nee Kelleher) late of Mushera and now Canada home on holidays to visit her three brothers with her daughter Audrey and son Brian. I hope you Frankie and your family enjoyed holidaying in the local area.

I would also like to wish Seanie Barrett the very of luck as he is participating in the Dublin City Marathon on Monday the 30th October in Aid of The West Cork Peto Fund. If you would like to sponsor Seanie, Sponorship Cards are in various shops in Millstreet Town.

Congratulations to Kevin Creedon Mushera and Caroline Cronin Carrigaline who were married on Saturday 2nd September. Fr James Mc Sweeney of Toorenbawn and Ballyvolane officiated the marriage.

The Aubane Website Link:
The Aubane Community Website was set up a year consisting of the History of Aubane, Aubane School, St John’s Well, Places of Interest around the Aubane Area, Aubane Community News and Photographs of the various events that were held during the year. The Link can be seen by logging on to the Millstreet Website under the Aubane Community News. If anyone has any pictures or articles relating to the above that they would like to contribute please forward them to myself John F. Kelleher.or Michael Cashman. The Aubane Social Club email address is <email>

A Warm Welcome:
On behalf of the Aubane Social Club I would to entend a warm welcome to Mr & Mrs Conrad Jones Mushera who have taken up residence in the local area.

World Ploughing Championships:
On Saturday the 30th September a large group from the Aubane Area headed of to the World Ploughing Championships that were held in Tullow, Co Carlow. A bus load hit the road early on Saturday morning in great anticipation of wonderful day out despite the rather damp weather. The group visited many trade stands and also witnessed the Dancing Diggers in action. On the return journey the group stopped off for dinner at Kilcornan Lodge near Cahir, Co. Tipperary. Everyone enjoyed the day greatly. Seamus Buckley deserves great credit for patiently driving the coach all day till late at night. His patience and enthusiasm was greatly appreciated by all.

Rallying on the Butter Road:
On Saturday the 30th September Aubane played host to the Murphy Construction Cork “20” International Rally. The Butter Road Stage of the Rally included a stretch of one of the most scenic roads in Ireland. It also remains the shortest and most scenic route between Cork City, Blarney and Killarney. There is no other panoramic view in Southern Ireland than that from the highest point of road at Togher, which was the stage of the Rally. The final stage of the Butter Road Stage was in Carriginimma. The Drivers in the rally travelled as far away as Estonia and the United Kingdom. One of the Top International Rallying Drivers in the World Mark O’ Martin said, “ It was the best stages he had ever drove as it had fantastic scenery. It was Mark’s first time driving in Ireland. Two local men from Kilcorney John O’ Sullivan (Driver) and Denis O’Riordan (Navigator) participated in the Rally. It was both their first time participating in a rally and they finished 16th overall from a field of Thirty Five in the Junior Class. Also Donal Kelleher of Tullig took part in the Rally in his Ford Escort Mk1 accompanied by his co-driver Derry Healy.
It was great to see such an International Event take place along the historic Butter Road and I hope that all the participants enjoyed the attractions along the route from Cork to Killarney.

Broadband Transmitter On Clara

As most will know by now, a new broadband mast is being placed on top of Clara Mountain, with new ESB cables running up the side of the mountain. Below is a progression of our efforts to find out what was going on, and to try to ensure that the development is . (newest stuff at the top, oldest at the bottom).
Tuesday 3rd October 2006
And so it is done. Today, the poles are being erected on Clara as I write this. A few minutes ago, I caught a glimpse of them on the horizon just by pure chance. We were not informed by anyone, nor did permaNet get back to us on their promised letter to the ESB. For better or for worse it is being done now, but we must still answer a few questions

* Local governance. Have we any control over what happpens in our own area, our environment, or is it all controlled by people that have nothing to do with the area.
* Society in general. Do we care about the future or is it all about ‘mé féin’?
* Did permaNet work with the community? Were they honest with their actions? Should we lend them our support?
* Was this all just a storm in a teacup? or were the concerns justifiable?

They are up now for better or for worse, so send a comment to xxxxxx on how you feel about what has happened. (Happy/sad/don’t care). Or you may prefer to leave a comment at the the new Millstreet blog
Tuesday 26th September
We’ve been having a lot of emails in the last few days, which we’ve been putting on the discussion board. Some interesting points were raised about the fires on the Clara that happen every few years, and how they would bring down poles and expose naked live wires …. and also maybe some issues with the Irish Aviation Authority.
And at last today, we received our first email in favour of the proposed work, which also brought the human cost of the project into view. We are happy to get some sense of balance on the argument, but your voice will never be heard unless you leave a comment.
Wedensday 20th September
Spoke to a guy from PermaNet on the phone today and I must say that he was very helpful with outlining their current position. Here are the main points I gathered:

* IRD Duhallow invited them to provide a wireless broadband service for the Millstreet and surrounding areas.
* In their view (and ours too) Clara is the best location for this as it has panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.
* They have looked at different ways at getting power to the the top of Clara, from:
o A generator, which really would be unfeasable because of the terrain.
o Burying lines in a trench carrying electricity to the top
o ESB poles to the top.
* The landowners in question had been contacted about the poles and ESB lines and were happy. (This conflicts with the entry below from Tuesday 19th.)
* The ESB work will consist of eleven poles in total. He said that they are not large pylons that are to be erected, but regular timber ESB poles.
* He also stressed that it is not a large mast that is being erected, but a small aeriel 2m high, with two antennae. (This was pointed out previously on Monday’s post)
* They have been waiting for approximately 6-9 months for the ESB to get back to them on the work. This has been the reason it has not been put up earlier in the year.
* The number of people interested in the service at the moment is small. (But this obviously has the potential to grow in outlying areas where aDSL does not reach).
* Since the ESB will not deal with us, and only with their clients, he said he will contact them stating the misgivings of locals towards the poles and lines, and will thhus inform us on their response.

Since this is not a large (and probably not very lucrative) project for them at the moment, he said that it would be very easy for them to walk away from the project, if public opinion was against them. This is not what we are looking for at all because we of all people know that the service is needed. But as is stated below, it’s all about doing the right thing.
So we have the option of poles and broadband, or no poles and no broadband. Contact us at xxxxxxx
Tuesday 19th September
We attended the Millstreet Community Council meeting tonight and were informed by those present of the current situation (outlined below). General agreement was that the overhead ESB lines and poles would not be positive on the mountainside, and that it would be a very simple solution just to bury the lines underground.

It also transpired from the meeting that the ESB were up on the mountain today surveying and measuring for pricing. Not very encouraging. Also, some of the landowners on Clara were also contacted, and they seemed to know nothing about the development, which is surprising too.

Monday 18th September
At last, some information
After hearing the initial news last Thursday of the new mast and ESB poles all the way to the top of the mountain, we have been trying to get more information from permaNet and the ESB about what they would be erecting on Clara.
The ESB were very unforthcoming with information, and said that they would only give information to their clients. PermaNet were more willing to give information and the following description is from them. [It was previously stated here that PermaNet were unforthcoming with information with information, which we regret was incorrect due mostly to pooor communication on our part]

They intend placing a mast on top of the bunker (or a hut) which is placed at the top of the mountain back behind the cross. It will be 2m high mast with 2 antennae coming from this mast.
Also to deliver electricity to the top of the mountain, there will be standard ESB poles running up the side of the mountain, to the very top from a farm at the top of Kilmeedy.

It is felt that this is a minor development, and while the service is need for outlying area’s of Millstreet which cannot get broadband through the phone line. Still, we would like to have seen the cables buried, but there is probably not a lot we can do because the ESB can pretty much put up poles and cables wherever they like as long as it’s considered ‘safe’.

This whole scenario leaves us with a few thoughts which probably need to be answered:

* The infrastructure described above was able to proceed without ever applying for planning permission. Why is this so?

* Few knew about this until last week except a few people with vested interests …. until it was passed on in idle conversation. Surely this was wrong.

* The ESB were very unforthcoming with information, as normal. Should they be allowed to ride roughshod over us all the time.

* Now that there will be electricity at the top of Clara, does it not seem likely that it’s now ideal to place further masts up there because of its panoramic views of the surrounding countryside

All in the name of progress. makes you think.

