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  1. Hello,
    I am searching for information about my ancestors from County Cork. My grandmother Catherine Corcoran’s grandfather was Patrick Corcoran (1830-1888) born in Millstreet.
    His parents were Will Corcoran and Ellen Brien. Will was baptised 30 Nov 1800 at St Finbarr’s.
    My great grandfather was Patrick’s son John Simon Corcoran.

    I’ll be visiting Millstreet with my wife and 3 teenage sons near the end of June. I would greatly appreciate some local history and to learn about resources for genealogy.

    Todd Adam Plesco

  2. Hello! I am trying to find the place in County Cork that my husband’s ancestors came from. We suspect that it may be from Millstreet. The family lore has the name as O’Riordan. My husband goes by Rardin. We are wondering if anyone with O’Riordan, Reardan, Rardin, Etc. ancestors from Millstreet have done DNA testing and are on Gedmatch? My husband’s Gedmatch # is A827575. His name is Larry Rardin. If you are a match we would love to hear from you! Thank You, Lauren

    1. Hi Lauren,

      You don’t match with our GEDmatch #, but if you use ‘People who match both kits, or 1 of 2 kits’ with our codes it may help separate the local ish people for you. QM3774276 and UB2969359.

      The cMs aren’t very high but you will have some people to contact.



    2. We are three Riordan 3rd cousins of which two have 2 chromosome matches to Larry Rardin and my husband Mike (3rd of the cousins) has 4 matches. We are using the cM parameter of 4.
      We understand this is lower than Gedmatch’s default. I does seem that we have a distance relationship. Our Riordan families came from the Millstreet and Macroom areas.

      Thank you!
      Claudia Riordan

      1. Hi Claudia!
        Thanks so much for checking for a match on Gedmatch. We are thrilled. We are also not surprised that the CM’s are low. Larry’s ancestors came to the US in the mid-1700’s. Now I can start my deep search into the Riordan history in the area.
        Many, Many, Thanks!
        Lauren Rardin

  3. Hi. I’m looking for information on my ancestry. My great grandparents were Thomas Hinchin and Sarah Cremin, from Kanturk and Banteer. Any information would be appreciated. The name changed to Hinchion, Henchin, and the current Heinchon.

    We’re here from San Antonio, Texas.

    1. I would suggest visiting the Catholic Church and the post office in Banteer. There are still Hinchions in the area.

      Good luck!

  4. Name: Sarah Cremin
    Event Type: Marriage
    Event Date: 17 Jan 1860
    Spouse’s name: Thomas Hinchon
    Parish: Clonmeen
    Diocese: Cloyne
    County: Cork and Laois
    First Witness: William Murphy
    Second Witness: Daniel Hinchon

    On Ancestry there is a tree which includes the following information on Thomas

    John Hinchin 1800–1888
    Catherine Sheehan

    Daniel Hinchin 1830–
    Bridget Hinchin 1834–
    John Hinchin 1836–
    Johanna Hinchin 1838–
    Eliza Hinchin 1841–
    Michael Hinchin 1844–
    Margaret Hinchin 1846–

    Spouse & Children
    Sarah Crimmin 1841–1906
    John Hinchin 1860–1888
    Daniel P Hinchen 1863–1905
    Catherine (Kate) Hinchen 1865–1898
    William Hinchen 1868–1946
    Elizabeth Heinchion 1870–1948
    Brigid G Hinchen 1872–1966
    Thomas (“The Carpenter”) Hinchen 1875–1957

    At the moment I am only on my phone, but the link to the tree is

    Some of Thomas and Sarah’s family went to America and some stayed locally.

    1. Thank you Mary! I’ll check out the tree when we get home. Would you have information on Sarah? We’re trying to trace her to my wife’s family line. Her name is Nita Cremeen.


