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  1. I have some information of the Cronin and the Hickey family. If anyone would like to share please contact anytime.

    Frank J. Herrick
    Son of Florence J. Hickey
    Grandson of Denis Hickey
    Great-Grandson of Timothy Hickey & Mary Mahoney, Married: March 5, 1878 at Rathmoor, Co. Kerry Ireland

    1. Frank,

      Are any of your Cronins a Mary Cronin who married a Denis Sheehan (my great grandfather).

      My grandfather (also Denis) was born in 1868 so the marriage presumably would have been sometime before that.

      1. Hi
        Can anyone give me any information on mologhroe,cullen co cork.
        My uncles jack (dob 7/21/1900) and jeremiah (dob 12/25/1903) o’riordan
        Were born there….is mologhroe a village or town and how far away from millstreet.

        I wrote to a cousin bety o’riordan from murphys terrace in millstreet around 1960 and would like to get in touch with her again.

        I would appreciate any information..

        Thank you

        Judy scarpellino

        1. The 1911 census shows John and Jeremiah living in their grandparents home in Cullen Town.

          I found their baptism records which show their parents as MARGARET and BARTHOLOMEW (Riordan … assumed as the surname is not recorded), however they were not living in that house.

          The 1901 census shows John (age 8 months) living in that same house again without his parents.

          As for your cousin in Millstreet, try looking in the phone book. There is only one Riordan thats listed in that housing estate, but its not Betty, it may be a relative though. A quick phone call to that number will confirm, and as its a small area they are likely to put you in contact with the right house.

      2. Paul,

        Please contact me at <email> I have a photo that you may want to see and I can’t send it by this website.

        Frank Herrick
        Kansas City, MO.

    2. Hi Frank:
      My maiden name was Joanna Hickey from Cullen, Co Cork..My great grandfather was John “Sean Gabha” Hickey. (1821-1906) He married a Mary Cronin from Cullen (Knockdubh)and they had 9 (ugh!) children. One of the sons was Denis Hickey (1862-1955)He married Margaret Sweeney and they had 10 children. (guess the winters were long!!) I am not sure of a “Florence Hickey” but with all these kids…who knows.
      if you think there might be a link, please feel free to contact me. I Mom was Ellen “Nellie” O’Sullivan from Rathmore, Kerry
      Regards, Joanna

      1. Hi Joanne,
        That’s very interesting my grandparents were Denis Hickey and Margaret Sweeney from Cullen.My mother was Margaret Hickey and she was one of 10,
        I never heard of a Florence Hickey but we must be related some way.
        Maria Buckley

      2. Hi Frank
        Are you able to tell me your mother’s parents name I have been searching for Honorah Doyle O’Sullivan and Patrick O’Sullivan they had a daughter Ellen and my G Grandfather Peter and about four other children would you check there names and see if they might be them
        Thanks Pauline

    3. I have Cronin- O’Keefe- Fitzpatrick connection in Millsteet. Please get in touch if you do too. Going back to the 1800s. I am on the Fitzpatrick line.

  2. Frank,

    Are any of your Cronins a Mary Cronin who married a Denis Sheehan (my great grandfather).

    My grandfather (also Denis) was born in 1868 so the marriage presumably would have been sometime before that. 🙂

  3. Dear Duggans,

    May the Olympians from Athena to Zeus grant you health and success in every NOBLE thing you do now and in the future.
    Best wishes for a great success in this year’s Millstreet Derby. We wish we could be there to join our Celtic friends–humans and horses alike.
    Theo and Laura

  4. I had a fabulous time on my visit to Millstreet last week. Michael and Pam Thornton are wonderful hosts and I loved meeting Sean and Eily! Blessings to you all 🙂 (Also, Nibbles gluten-free baked goods? fabulous!!)

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  6. My grandmother, born Margaret Denahy, to Denis & Johanna Shea Denahy July 1, 1885. I would love to know of anyone related who may still live there. I would love to come there someday.

  7. Anyone, hear of John (Sean Nora) Kelleher (1865-1935) m Margaret Cronin in 1893 in Macroom but lived in Kilcorney, North Horsemount.
    He was a Carpenter and they had 3 children
    (John m Alice Murphy from Dublin
    Timothy “Timmy the Joiner” m Sarah McCarthy
    and Katherine m David O’ Sullivan

    I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW where John (Sean Nora) came from originally and what might Sean Nora mean (his Father & Mother)?

    1. You can get their marriage cert from the Cork births, deaths &marriages registration centre in Adelaide St. This might give the parents names and other details which can help you trace back. They married in quarter 1 in Macroom. It only costs 4 euro to get a photocopy of the details. Also they are available from the Roscommon office. I have the details you need for there. Email me if you need further details.

      1. Thanks Mary. I have his marriage Cert which shows his father as John also This is fitting with the local name John Seán Nora (presumably his Mother was Hanora?!). He also had a brother called Dan Seán Nora. They were known as the Seán Nora’s so I’m actually trying to find out if it would be feasible to think the parents Seán and Nora were in Kilcorney or if they could be called the Seán Nora’s and This indicates which Kellehers they were originally from in Clondrohid? As I’ve established that Dan has his mass in Kilcorney but was interred in Clondrohid. Hope that makes sense!