Anyway, there is a community council meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) night in the Wallis Arms. We will go along and express our views on the situation, and see what can be done from there.

Does anyone have any suggestions of how we should proceed?

People are not happy!
Friday 14th September
We have recieved a number of emails with negative feelings towards the mast and ESB lines/poles.

On the permaNet website they state :- “permaNET is working with community groups in these locations to expedite the availability of broadband in their area”. They had a meeting for the general public i think just after christmas 9 months ago, and we all signed forms with names and email addresses etc. We heard no more from them.

The problem is that we need service for the outlying areas of Millstreet because they can’t get aDSL, but we could without scarring the countryside. How hard could it be to bury cables? It all sounds like NIMBYism, but it’s not. It’s about doing what’s right first time around.

Alas, precedent would tell us that the ESB can do whatever they like. has a very long article this. (it only gets interesting about half way down when they start talking about what the ESB can get away with)

Thursday 14th September
Important News Flash
We have just learned the disturbing news that there is a broadband mast to go up on top of Clara Mountain. Also, a cable suspended on poles is to be placed all the way up the side of the mountain. While the broadband company want the cables to be buried….the ESB, who are doing the work, are refusing to bury the cables and insist that the cable will have to be put on poles. Work has not yet started, but will start so in a week or two. We are not sure that anyone in town knows that this is happening. Both the ESB and PermaNet are being very quiet about all this, and we feel that all this is going on behind the backs of the community.
I’m not sure if we can do anything about the mast at this stage, but for such a scenic place these cables should be buried, and now is the time to have it done, rather than wait until they are up on poles.
So we are now looking at another area to be plastered with ESB poles, and masts. Just go back to west Kerry and see how bad things are. We know that Clara is very important to a lot of people in town, and will be upset by this development. So please spread the word and let people know whats happening, and contact your local councilor or TD before it is too late, or contact us at xxxxxxxxxxxx
[this first appeared on the front page of]
View from Clara

Aubane Notes August 2006

On Saturday 12th of August, Aubane Social Club headed off on tour to Sherkin Island, located just off the south west coast of Ireland. A bus load hit the road early on Saturday morning in great anticipation of a wonderful day out. We were blessed with wonderful weather, where the sun was splitting the rocks all day on Sherkin Island. A short boat ride from Baltimore to the island and we were free to roam the island for the day to take in the old Franciscan Abbey, the beaches, the Jolly Roger, the sea views and the beauty of the island. On the return journey we sampled the wonderful views of Glengarriff and surrounding areas. Everyone enjoyed the day greatly. Seamus Buckley deserves great credit for patiently driving us around all day till late at night. His patience and enthusiasm was greatly appreciated by all.

St John’s Well mass was recently celebrated on the 23rd June 2006. It was celebrated by Monsignor Manning, Millstreet and assisted by Fr Tarrant CC, Millstreet, Fr James McSweeney CC, Ballyvolane, Fr Manning CC, Aghinagh and Fr Joe Poole Cssp, Dublin, and attended by a good crowd too. St John’s Well committee would like to thank the choir and pipe band for their participation on the night, and also John Anthony O’Sullivan for the amplification. Also thanks to all who have prepared and maintained the area around the well over the past 12 months, and to thank the Lucey family of Lower Torreenbawn for the presentation of a beautiful bench seat at St John’s Well.

Con Twomey completed the wonderful achievement of a 150 mile round trip of Cork County on foot in aid of Marymount hospice. He walked nearly a full marathon every day for a full week and there were plenty of sores to prove it, but it was worth it all. Well done to all involved.

An unusual event recently was a strawing for the homecoming of Jerry and Kathleen Kelleher from their honeymoon at the Aubane Community Center on Friday, 18th August 2006, with music, dancing, songs and refreshments and everybody enjoying themselves. Strawings had nearly been lost to history but the club in Aubane have taken it to revive them again, and they are proving very popular near and far.

The Aubane Community Center (sometimes just called the School) continues to be improved as the time goes by. There have been several nights of work put into the improvement and we would like to thank all that helped. The work continues this month with the laying of a new footpath and wheelchair ramp into the front door, and further progress on the flower-beds around the car park, and emergency lighting inside the building. It will be a long road to get everything done, but it will be worth it in the end. Thanks to everyone who generously contributed to the Aubane Social Club recent church gate collection on the 14th/15th August 2006 which will go to maintaining the area and keeping the social side of our area vibrant.

Congratulations to Nell Kelleher of Aubane who recently celebrated her 90th birthday. Also, a very sincere well done to all who recently received the results of their leaving cert and the best of luck to them in their career choices. We would like to extend a warm welcome to visitors over the summer months including Sr Helen Casey, Torreenbawn; Connie Lucey, Torreenbawn and Agnes Cashman, Los Angeles.

Monday night set dancing in Aubane Community Center will recommence on 18th September 2006 at 9.15pm with music by Marie and Kevin.

For photographs and information on Aubane Social Club events, past and present, please check our website:

There have been a couple of weddings in Aubane recently. Jerry Kelleher from Aubane wedding Kathleen O’Keeffe of Cullen, and also to Brendan O’Shea from Cockhill marrying Edel O’Donoghue of Aubane in Croatia. Best wishes for a long and happy future to all. There are a couple of new babies too: Ann & Billy Kelleher, Aubane on the birth of their son Adam Seán, and Jerry and Noreen O’Brien, Drishane Road on the birth of their daughter Kate. Congratulations to one and all.

Finally, we extend our deepest sympathy to the families of the following who died recently: Jerh and Bina Moynihan of Knocknagree, Margaret Kelleher, Lackadota, and Timmy Collins, Knocknagree.

Agus go mbuailimid le chéile arís, go gcoinní Dia i mbos A láimhe thú.

Regional report 837 8th August 2006

Can be heard on every Tuesday at 10.30a.m. (Irish time).

Regional report 837

Tuesday, 8th August  2006

Dia is mhuire diobh go leir a cairde and welcome to news report 837 from Millstreet.

Fondest greetings dear listeners and I wish you all the very best on this lovely Autumn Morning.

Here  are the results of this weeks parish lotto draw which was held at Corkery’s Bar on Sunday night. The jackpot was not won.

€100 went to Paddy Roche, Drishane Rd, the seller was Donal Guiney, and he got €50 sellers prize,

€50 went to Mgt. Murphy, Clara. €20 each to Denis Mc Sweeney, Coolikerane, Sean Lawlor, Dooneen, Matt O Connor, Station Rd, Sinead Corkery, c/o Corkerys Bar, Paddy O Callaghan, c/o Mary Lane, Liz Mc Aulliffe Annagloor. Breda Broderick, Clara Rd, Jerry O Sullivan c/o The Bridge Bar. Jackpot for next week €1,800 the draw at the Mal Passo Bar on Sunday night.

Last week I mentioned that a bunch of house keys had been found  on the Drishane Rd , thanks to the power of local radio,  the owner made contact right away and was very glad to get them back.

The Fundraising Music Fest and BBQ in aid of LTV2 was a resounding success at Carriginma on Sunday. Light rain in the early part of the day caused a bit of concern, but we needn’t have worried, soon it cleared away and the crowds came out in large numbers to support us. It would be impossible for me, in the time allowed, to list all the people who helped to make it the great success that it was, and in case I’d leave anyone out I’ll have to refrain from mentioning  names .

Everybody’s contribution was needed and appreciated.  They know who they are and each can take a bow , The great thing was that as well as supporting LTV2, the people enjoyed themselves. They enjoyed the food and the meeting with other people from 3 in the afternoon till closing time.

Needless  to say Cork’s win over Waterford was well monitored and the cheers that went up at the final whistle drowned out everything else for that moment. Many thanks to one and all

The development  of the O’Sullivan  Bearra Way is making news again. And the contract for the signposting etc is gone out to tender. All those who agree to let it pass through their lands will be covered by the special insurance policy, and the farmer or land owner is indemnified. And as all routes nationwide are closed for one day every year, there is no danger of a right of way being created. The arrangement can be cancelled or changed at any time, as  the landowner or farmer sees fit.

Details of the insurance policy are to be sent on in the near future and they will be accessible through our website.

