Snow Brings Creative Magic to Millstreet!

Although it’s been very cold in recent times the arrival of snow has truly motivated some very creative magic such as the three snow sculptures which were superbly created by one of our wonderful Artists from Ukraine, Karina, outside the Wallis Arms Hotel….admired by so many including Margaret Healy (pictured) and Donie O’Mahony (also pictured).  We thank Jerry O’Connor for alerting us to the magical sculptures.  Here we also share further special snow images recorded throughout Millstreet.  Tap on the pictures to enlarge.  (S.R.)

Susie, our blind pet cat, checking out the snow!

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St. Vincent de Paul – Sincere Thanks for Greatly Appreciated Generosity

St. Patrick’s Conference of St. Vincent de Paul wishes to sincerely thank those who very kindly contributed to the recent annual church gate collections in Millstreet, Ballydaly, Cullen, Dromagh, Derrinagree and Kilcorney.   We also wish to express grateful thanks for the private donations received. The  following  are  the  Church  Gate  Contributions  received:

Ballydaly                €344.00
Cullen                 €488.00
Derrinagree           €403.00
Dromagh               €808.00
Kilcorney               €280.00
Millstreet              €3,528.00

Neil Moylan’s Wonderfully Creative Music Project

Musician supreme, Neil Moylan, has shared the following very interesting message with us.    I’ve listened to Neil’s magnificent recording and it’s truly awe-inspiring.    Wishing Neil every success in this wonderfully creative Music Project.  (S.R.)

“I’m just sending out this generic message to try to get some music out there. If you use Spotify I would be deeply grateful if you could follow me at this link I’ve released a single at the cost of €4.00 which is more indicative of the style of music I intend making going forward. It’s a piano, choir and orchestral instrumental arrangement of Radiohead’s song “Karma Police.” Absolutely no obligation whatsoever but it can be found here. I would encourage you to listen to not just mine, but ANY music using decent speakers or headphones. Any music sounds pretty tinny on a mobile handset speaker.”

Eily’s Report – 17th January

Dia is mhuire diobh go leir a cairde and welcome to my weekly Report.

Tuesday January 17th, the page on my calendar, one of those that you get from filling stations or oil suppliers which have a new message for every day, well today it says that its the birthday of Muhammed  =Ali. Born in Louisville in 1942, and the caption at the bottom says, ‘Effort only fully releases it’s reward  after a person refuses to quit’.  As good as any way to start off my report today. Weather wise it’s not looking good, with the snowflakes which have been hanging over us for days are dropping down outside just now. Regardless of weather, children have to go to school and parents have to ferry them, the builder must build and the shopkeeper open the shop. But for people like me who have no real agenda, what do we do?  Why go out if it’s too cold or even dangerous in case we fall and get hurt, make more work for our already overcrowded health services. That would be all wrong. But equally the last thing we must do is to sit inside and be bored. Funny how the sayings of old keep coming back and still make sense today. One of our neighbours who worked in America and came home and bought a farm near us before getting married and settling down.  He always said that if the day isn’t fit for hay, don’t spend the day in the meadow, meaning of course that no matter what you’re doing if it isn’t right just now, then go do something else.  Today it strikes me as a good time to take a leaf out of that old wise ,man’s book. Spring cleaning is on the way, but perish the thought in this weather, but maybe it’s a good time to go through the wardrobes and hanging places and see what can be done about the overcrowding which we all experience.  Keep warm by perhaps by putting some hot water in a hot water bottle and keeping it near you or turn on the electric blanket in you bed and it will warm both you and the stuff you’re working on. Be prepared to be distracted, Because no matter what your rush, you will find some items that will trigger you memory. We all have things which have been with us for years and which we are reluctant to part with, even if we no longer wear them or indeed if they no longer fit. Some can take us back to places and events that we’d love to dwell on again, holding it near and recalling the way we looked that day the friends we shared it with and the photos to show for it. While still surrounded by loads of things yet to go through, we can just allow the moment to linger and smile again at the thought. We have things that we bought and never wore. A teeney, teeny  bit too tight, but it’s no bother to lose a pound  so you pay up and take it home feeling all aglow at your purchase. But alas it never happens, that pound or even an ounce won’t move and  by then it’s too late to return it, so it stays put and will continue to be nice to look at. Then what about the lovely thing that you got renovated, left down or up or whatever, but it didn’t turn out the way you wanted it, so in disgust you consign it to the back of the wardrobe for now. Famous last words, you never look at it again. A flimsy number suitable for a holiday in the sun could bring you back to thoughts of a dreadful flight or a smooth one, recall hours basking on silver sands and sipping  tequila sunrise, etc. far into the balmy night surrounded by fellow revellers. Even a pin or broach on a garment can give you hours of reminissing as you think back of when it became yours for the first time. Could be one passed on to you by a caring grandparent or beautifully enclosed in a presentation box with a bow by a hopeful beau. Shoes, OMG, When I think of all the space we’d have if we only kept what we needed, or were currently using. Shoes ,boots ,slippers ,high heels, flats, peep toe, fur lined, runners. As your age goes up the heels of your shoes go down if you are to maintain the art of walking with any degree of comfort or safety, and it’s a sobering thought when you go through the press and see the punishing models that we wore in the not too distant past. Again going through them ahead of the Spring Clean, minutes grow into hours as you claw back the memories of how we put the final touch to any outfit, with a matching pair of footwear. Maybe they put blisters on our toes and ruined our posture ,as long as the completed the set ,then on they went. Well for a while anyway, a second pain in the bag at a wedding or so, very often made a hasty appearance as the wearer took on a relaxed and pleasant look of relief. A mere distraction can take you away from your task, and in a moment you could leave it all for another day. But at least you were not bored.