    2. I have a Kelleher – Fitzpatrick – Creedon connection on my tree. I am on the Fitzpatrick line.

  8. Last week I submitted an invitation to a Buckley family reunion that I am hosting at the Wallis Arms on Sat. 5 Oct. from 10 – noon. Inadvertantly I failed to leave my name and email address at the end of the message as requested.

    Respectfully submitted Jack Buckley @ <email>.

    Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions. I am so looking forward to staying in Millstreet and meeting more of the resident cousins. Last year I met cousins Bertie and Seamus Buckley as well as Eileen Buckley O’Mahoney and experienced some of the exceptional Millstreet hospitality .

    1. Jack,

      According to my records I have a Buckley in my family.

      Patrick O’Leary (1864-1930) married Hannah Buckley.

      Patrick O’Leary was my Great Grandfather’s brother so that makes him my Great Uncle. He was born in Millstreet, County Cork. The O’Leary’s lived in an area called Adrivale.

      I was in Millstreet in July and had lunch at the Wallis Arms.

      Patrick O’Leary
      Louisville, Kentucky USA

      1. Patrick, I will check with the cousins to see if there is any connection. Ardrivale is not too far from Knocknakilla. A medical issue has come up so I have to postpone my trip. If you get any additional info you can reach me at <email>.


        1. Jack,

          I am sorry if you receive this message twice but I was not sure I sent the original message so I will try again.

          Thanks for your reply. I am very proud of my Irish heritage and I want to learn as much as I can about my Irish roots. I hope that I can connect with some of my relatives that live in Ireland.

          Below is what I know about my family from Millstreet.

          I have a few letters from my relatives in Ireland from the early 1900’s that have Adrivale as a return address so I am positive they lived in that area.

          Here is what my records show …
          Great Great Grandparents

          Patrick John O’Leary born: abt 1812 died: Jun 1884
          Johanna Sullivan born: abt 1817 died: unknown

          I think they were married January 31, 1847


          Hanora born: 14 Jun 1848 died: 16 Nov 1936

          Johanna born: 29 Sept 1853 died: 28 Feb 1930

          John Patrick born: 22 May 1856 died: 2 Nov 1924 – my Great Grandfather

          Margaret born: 19 Sep 1858 died: unknown

          Julia born: 17 Feb 1860 died: unknown

          Patrick born: 27 Apr 1864 died: 1930

          Gobinet born: 30 Apr 1865 died: unknown

          Mary born: 15 Jan 1867 died: 15 Feb 1929

          1.Honora O’Leary married John Denehy March 1, 1870 in Millstreet. They moved to Wilmington, Ohio and had about ten children. They both died and are buried in Ohio.

          2.Johanna O’Leary came to the U.S. and became a nun. She took the name Sister Mary Francis

          3.John Patrick O’Leary was my Great Grandfather. He went to the U.S. and settled in Wilmington, Ohio with his sister Honora. He married a woman in Chicago, Illinois named Elizabeth Cairns and then moved to Ohio.

          4.Mary O’Leary married Jeremiah Kelleher

          5.Patrick O’Leary married Hannah Buckley

          6.Julia O’Leary married Thomas Mahan

          7.My records show there was another child named Catherine O’Leary that married John Forde but I have never been able to pin that down.

          Again, thanks for your help.

          Patrick O’Leary
          Louisville, Kentucky USA


  9. While visiting the parish in Millstreet, I learned that a relative, Jeremiah Sheehan married Catherine Needham 7/21/1948 in Mountmellick, Co. Laois with witnesses Timothy Murphy and M. Needham at Church of St. Joseph. Would anyone know of a living relative or any further information? Thank you!!

  10. Do you know of any Buckley that married a Sheehan from the Millstreet area in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s? I know the Buckley’s were cousins to the Sheehans living in the Boston, MA area and they came from Millstreet. Thank you.

    1. Our Sheehans were also in the Boston area (Cambridge) and are from the MIllstreet area during that time frame, but we do not know of any Buckleys in our tree yet! LOL! 🙂

      1. Do you know which Sheehan married a Buckley? I have some names for Sheehans but not their spouses names. John Sheehan and Catherine Lucy were the parents of the Sheehan children born 1870-1880 in workhouses in the Tureenbawn, Carriganimmy, Tullig, Millstreet, Drishane area. I found a Jeremiah Sheehan(Sheahan) born in a workhouse in Millstreet in 1879 who married Catherine Needham in 1948 up in Mountmellick. Daniel Sheehan was born in 1875 and came to Boston and married Annie Duggan who were my great grandparents. Ellen Sheehan also came to Boston and lived in Brockton, MA. I also know of a Timothy (Shean), Cornelius, Hannah and two unknown sons. I have heard that one son went to Australia to fight in the war. I don’t know much more than that.