A fond Cead Mile Failte to all those who are holidaying in our area at the moment. Full information can be got from the friendly staff at our tourist office in the Carnegie Hall.

The Summer Horse Show will run from August 16 to 20 inclusive. If you have a house to let for self-catering  or rooms available for B&B ,please contact the Green Glens 70800 or the Museum 70844.

A gala surprise party was held in Carriginma on Friday night in honour of Con Twomey, his lovely wife Joan & Family in honour of their recent fundraising efforts in aid of Marymount Hospise. Which amounted to in excess of €21,000, well done to them all.

The Aubane social club will hold their outing to Sherkin Island on Saturday next August 12th. leaving Aubane at 9.30 am. Contact 087 2140976 or any member.

Free bus going to Knock Aug 12th. Leaving Cullen at 6.45 am. Millstreet at 7 & Banteer at 7.20am Contact 029 56269.

And contact the same number about the free bus going to Rochestown  for the Padre Pio Ceremonies on August 13th . Leaving Cullen at 12noon, arriving in Millstreet at 12.10 & Banteer 12.30

Bus going to Achill Aug 26th return Aug 27th

Free childrens playground in our town Park opened everyday.

Agus sinn a bfuil a cairde.

St. Johns Well Mass 2006

The annual mass at St Johns well was held on Friday the 23rd of June. There was a fine crowd in attendance on what was a lovely summers evening. There were five priests celebrating mass this year. Cannon Manning and Fr Joe Tarrant from Millstreet, Fr James McSweeney from Ballyvolane, Fr Joe Poole from Namibia, and Fr Manning from Carriganima. There were glorious hymns from the Millstreet Choir and the Millstreet Pipe Band Played for the ceramony as is traditional. Recently trimmed trees and a light breeze thankfully helped to minimize the problem of the midges. The well of course was looking splendid as usual. Many thanks to everyone that attended and to everyone that helped in any way on the evening. The Mass is normally on the night of the 24th of June but was rescheduled this year because it clashed with the regular Saturday night mass.

Aubane Notes June 2006

Aubane School recently hosted an ice-cream Sunday in which €1,100 was raised for Down Syndrome Ireland. It was great to see such a large attendance, particularly when the weather that day was downright awful. Entertainment was provided in the form of music and song by Breda Moynihan, John O’Sullivan Tullig provided a bouncing castle inside!!, and Brian O’Leary was doing face painting for the children. A special thanks to the above mentioned provided their services free of charge. And of course there was more than enough ice-cream to go around too. Thanks to all for supporting this worthy cause.

Continuing on charitable events, well done to Tony Twomey recently walked from Bandon to Cork City in aid of the Marymount Hospice. However, hot on his heels is Con Twomey who is also walking the highways for Marymount hospice. Also, we would like to pass on a message of thanks from the Irish Heart Foundation which recently raised €800.

Work is continuing to improve the area around Aubane. This month saw the finishing touches put to Aubane crossroads. All the fencing and curbing had recently been put in place, so it was just to backfill with earth, lay down plastic sheeting, and planting shrubs. Thanks to the dozen or so helpers for the two of evenings who got the job done along with a few laughs and a smile on their faces. Again, thanks to Cork County Council for their help with the development.

Congratulations to all those who made their First Communion recently. Also, Best wishes to everyone doing their Junior Cert, Leaving Cert and college exams at the moment. Of course, you always know when the exams are starting, because the weather gets good. Whatever about a change in the seasons (global warming et al), the sun was always splitting the stones when we were doing exams. When you’re finished i hope you enjoy the deserved summer holidays.

We extend our deepest sympathy to the families of the following won died recently: Dinny Kiely, Dromahane; Dermot Murphy, Clara Road; Martin O’Connor, Kiskeam; Sister John Mary Healy, Kanturk; Bridget Collin, Cockhill

Monday night set dancing has ended for the summer and will recommence on Monday September 18th next.

St John’s Well mass will take place on Friday, the 23rd June at 8:30pm.

Finally, thanks to all who have supported Aubane Social Club throughout the season, and we look forward to your continued support in the future.

Aubane Social Club Table Quiz 2006

Good Friday night 14-April-2006

Another big crowd participated this year with the dancing room full to the brim. The questions were set by quiz-masters Don and Michael O’Riordan, and were helped with the marking and score-keeping by Sonia O’Riordan and Ger McSweeney. There were questions for everyone there from children’s cartoons to old films, from history to local news, music and picture rounds and of course general knowledge. It was a very close contest right through with eight teams within three points of the lead after five rounds (the half way stage). Teas and refreshments were served to get the brains working again, and for people to discuss their progress. After another five rounds, it was a draw at the end between the top two teams on eighty one points out of a hundred. A play-off round was needed to separate them, and victorious on the night were the team of Liam Flynn, Pat Sheehan, Denis Lane and John Tarrant, with the runners up team from Ballydaly headed by the O’Sullivan brothers.

Many thanks to our sponsors on the night: Lucey’s Motors, Dennehy’s Centra, The Country Park, Pommery’s Bar, Billy Kelleher Kitchens, Jerry Kelleher Aubane, and to everyone that turned up and enjoyed themselves.

Raffle Winners were

* Denis Cashman – Country Park Pass
* Shane Murphy – Brandy
* Donal O’Connor – Brandy
* Michael Cashman Whiskey
* Alan Buckley – whiskey
* Liam Flynn – wine
* Donal Coffey – wine
* Kathleen McAuliffe – wine
* Edmond Coffey – wine
* Pa Rowan – Beauty Products!!

We appologize for the lack of pictures this time around. We’ll try to do better the next time!

January 2006 Presentations in Aubane

The locals in Aubane came together on Tuesday the 24th Janurary for two very different presentations. Firstly was a cheque from the proceeds of the annual Christmas Day Mushera Climb to Lena Kelleher of Millstreet Community Hospital, which amounted to €3,200. Secondly, in recognition of a marvllous achievement, David Barrett was presented with a crystal bowl in honor of his winning the National Intermediate Boxing Title. The pictures below are with many thanks to John Tarrant.

Presenting a cheque for the proceeds of the Christmas day mushera mountain climb to Millstreet Hospital

Aubane Social Club Treasurer John Dineen presented a cheque for €3,200 to Lena Kelleher, Matron to Millstreet Community Hospital. The proceeds were raised as part of the Mushera Mountain climb on Christmas Day.

Presentation to David Barrett on winning the All-Ireland Intermediate boxing title
Anne Kelleher, Asst PRO, Aubane Social Club makes a presentation to National Intermediate Boxing Champion David Barrett. Included are Gerard McSweeney – Aubane Social Club Chairman, members of the Barrett family, John Kelleher and Dan Lane, coach Rylane Boxing Club.

Aubane at the World Ploughing Championships 2006

The end of September a bus load driven by the ever relliable Seamus Buckley headed off for the ploughing in Tullow, Co. Carlow, to see all that was new and old in farming at the annual National Ploughing championships. It was the last day and there was a bonus for the ploughing experts in that the World Championships were being held that day. It was a long and tiring day but everyone had a great time once they managed to stay out of the mud!

Aubane Notes Jan 2006


We extend sympathy to the families of the following who died recently:

Mary Guiney, Drishane Road, Hannah Lucey and Helen Walsh, Station Road, Win Meredith, Denjoe Murphy, Boherbue (late teacher in Aubane). Frank O’ Callaghan, Derrinagree, Noreen O’ Keeffe, Millstreet, Con O’ Sullivan, Claramore and Nora Mary O’ Connor, Freemount.


The Aubane Social Club recently held a social in Duhallow Park Hotel to mark the 30th anniversary of the founding of the club. It was a very special and memorable occasion and the highlight of the function was a pageant depicting the various activities co-ordinated by the club such as: set-dancing, Mushera Mountain Climb, St. Patrick’s day parades, tops of the parish and many more events which were organised over the past 30 years.

This was narrated by John Sheehan and as part of the pageant a poem was recited by Eileen O’ Riordan about St. John’s Well and Teddy Collins also sang an old favourite “The Bould Thady Quill” to much applause.

Throughout the pageant, some photographs were shown to the large crowd to reminisce about the past 30 years. It brought back wonderful memories to those present.

