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  1. Sean – Not sure if you are still watching this site… I have the Barrett family tree online (private tree on Ancestry.. my id there is debranderson15.. you can send a request to me to view this tree from their site).

    This Anthony Barrett (aka ‘The Lavendar Man’) was brother to my ancestor (Patrick Barrett). Patrick and Anthony, along with other siblings settled in San Francisco, CA. Anthony never married.
    Also have some information regarding the Behan family. The Behans were from the Banteer area, as was the elder William Barrett (this Wm the father of Anthony ‘The Lavender Man’ and my Patrick)

  2. I will be coming to Millstreet to get my mother´s birth certificate. Where do I have to go and how long will it take. Her name was Maureen O´Mahoney Verling born to Margaret Verling and James O´Mahoney. She was born in 1920 and is listed in Vol. 5 page 363 Film number 101078in the Civil Registration Births Index. I would like to pick-up the birth certificate as to enable myself to become an Irish citizen.
    Appreciate any information.
    Oweena Fogarty

    1. Oweena, in Millstreet you can probably get a baptismal cert, but the easiest way to get a Birth cert is to apply here
      You can apply online or by post by sending all the details – vol, page number, etc and sending credit card details. Cost is €20 + postage.
      The postal address is in Co Roscommon – the full address is on the form available on the above link.

  3. Owenna,
    Her birth cert is not going to be in Millstreet. You can apply for it online at OR you can order it in Cork city in person. You don’t need to go anywhere.
    Take care.

  4. Looking for relations of Riordan/ORiordan/Reardon family from Kilcummen townland Killarney who migrated to Australia . Son John came 1838. Widowed mother Mary, (Marshall nee Fitzgerald aged 65 originally from Killarney), other sons Patrick, Edmund and Peter came in 1858. Peter was married (at Glenflesk) to Margaret Doherty from Barraduff? and they had son Patrick aged 2 with them. Mary’s husband Bartholomew, obviously had died. Griffith’s Valuations show a Mary Riordan occupying land in partnership with Patrick Riordan just before this time. Believe Margaret Doherty’s sister married a Sugrue as letters from Sugrue relatives survive (address “Post Office Corn Hill” . Any more information appreciated. A daughter Ann appears on Mary’s death certificate in Australia but there is no family knowledge of her. Another child appears as dec’d, so wondering if Ann stayed in Ireland and married or migrated elsewhere.

    1. MY ANCESTORS NAMES WERE Riordan’s, and I believe some of them lived around Barraduff Killarney Co Kerry area. ( Have you tried doing a DNA WITH ANCESTRY.COM, or ( FTDNA ) and you would never know what may come up. I DONE A ( DNA ) to trace my ancestor’s and I just have put my date up on (


      Margaret Flanagan

      1. Hello Margaret – my great grandmother was Johanna Riordan born about 1795. She married John Walsh about 1820. They had 10 children. She died in 1875 in Millstreet. I cannot see you in my GedMatch, but then it takes a few days to appear. Maybe you want to mail me your GedMatch number? (

    2. Some of my ancestors came from some place near Killarney Co Kerry. I have done a DNA with (FTDNA) and I put the results up in ave you done a DNA

      Margaret Flanagan. e-mail

    3. Hi

      Some of my ancestors came from some place near Killarney Co Kerry. I have done a DNA with (FTDNA) and I put the results up in Have you done a DNA

      Margaret Flanagan. e-mail

  5. Hi both my parents were born in Millstreet my mum in1932 her name was Johanna (Joan) Stokes and my dad Patrick Hurley in 1926. My dad and his family (Margaret who was born in England his dad and older sister Maureen moved to Cork city in 1928 but my mum’s family lived on Pound Hill. Her mum died in 1942I think and there were 7 brothers and sisters. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who knew them. I know a little about my mum’s mums family but would like to hear more. 8

  6. Our family recently completed a wonderful vacation throughout all of Ireland, but Millstreet and Dooneen will always hold a special place in my heart as the birthplace of my Father and his family before him. It was wonderful to catch up with all of our relatives (The Buckleys) still living in Dooneen and stay in the very spot where all the Cronins were born. We wrapped up our visit with a wonderful tour of the Millstreet museum hosted by the incomparable Sean Radley, who made us feel like visiting dignitaries. It was 26 years since I was last “home” and it was the first visit ever for my wife and daughter. Each of us came away with memories we will cherish for a lifetime. No one could tell me why the poem goes: “From Clara mountain across looks down on Millstreet’s sad and lonely town,” but we felt anything but sad and lonely in Millstream and Dooneen!

  7. My wife and I will be traveling to Ireland
    July of 2016. We would like to visit Millstreet. We are trying to trace relatives of two brothers Daniel and Cornelius Kelleher from Millstreet. They were both born in the mid 1800’s and traveled together to the United States. Daniel was my great grandfather. We believe their parents may be Michael Kelleher and Julia Corcoran from Kielmeedy. I am not sure what the next step would be to trace further. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you have any advice or information please email me at <email>
    Thank you,
    Kevin Kelleher

    1. hi kevin, if your names are correct, this is probably the family:


      (1863) Baptism of JULIA KELLEHER of KILMEEDY


      (1867) Baptism of CORNELIUS KELIHER of KEELMEADY

      (1869) Baptism of MARIA (MARY) KELIHER of KILMEADY

      (1872) Baptism of DANIEL KELLEHER of KIELMEEDY on 23 June 1872

      (1876) Baptism of DIONICIUS (DENIS) KELLIHER of KILMEEDY

      (1879) Baptism of JOHANNA KELLEHER of KILMEADY

      (1881) Baptism of ABBINA (ABIGAIL) KELIHER of KILMEADY

      There may be more children, but there are a lot of variations in the spellings so they are hard to find. Here are some of spelling variations in the entries above:
      Kilmeedy: Kilmeady, Kilmeady, Kielmeedy
      Kelleher: Keliher, Kelliher
      Corcoran: Corkeran, Corkoran

  8. Hello Kevin
    My name is Mary O’ Brien nee Kelleher from Kilmeedy. My Grandfather was Denis Kelleher and my Great Grandfather was the Michael who married Julia Corcoran.
    My email is <email> if you want to contact me.