        If anyone can connect with any information here, please let me know. Thank you so much!!!

    2. I have Margaret Buckley marrying Denis Fitzpatrick (b. 1896 Millstreet). I am on the Fitzpatrick line.

      1. I am researching my husbands family and noticed you mentioned Denis and Margaret. These are my husbands grandparents. They were married in San Francisco, California. Please contact me and we can share information.

  11. Mary,
    Many thanks for your response.
    Not sure how to email you directly so hopefully you’ll see this.
    I did get a marriage cert for John Kelleher and Margaret Cronin married in Ballinameen in 1893 but unfortunately Both only provided their Fathers name and occupation!
    John (snr) , Farmer in kilcorney. I don’t know where this farm is? Not sure which John I should be looking for (without knowing his wifes name) the 1901 census as at this point his Son, john (a carpenter) is married to Margaret and has 3children. The house which they lived in still stands today (know to me as my Grandmother’ Sadie’s house/ the Joiners’ House) but this was never a Farm.

    My Father John Pat died over 4years ago and Is buried in Kilcorney so Kilcorney is a major area in our lives so I’d love to know more but records are hard to come by. Im hoping someone local know something to give me something to go on.!!

  12. Hi, My great-grandmother (Hanora Riordan) was born and baptized in Millstreet in 1873/4 and her parents were Eugene Riordan and Catherine (Sullivan) Riordan. Eugene & Catherine were married in June 1862 in Millstreet. They had several other children. Nora immigrated to U. S. in 1895 from Queenstown on the ship, Teutonic. I’m trying to find out if there are any relatives left in Millstreet. Perhaps some of her siblings great-grandchildren are there now? I will be visiting Millstreet Oct. 22 and 23rd. It’s my first trip to Ireland and I am very happy to finally be visiting to see where many of my relatives came from. Also related to Barry family, who I haven’t been able to trace to a particular county in Ireland as of yet. Looking forward to seeing Millstreet, and checking out the cemetery for clues to my family’s geneaology. Any info anyone has would be helpful.

    1. When I was in Millstrett in July I saw a headstone with Riordan. There might be a family connection. I will have to do more research.

      I took a picture but I can’t attach to this message.

      Patrick O’Leary
      Louisville, Kentucky USA

    2. Hi Paddy,
      I’ve been doing some research and I think my great grandfather Cornelius is Hanoras brother. His father i believe is Eugene (Owen) and he was born in 1871 I believe in Millstreet. My brother, myself and my father are the only Riordan descendants of Cornelius. If you’d like to chat I think it would be neat information.
      Best Regards,
      Evan Riordan

      1. Great to hear from you.

        My Great Great Grandfather Patrick John O’Leary had a brother named Peter O’Leary. Peter married Mary Kelleher.

        Peter and Mary had a son named Cornelius that according to my records was born Jan 11, 1872 in Millstreet.

        I do have some Riordan’s in my family history.

        If you go to the website and search for the Drishane Cemetery in County Cork, Ireland. You will discover a number of Riordan graves.

        My real email is poleary at twc dot com

        Patrick O’Leary
        Louisville, KY

      2. Hi Evan, I’m sorry I didn’t see your email before. Mary Hackett just let me know that you had responded to me way back in 2014. Eugene and Catherine were married in 1862 and I know they had several children. I now reside an hour south of Boston, MA. Are you in the States or in Ireland? I have done AncestryDNA. Have you done that? It would be fun to see if we come up as 5th or so cousins.
        Looking forward to hearing from you.
        Patty Anderson


  14. I believe I am descended from a Mary Fitzgerald (who migrated to Australia in 1854) born around 1834 or a bit later to Michael Fitzgerald and Margaret Hilliard in Boolymore, Duhallow (or at least she spent her early years there). She had siblings John, Thomas, Richard, Edmund and Johanna.

    I wondered whether anyone had any photos of Boolymore that they would be willing to share with me as it looks very pretty on Google street view. I’ve set up a new email address to avoid spam. Its preceeded by boolymorekillowen

    Many thanks if someone can help. I won’t publish them.

  15. Doing a little research on Drishane Convent where I went to school in the early Seventies and I came across this page. Millstreet was such a sleepy quite town then now it seems to be a vibrant place.Anyone who remembers me from the convent please contact me to catch up <email>

    1. My grandmother Ellen Sheehan was said to have gone to school there as a girl in the late 1800’s, early 1900’s but I was never able to find any information.

  16. My husband & I enjoyed a wonderful visit to Millstreet in October. Meeting Sean Radley was the highlight of our visit to Ireland! What a wonderful person and a great ambassador for Millstreet. Sean helped me find the Riordan homestead…actually being there was such an incredible feeling! My great-great grandparents were married at St. Patrick’s Church and my great-grandmother, Nora Riordan, along with her siblings were baptized there also. It was amazing to see the original baptismal font in the Church. Millstreet is a beautiful town. Thank you, Sean, for all of your help.