Particular emphasis was put on the effort that went into the organising of the 250th anniversary celebrations of the Cork-Kerry Butter Road in 1998.

The main compere for the night was Gerard McSweeney, Chairman of Aubane Social Club who outlined the club’s great achievements since the new committee was formed last year and its plans for the future.

The anniversary was marked by a special birthday cake which was jointly cut by Sonya O’ Riordan (current secretary), Gerdie Buckley (founder) and John Kelleher (founder officer). The celebrations continued well into the night by dancing to the sound of the Jerry McCarthy Band. A sincere thank you to all those who attended the social. Their support was very much appreciated.


Congratulations to David Barrett who recently won the All-Ireland Intermediate Boxing championship in the National Stadium, Dublin. We wish him all the best for the future.


The annual Mass and Senior Citizens’ party took place in the Aubane Community Centre recently and was well attended by the local people. The Celebrant at the Mass was Monsignor Michael Manning. Following the mass, the party was held and music was provided by Cait Buckley, Micheál, James and Louise Buckey, Bridget O’ Shea, Christina Twomey and Michael O’ Riordan.


The annual Christmas Morning Mountain Climb took place on Christmas Day where approximately 100 people climbed Mushera Mountain for charity. All proceeds of the Sponsored Climb this year are going to Millstreet Community Hospital.


On December 29th a night of storytelling and singing took place in Aubane Community Centre where people gathered from far and wide to participate. Music was provided by local musicians and was enjoyed by all.


Well done to Fr. James McSweeney on the beautiful crib which he erected near his home in Ballyvolane, Cork over the Christmas period. It was admired by people from near and far. On behalf of Aubane Social club, we would like to thank him for attending the various functions in Aubane over the Christmas period.


The local boys and girls headed out on Stephen’s Day in keeping with tradition to hunt the wren. They went from house to house where they sang and played music.

All proceeds are going to Millstreet Community Hospital.


We welcome Don and Sonya O’ Riordan into the Aubane area and wish them the very best of luck in their beautiful new home.


Best wishes to Donal Kelleher and Rosie Rea who are off on their travels around the world.


Dancing classes are held in Aubane Community Centre every Thursday night at 8pm. All are welcome.

Happy New Year!

Aubane Social Club member gets Unsung Hero Award

Aubane Social Club member gets Unsung Hero Award

On the 18th March Gerdie Buckley one of the members of Aubane Social Club was presented with the Unsung Hero Award at the Millstreet Community Council People of the Years Awards Social in the Wallis Arms Hotel.

Unsung Hero – Mr Gerdie Buckley renowned for his work towards a wide spectrum within the Aubane Community. He has been consistently involved in various organisations and events over the past thirty years such as the Aubane Social Club of which he was one of the founder members. The Aubane Social Club now its 30th year in existence and over the years has celebrated many events such as the Tops of the Town and The Butter Commemoration Weekend in May 1998. There are now twenty-five members involved in the Aubane Social Club.

He is also the current treasurer of the St John’s Well Committee and has always been active member since its formation in the early eighties.

He is also the founder member of the “Farmers Discussion Group” which was founded in 1988. This organisation involves a group of farmers meeting together each month to discuss current farming issues.

Gerdie was co-producer of the popular “Tops of the Town Competition” back in the year 1985/1986.

He has been one of the many participants of the Annual Christmas Day Mountain Climb to Mushera, which is held every year in order to raise a substantial sum of money for various charties. This has proven to be a very successful and enjoyable event. Gerdie has been climbing the slopes of Mushera now for twenty years.

He has always been willing to lend a helping hand and during the Aubane Sports which was held every year back in the 80’s, he always made one of his field available to the community in order to hold this sports event.

In May 1998, Gerdie was actively involved in the organising committee of the 250th Anniversary Commemoration of the Butter Road Celebrations and also sits on the Aubane Historical Society Committee, which at present boasts 50 publications written by Mr Jack Lane formerly of Aubane and who now resides in London.

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Jeremiah A. O’Leary

Automotive mechanic

GREENVILLE – Jeremiah A. O’Leary, 66, of Greenwood Lake died suddenly at his home on Jan. 8, 2006.

He was born in Millstreet, County Cork, Ireland, on Dec. 8, 1939, son of the late Jeremiah and Ellen (Buckley) O’Leary.

Jeremiah was an automotive mechanic employed by Manhattan Ford in New York City.

He was a member of the UAW in Manhattan.

He was a loving husband and father.

Surviving are his wife, Ann O’Leary of Greenwood Lake; his daughter, Ellen O’Leary of Middletown; two sisters, Kitty O’Leary of Ireland and Noreen O’Connor of Greenville, three brothers, Donnie O’Leary, William O’Leary and his wife Mary, and James O’Leary and his wife, Kathlene, all of Ireland; 16 nieces and nephews; and several great-nieces and great-nephews.

Funeral services will be 10:30 a.m. Friday from the Cunningham Funeral Home, 4898 Route 81, Greenville, with a Mass of Christian Burial at 11 a.m. at St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church in Greenville.

Friends may call the funeral home on Thursday from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m.

Interment will be in the Greenville Cemetery.

January 11, 2006

AUBANE NOTES December 2005

By John F. Kelleher

We extend our greatest sympathy to the families, relatives and friends of the following who died recently: Margaret Boyle (nee Golden) formerly of Tullig and New York, Nicholas Tarrant formerly Gortavehy, Shelia O’ Sullivan Tralee, Nora Long Clonbannin and Dan Carroll of Millstreet Sheltered Housing.

Ar dheis De go a raibh a namam dillis

Annual Christmas Party:

The Annual mass and senior citizens party takes place in the Aubane Community Centre on Friday 16th December at 8.00 p.m sharp.

Christmas Morning Climb:

The Annual Christmas Morning Climb takes place on Sunday 25th December at 10.30 a.m. and the meeting place is the St John’s Well Car Park. The Sponsorship cards will be available from any Social Club member. This year the proceeds of the climb will be in aid of Millstreet Community Hospital.

Around the Fireside:

On Thursday the 29th December a night of Stories and Songs around the fireside will take place in the Aubane Community Centre. Everybody is welcome.

On Holidays:

It was great to see my good friends Brigette & Pascal Friossart and their son from Reims in France visiting the Aubane during the month of October. I know that they are regular readers of the Aubane Notes. Also on holiday in the Aubane Area during the month of November was Arthur Roberts, with his daughter Marlyn and son Michael from Wales.


Congratulations to Gerard Mc Sweeney, Toorenbawn who ran in the Dublin Marathon on Monday 31st October. He finished in 454th position out of a field of 10.500 in a time of 3 hours 13 minutes


Congratulations to Catherine Sheehan Aubane and Kristian Walsh Waterford City

who got married on Saturday the 5th November.


Congratulations to Pearl Lehane Aubane who graduated recently at the Tralee Institute of Technology with a Bachelors Degree in Analytical Science and also to Maire Sheehan Aubane who graduated at the Cork Institute of Technology with a Bachelors Degree of Science in Analytical Chemistry with Quality Assurance.

Development at Aubane Cross:

The Aubane Cross on the left hand side of the road coming from millstreet got a much needed transformation during the month of October. This work was done under the Urban Renewal Scheme. A special thanks to Martin Corcoran and Sean Twohig from the Cork County Council Office in Millstreet and to Jer Stack Cork County Council Architect from the Cork County Council Offices in Cork City for all the help and support they gave to the Aubane Social Club in caring out this work.

Annual Fancy Dress:

The annual fancy dress night took place on Friday (Oct 21st) in the Wallis Arms Hotel. This annual event raises money for charity each year. This year €4,000 was raised and this money went to two deserving charities Marymount Hospice and Bothar. There was a fantastic turnout again this year with a very impressive display of costumes. The variety, the colour and the great effort that everyone went to in dressing up makes this night, one of the best in Millstreet. In the past few years the Fancy Dress night organised by Tony Twomey, Jerry, Mairead & Katrina Kelleher and Friends have raised €10,000 for different charities.