    1. Hello Mary, My name is Jack Buckley from Boston. I have been helping my next door neighbor whose Kelleher family Is from Kilmeedy West. Her father was John b abt 1900 and mother Ellen Conway were married in Boston, Her grandfather Thomas b 1864 and grandmother Elizabeth Harrington b1865 in Kenmare. During my search of 1901 Census I find in house #4 in Kilmeedy West Michael Keleher 73, Julia 70, Dan 25, DENIS 20 and Abina 18. In house ( there are Patrick 70, Mary 60, John 35 and Abina 23. House 10 has John 72, his daughter Mary Leary 38 along with husband John Leary 29 and their son Daniel 1. House 13 was occupied by Hugh Kelleher 46, Abina 40, Cornelius 11, Michael 10, Maggie 8, Lena 6, Hugh 4 and again a Denis 2. I hope the above is of some help. All the best Jack. P.S. I have a Peter Kelleher from Knocknakilla in my family who was married to Anna Shea.

  9. So tickled to find this thread! My great grandfather was the last Wallis to live in the castle. We have lived in Montreal, Canada since. Time to search through family photos and pick my mother’s (Sheila Wallis) brain!

    1. Hi Grace, finding your message now, was Henry Aubery your great grandfather, and if so, are you a descendant from Rosnalee? because I thought they were the only ones remaining

  10. Grace

    Glad you found this site. I am sure readers would be very interested in any information you can provide on your family history. It was a huge part of Millstreet’s history but not that much seems to be known about the family itself.

    Jack Lane

  11. Hello,

    I am from the US (currently living in Dublin) and would love to come visit Millstreet as both of my great grandparents originated from the town.

    Catherine Healy and Michael Kelleher left Ireland for San Francisco sometime in the 1920s and eventually married, having three daughters (one of whom is Nora, my Grandmother).

    My aunt Claudia came to visit Millstreet in the late 1970s and met relatives at the time, though unfortunately fell out of contact – I would be delighted if I could get in touch with anyone from my family and come for a visit.

    If anyone has any information, would you please contact me?

    Thank you!

  12. Happy New Year Sean, and Michael from the American Morley’ s! Thank you for all your efforts in reuniting families across the Atlantic!!

  13. I am trying to contact any of the Millstreet Linehans who may be related to the Milltown Killorglin and OMahoneys Killarney. My uncle stayed for a while with Linehans almost 70 years ago whilst on his honeymoon. His name was Eddie Dunne and might be remembered as he played senior for Kerry in 1944 final. A man named Brian OLeary Durban South Africa is also trying to make contact. Now is the time of need so please help.

    My email is <email> if you would like to contact me

    Yours faithfully
    Michael Dunne

  14. In 1901, my great-grandparents and my grandfather lived in Dooneens. They were tenant farmers. According to the 1901 census, their landlord was Kate Andreae (also sometimes misspelled as Andreal or Audreal). I have found the 1901 census which shows that Kate was a widow shopkeeper with four daughters, but there are no listings for Andreae (or its variations) in the 1911 census, or earlier in Griffith’s Valuation. The last name is so un-Irish sounding that it has peaked my curiosity. Does anyone know anything about this family or how they came to Millstreet?

  15. Looking for any Breen’s in the Millstreet/Ballydaly area. Last ancestors were William Breen an Norah Kerrisk dies early 1900’s. There should still be several of their grandchildren there. Please help!


  16. I am the great-grandaughter of Patrick Shine, born around 1877. He was married to Catherine Fox in Lawrence Massachusetts. I have very little information but was told Patrick was from Cork. His parents may be Daniel Shine and Catherine Connors (spelling?). Wondering if anyone has any info?

  17. Hello Erin, My name is PATRICIA HANNAFIN, and I am the great-great granddaughter of DENIS SHINE who was born 1-3-1871 in Millstreet. His mother was MARY SHINE, and he was born Millstreet Workhouse. When he was baptised in Millstreet Catholic Church when he was 2 days old. He came to London when he was 18years old. He married MARY O’CONNOR in 1894. His ‘brother’ PATRICK SHINE came over from Ireland to be his ‘bestman’. The first child ELIZABETH MARY was born one month(!) after the marriage. Denis Shine ‘brother Sean Shine came over and was god-father for Elizabeth Mary. I found out that Patrick and Sean were not his brothers, but were brothers of his mother Mary Shine.
    Mary Shine was born in a place called ‘COALPITS’ that is in county cork, I have not been able to find it anywhere. It
    seems that it was a place thrown up at a local coalpit.
    I do know that several ‘Shine’ went to America to work in a large Paper mill, in New York State.
    Please get in touch to see if my SHINE is related to your SHINE.