    1. I will agree … Sean Radley is a great ambassador for Millstreet. When I was visiting in July he treated me like family. It turns out that we are family ! There is a distant family connection between me and Sean. I now can say I have met one of my Irish relatives.

      1. You are too kind, Patrick. I’ve yet to send you a series of pics from your visit to Millstreet in the Summer of 2013…and yes – great to realise that we are distant relatives!

        1. Hi Sean —

          I am writing to you because I am trying to gather as much information as I can about the Roger Harrington (1764-c. 1840), who appears in Cock Hill in the 1831 Tithe Applotment Book for Drishane (as well as in the Tithe Defaulters List). If I am right about my connection with Roger, his grandson was my great-great-grandfather Patrick Harrington, who was born in the 1840s, lived in Carrigagulla and Ballynagree, and emigrated to the US in the 1860s. My wife and I are planning a trip to Ireland in July of next year, and definitely plan to explore the Millstreet-Cock Hill area. Perhaps we could meet you at that time, as I gather you are a very knowledgeable historian of the Millstreet area.

          Best regards,

          Bob Kenney
          Potomac MD USA

          1. Hi Bob … Thank you for getting in contact with our Millstreet website regarding your tracing of family roots. Delighted to arrange to meet with yourself and your wife in July 2017. Please email about a week in advance of your Millstreet visit – millstreetmuseum Kindest regards.

    2. Patty, I’m wondering if our Riordan family lines cross… My line of Riordans were from Toorboney and the farm is now owned by the Buckleys, I’m told. Are we related? I hope to visit Millstreet someday.

    3. Patty and George – It was a truly wonderful trip down memory lane when I discovered that the very home in Cockhill, Millstreet from which your ancestors came was the very same house I used to visit as a child when my late father used to call there to bring the two very welcoming Riordan sisters to Sunday morning Mass – My Dad had a hackney car (taxi) and I got to go to so many places with him as he brought various passengers to places even as far as Cork City. Many thanks for your very kind comments. I shall be forwarding lots of pics of that special Millstreet visit to you shortly. It is people like your good selves and Patrick O’Leary who are Ambassadors Supreme for the USA. Very best wishes.

  17. Hi Anne,
    I’m not sure if we are related or not. The Riordan homestead that I found was up on Cockhill (a section of Millstreet about 2-3 miles outside of the center). Sean Radley remembered going there as a child. If we delve further into our ancestors..i.e. cousins, uncles and aunts, perhaps there is a connection. I always knew that my Great Grandmother Nora Riordan was from County Cork, and found out approx. 2 yrs. ago that she came from Millstreet (after much research on the computer). Her father was Eugene Riordan and her mother was Catherine (maiden name Sullivan). Some of Nora’s siblings names were Peter, Cornelius, Catherine, Bridget & Johanna. I haven’t been able to find any relatives yet, so it would be great if we are related!

    1. Hi Patty, I’m looking at my extended family tree and I see a Eugene Riordan born around 1882. This Eugene would be my great-grandfather’s brother. I don’t have a record of who Eugene married or his children, BUT I do have his siblings names, which seem to coincide with your Eugene’s children’s names, and since people named their children after their family members, I’m wondering if this Eugene is also your Eugene. Here is what I have for my great grandfather’s (Timothy Riordan’s) siblings: Eugene, Bridget, Joseph, Andrew, Johanna, James, John, Mary, Daniel and Julia. Does this match your family records?

  18. I’d like to weave into the Riordan thread if I could, hoping that one of your threads goes back to our family. Our Riordans/Rierdens/Reardons were said to be in Millstreet in the 1830s, William and Catherine (Kelleher) Reardon (b. 1806) were the parents, and my great-grandfather Bartholomew (b 1832), and his brothers Patrick, Cornelius and John (and there were others) moved to the US around the 1850s. Patrick moved to San Francisco and is supposed to have died in the 1906 earthquake. Cornelius lived in Richmond VA, and raised a family there. John lived in the Boston area, and Bartholomew in various places including Concord New Hampshire where he married his wife Catherine Donovan. He lived the rest of his life in Quincy, MA. Three of the brothers were stone workers, and we wondered whether there was quarrying in and around Millstreet where they may have started. When Catherine was widowed, she married Patrick Sullivan. Catherine, Patrick and Bartholomew are buried in St. Mary’s Cemetery in West Quincy Massachusetts, in the granite quarry area. I’ve seen Bartholomew’s signature, spelled about six different ways. None of our family has ever been able to find a clue about where they may have lived in or around Millstreet. All advice would be very welcome. We hope to visit one day.

    1. Hi Martha,
      I live about 20 miles south of Quincy, MA. So far, your names do not seem to coincide with my ancestors’ names, but, then again, I haven’t researched Nora’s siblings at all. Perhaps there is a connection there. Have you gone into the church records yet? That’s where I found the baptismal records, and usually it will say where the parents lived in Millstreet at the time of the baby’s birth. I’ll go back in and give you more information sometime in the next couple of days. My great-grandmother, Nora Riordan/Reardon didn’t not immigrate until 1895. Interestingly though, my Dad (who is now 85) just told me last week that Nora (his grandmother) came to Quincy first before arriving in our little town of Scituate, MA. It would be great if we are related!