The organisers of the night deserve great credit for the hard work they put in

Calendar in Aid of the COPE Foundation:

An Ideal Christmas present this year is Fr James Mc Sweeney’s Calendar for 2006. Last year’s calendar was an outstanding success raising €20,000 for Cork Simon. This year Fr James hopes to do as good again with all the money going to the COPE

Foundation. The Calendar is €5 and you will be glad to know that your contribution will go directly to the COPE Foundation. I also invite you to check out www.todayis The website is checked out by thousands across the world each day. A new photo is updated each day with a short thought for the day. You can also get the calendar posted to anywhere in the world for €7 (includes postage and packaging) or send on a cheque to Fr. James Mc Sweeney, 1 Kilmorna Heights, Ballyvolane, Cork

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish everybody at home and abroad a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year for 2006.

Liturgical Celebrations (Second Week of Advent: 5 Dec.-11 Dec. 2004)

Liturgical Celebrations (Second Week of Advent: 5 Dec.-11 Dec. 2004)

This is the second week of Advent and the Feast of the Immaculate Conception on Wed. (8 Dec.) is very appropriate as a preparation for Christmas. This Feast was made a Holyday of Obligation in 1708.

Monday (6/12/04): St. Nicholas Bishop of Myra (4th century): Myra is in south-western Turkey. Like some popular saints, there is hardly any strictly historical information about him. The whole tradition of Santa Claus in modern times is based on the folklore about him.

Tuesday (7/12/04): St. Ambrose (339-397): He was governor of Milan, a very important civil position when the Bishop of Milan died in 374. Ambrose wasn’t even baptised at that time but only was a catechumen preparing to enter the Church. At the meeting to elect a new bishop, a voice, said to be that of a child, kept shouting “Ambrose for bishop”. To his complete surprise, the whole crowd took up the slogan and although he tried his best to stress his unsuitability, he had no choice but to accept the position. Within a week he was baptised and consecrated Bishop. He sold all his belongings and gave the money for charity. As Bishop he did great work in organizing the diocese, protecting the Christian faith against various kinds of heresies prevalent at the time and writing very valuable theological books about important issues of the Christian faith. He also had an important share in the conversion of Augustine, another of the great Christian leaders of the early Church.

Wed. (8/12/04): The Immaculate Conception of BVM. This means that Mary by a singular grace was kept free from all stain of original sin from the moment of her conception. The doctrine was solemnly defined by Pope Pius IX on 8th Dec. 1854. Mary revealed herself to Bernadette Soubirous in Lourdes in 1858 as: “I am the Immaculate Conception”. Mary is the new Eve and her feast is particularly appropriate in the preparation for Christmas.

Thursday (9/12/04): St. Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin (1474-1548). Juan Diego was a native Indian. The name “Cuauhtlatoatzin” was the name he was given when he was born – it meant “the talking eagle” in his native language. He became a convert and was still under instruction when he had the vision. On his way to morning Mass on 9th Dec. 1531 he had a vision of Our Lady at Tepeyak, a hill north-west of Mexico city. She instructed him to ask the Bishop (Juan de Zumárraga) to build a Church on that site. The Bishop was sceptical about his story. Three days later she appeared to Juan Diego again and asked him to climb the hill and pick flowers that he would find in bloom. He obeyed and although it was winter time and the ground frozen, he found roses flowering. Our Lady asked him to take them to the Bishop as proof. He put them in his mantle and brought them to the Bishop. When he opened his mantle in front of the Bishop, the roses fell to the ground. What was more significant was that there was an image of his vision of Our Lady imprinted on his mantle. This image (Our Lady of Guadalupe) can still be seen on the mantle today in the Basilica at the hillsite at Tepeyak. The first foreign visit that Pope John Paul II made was to this site and he went there again for the beatification of Juan Diego (6 May 1990) and for his canonization (31 July 2002). He praised his humility – Juan Diego said to Mary: “I am a nobody. I am a small rope, a tiny ladder, the tail end, a leaf.”

Sat. (11/12/04): St. Damasus: He was born around 304 and was Pope, (Damasus 1), from 366 to 384. He defended the Church’s teaching against Arianism and other heresies. He also insisted on the primacy of the Pope as successor of Peter and freedom from the domination of the Emperor in Constantinople. He commissioned St. Jerome to translate the Bible into Latin and this became known as the “Vulgate” and was accepted as official by the Church.

Liturgical Celebrations (Second Week of Advent: 13 Dec.-18 Dec. 2004)

Monday (13/12/04): St. Lucy (martyred 304): She died in Syracuse in the persecution of the emperor Dioclesion. Devotion to her goes back to the early Church and she is mentioned in the Roman Canon of saints. She is said to have been a wealthy Sicilian who refused marriage offers and gave her money to the poor. It is said that various attempts to kill her were made and she was finally killed by the sword. Like many popular saints, so many stories have been made up about her down through history that it is hard to find stricly historical details. In Venice, in a Church near the railway station, there is a partially incorrup body which is claimed to be hers. There is a popular song dedicated to her: “Santa Lucia”. She is also greatly honoured in Sweeden where her feastday (13 Dec.) used to be the shortest day of the year or the winter-solstice. This was before the reform of the Greagorian Calendar in 1582 when 10 days were dropped from the calendar – a reform that wasn’t accepted in Sweeden until 1753:

Santa Lucia, thy light is glowing

Through darkest winter night, comfort bestowing.

Dreams float on dreams tonight,

Comes then the morning light,

Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia.

Tuesday (14/12/04): St. John of the Cross (1542-1591): A Carmelite friar and virtual founder of the Discalced Carmelites. He was also one of Spain’s foremost poets and mystical theologians. He first thought of joining the Carthusian Order but was persuaded by Theresa of Avila to work for the reform of the Carmelite Order. Because of opposition to his work he was imprisoned and he wrote some of his finest poetry why he was in prison. He weas canonized in 1726 and declared a doctor of the Church in 1926.

17-24 Dec. 2004: These days are especially dedicated to the celebration of Christmas.

Margaret Boyle, New York (née Golden of Tullig)

BOYLE, MARGARET M. Margaret M. Boyle, of Croton-on-Hudson, formerly of the Bronx, NY and Tullig, Millstreet, County Cork, Ireland, passed away at home on Sunday, October 30, 2005. She was 63 years old. Margaret was born on October 17, 1942 in Millstreet, County Cork, Ireland to Dennis and Margaret Golden (Barrett). She was a devoted mother to her sons Jim and John. Margaret is survived by her loving husband John, a son Jim, a sister Noreen O’Connell, three brothers Paddy, Donnie, and Denjoe Golden, two grandsons Connor and Aidan Boyle, and her daughterin-law Erin Boyle. She was predeceased by her son John. Visitation will be held from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 pm on Thursday, November 3, 2005 at the EDWARD F. CARTER FUNERAL HOME, (, 41 Grand Street, Croton-on-Hudson, NY. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at Holy Name of Mary Church on Friday, November 4, 2005 at 10 am. [The Journal News on Nov. 1, 2005]


Aubane Social Club: “We extend our greatest sympathy to the families, relatives and friends of the following who died recently: Margaret Boyle (nee Golden) formerly of Tullig and New York”


In my boyhood days in Millstreet she was one I used to know
I last met her in New York some four decades ago
From Tullig Hill near Millstreet Town and sad am I to say
That I read of the news of her passing on the internet today.

The lovely Margaret Golden unaffected by conceit
One of many nice people to migrate from Millstreet
She went to live in New York in the U S of A
And far from her old Hometown her last remains now lay.
[read more …] “Margaret Boyle, New York (née Golden of Tullig)”


The Aubane National School, which is now Aubane Community Centre, was built in 1912 and was opened in 1913. It was one building with four separate rooms divided into a girls’ and boys’ school. The school closed in 1974 due to falling numbers. The school was then taken over in 1975 by the Aubane Social Club. The Community Centre now holds many different events like the weekly set dancing on Monday nights.

Scenery from Mushera July 2005

I stumbled across some pictures on taken around Mushera Mountain and St John’s Well in July 2005 by a visitor to the area. I just thought some of ye might like to see them. The photography is simple but good, and even though the weather was dull, it shows Mushera as it’s beautiful peaceful self. I’ve put in a couple of the photo’s below, but you can see them all as a slide-show if you follow this link:

Pets Corner

Photos are at the bottom

Tabby befriending the Garden Gnome

Deer in Millstreet Country Park

Filmed by the crew of LTV2 for transmission during the next season.