  18. Great to hear from you Patricia!

    I’m going to try researching the names you have given me to see if they link up to my PATRICK SHINE. Hopefully we can find a connection. Sadly, my Dad doesn’t know much about his line and those who would know have passed.

    My great-grandfather, Patrick, was a motorman for Bay State Street Railroad in Lawrence Massachusetts. He had black hair and blue eyes. From censuses he seems to have immigrated to the States around 1902.

    He married CATHERINE FOX (from Ballyfarnon, Sligo) in Lawrence, Massachusetts in 1908. I found a marriage certificate that lists his parents’ names as DANIEL SHINE and CATHERINE CONNORS. We only remember being told Patrick was from Cork.

    Patrick and Catherine’s children were Daniel M. Shine, Mary Cecelia Shine, Dennis Vincent Shine (he went by Vinnie), James J. (my grandfather) and Patrick John Shine (possibly junior?). He went by John. Only James and John married. All the siblings were born in Lawrence, Massachusetts and all but John died in Lawrence. I believe John died in nearby Methuen.

    They all worked for some time at either the Woolen Mills in Lawrence or for the railroad. Later in life, Daniel became a security guard for The Museum of Science in Boston. I remember seeing him on field trips with my class and telling all the other kids, “That’s my Great-uncle Dan!”. Vinnie enlisted in the 12th Army Air Force, 57th Wing, 340th bomb group, 489th Squadron SSGT Tail gunner (T/G) Africa, Mediterranean campaigns in World War II. I knew all of my grandfather’s siblings, They were lovely. I wish I had asked them some questions but kids will be kids.

    So happy we could connect and I hope we can find a link between your SHINE and mine!

  19. Hello Erin again!, I have just remembered the name of the paper mill that ‘my’ shine’s went to work in. It was in a town called GLENN FALLS. I did write to the local family history society there many, many many, years ago, and they said that a huge amount of Irish people did come over from Ireland to work at the paper mill, but, not records were kept of any of the names!
    The Shine’s that were in Millstreet were ‘Garvey’s’, this meant that they used pony and traps as taxi’s for people from the rail-station. My Denis Shine at his baptisim was down as ‘HERLIHY’, that family are still there.
    They had a large manor/country house and many local girls from Milllstreet worked there in the kitchens ect. Denis’s mother Mary Shine worked there, one of the 4 sons made her pregnant, and she ended up out of a job, and giving birth in the local Workhouse!. Hey ho!
    Let me know how you get on.
    Patricia Hannafin.

  20. My father’s family also had relatives who emigrated from Millstream and wound up in Glens Falls, NY. Apparently a fairly popular destination for a number of Irish immigrants!

    1. Hi, John!

      My mother (Margaret Buckley from Knocknagree) had Cronin relatives in Glens Falls also. I believe her aunt Margaret was a Cronin.

      Maybe we’re connected!

    2. Hello John
      I grew up outside of Glenns falls, NY. It is a small town near the Albany and Troy area. Many Irish settled in the area because it was a good place to find work. Troy, NY had the iron mills and employed many, as well as the railroad and the shirt and collar industry there as well. There are a lot of people in the area that research their Irish ancestors!

  21. Patricia, I just wanted to update you that I found my great-grandfather Patrick Shine’s baptism record. Apparently he was born in Droumscarra to Daniel (Shine? It’s recorded as NR) and Catherine Connor. He was baptized in Boherbue. An Ellen Connor is one of his sponsors. As is Patrick Kenealy. I’m not sure if Catherine and Daniel ever married as I haven’t found a record if their marriage yet.
    Just thought I’d share in case any of the names ring a bell with your research.

  22. Hi Michael, I think that the Shine family might be interested in an article published by Irish Central on the last survivor of the Titanic. It is also on the Millstreet Town Face Book page but it occurred to me that they may not be aware that Millstreet is on FB. Thank you for your good work and for keeping us in touch with home.

    Admin’s note: The mother of the late Peter Shine, Pound Hill (aka Desmond – one of our “three wise men”) came from somewhere near Newmarket. There may be a connection.

  23. Buckley Family 1800’s
    Hello I am in Australia and descended from Buckleys from Millstreet Cork.
    My earliest identified ancestor is Timothy Buckley born abt 1800, parish of Banteer, who married Margaret Murphy in abt 1820, parish of Banteer. They had the following family: Patrick, Honora (abt 1828), Hannah (abt 1830), Timothy (abt 1832) Margaret (abt 1835), Julia (abt 1838) and Daniel (abt 1839). All of the children except Patrick, the eldest, migrated to Australia at different times. Patrick’s children John, Timothy and Catherine also emigrated to Australia. I am descended from John Buckley who married Mary Kelleher shortly after they both arrived in Australia. John’s aunts Hannah and Julia Buckley married Kelleher brothers William and Denis, though no direct relation to Mary Kelleher. John’s uncles Timothy and Daniel married Murphy sisters Mary and Elizabeth, not known if related to Margaret Murphy, their mother-in-law. I would love to try and find out what happened to Patrick and his wife Mary (also a Buckley prior to marriage). They were both still living in Millstreet in 1863. Mary died sometime between 1863 and 1880 and Patrick died sometime after 1880. He was a farmer. I have checked the baptismal books available online and found that Patrick & Mary possibly had other children besides the 3 mentioned who came to Australia. Some of them could have produced descendants who are around today. Any help or contact with related persons welcomed.