      1. I believe we spoke previously and are linked in Ancestry. We both have Sarah Cremin- same year but mine married McCarthy. I’m in contact with my Cremin line now!! And I’m dna linked to Irish Mary!!! So if you have a Gedmatch number maybe we can see if we can make more progress?!
        My email is <email>
        Ps Mary any way you can find out who Sarah’s parents were? (Daniel’s Sarah)

  5. Dear Sean.
    Just noticed recent article on William Dennehy who was killed on service with US Army in 1918.
    My mother Margaret Dennehy formerly of the Tanyard often mentioned her relation who was in the first world war.
    Williams father Daniel Dennehy was my Great Grand Uncle from Lackadota.

    Keep up the good work Sean,
    Noel Bourke

    1. Hi Noel

      Daniel married my gr aunt Margaret Murphy.

      29 May 1888 • Millstreet, Cork, Ireland
      Parents Jeremiah Dennehy and Mary Murphy, Margaret s parents William Murphy and Mary Quill. His homeland Lakdota hers knocknakilla Millstreet7 entry 9. Id. Ky-rc-ma 71540. Witnesses Peter Moynihan and Norah Shea. Daniels address Laccodota.

      9 March 1893 • knocknakilla, Cork, Ireland
      Phthisis, pulmonary 1 1/2 years. William Murphy registered death. TB.

      This is sadly I don’t have much info on the Dennehy family except I believe Daniel was born about 1838 and he had a brother Jeremiah Dennehy b 1835.

      My tree is on Ancestry

      I am in touch with some of Margaret and Daniels daughters children.

      Regards Mary

      1. Hi Mary
        My 2nd Great Grandmother Mary Ann Murphy was born in Millstreet 1837 to John and Anna Murphy . Mary and her sister Johanna b.1839 , came to NZ in 1862 .
        I have been unable to find any information on the family in Millstreet .Any help appreciated
        Regards Mark

        1. Hi Mark,
          I found your tree online, sadly I can’t see anything to prove who her parents are. I did just see quite a few trees on Ancestry and they believe that Mary was born Quilling (Cullen?), Co. Cork also John, Patrick or Michael maybe her father. Sadly, I think you will have to wait until someone matches your DNA, also I don’t know if you have come across GEDmatch, it’s free and can be very useful at finding mutual matches. Also, a couple of handy DNA groups on Facebook, the first and last ones are basically using GEDmatch codes finds mutual relations.
          North Cork DNA MatchFinder
          Cork Genealogical Society / IGP County Cork
          DNA CORCAIGH Cork Project

          I myself have Murphy’s and on paperwork can’t get beyond 1860.
          Regards Mary

          1. Hi Mary

            Thanks for looking into this for me

            Information on the sisters various birth ,marriage and death certificates confuses the issue
            Millstreet Co Cork is also shown as Mill St Quilling Co Cork
            Mary’s death cert has her birthplace as Stillwater Co Cork ?- but on the birth cert of her daughter Julia – Mary is noted as born in Millstreet
            Mary’s death cert gives her father as Michael .
            Johanna’s death cert gives her parents as John and Anna Murphy – Farmers
            Johanna’s info seems more consistant and complete.
            A work in progress
            Thanks again for your help
            Regards Mark

  6. Dear Mary,
    My Great Grandfather Jeremiah Dennehy was a brother of Daniel.
    He was married to Margaret Collins of Lackadota on 7/10/1877.
    They had 8 children. They lived at the Tanyard Drominahilla.
    Jeremiah died on 6/6/1892 of Pulmonary Phythisis aged 39.
    The youngest child John(jack) my Grandfather was only 9 months old at the time.
    All the Dennehy from this branch emigrated to England.
    My mother Margaret returned to Ireland during the war after a career nursing in London
    She settled down and married in Kilkenny.
    Noel Bourke

    1. Dear Noel,

      I found the 8 children, upon looking at the tree properly last night, I did actually have Margaret Collins down as Jeremiahs wife, but never followed it up.
      Maria Dennehy 1878–
      Jeremiah Dennehy 1880–
      Timothy Dennehy 1881–
      Catherine Dennehy 1883–
      Daniel Dennehy 1885–
      Margaret Dennehy 1887–
      Julia Dennehy 1889–
      John Dennehy 1891–

      Was your grandmother an O’REGAN?