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“Radio Treasures” from 9.10 to 11.30pm – Special Visit to BTSTE 2023 on CMS Tonight

On this Tuesday – 17h Jan. 2023 – preceded by “Jimmy Reidy & Friends” with a wonderful programme with focus on a splendid Archival Show with Guests Gina & The Champions at 8pm (the repeat of which one may hear after the Maureen Henry Show on Sunday night just after 10.30pm) we invite you to also tune into “Radio Treasures” this Tuesday from 9.10 to 11.30pm on Cork Music Station.   At 10pm we share our many recordings (and 68 images below) of our visit to last week’s BTSTE at Dublin’s RDS.   A very special word of thanks to MCS Teachers Jennifer O’Donoghue and Francy Lyons for the royal welcome accorded to me as I visited the many wonderfully talented Students to chat about their hugely interesting and creative Projects.   A superb welcome also was accorded by Cullen N.S. Principal, Eileen O’Mahony, very dedicated Staff and enthusiastic Pupils. Feel very welcome to contact the live programme by emailing corkmusicstation or texting 086 825 0074 – One may also WhatsApp that number.   Tonight’s programme – while our main focus is on our BTSTE 2023 Interviews – also includes lots of uplifting songs, music, musings and requests….and lots of great Interviews.   We chat about the images below.   Here we share some 68 pictures from the truly spectacular annual event at the RDS.  Tap on the pictures to enlarge.  (S.R.)

The wonderfully talented Students who superbly represented Millstreet Community School at BTSTE 2023.
Cullen N.S. at Dublin’s RDS sharing their hugely impressive and wonderfully creative Project at BTSTE 2023 with the very many visitors calling on Thursday, 12th Jan. 2023.

Recording the many outstanding interviews.

We also got to interview other splendid Projects from such schools as Tarbert Comprehensive with these two excellent Students from Glin, Co. Limerick who provided a marvellous interview.

Cullen N.S. with its truly creative display of their excellent Project entitled “How Do Planes Actually Fly?” Tap on “Read More” below to view some 54 more images from the highly prestigious event at Dublin’s RDS…..Seán Radley

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Anne O’Sullivan,  Ballydaly, Rathmore, Co. Kerry – 1st Anniversary Acknowledgement

Anne O’Sullivan,  Ballydaly, Rathmore, Co. Kerry

 20th March 1944 – 16th January 2022

1st Anniversary Acknowledgement


The Family of the Late Anne  O’Sullivan, (Nee Dunlea)  would like to express our sincere and heartfelt gratitude to all those who helped and supported us during her brief illness, funeral and in the past 12 months.

Her final days, were made so much more comfortable due to the professionalism and loving tender care that she received from the staff at Millstreet Hospital. They all took such phenomenal care of her for the 15 months that she was a resident there. It’s wasn’t a hospital as such, but a home from home.

Her co-residents became her second family, and we are grateful for all their little gestures that made he time there so much easier.

Thanks to Davy, Cora and staff at Tarrants Funeral home as they made her final journey so easy for her and us all.

Thanks to Fr Jack and Fr. Sean for  such a beautiful Mass.

Thanks to Sharon in the Parish office who did up such a lovely booklet.

Thanks to Sacristan Julie for all her help and to Joan for such beautiful music.

We are very grateful to all the staff of Millstreet Hospital who formed a  guard of honor on her leaving the hospital and all The friends, neighbours and extended family that lined the road from Millstreet Hospital to the funeral home and then through the Town and onto the Graveyard.

Her  final prayers were broadcast over her Late Husband John Anthony’s public address speakers, which were were set up by Timmy and Martin Lucey.

Thank you to all the  friends and neighbours that took the time & trouble to drop off food to us.

We would like to sincerely thank everyone who wrote messages of sympathy on, sent Mass Cards and took the time ring or text.  Your thoughtfulness was appreciated.

Covid may have kept everyone physically apart, but we have never felt so surrounded by people with kind hearts and generous natures.

There were so many gestures of kindness and goodwill from so many people that we, as a family, appreciated and will never forget. We won’t name these individuals as there were so many, we’re afraid we’d forget someone.