    1. Hi Anne
      I am an Australian descendant of John Buckley and Mary Kelleher. I don’t have any further information about Patrick than the details you provided however i have a copy of a 32 page souvenir booklet from a buckley/murphy reunion held in Lismore in 1983. It sets out in detail all known descendants as at 1983. Would be delighted to share. Please contact me at <email>.
      Annmaree Watts

    2. Hi
      I’m in Boston, Massachusetts and descended from the Buckleys of Millstreet Cork. My Great grandfather Michael (1862) was the the son of Patrick Buckley and Margaret (Murphy) Buckley. Michael was baptized a Catholic in June of 1862 and emigrated to the U.S. in 1874. I am travelling to Cork later this month and would like to see if I could connect to descendants of Patrick and Margaret (Murphy) Buckley. Thank you in advance to any assistance you could provide.

      1. Joe,

        I’m in the US also, and I am researching Buckley ancestors from the Millstreet-Rathcoole area. By coincidence, just yesterday I was looking at some Millsteet civil marriage records from February 1895, and noticed a marriage of Denis Buckley, son of Patick Buckley, to Kate Lune. Denis’s sponsor was Michael Buckley. On the same day, also in the Millstreet RC chapel, Daniel Buckley was a sponsor at the wedding of Mary Kielly and James Cotter. Do any of these names mesh with your Buckleys?

        Bob Kenney

        1. Bob, Jack Buckley from Boston responding to your inquiry. I have a Patrick Buckley married to Hanora Leary b 1864 and they have a son Denis but he was born in 1897 so clearly not your man. My Buckley’s are from Knocknakilla.

      2. Joe:

        Did your Michael Buckley ancestor from Millstreet, by any chance, end up in Lawrence, MA and get married to Bridget Dowe? If so, we are cousins.

        Either way, have a great trip to Millstreet!


    3. Hello Anne
      I have just read your inquiry about Patrick Buckley, the father of John, Timothy and Catherine. I am a descendant of Timothy and have also been searching for information about Patrick, his wife and any other children apart from the three who have been identified to date.
      Have you had any success since your post of a few years back?

  24. I cannot thank this website enough, especially Michael for their tireless efforts in helping family connect!! Thank you. Kathleen

  25. Sean,
    Thank you so much for meeting Lee, me, and Kevin at the museum. It was such a wonderful highlight during our Ireland visit and exciting to see where our family roots continue to be. Your passionate overview was not only informative but fun to experience.

    As I told you, my father Daniel Buckley (in the U.S.) was able to connect to Kevin Buckley (in the Millstreet area) through this site. Kevin took us to see our cousin Teresa that same day we visited… and found a color school picture of father when he was 16 years old (1957)in her photo album. She did not know who he was – and it was an amazing surprise that it was my dad.

    Again, thank you so much, we look forward to seeing you again next year!

    Patrick Daniel Buckley, W. Hartford, Connecticut, USA

  26. Dear Sean,
    Are you a curator at the Millstreet Museum? Based on all the accolades you’ve been receiving from so many people, it would be a pleasure to meet with you when my brother and I come to Cork shortly to trace our family roots the weekend of June 4-6. May I contact you separately to discuss further details? I look forward to hearing from you.
    Kindest regards,
    Lise Middleton , London, UK

  27. Hi

    I am visiting Millstreet next weekend and I am hoping to see where my Fathers family come from. If anyone knew my Grandfather could you please get in touch with me? He was Peter Cronin born 18th august 1874.I think his parents were Catherine Keffe and Peter Cronin, I believe he had a brother Dan. I also think that they lived in Knocknaghue Cullen Millstreet. My Grandfather joined the army and then moved to Newcastle upon Tyne. any information would be great. Many thanks in anticipation. Ann Hindhaugh (nee Cronin)

    1. Ann Hindhaugh please let me know what you find out! i believe you may be a very distant cousin. My great great grandfather was Cornelius Lanahan (born about 1830) although the spelling in Ireland was Linehan or sometimes spelled Lenihan. He was from that vicinity where you are traveling. i believe his mother or Grandmother was Mary Cronin. Best Wishes and Good Luck. <email>

  28. The latest comment mentioned ‘Glen Falls’, some of my family of SHINE left Millstreet and went to Glen Falls to work in a Paper Mill. I think that this was about 1890’s, did many other local people leave Millstreet to work in the Paper Mill?. I can not find anything about the Shine family that went there
    My Great-Grandfather Dennis Shine was born 1/3/1871 in Millstreet Workhouse, and his mother was Maria (Mary) Shine. His surname when he was baptised 2 days old was HERLIHY. The Priest at the time wrote in the church records ‘ child very ill, not expected to survive the day’, a bit of a shock when I saw the records in 1980!, he died of a heart attack when he was 36 years old. Anyone out there who can help : <email>

    1. My wife grew up in ‘Corktown’ –a mostly Irish section of Corinth, NY (about 13.2 miles SSW of Glens Falls. There were a LOT of paper mills along this stretch of the Hudson River.
      Corinth began life as Jessup’s Landing and was also was known as Palmer.