      I will message you on Ancestry, and if you reply back on Ancestry and give me your email address I can link you to my tree.

      Regards Mary

  7. Hello…It looks like this is the place to ask help with tracking family history. I visited Millstreet this September but couldn’t quite catch up with Mr. Radley. My great-grandmother was Bridget Mary Francis Kelleher and was born in Millstreet 1 FEB 1861. Her parents were Timothy Kelleher and Johannah Murphy. She and her husband, David Morrissey (or Morrison) emigrated to the US in 1889. I’d love to make contact with any relatives and to know more about the family. Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

    Best wishes,
    Michael Morrissey


    Admin’s note: Information on Bridget and her family has been branched out to it’s own the article Bridget Kelleher, Drishanebeg (1860-1936)

    1. Thank you very much. That helps a lot with my family tree. I hope to visit Millstreet again soon. Your museum is a great spot.

  8. Hello! My name is Erin, I’m from the states but studying at UCC for the semester. My grandmother sent me with information about our family and family’s friends that lived in Millstreet, and I was hoping to be able to get in touch with them. My great grandmother was Catherine (Nanny) Kelleher, she and her family lived next to the O’Sullivans whose property borders the Blackwater River (not sure exactly where though, but near Dooneen). My grandparents and other family members have visited the O’Sullivan’s when they visited Ireland in the past. If anyone knows them and could put me in contact with them that would be amazing! My grandmother sent me with some pictures of her on the property from years ago and I was hoping I could be able to visit again for her.
    Thank you so much!!

  9. My name is Mary Kay Hayden Carlson. I am looking for my great great grandparents–Timothy O’Riordan and his wife Mary O’Shea O’Riordan from Millstreet, County Cork. I believe they had 8 children, my great grandma was Hannorah O’Reardon who came to America in 1858 age 22. She married Michael Timothy Hayden in New York, USA.

  10. Hi, my name is Jeanne Cianciola. My great-grandfather Patrick Horgan emmigrated to Boston in 1888 from Queenstown. His birth certificate states he was born 3/10/1867 in Dereen, Millstreet. His parents were Cornelius Horgan (6/20/1832) and Honora Riordan. He had 2 brothers: William (3/13/1864) and Timothy (5/9/1861). I believe William married Eliza Mangan 4/7/1889 and Timothy married Hannah Crowley 2/21/1889. I’ve only been researching for about a year and found the information above in the National Archives and Irish Geneology sites. I’ve hit a wall, so to speak. I’m wondering if I still have any ancestors in the area or if you might have further information on any of them. Thanks so much!

  11. FORDE Good morning all! I am trying to trace my grandads grandparents… they were Richard and Hanora Forde from Bolomore Rathcoole. Just trying to see if there are any Fordes around this area !? Many thanks for your help! I have a great photo of them too -feel free to email or facebook me.. <email>

    Admin’s comment:
    The family are shown in the 1901 census below. Ask ask for our notes on the Forde family from Bolomore

    Surname Forename Age Sex Relation to head Religion
    Forde Richard 40 Male Head of Family Roman Catholic
    Forde Hanora 37 Female Wife Roman Catholic
    Forde Marget 18 Female Daughter Roman Catholic
    Forde Julia 13 Female Daughter Roman Catholic
    Forde Ellen 10 Female Daughter Roman Catholic
    Forde Edmond 8 Male Son Roman Catholic
    Forde Pat 6 Male Son Roman Catholic
    Forde Hanora 4 Female Daughter Roman Catholic
    1. Hey sean! Thanks for your reply … I dont know of any relations there 🙂 I believe alot of the Barretts went to Albany NYC.. daisy x

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