    2. Hello my grandfather came from millstreet 13of his elder siblings emigrated and he never knew them he often spoke of them I would like to contact any relatives I have a lot of the names the parents name was John riordan Catherine murthy you can contact me by email I would love to make any contact

      1. He came from claramore His brother paddy married a dennehy lady they had four children two boys and two girls one of the boys married o.shea from killarney His name was jack .Rip his son John lives there now is married his sister Maria is married to Fitzgerald and live in millstreet thank you Mary a lynch

  19. I too would like to weigh in on this Riordan thread. My great grandmother was Catherine J. Riordan who married Michael Dowe. The Dowes were from the Mount Leader region, located just outside Millstreet. Many Dowes, Riordans, Buckley and O’Leary connections in my tree. My Catherine Riordan is sometimes seen as O’Riordan. She was from the Gortavehy, Millstreet area and her parents were Joseph Riordan (sometimes noted at O’Riordan) and Mary O’Connell. Her husband was Michael Dowe, son of Richard Dowe and Ellen Dineen from MountLeader/Millstreet. They all immigrated to Lawrence, MA in the late 1880’s. Any connections or leads are greatly appreciated.


    1. Hi JoAnn,
      My Great, Great Grandmother was Catherine (Sullivan) Riordan, but her parents were Peter & Johanna Sullivan. I’ll definitely let you know if I come up with anything connecting us. It seems like you may be related to Patrick O’Leary who also posts on this website. Patrick visited Millstreet this summer and has found some relatives, too. He has a lot of information, so you may want to reply to him. Patrick was instrumental in helping me to contact Sean Radley, who was wonderful to us while we were in Millstreet last month!

    2. Hi Jo!

      The Riordans are cousins of mine My great grandmother was Julia Riordan who married my great granddad, Patrick They had seven children, 6 of whom emigrated to Lawrence, Mass We are also related to the Buckley’s of Lawrence My tribe was run off of the family farm by a landlord and came here around that time I have some more information I will have to dig it out.

      1. Dan, we are definitely related. Mary Hackett, who I have had a lot of back and forth with, had let me know that my line of Riordans and the Fords were very close and intermarried. My great, great grandmother is also Julia (Sullivan) Riordan, who married Timothy Riordan. I actually have a copy of the extended family tree that Mary had shared since she grew up in the same area as my line of Riordans, and I believe you are in there somewhere… Would love to compare notes. I met with my father’s second cousin, Dan Riordan, who let us know that the family farm is now run by a member of the Buckley family. I live in RI (on the MA line), but my great grandparents (Timothy J Riordan and Mary Wallace) came over to the US around 1900 and first settled in Jamaica Plain, MA. Can we exchange emails?

        1. I show a Julia Sullivan on my tree. Born 1911. I have no further info on her. Could this be the same Julia? Millstreet, Cullen would be my guess of a place seeing as I am of the Fitzpatrick/Sullivan line from there.

      2. Hi again, Dan – I just pulled up the family tree and I can see your great grandparents, Julia and Patrick and how they are connected to my own tree… Julia (Riordan) Ford, your great grandmother is my great, great grandfather’s sister. My great, great grandfather is Timothy Riordan, who married Julia Sullivan. I believe that would make you and my dad distant cousins (not sure how many times removed that is?). Your grandfather and my great grandfather (Timothy Riordan also) would have been 1st cousins. What is your grandfathers name? I see a John, Daniel, Richard, Patrick, Bartholomew, Timothy, Cornelius and Charles for the Fords whose parents were Julia and Patrick (not sure how accurate that listing is).

        1. my grandfather was Daniel who married Ellen Carey some time around 1900 My dad was named Richard, however the Richard in the old country was considered a black sheep so my dad was referred to as Joe so as not to tarnish this side of the family. feel free to use my gmail account this is fascinating, isn’t it?

          [Dan Forde m. Ellen Carey on ancestry]

          1. Hi Daniel / Anne, I have been trying to track down a Bartholomew Forde from Gortavehy / Toorboney, the same area as your ancestors Patrick Forde and Julia Reardon. Born in 1878 to Daniel Forde and Kate Leader, I know little about him other than he was killed in France during WWI.
            He had siblings Richard, John, and Katie, and grandfather Richard Forde. None of his brothers or sister married, so the family died out in the 1940’s.

            I wonder two things:
            1) if ye have heard of them, and if they are linked to your Forde families?
            2) if his brother Richard is the black sheep mentioned above, as he died of a “General paralysis of the insane” in 1914? (not Richard, but Patrick)
            thanks, michael

  20. Hi Patty, We live next door, in Hingham! It would be lovely to get together for a cup of coffee, and I’d like very much to hear about Millstreet and find out what you learned about Riordans/Reardons in Millstreet. We have not had success with church records. Perhaps I’m not approaching the records correctly.