      International Paper owned most of those mills as early as 1898, but some existed prior to the formation of IP. There was an major strike in 1910 and an historic (and divisively contentious) ‘Great Strike’ in 1921. Children then (1921) and even their 60 -70 year old Grandchildren still refer to some residents as ‘Scabs’ — because 90+ years ago, an ancestor came to work at the mill as a strike-breaker!
      As I said before, see:

      1. My grandparents were from Co. Cork and moved to So Glens Falls NY…..My grandfather was Bartholomew Riordan, my grandmother was Margaret Kelleher Riordan….I know they were related to the Buckley but don’t know if they were related to the c Cronin family Judy

  29. My name is Michael Heegan. I was born and raised in Park Slope, Brooklyn, N.Y. In Sept. 2015, I visited Ireland for the first time. I stayed with a childhood friend of mine, James Wickham. James has a home in Knocknagullane, Rathmore. He purchased the home of his mother Ellen Hickey Wickham. While I was there I visited Killarney, Cork, Dingle, Kenmare and Milltown. While in Milltown I did some research into my mother’s Stepmother, Mary Slattery. Mary left Ireland in the late 1800 hundreds for America. She married a Naval Officer and had son. While in Milltown, I was able to find the gravesite of Mary’s parents, Corneleus Slattery and Margaret Hayes Slattery. I’m researching on Ancestry, so if anyone can give me information about the Slattery family, I would appreciate it. I wasn’t able to get to Newport, Mayo, where my mother’s maternal mother came from but perhaps next visit. I also have to visit Monasterevin, Kildare where my grandfather’s family came from and Westmeath, where my mother’s father, Joseph Simon McDermott came from. Joseph’s father was, Frank McDermott and his mother, Catherine Lynch McDermott. I love Ireland and plan to return.

  30. Hi, I’m Denis Beahan, 3rd generation Australian. Great grandfather came from Ireland via Glencoe & Fort William.
    In Scotland. Grandfather married a Kennedy. It has been interesting to read the comments

  31. Hello

    We are a few Swedes will Millstreet to compete Championships 24-31 / 7 Is there anyone who has an affordable accommodation near the competition site. 2-4 people happy with access to a refrigerator toilet and shower. Mail on <email>

    Best regards Ellinor

  32. Hi, I am trying to research my ancestors from Millstreet, or that area. My grandfather was Joseph Denahy his Father was John Denahy who married Mary Donovan in 1800’s. Sorry, I know those names are so common that they are not a lot of help. They emigrated to London, where John worked on the estate of Sir John Evelyn. John was known to “have the cures” and was visited by many in London. I have lived in Co. Roscommon for many years. If anyone has any info I would be glad to hear it, particularly searching for information on any siblings of Joseph or dates/places of birth. Cousins were farming and sending help to the family in London during the emergency (1936-1945) Many thanks.
    Great Blog, wish we had one here. Regards, K

  33. Hi,

    My name is John Dennehy. I live in Plymouth, MA.,in the United States of America.

    Around 1920, my father and mother immigrated to Massachusetts, America from County Cork (not together) My father was John Patrick Dennehy and my mother was Johanna Creedon. I only know that my mother came from Ballyvouskill Millstreet, Cork.

    I will be visiting Ireland in August and was wondering if there is a map of Ballyvouskill area that I may peruse.

    Would love to hear from anyone that could lead me to a web site where I could purchase map.

    Thank you,


    1. John,

      I live in Louisville, KY. My Great Grandfather John Patrick O’Leary was born in Millstreet. I have been to Millstreet twice and will be returning in September. I will be attending the O’Leary Clan Gathering that is held in Inchigeelagh at the Creedon Hotel. Inchigeelagh is about 20 miles from Millstreet.

      I looked at where Ballyvouskill is on Google maps. It is just below the area where my people lived which was an area called Adrivale. I have driven around in that area. The roads are more like driveways than roads. They are very narrow. It is just a mile south of Millstreet on the road to Macroom.

      It is a beautiful area.

      The folks that run this website are very helpful so I am sure you will hear from someone.

      Good luck


      1. Hi Patrick,

        It was a pleasure hearing from you. I am looking forward to visiting Ballyvouskill in August.

        We have a driver who will take us to the area.

        Enjoy your trip also.

        Thank you so much,


        1. John we seem to be related as I am the daughter of one of Hannah’s sister’s daughters! Would love to hear from you. I’m trying to trace our tree. <email>

    2. hi john,
      it would appear that a hanna creedon is the 5th of 7 children in the 1911
      census in house no.3 in ballyvouskill, millstreet, co.cork.
      her parents are a patrick & julia creedon and married 16 feb 1897.
      patrick is a son of a daniel creedon & a mary lehane {aged 75 in 1911},
      his wife julia is a daughter of a andrew connell & a mary lynch.
      hanna creedon is age 8 in 1911
      her siblings in that census are mary 13, dan 12, maggie 10,andrew 10,
      patrick 6 and katie 1. hope this helps and enjoy your visit

      Residents of a house 3 in Ballyvouskill (Coomlogane, Cork)

      Surname Forename Age Sex Relation to head Religion Birthplace Occupation Literacy Irish Language Marital Status Specified Illnesses Years Married Children Born Children Living

      Creedon Patrick 42 Male Head of Family Roman Catholic Co Cork Farmer Read and write Irish and English Married – – – –
      Creedon Julia 40 Female Wife Roman Catholic Co Cork – Read and write Irish and English Married – 14 8 7
      Creedon Mary 13 Female Daughter Roman Catholic Co Cork Scholar Read and write – Single – – – –
      Creedon Mary 75 Female Mother Roman Catholic Co Cork Scholar Cannot read Irish and English Widow – – – –
      Creedon Dan 12 Male Son Roman Catholic Co Cork Scholar Read and write – Single – – – –
      Creedon Maggie 10 Female Daughter Roman Catholic Co Cork Scholar Read and write – Single – – – –
      Creedon Andrew 10 Male Son Roman Catholic Co Cork Scholar Read and write – Single – – – –
      Creedon Hannah 8 Female Daughter Roman Catholic Co Cork Scholar Read – Single – – – –
      Creedon Patrick 6 Male Son Roman Catholic Co Cork Scholar Read – Single – – – –
      Creedon Katie 1 Female Daughter Roman Catholic Co Cork – Cannot read –

  34. HI John,
    I’m living in New Jersey and I met you in 1966 when I visited my aunt, your mother.
    My Dad was Daniel Creedon from Ballyvouskill.
    I visited my cousin Catherine Zanden in Framingham last year.Is she our first cousin.