Millstreet Country Park


The little hen lays green eggs (rare) and six little
chicks hatched. They are a lovely lavender colour.


Chelsea was born on the 15th March 2005.
It was the first day of Cheltemham, naming her Chelsea was suitable to the occasion.
She was born to the 12year old Jessie.
Chelsea is Jessie’s first foal.


This swan moved in at the lake, Drishane Castle on Christmas Eve. She befriended the staff and residents of the Castle. They became very fond of her and named her Sasperilla.

Mary Cahill, Tullig pictured with Sasperilla

If you own an unusual pet or animal and would like to share a story please contact us.

Batt O’Keeffe visit to Aubane on 29 /04/2005

See pictures below

On Friday the 29th of April, Minister of State Batt O’Keeffe visited Aubane Community Centre. Mr Jack Lane invited the Minister to Aubane a few weeks ago and the Aubane Community warmly welcomed the Minister to their Community Centre last Friday.

There was a relaxed atmosphere between the locals and invited guests, who sat around the fireside, told stories of old and recalled historic stories from the area. Among the invited guests was the President of Aubane Historical Society, Mr Jack Lane who had plenty of Historic folklore to entertain us. Also present was the President of IRD Duhallow, Mr Jack Roche and former TD, Mr Tom Meaney,

When the Minister arrived he personally thanked everyone for attending. There was plenty of open, frank and factual speeches from several speakers including the Chairman of Aubane Community Council Mr Gerard McSweeney who opened the meeting, welcomed the Minister to Aubane and gave him a brief synopsis of Aubane and its local community centre. Next to speak was Mr Jack Lane who spoke about the Butter road, and the way it needs to be developed, upgraded and maintained to a high standard. Next to speak was Mr Jack Roche who gave a wonderful and informative talk about the way forward for the local area, the butter road and the future of IRD Duhallow. Next to speak was Mr Tom Meaney who gave us a factual and informative talk about the way we need to progress our ideas and channel them through the right corridors.

Finally the Minister who listened carefully to the previous speakers gave us a synopsis of the main issues that were raised and how we should go about getting our goals achieved. The talk between the Minister and all present was very open and informative.

To round off a busy night, in tradition with the Aubane way, all enjoyed a cup of tea and tasty cakes.

To capture the entire event that night, we would like to thank Sean Radley who gave of his time to record this unique event.

Aubane Quiz 2005

Friday 25th March 2005

On the 23rd March Good Friday Night the Aubane Community Council held its first Table Quiz in the Aubane Community Centre. The Members of the Aubane Community Council were very proud of themselves when amid a large crowd of people gathered to participate in the quiz. There was a full house with twenty-two tables of four people per table. The winners of the quiz were the following team – John Tarrant, Denis Lane, Pat Sheehan and Liam Flynn. The team with the best name “Twin Cam” went to the Curtin Family from Buttevant. The Aubane Community Council would like to thank all the businesses from Millstreet Town and the Aubane Area that sponsored spot prizes for this event. A special word of thanks to the Youth Committee who organised this event.

There are also many more events being planned at the moment for the year ahead.


quiz1.jpg (35677 bytes) A full house at the Quiz in Aubane Community Centre.

quiz2.jpg (37862 bytes) Question Masters Michael O’ Riordan and Don O’ Riordan.

quiz3.jpg (35457 bytes) John F. Kelleher, Alan Burton, Anita Sherlock, Donal Corkery writing the
quiz4.jpg (44636 bytes) . Kathleen O’ Keeffe, Jerry Kelleher, Tony Twomey and Una O’ Mahony
enjoying the quiz.
quiz5.jpg (43665 bytes) Sonya O’ Riordan Secretary of the Aubane Community Council in depth
quiz6.jpg (36717 bytes) Aubane Council Members: John Dineen, John Sheehan, Ned Lawlor and John W.
quiz7.jpg (53068 bytes) quiz8.jpg (36351 bytes) Denis Lane accepting First Prize on behalf of his winning team from
Michael O’ Riordan
quiz9.jpg (36451 bytes) Eoin O’ Sullivan accepting Second Prize on behalf of his team from
Chairperson of the Aubane
Community Council Gerard Mac Sweeney


April 2005

Jamie Hooper, Millstreet Youth Club Candidate, Dáil na Nog 2005 writes:

Dáil na nOg Elections

On the 16th of March, I attended the Comhairle na nóg in the Tralee Youth Centre.  This was an evening event where four speakers from three areas of Kerry had to speak for two minutes about two issues which affect Young People today, either Facilities for young people, or acohol and drug misuse.
From each area one candidate was to be elected by the other people there and there was also a “Wild Card” vote which I think the Jundges elected which could be from any area.
The people elected would then go to Dáil na nOg on the following Saturday in Dublin.  Two candidates from Gaeltacht areas had been pre-elected.
We each had to have an election slogan.  Mine was “Mol an óige agus tiocfidh si”
The judges included two people from Kerry who had gone there before, Fr Jerry Godly, Director of KDYS and a journalist from “Kerryman”.
I was one of the candidates to have to speak but first there was a social meeting in which we had Pizza and drinks in the Youth Café and then we were split into two groups to discuss and debate the topics.
In these groups the teenagers decided what we would like to see being done in our areas.  Ideas ranged from Drop-in-Centres to Swimming Pools and even a Roller-Disco.
Then came the time when we had to speak.  The Killarney group (my group) was first to speak, and I was third to speak.  I had never spoken in public before.  My speech was mainly about how the lack of good facilities for young people results in alcohol and substance abuse.  Well my turn came around after listening to two okay speeches.  I read it as best I could, but I hafe to habit of looking down at the sheet and not into the crowd.  When I had finishes Fr Godly congratulated me.
Next up was Shirley Somers from Killarney who did a brilliant speech not having it al written down and mostly in her head.  Then it was time for people from the other areas to vote on a ballot card which one from Killarney would go to Dublin.  I had a fear that my speech didn’t revolve around the issues enough and that all the others would be far more in depth than mine.  My fears were not realised however as candidate after candidate came to the microphone and talked about themselves for two minutes straight.
On and on about why they deserved to have a free trip to Dublin and I thought damn I didn’t sell myself enough. But then I thought sureley with speeches like that they don’t have a chance but one person frim each area had to be elected.
Then the results came out.
From my group, as predicted, Shirley Somers was elected, I was pleased because she had put a lot of work into it.
I was annoyed that the one other person who did speak about the issues did not get elected and I had hoped that if not me, he would get the “Wild Card” but it was neither.  Just another one of the people who spoke about himself got the “Wild Card”.
So I left the thing thoroughly disappointed but the man from the Kerryman did day he was happy that some people spoke about the issues.
I am not sure if I’ll try again next year but I suppose it can’t be hard to write a speech about myself, can it?

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January 2005


Just and update on what we have been up to at the youth club.  We have been busy since we came back from our Christmas break.  Every year KDYS organise inter club competitions.  We had two soccer teams, one under18 and under15.  We also have a quiz team and there is a chess and drafts day coming up.

All our members did us proud and a good time was had by all.  We also attended a disco held be Cordal Youth Club Co Kerry, which was a great night.  The next disco is being held by Dromtariffe Youth Club in March.  So we are really looking forward to that.

There was a training day held in Tralee.  Sox pf us went.  There were arts and crafts, computers, drama, out-door sports and co-operative games.  It was absolutely a fantastic day.

We learnt lots and I thought you might like to try some of the games. We had some laugh doing them.  ENJOY!!!!!!


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Shane Kelleher




Two games, two wins for a Rathcoole side jus t hitting top form. Unfortunately attention had to be turned away from the league and towards A.O.H cup matters with Watergrasshill the visitors to a bitterly cold Cooney Park on Sunday last.

A David vs. Goliath tag was hardly justified but with a division separating the sides, it seemed the odds were firmly stacked against Coole who entered the game with a somewhat under strength team. Injury and illness prevented the services of first choice midfield pairing, David Bourke and Paddy Daly. Not to mention top scorer Finbarr Cleary.