    1. Hi Martha,
      Yes, it would be fun to get together for coffee sometime. I am currently at my condo in FL, but I’ll be home in a week in time for the Holidays. My e-mail address is <email> so that you can e-mail directly. In the meantime, I’ll try to do some more research. Looking forward to meeting you.

  21. Daniel Ford, I would be so grateful for any information you may provide. I plan to visit Millstreet next year and definitely would like to know more about the Riordans so any info you can add, is greatly appreciated. BTW, great to find another relative!

    Jo Ann

  22. I have enjoyed following the exchange that is going on between a few of us that live in America that are trying to connect with our Irish roots.

    One thing we all have in common is a connection to Millstreet, County Cork.

    I was on vacation this July in Ireland. The highlight of the trip was my stop at Millstreet. One of the places I visited was St. Patrick’s church which is where my family attended mass and I am sure my relatives were baptized.

    During my visit at the church I noticed a large sign in front on the building announcing a restoration appeal. The building needs work on the roof, walls, windows, mechanical, electrical, and grounds.

    When I returned home I contacted Seán Radley to solicit the address of the parish priest so I could mail a donation. I feel a connection to Millstreet because of my family so I wanted to help with the restoration of such a precious asset like St. Patrick’s.

    I was able to mail Fr. Fitzgerald Euro’s because I did not exchange my Euro’s before I left Ireland. I have to believe if he receives U.S. dollars or a check he will figure out a way to convert the donation to Euros.

    The address:
    Canon John Fitzgerald, P.P.
    Millstreet, County Cork, Ireland

    Maybe if someone from the church reads this post they will provide some guidance.

    Making that donation made me feel good. It made me feel like part of the parish. Making a donation during the Christmas holidays seems like a great way to honor our Irish relatives.

    Patrick O’Leary

  23. Dear All,
    My g-g-grandmother was born in or around Millstreet between 1870 and 1873. Her name was Catherine Sullivan.
    Her parents’ names were Daniel Sullivan (who was from Millstreet) and Catherine Kelleher (who was from Caherdowney). They were probably born around 1840, and married in Millstreet in 1865.
    Catherine Sullivan left for America by herself around 1890.
    The 1901 and 1911 Census indicates that Daniel and Catherine still lived near Millstreet, in Claraghtlea North, Coomlogane.
    If anyone has any information about any of these people or suggestions for research directions, I would deeply appreciate it. My wife and I are coming in June and would love to explore as much as possible.

    1. Good evening,

      I was in Millstreet in July. I went to Dishane cemetery and saw a number of headstones with the name Kelleher. I took pictures and I am willing to share.
      One of the headstones had a Kelleher from Cahirdowney.

      My real email is <email>

      Patrick O’Leary
      Louisville, Kentucky

  24. Small piece of information.
    When my Sullivan ancestors were in Millstreet, they seem to have been friendly with the Kellehers.
    In Nov 1868 Abigail Kelleher and William Reilly were sponsors at my great uncle Lawrence’s baptism.
    In Nov 1876 Mary Kelleher and Richard Nagle were sponsors at my great uncle Richard’s baptism.
    St Patrick’s Church.

    1. Thanks!

      New question to all: in a Millstreet parish baptismal index record, my g-g-grandmother’s address is listed as Grandurr. I have searched extensively to identify where this is. Does anyone have any ideas?

      1. It’s more than likely Garraneduff – it would sound very similar to “Granduff”

        It’s in the 1901 and 1911 census listings, but no sullivans there unfortunately (yours is the only Grandurr in the records)

        On the old Ordinance Survey maps, it’s here:,530416,589861,6,9

        1. That’s terrific! Thanks. It’s okay that they’re not there in the 1901/1911 censi; it’s on an 1870 baptismal record, so it’s possible they moved. Thanks again.

  25. My great grandfather was Jeremiah O’Sullivan from Macroom County Cork his son Dennis passed on in Medford Mass USA in the 70s My late father Daniel Jeremiah O’Sullivan passed on 1997 I am Daniel Francis O’Sullivan was not close have no history but would love to know and pass down to my son John Patrick age 9
    Thank You

  26. Looking for information about Jeremiah Hegarty circa 1850s to his death in 1904 in the Millstreet and Macroom area? and also his son Jeremiah Joseph Hegarty. died 1931? Many thanks. Des

    1. Des,

      I saw your note about Jeremiah Hegarty on the Millstreet website and may be able to help you.

      My name is Freddie O’Connor and I am from Lurgan Co.Armagh which is about 260 miles from Millstreet but my mother came from Millstreet. She was Johanna Murphy to her maiden name and was born on 1 June 1915. Her mother was Catherine (Lily) Murphy. Her maiden name was O’Shaughnessy and her mother was Ellen O’Shaughnessy. Her maiden name was Hegarty and she was the daughter of Jeremiah Hegarty. Jeremiah was therefore my great great grandfather. I have been writing a family history over the past couple of years and I have a fair bit of information about Jeremiah which may be helpful to you.

      Assuming you are also a relative of Jeremiah, I will send what info. I have on to you. My email address is <email> and I will need yours.