    1. Hi Joan,

      I remember the time you came to visit. The Zanden name is very familiar with me.

      Catherine Zanden must be daughter of Charles (Charlie) Zanden….his father would have been Chester Zanden.

      Chester was married to Catherine (auntie Kitty) Creedon, who was my mothers’ sister.

      Charlie was my first cousin, so maybe Catherine (if he is Charles’ daughter) would be our second cousin.

      Myself, wife, daughter and granddaughter are going to Ireland a month from now.

      We will visit Ballyvouskill….any relatives there?

      It would be great to get together sometime.

      Thanks for your reply…it brings back memories. Zanden is the key.

      John Dennehy

      1. Hi John,
        It looks like you are my mother’s cousin. My mother was Claire Zanden. Her parents were Catherine Creedon and Charles Zanden. My grandmother was called Kitty by relatives in Medford, my grandfather was called Chet or Chester by pretty much everyone. My aunt is Catherine, she lives in Framingham. My uncle is Chuck, he has lived in California and Illinois.

        Ballyvouskill townland is about 4 or 5 km south of downtown Millstreet off of route R582. There are no main roads through it, the farms are all on dead end lanes off of R582. You can see most of the farms from this Google Street View image if you point it to the southwest. The hill in the background is also called Ballyvouskill. There is a wind power generation farm behind the hill that is partly in Ballyvouskill, but the farms are all on this side. Pop out of Street View with the arrow in the black box in the upper left of the screen and you can see the road map.

        Your cousin Joan wants to get in touch with you. If you send your address email to me at skibreck70 @ I will forward it on to Joan. Have a great trip.


    2. Hi Joan
      I don’t know if you still look here but you are a cousin of mine. We met when Padraig and Noreen got married and I was just a child. I’m the daughter of one of Mary Creedon’s girls, Joan (Hannah), your first cousin. Would love to hear from you or anyone in your family. <email>

  35. My grandmother Katherine Lane was born in Millstreet in 1895–in a valley just outside the town. She had sisters Babe, Sister Stan, Nora and one brother Conny. She married John Kenny from Tyrone and lived in the US between 1929 and 39 and returned to Dublin where she lived until she was 99 years old. She had one daughter Maureen (my mother). My grandmother was a cousin to the Buckleys who lived in the town and owned the pub and the hardware store. She was also a cousin of Nodie Burton (former Chairwaoman of the ICA) in Ballinhassig and later Bishopstown, and she was a cousin of Kit Bowen of Bowen’s Cross, Ballygarvan — My grandmother’s sister Nora was married to Denis O’Mahoney who was also from Millstreet–they are all buried in the family plot in the centre of town. Looking to connect with any relations still living in the area, Best wishes, Steve Desmond,

  36. I had the pleasure of visiting Millstreet this past August. I am the great great grandaughter of Jeremiah and Ellen (Buckley) Long. It was life changing for me to see the family homestead (ruins) in Aubane, and walk the land where my great grandmother, Nellie Long, was born and lived until she emigrated to Boston, MA in the early 1890’s. I embraced my Long cousins including Anne Jones. My great great grandmother, Ellen Buckley Long’s sister married a Coleman and the family are still business owners in Millstreet. The Buckley’s were also business owners, including owning a hotel nearby. I would love to connect with any Buckleys and Colemans as we are trying to locate more of our relatives. Warmest regards, Alice (Burke) Kontos, Ocala, FL USA

    Admin’s edit (mdc): Ellen’s Birth Registration is here:

  37. looking for info on Dennehy/Casey family. My grandmother Catherine Dennehy from Millstreet b.1887 married Timothy Casey b 1878. I believe Catherines parents were Denis Dennehy b 1857 and Honora (Nelly?) O’Leary (not exactly confidant on that last one). We will be visiting in the Spring and would love to explore this further with any info.

    1. hi Catherine, The only Catherine Dennehy that matches your search is
      Catherine Denahy, born on June 15th 1881 at Adrivale, Millstreet, to Denis Denahy and Johanna Shea

      the original document is here:

      The full list of Catherine Dennehys on the Millstreet civil borth register is here:

      where did they get married, any background on timothy (where he was from / parents etc)?

      hope that’s a help

  38. Hi Catherine, I don’t have much info, but I think your family may be linked to mine. My grandfather was Joseph Denehy (later changed to Denahy) he left Millstreet with his father, John and mother Mary (nee Donovan ) around the same time, going to London. Denis, spelt with one “N” is still a family name. Maybe you have more info than I do