Despite the supposed difference in quality, the game played out as if any other division 3 league encounter. The only real difference between the sides being “Hills” ability to counter attack at speed. But with Rathcoole taking the more direct root, supplying Jonathan O Leary and Darren Kelleher with good quick ball, it seemed the visitors defense were struggling to cope with such an approach.

But mid way through the first half Coole were coming off a solid ten minutes of sustained pressure, even a succession of four straight corner kicks saw the home side end with nothing if only a psychological advantage. But this was too soon change as hill made another trade mark break up the pitch, eventually leaving keeper Brian Cooper stranded in a one on one situation , yet it still took a twenty yard cracker to break the deadlock.

The end to end football continued into the second half with the visitors just about maintaining their advantage with the defense now getting to grips with the threat posed by Leary and Kelleher. But in truth this really was an error ridden game, perhaps only redeemed by some excellent goalkeeping from both custodians. One nil the final score, with neither side looking like breaching the others rearguard.

Certainly a game which won’t live long in the memory, or will it be looked upon as a missed opportunity. Alfie Cooney’s men will certainly be keeping the league as the main focus of attention. Let’s just hope Sundays defeat won’t put a damper upon the recent run of results in the league. A decent performance against a solid division 2 side should give “Coole” plenty of confidences going into next weeks encounter with Gratten F.C. And with players returning from injuries and absences, there is no apparent reason for not collecting another three points.

TEAM; B Cooper, R Brown, T McAuliffe, L Dennehey, D Guerin, S Kelleher, E Crowley, D Twomey, C Kelleher, J O Leary, D Kelleher. SUBS USED; P Tancred.

NEXT MEETING; Vs Gratten F.C. Sunday 5th march. Gratten Park [Fr O Neil’s]

Supports always welcome.

In Passing March 2005

In Passing
by Seán Radley

CORK 2005

January 8, 2005 saw the official opening of Cork as the European Capital of Culture for 2005.    What a colourful firework display was witnessed on that Saturday.   On the Sunday an occasion which had a direct link with Millstreet took place in Cork City Hall at a spectacular Tea Dance. The famous Pádraig Pearse Harp which had been presented to Drishane Convent many years ago by Senator Margaret Pearse (sister of Pádraig) had, in turn, been given to the Cork School of Music where it would continued to be played rather than be a Museum display item.   In recent years it has been superbly restored. It was officially played for the first time since restoration at Cork City Hall with the Cork Pops Orchestra on Sunday, 9th January as a very significant cultural event of Cork 2005 – European Capital of Culture.

The historic event featured recently on LTV2.


Over 21,000 hits on in the first eleven days of January is certainly uplifting news for Hannelie O’Connor and all those involved with the newly revised Millstreet website.   This proves the popularity of the website with an increasing number of new visitors who become regular browsers of the site.   Feedback to our email address <email> is wonderfully encouraging with lots of suggestions like the inclusion of a street map of Millstreet and continuation of photographic galleries of life in our parish.    We’ve even had web visitors from Austria, Hungary and lots from emigrants in the five continents.   This month’s website Personality of the Month is John Kelleher, Aubane.   We encourage you to inspire your relatives abroad to log into our website at least weekly for updates of their native Millstreet and to visit our “Links” on the site which includes Fr. James McSweeney’s excellent spiritual site which changes daily.   The valuable assistance of Michael Cashman, Tullig in the ongoing development of our local website is deeply appreciated.   We especially appeal to those abroad who regularly visit to let us know by sending us a brief email to <email>


We’ve now reached Programme 10 with our signal continuing to improve.   Response has been enthusiastic.  One of the easiest ways of receiving the Local Channel is to tune into Channel 4 (UK) on the Seán O’Connell,  Knocknagree multichannel service (should one already have this system in place) on Thursdays from 10.00 to 11.00p.m. with a repeat on Sundays from 8.00 to 9.00p.m..   The Local Channel just logs into the UK Channel 4 for those two hours weekly.   Alternatively (but a more complicated approach) one may also get both LTV and LTV2 (Millstreet & Macroom) by arranging to automatically tune into the VHF (just above RTE 2) signal from Mushera or UHF (Channel 50) from Tullig but this is, however, dependent on correct direction of the aerial system in one’s home.

The present LTV2 service is being provided free of charge through the voluntary group of enthusiasts who believe in the tremendous potential of a Local Channel which is community based and non-commercial.    While lots of necessary equipment has been voluntarily bought by members of the core group the cost of transmission aerials and broadcast equipment used on the mountains and in the studio is quite substantial and will need public financial support if the weekly broadcasts are to continue. In the near future ways by which the funding of such projects will be suggested.


The famous “Irish Examiner” photograph taken by photographer Denis Minihan continues to reappear consistently in the newspaper in its promotion of its professional prints service of past pictures of the national paper.   It was taken  in Millstreet’s Carnegie Hall in the 1980s and features Rosemary Healy, daughter of Denis and Nora who lived in Church Street at the time.    The child is seen reading a book in front of the beautiful stained-glass door at the entrance of the
Carnegie Hall.
We thank Maurice Walsh of Ickenham for much appreciated copies of the “Irish Post” which included an excellent photograph of Tony and Delia Barrett receiving a presentation in recognition of their splendid work for the London Cork Association.
To James O’Shea of Cork we also extend thanks for extra very interesting information relating to his remarkable research into the history of the O’Shea Family who originally came from Carrigacooleen, Millstreet.   A splendid Clan Gathering took place at the Duhallow Park Hotel last Summer.   Members of the Family were very much involved in the construction of some of Cork’s most famous buildings including the renowned Opera House.

One of the most significant presentations to Millstreet Museum took place recently when Seán & Catherine Buckley together with Nora Creedon arranged to donate the many historic Cups and a Shield associated with the very famous Kilcorney Feis.   The important occasion was recorded by John Tarrant and has received much newspaper coverage.   It will also be shown on LTV2 Millstreet.    Míle buíochas to the Kilcorney Feis Committee for such a generous gesture.   The valuable items will be on display for generations to come.

Millstreet Museum / Tourist Information Centre is open on Tuesdays from 10am to 3.30pm and on Wednesdays/Fridays from 10am to 5.00pm.    Our e-mail address is <email> while our telephone number is 029-20844.

Our  Faithful  Departed

The very special tribute delivered in such a heartfelt manner at the funeral of the late Seán O’Riordan, Church Street, Millstreet by Jerry Doody appears under the GAA webpage on .   We also very especially remember the most memorable 40th Anniversary to the Priesthood of the late Fr. Michael Cashman of Tullig who recently went to his Eternal Reward in New Zealand where he has so dedicatedly ministered for many years.   The late Timothy Duggan, West End was such a wonderful Barber who shared a wealth of fascinating stories and humorous tales in such a welcoming manner.

We also extend our sincere sympathy to the relatives of Mary Goggin, Priest Cross;  Jim Fitzpatrick, Carrigaline, Rathmore;  Christopher (Sonny) Byrne, Dublin & Rathcoole;  Liam Miller’s two daughters who died in a road accident in France….Liam had directed Eurovision ’93 in Millstreet;  Michael O’Connor, Coolikerane; Denis (Denny) Murphy, Shanaknuck;  Denis Sheahan, Glenbeigh Village, Co. Kerry (father of Billy, Wallis Arms, Millstreet);  Adrian Ryan, London & West End, Millstreet (brother of Marie,  “Moyne Hill”, Station Road);  Anne Lehane (mother of Michael of LTV Macroom);  Helena Hegarty, Churchtown,  Dublin (mother of Edel Fraser, Claraghatlea, Millstreet);  Sr. Pius Singleton (Drishane Sister)  of Cullen and the English Mission;  Hannah McSweeney, Meenskehy East.

May they all rest in peace.


We extend heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to John Kelleher, Aubane on his recent retirement following many years of wonderfully dedicated service to the Millstreet Branch of Cork Co. Council.   As Martin Corcoran, B.E. who made one of the many presentations to John at a hugely attended special retirement function at the Duhallow Park Hotel, stated John’s utter commitment to such major projects as the construction of the new Keale Bridge, was of enormous importance.   John recently presented very generous financial support for the work of LTV2 Millstreet.

We congratulate Eilish O’Rahilly, Killarney Road, Millstreet on her recent engagement to Brendan Breen, Beaufort, Co. Kerry.