A Mass for all those mentioned (and those not) , will be  offered for your intentions,  in St Patricks Church. Millstreet

Go raibh maith agaibh go leir.

Millstreet Vintage Club 2023 list of Events

The Millstreet Vintage Club 2023 Schedule of Events is listed below,plenty Events happening with the Club for the Year ahead with the first one kicking off at Donagh Hickey Motors and Centra Shop Rathmore with a Cars and Coffee Event happening there on Sunday February 5th,we look forward to your Company and Support in 2023.

Millstreet Parish Newsletter – 15th January 2023



Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

15th January 2023

Canon John Fitzgerald, P.P.

Telephone Nos.:  Landline:  029 70043  &  Mobile: 087 775 2948

Email:  millstreet


All Masses are livestreamed on

Parish Opening Hours 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 

9.00am to 1.00pm  &  2.00pm to 5.00pm

Your prayers are requested for the repose of the Souls of the following:

RECENT DEATHS:   Noreen Kelleher, Knocknagree & Liscahane; Denis O’Shea, Guernsey, Channel Island & Coachford.

Mass Intentions this Weekend:

Saturday 14th January:

Millstreet   6.15p.m.   Ann O’Sullivan, Ballydaly (First Anniversary);  Denis & Nell Hickey, Mill View;  John Linehan, Cullen & Millstreet

Sunday 15th January:

Cullen   9.30a.m. Larry, Eileen & Tommy Kelleher, Mologhroe;  Art, Jackie & Margaret O’Connor, Nohovaldaly;  Kevin Gardiner, Duarigle.

Millstreet 11.30 a.m.   Sonny & Ann Marie Murphy, Clarabeg;  Jackie & his son Danny Joe Murphy, 12 Tanyard. 

ANNIVERSARIES: Kit & Ted Radley, Minor Row; Mai O’Sullivan, Minor Row; Columba Cronin, Church Street; Neily Healy, Church Street; Bertie & Kate Kelleher, Murphy’s Terrace; Fr. Joe Murphy, West End;   John Desmond, Liscahane; Margaret O’Hare, Cloghoulamore; Billy & Kathleen Guerin, Cloghoula;   Michael Herlihy, Knockanes; John, Margaret & the deceased members of the Hickey Family, Lisnaboy; James, Mary & the deceased members of the Hickey Family, Derragh;  Denis Duggan, Carriganima; P.J. Murphy, Old Youghal Road.

Mass Intentions for NEXT WEEKEND:

Saturday 21st January:

Millstreet   6.15p.m.   Breeda Tarrant, Aunagloor;  Peggy & Frank Thornton, Drishanebeg;  Joan & the deceased members of the Duggan Family, West End.

Sunday 22nd January:

Ballydaly   9.30a.m. Jerry & Peggie Horgan, Ballydaly;  Fr. Dan Kiely, Ballydaly & England and his parents Denis & Katty Kiely.

Millstreet 11.30 a.m.   Kathleen O’Sullivan, Gortavehy;  Eileen Moynihan, Ballydaly.

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament resumes this Tuesday in Millstreet Church from 10.30a.m. to 7.30p.m.

LEGION OF MARY meet every Tuesday night in The Parish Centre at 7.30p.m.

Rotas for next weekend 21st/22nd January


Millstreet 6.15 p.m. Catríona Kelleher E. McAuliffe; K. O’Leary; C. Buckley; M. Reardon.
  11.30 a.m. Bernie Cronin M. McSweeney; R. Murphy; J. Buckley; J. Doody.
Ballydaly 9.30 a.m. Maeve O’Sullivan Eileen Guerin

Millstreet Church: Mass times this week unless there is a funeral.

Mass on Monday (16th) for Fr. Joe Murphy, West End & P.J. Murphy, Old Youghal Road at 7.30p.m.

Mass on Tuesday (17th) for Hannah Mary, Timothy & the deceased members of the Kelleher Family, The Bridge at 10.00a.m.

Mass on Wednesday (18th) for People of the Parish at 10.00a.m.

Mass on Thursday (19th) for Michael & Kathleen O’Sullivan, Newmarket at 10.00a.m.

Mass on Friday (20th) for Bina & Timmy Duggan and Nora Creedon, West End at 10.00a.m. [read more …] “Millstreet Parish Newsletter – 15th January 2023”

Millstreet Meals on Wheels service

The Millstreet Meals on Wheels service is available for the elderly & isolated in the Millstreet catchment area. All food is prepared in Millstreet Day Centre & we operate the service 5 days a week. You can order a hot dinner for as many days as you like, delivered to your door from Mon-Fri for just €6 a day for the main meal & €2 for dessert.

 A variety of meals are served throughout the week and the staff will endeavour to facilitate individual tastes when preparing meals. Coeliac dinners & desserts available also. Please see our menu for next week below.

If you or anyone you know would like to avail of the Meals on Wheels Service over the coming weeks please contact the kitchen on (029) 30998 or the office on (029) 70926 (please leave a message if no answer) or email <email>