  39. HELLO
    My wife and myself live in Milford Haven Pembrokeshire, West Wales. we visited Millstreet about 4 years ago when we were in search of family ancestors, we met a gentleman at st Patrick’s church who was the local radio and TV presenter. His name was Sean Radley He gave us a wonderful welcome, he took photos of me, my wife and my Irish cousin from Mallow, The ancestor we were looking for was a REDMOND WALSH born 1896 He was from Knocknagree Millstreet, Co.Kerry, He was the only child of DANIEL and MARGARET WALSH who were farmers there. he married my GRANDMOTHER Mary AMBROSE (nee MAHONY) on 28 September 1935 in Mallow There was no issue from this marriage she outlived him and she died on the 16/04/1969 age 73 in Mallow and is buried in St. Josephs cemetery Mallow
    REDMOND died on 05/12/1946 age 50 (apparently he may have had two children from a previous marriage). he probably ran a pub appropriately named Walsh’s in Mallow.
    It was difficult to trace Redmond because he was known as Radi or Eddie in the Census of 1901/1911
    Any info would be most welcome
    Roger and Rosemarie BRAWN

    1. Hello Mr. Brawn,

      I read with great interest your post concerning your relations in and from the Millstreet. I too have numerous kin on my mother’s side (The Hickey Family). My Maternal Great Grandmother is Mary Hickey nee Mahony

      Born: 1859, Ireland
      Married: Timothy Hickey, March 5, 1878 at Rathmore, Co. Kerry Ireland
      Died: April 8, 1929 Age 70
      Buried: Calvary Cemetery, NYC
      Father: Daniel Mahony Brother: John Mahony

      Hope this add a piece to the genealogical puzzle.

      Yours truly,
      Frank J. Herrick
      Kansas City, Missouri, USA

    2. Hello
      I have about 7 Redmond Walsh’s in my tree, but not one born 1896, but we more than likely have a connection. My family names from around that era are Riordan, Hickey, Murphy, Walsh, Lehane – and a lot more, of course :-). I would love to exchange information. You can contact me on <email>
      John Walsh

    3. Roger and Rosemarie – Wonderful to note that you have been in contact with our Millstreet website. I hope that your continuation of seeking family roots proves very successful. If you can indicate the date on which we met some four years ago in Millstreet I can then access the photos which I took on the occasion and can then forward them to you. Kindest regards.

  40. Hello Roger. According to my Walsh relations our grandfather’s were first cousins. There are many of us who would be happy to share family information. John Walsh is a cousin of mine also. Dan Murphy has become my go to genealogist. We would be happy to help! My grandfather was a Redmond also. He was named after his grandfather Redmond Walsh! Welcome to the clan!Kathy

    1. Hello Kathleen, Jack Buckley from Boston. My 2nd gr grandmother was Ellen Walsh b abt 1810 who married Denis Buckley b abt 1810 from Knocknakilla, Millstreet. I suspect that one of her siblings was Edmond Walsh b abt 1822 and Married Julia V Murphy. They emigrated to the Boston area in the 1860’s. One of my Gr Grandfather’s first children is buried in Edmond and Julia’s cemetery plot which leads me to suspect that Edmond as either a sibling or close relative.

      Does any of this resonate with you ? I am searching for Ellen Walsh’s family.

      My family tree is public on Ancestry under Buckley Primary with my user name jackfbuckley if that is of any help. Edmond is included therein.

      Any help would be most appreciated.

      Many of my Buckley relations still reside in the Millstreet area.

      All the best Jack

  41. Hello Everybody

    My wife and I are hugely overawed at the amazingly quick responses we had about our connections in Millstreet, and thank everyone for their input and time they took to reply.

    However, I have not been tardy I can share the latest I have found on Redmond Walsh (1896) he was to married a Margaret Hickey on the 4th March 1924 at St Joseph’s Church in Rathmore, Co Kerry, witnesses were Redmond Morly and a Jane Hickey, their places of residence at the time of marriage was Comgaline,Knocknagree and Lyne-a-oune,Knocknagree. parents were Daniel Walsh and Andrew Hickey

    Sadly Margaret(Hickey)Walsh died on the 15th December 1934 age 39 at O’Brien St.Mallow of stomach cancer.

    As far as I can ascertain, if there were any issue from the marriage, it is probable that they died in infancy.

    This is a tremendous website, congratulations are well deserved

    I will post any further info I find on my long lost celtic cousins.

    Just to add a quick bit, the Mahony,Ambrose and Buckley families from Ballyclough and Castlemagner are also related to me.

  42. Hello everybody
    Supplementary to my last comment, I have today 16/11/2016 found that Redmond Walsh died in Mallow Hospital from a heart attack age 50 on the 5th December 1946, he was residing at 17 Lisheen Row, Glenannar, Mallow with his 2nd wife Mary(My Grandmother)

    Roger BRAWN

  43. Hello Roger Very sad news.Ive sent an attachment. Hopefully you will get it . My grandfather was the witness at the wedding. Redmond Morley’,often documented as Murley. Many still live around Mallow and Listen and, Millstreet area. Do you have a private email address you would share? Kathleen

    1. Hi Kathleen
      Many thanks for your attachment which is very welcome,you can use the following e-mail address: <email>

      The gadget that Rosemarie is uses an Apple ipad which is a mystery to me, I use a decrepit old PC for general use, I do not even have a mobile phone. So I am a bit of a dinosaur. But this e-mail address will be OK to use,as she is just as keen on family history as myself.
      We will keep in touch.

      Glad to see that Ireland beat the NZ All Blacks(at last)we both are going to Cardiff to see Wales v Japan on Saturday.