When the ever-popular dog “Rooter”, at the age of fifteen, died recently it marked a very real change at the Square, Millstreet.  Owned by the Manley Family, the black dog became a favourite pet not only to Anthony, Ursula and Family but became such a popular animal friend throughout the town.  He used even win the local Lotto Draw!   He used to recognise my car or even the sound of it when I lived at the Square and make his way over to patiently wait for his favourite biscuits.

Two excellent articles appeared in recent “Ireland’s Own” issues (January, 2005)…. one on the history of Kilcorney Feis beautifully written by Mary Gaffney, Killarney Road, Millstreet and featured a colour picture of Seán Buckley, Kilcorney.   The other very interesting article related to the Showband series when the featured Band was “Pat Max and the Specialists” with its members from Ballydaly, Rathduane, Rathmore and Millstreet.

Thought for reflection:  When considering the Country Code – Take nothing but photographs – Leave nothing but footprints!

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Aubane comes the Gaelic Abha Ban, white river, which indicates as townland names usually do, an essential topographical feature. The Aubane River flows through the countryside of Aubane. The white refers to the whiteness resulting from the shallowness as it is near its source and flowing over the rocks and stones. But no doubt a very regular feature and it was this flooding that provided the fertile soil for the valley. There is an inexhaustible supply of this soil to be had from its source in Mushera Mountain. The meandering part of the river has therefore in a real sense created Aubane. The Aubane River into a black river, the Blackwater. Aubane is situated three miles from Millstreet Town. The townland is very much a farming community.

The Townland of Aubane can boost many tourist attractions such as the following: -The Kerrymans’s table is a large flat rock situated on the Old Kerry Road or the Old Butter Road as it was previously known, four miles from Millstreet on the road to Rylane exactly mid-way between Killarney and Cork City, 25 miles on either side. It is also about 25 miles from Castleiland, a very important market town for the farmers of Kerry in bygone days. If one were to look at a map you will notice that Castleiland, Millstreet and the top of Blarney Street where the Butter Market wa situated, form a straight line “as the crow flies.”

Long ago people from Kerry travelled this route on their way to Cork with horse and cart taking firkins of butter to the Cork Butter Market. This rock is reported to be the place where they stopped and refreshed themselves and rested their horses. It was also a collection point where people who did not have adequate means of transport brought their living transporting the butter to Cork and returning with hardware for the shops in Millstreet, Rathmore etc.

Before 1736, Millstreet Town consisted only of an Inn, a Mill and five small Cabins. A hundred years later it had one long street with several smaller ones diverging from it and contained 312 houses, the majority of which were small but well built. Situated on the south side of the Blackwater, amidst the lofty mountains of Muskerry, Millstreet derived its principal support from being a great thoroughfare on the road form Cork to Killarney and Castleisland and on that form Mallow to Kenmare.

The advent of the Railway did much to halt the development of Millstreet as the landlords of the time. unsure of its impact, kept the line well north of the town. When roads were developed at the beginning of this century by the first native governments both the Cork-Kerry road and the Kerry-Dublin road bypassed the town and halted its growth as a commercial centre. In May 1998 Mr Michael Kelleher formerly of Aubane and New York unveiled a plaque at the Kerrymans Table during the Butter Road Commemoration Weekend.

St John’s Well Mushera

St John’s Well is 3km from Aubane

Like most holy wells, St John’s Well has a large amount of tradition and legend, which has been passed on from father to son. The well on top of Mushera has always been known as a well for cattle where herdowners prayed for the health and prosperity of their hers. The well on the Kilcorney side has little tradition that we know of except that it moved from one side of the road to the other at some stage in its history. The well on the Millstreet side has been and still is reputed for its cure of warts. These wells like many others are almost certainly of pagan origin and were Christianised over time. Pre-Christian man paid homage to water and in many places it was held sacred to the gods. The early saints in an effort to exorcise any evil forces believed to be active in the water blessed numerous springs and wells throughout Ireland thus consecrating them to the Christian God. However, the pagan rituals never Quite disappeared, instead they were absorbed into Christian practices, and a still evident example of this can be seen in the widespread practice of bringing gifts of offerings of cups, coins, medals etc. to the holy wells.

June 24th is of course Midsummers’s Day, the feast of the nativity of St. John the Baptist. Although it may seem strange that a saint on the Boggeragh Mountains should share the same name and feast day as John the Baptist, cousin of Jesus, it is necessary to remember that the concept of a calender year held little relevance for the pagan or early Christian Irish, and that Midsummers’s Day itself daters back to an era long before Christianity. Midsummer Day, the summer solstice marks the point where the sun turns and retraces its path in the sky, starting the decline, and in doing so beginning the gradual shortening of daylight. The awareness of what the solstice heralded must have filled the hearts of pagan man with fear and terror, and he may have believed that by lighting fires to honour the sun he might prevent its decline of daylight, keeping darkness at bay. Midsummer held a symbolic importance for primitive man, and Christianity absorbed this mystical quality in it’s celebration of the day, the result is a merging of the two beliefs, the ancient pagan ritual of the festival of light, and the Christian celebration of the nativity of St John, both observed on Midsummer’s Day.

In 1954, a mad who is long since dead, Michael Buckley of Aubane bought a picture of St. John and placed it on the grotto early on St John’s Day. The late Sonny Buckley, Tullig, Millstreet who called later in the day to pay his round decided to make a timber altar to protect the picture. Even this did not seem to be enough to provide permanent protection for such a delicate object in such a windswept site. A committee mainly of people from the Aubane area was formed and a few pounds put together for the purpose of building the centre grotto, completely by voluntary labour. The altar containing the picture of St John was placed inside this stone grotto and the picture lasted until quite recently.

In 1958, a statue of St John was purchased and placed in the centre grotto. Again with voluntary labour two side grottos were erected, one contained the altar with the original picture and the other an altar with a statue of the Infant of Prague. The statue of St John was blessed in 1958 by Canon Costello of Millstreet. The first Mass at the grotto was celebrated on 24th June 1974 and has been celebrated every year since.

The late Sonny Buckley had great faith in St John’s Well and often spoke of erecting Stations of the Cross in the vicinity of the Well. When he died in 1979, he left £500 in his will towards the erection.

Many of the old committee including Sonny Buckley were then dead so a new committee was formed with the task of carrying our Sonny’s wishes.

A fund was opened and it would be appropriate at this stage to pay tribute to the very large number of people who subscribed so generously, because without their help it would have been impossible to carry out the job intended. The Forestry Department was very helpful in many ways, indeed we had to have its permission to erect the Stations it the first place! The Stations were designed by Liam Cosgrove of Blackpool in Cork city, but before they could be erected a great deal of work had to be done. First fourteen concrete slabs were made in which the Stations were encased. Then the bulldozer made the ground ready and with limestone from Ballygiblin the work got under way. Voluntary labour again played a very large part with most of the building being done by John Kelleher and Brendan Kelleher. Completing the erection was no easy task because it had to be done in peoples’ spare time, however the stations were completed and all involved felt a great sense of achievement at the result.

Very many people come to the well throughout the year especially on Sundays. A Faith and Light group visited in 1985 and some of them acted out the Passion and Death of Our Lord. It was a very moving ceremony. At St John’s Well there is also a cure for warts, it is believed that warts disappear by cleansing your hand in the water.

Millstreet Country Park is also an attraction situated about 3.5 km from Aubane Cross. Further information. Go to

There is also a song about Aubane, which is called The Lane of Sweet Aubane

The Lane of Sweet Aubane

Come all you loyal comrades, come listen for a while

Till I relate the praises of a spot in Erin’s Isle

It’s there I saw the daylights first when around me it did dawn

On the lovely little valley ‘round the lane of sweet Aubane

To leave that spot will break my heart and to cross o’er the raging main

And to leave behind, my parent’s kind whose tears will fall like rain

But when we land on the American shore there‘ll be cheers by each and all

For those young brave young rattling hero from the Lane of sweet Aubane

There’s many a handsome cailin around those pleasant glens

Their voices sweet and melodious you’d hear the valley ring

They will ring the valley from the dark until early dawn

Those handsome pretty colleens from the Lane of sweet Aubane