      Freddie O’Connor

  27. I am writing from state of maryland usa. My great great grandfather came to washington dc about 1850. He died in 1880 after beong kicked by a horse. His name was Cornelius Linehan and may have come from boherbue. He married Mary Looney who I know was from Skibereen along with her father Patrick Looney. The officials in the usa could not understand his accent and wrote his name as Lanahan. Would love to get in touch with irish relatives! Thanx much!
    Timothy Lanahan. Email <email>

    1. Cornelius LANAHAN was b. 1830 in Co. Limerick and d. 7 Aug 1879 in the District Of Columbia, according to his memorial at There was another Cornelius b.abt. 1840 with wife Mary who d. abt. the same date, but in Baltimore. You sound quite sure that the LOONEY family was from Skibberdeen; but what makes you think that Cornelius was b. Boherbue? You can search the registers for both parishes, looking for births c.1830 and marriages c.1850, at the National Library of Ireland,
      Paul B. Phelps, Alexandria VA USA

  28. Hello I am wondering if there are any family history enthusiasts among the Sheahans of Boherbue, more exactly those descended from John and Margaret Sheehan or Sheahan of Derrynatubbrid, who would like to correspond with me about family history. My ancestors were Daniel, John and Denis Sheahan who emigrated to Queensland Australia in the mid to late 1800s. I am writing a book about them. Daniel married Margaret Moynihan in Ireland and had a daughter Mary and son John. Margaret had a brother Humphrey Moynihan who also emigrated to Queensland, they settled in Stanthorpe.
    The Sheahan brothers also had a sister Bridget and brother Cornelius.
    I am hoping that I can tell about their life in Australia in return for information about their origins in Boherbue.
    If you could pass on this message you have my many thanks,
    Anna Casey

  29. We were in Millstreet in October of 2013. We had a marvelous time. Thanks go to Billy and Ellen Sheehan at the Wallis Arms who introduced us the Sean Radley – the best tour guide we ever had. He introduced us to the Duggans, Maureen and Noel C. and we thank them also for taking us into their home and showing us true Irish hospitality.
    Also thanks must go to Mairead Tarrant as we had the best time in the Bridge Bar on Sunday night with her and Nadine and Siobhan and Pat Twomey. Mairead also presented me with a shirt that I guess makes me an unofficial (or official) member of the dart team.

  30. EDMOND WALSH 1822-1905 AND JULIA V MURPHY 1821-1865- Looking for any information on the parents or siblings of Edmond whose father I believe was Richard – I think they lived in Coomlogane. He and Julia emigrated to Boston and settled in Charlestown,Mass.. They had a daughter Ellen b 1848 d 1931 in Boston who married a John Buckley b Millstreet 1840-1923 Boston. He emigrated to Boston around 1870s . He and Daniel Kelliher were witneses to Edmond Walsh’s Naturalization. No idea as to the Kelliher connection. Any info on John Buckley would also be appreciated.

    I think Edmond had a sister Ellen b about 1820 who married my 2nd gr. grandfather Denis Buckley b about 1820 from Knocknakilla.

    Visited the remaining Buckley cousins Bertie, Seamus, Ann, Eileen and Kate whilst in Millstreet last fall and had a fabulous time.

    My email address is <email> and the Buckley family tree is on

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Slan

    1. I am the great great granddaughter of Honora Murphy Walsh who married Daniel Murley/Morley. I been in contact w/Dan Murphy great great grandson of Johanna Walsh and Cornelius Murphy. We can definitely give you info. We live in the USA. John Walsh my grandfather Redmunds Uncle met him at the ship when he immigrated! Thanks Kathy Kelky

  31. Just reaching out for information. I will be visiting Millstreet in early May with my family. My great, great, great grandfather was born in Millstreet. HIs name was Owen McCarthy and married Honora. Family legend reports he was a shoemaker and a soldier. One of his son’s, Eugene McCarthy, immigrated to America in about 1853 with his wife and children. Anyone know anything about Owen? Would appreciate any information, a cemetery I could search etc. Thank you, Judith McCarthy

    1. I was in Millstreet July 2013. The best person to contact is Sean Radley. He knows everyone in town. He is the best tour guide in town !

      Patrick O’Leary

  32. Hello Judith – sorry, I’m living in Connecticut not Millstreet – but myself, my brothers and cousins have visited over the years. ( Mr. Sean Radley Millstreet historian, was a wonderful guide and source of knowledge!) Eugene and Mary McCarthy are my great greats as well. Which of their children is your ancestor – ours is Robert, the youngest. Their are many connections for McCarthys to Millstreet/Drishane going back a millennium, but more work needs to be done on Owen and his wife, Julia. Owen was probably “pressed” into service in the British Navy, served as a landsman (no sea going experience) and was in the Battle of Trafalgar on the ship Revenge. (British war records online). If you find out more, let me know! Best, Christine