      Best wishes Roger

    2. Hello Kathleen:
      Hope you are keeping well, It has been sometime since our last contact re: Redmond Walsh and Margaret Walsh (nee Hickey) I have found a record of Redmond and his wife Margaret they were running The Dunhallow Bar in O’Brien Street, Mallow when she passed away in Dec 1934. Apparently Redmond had two children by Margaret one was a daughter also called Margaret and a boy named Donal, they would have been youngsters at the death of their mother. But I cannot find any trace of them eg Births,/Baptism; but I presume that they may have been brought up by the sisters of Margaret Hickey. who still lived around Millstreet in 1934/36 any info would be welcome about Redmonds siblings.
      Roger BRAWN

      1. Hello Roger

        I would be interested in what you find.

        Redmond Walsh who married Margaret Hickey is my second cousin, once removed. I am also at a bit of a dead end with his details. According to what I have, Redmond was born 24 Dec 1895 in Carrigaline, Cork. He died on 5th December 1946, at an address given as 17 Lisheen Row, Glenannar, Mallow. I do not know when Margaret was born, but I have her death as 15 Dec 1934, O’Brien St, Mallow, Cork, Ireland.

        I have Redmond’s parents as Daniel Walsh and Margaret Nolan.

        I will ask around the family to see what more I can find out
        best regards
        John Walsh

        1. Hello John
          I have some info for you on Redmond Walsh’s wife Margaret Hickey, she was born on 2nd February 1892 at Lyne-a-oune to a Andrew and Ellen (nee Duggan) Hickey, Margaret was registered on the 13th April 1892, her fathers occupation was a Farmer.
          Margaret’s death was mentioned in the paper called “The Kerryman” on the 22nd December 1934. I am still trying to find information about Redmond’s and Margaret’s children, Donal and Margaret but with no success as yet.
          However my mother Margaret Ambrose (born 1921) of Mallow remembers a child called Donal living with her family around the mid 1930’s, Redmond was my mother’s Stepfather so this could indeed have been Donal Walsh

          With best regards
          Roger Brawn

          1. Thanks so much Roger, that helps!

            I have a copy of their marriage cert and can send it to you if you do not have it. My email address is <email>.

            Witnesses to the marriage were Redmond Morley and Jane Hickey. Sure as nuts the Redmond Morley connects somehow to the Murley family I have in my tree where I have a Redmond Murley too, born 1903.

            Another Ancestry user has Redmond Walsh with a second marriage to a Mary Mahony, who was married before to a Patrick Ambrose and they had a few kids. As this user had no proof of this marriage, I have discarded it for now. Maybe that newspaper article would prove or disprove this? Do you have the detail of that article maybe?

            Best regards

          2. Thanks for the reply Roger. Would love to exchange documents with you. Seems Mill Street overrides email addresses in the text, so I will try this 🙂 :

            walshclan”at sign”outofafrica”dot”ie


  44. Hi does anyone know about the O’Mahoney and Crotty family. I am interested in Timothy Patrick O’Mahoney born about 1880 who married Mary Ellen Crotty (23 Apr 1882- 22 Nov 1949). Their children were Patrick O’Mahoney (1909-1992) and John James O’Mahoney (1911-1982). We have a photo of Timothy in the Royal Horse Fusilliers. On the Ireland census in 1911 the family lived in number 3 Mill Street, Mallow South Urban. It says that he was married for 2 years in 1911, but i can’t find anything about this.
    Can anyone help, I would love to find out more about Timothy and his family.
    Angelina New

    1. hi angelina, they’s not from Millstreet Town, but Mallow & Lismore. however, here are their some civil documents on them:

      Birth of Patrick O’Mahony 2nd October 1879
      to Patrick (a postmaster) and Margaret (neé Collins), Fair Lane, Mallow

      Birth of Mary Ellen Crotty, Pound Lane, Lismore on the 23rd April 1882 to John Crotty (a labourer) & Mary McGrath

      SR District/Reg Area – Lismore
      Marriage of TIMOTHY OMAHONY and MARY CROTTY on 12 January 1909

      SR District/Reg Area – Lismore
      Birth of PATRICK O MAHONY on 16 November 1909

      SR District/Reg Area – Mallow
      Birth of JOHN O MAHONY on 04 February 1911

      Map of Fair Lane, Mallow

      in 1901 it looks like Mary may have been a servant in a house in Ballydaheen, Mallow

      I couldn’t find Timothy in the 1901 census.

      they also had a daughter margaret:
      SR District/Reg Area – Mallow
      Birth of MARGARET O MAHONY on 23 October 1912, at Ballydaheen, Mallow

      hope that’s a help, michael.

      1. Hi Angelina, assuming your Timothy is one in the same as Michael suggests he was the first of 13 children of Patrick Mahony (or variant) and Margaret Collins. This family is on Bridge St. in Mallow on the 1901 and 1911 censuses. Timothy’s father Patrick Mahony was born on 6 Feb. 1857 on Broome Lane Mallow. He was baptized 28 Feb. 1857. His father was Patrick Mahony also. His mother was Honora Buckley. There is a letter the elder Patrick wrote as evidence of age to the British Civil Service when his son was applying to be a letter carrier. On their marriage certificate Margaret Collins lists her father as Daniel Collins, a laborer. Her age is listed as 19. in 1878

        1. Thank you for the information. I find researching my Irish family really hard as Mahoney is spelt so many different ways and research is really hard to find (unless i am just looking in the wrong places).
          Thanks again

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