  33. Hi last year Mary Hackett was very helpful to me my husbands G grand father was born in Co CORK his parents were Honora or Mary Doyle father was Patrick O’Sullivan they had a son Peter born in 1857 and I still cannot find any trace of his birth from what Mary told me it was in Mill Street and he arrived in Australia in 1878 if any one has any clue please let me know .
    I have found this site wonderful it’s very informative Thanks Pauline O’Sullivan

  34. Hello – Am visiting Ireland in June and am researching my husbands family tree. His Great grandfather Patrick DONOGHUE married Catherine SWEENEY Feb 5 1861 and lived in Ballydaly co CORK. They had 6/7 children Ellen, John, Denis, Daniel, Patrick Florence, Michael all Baptised at Millstreet/Cullen. I have traced Michael and Florence to 1911 Census. Michael DONOGHUE married Mary HICKEY 1910-1911 in Millstreet and lived in Ballydaly Co Cork. Florence DONOGHUE married Mary (Nee unknown?) 1910-1911 lived in Inches C0 Cork. Am looking for any further information to take me to forward to present. Husband would like to find any living relatives or possible gravesite of great grandfather Patrick DONOGHUE passed away between 1901 and 1911. Thank you!! Debbie Donohue

  35. To Christine McCarthy McMorris. I see you on the family tree information that I have. I am a descendent of Robert’s brother, Eugene (born1856). That Eugene had three children, Stanley, Ray, and Marie. Stanley had two children, Warner and June. Warner had three children, Allen Michael, Patrick(died at two weeks) and me, Judith. I have one son, William Michael Kaage. I am in contact with a second cousin, Maralu Frost. Her mother was Grace McCarthy Frost, daughter of Ray, so Grace and my father, Warner, were cousins. Grace just turned 100 and she and Maralu still live in Red Creek, NY where my father, Warner was born.

    I have some different information regarding Owen. I have him as married to Honora which is a name that Eugene used for his daughter, Nora, or as the U.S. census has it Honorah one place and Honora in another place. I have someone named Julia as the mother or Mary Moynihan, wife of Eugene. Julia was married to Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Mary’s father. Also have some notation that Owen was at the battle of Waterloo? So confusing these bits of information are.

    Mary Hackett has given me some leads on information in the U.S.census that indicate a brother of Robert and Eugene etc….. a Jeremiah. He was not on any of the family tree information that I had.

    Loved hearing from you. Hope we can share more.

    Judith McCarthy

  36. How does on contact Mr. Sean Radley, Millstreet historian? I will be staying in Cork May 6,7,and 8th and then in Bantry 9-13th so could travel to Millstreet during those time frames. Judith McCarthy

    1. Judith,

      Scroll up the screen and look for where Sean replied to a message. Click on his name.

      He is the best ! He knows everybody in town and everything about Millstreet. Plus he is a heck of a nice guy !


      1. Patrick…If Judith arranges to email millstreetmuseum we shall plan on when and where to meet when she is in the Millstreet area. Your very kind comments to me are way too generous! A belated sincere St.Patrick’s Greetings to you and we are scheduled to be uploading further images of the Millstreet Parade shortly.

        1. Sean,
          Will do.

          The pictures from the parade have been great. Thanks for posting. This website and the Facebook page are my window into Irleland. The pictures around Millstreet are very special since my visit. I look at them and say, “Hey, I was there !”


    2. Judith,

      Send Sean an email at millstreetmuseum

      He knows everyone in town – I am not kidding ! When I was at Blarney Castle the day before my visit I struck up a conversation with the gentlemen that assist tourist to kiss the Blarney Stone. I told him my people were from Millstreet. It turns out he lived in Millstreet. I told him that I was meeting Sean in the morning – he knew Sean !

      The plan was to meet Sean outside St. Patrick’s church after mass on Sunday morning. When I arrived mass was still going on. There were three people outside of church that realize I was a tourist and asked if they could help me. I told them I was waiting for some guy named Sean Radley. They all three knew him and said, “Everyone knows Sean.”

      Sean took me to lunch at the Wallis Arms. When we walked in I am pretty sure everyone knew him.

      He is a great guy and it turns out him and I have a family connection.

      Good luck


  37. I am looking for information for both my great-grandmother and my great-grandfather.

    Great-grandmother: Nellie Sheehan (Ellen? Helen?) from Co. Kerry. Sister – Nora Sheehan (we think she was a twin), sister – Josephine Sheehan and brother Jack Sheehan. Nellie born May 19 1877 or it could have been 1873/1874. We are not 100% sure on the 1877 date. We found a ship manifest, but not sure if this the correct Nellie. SS Pavonia – left Liverpool June 12, 1890 arrived Boston June 23, 1890.

    Great-grandfather: William Patrick Lynch born June 15, 1873 – Co. Kerry. We have no other information on him other than William Patrick’s father’s name was William and his mother’s name was Johanna. Cannot find any ship manifests when he came to the U.S.

    They married in Chicago in 1896.

    If anyone has any information on either, please write back. This has been years of investigation.

    1. Hi Susan, I presume you have checked their marriage cert. for 27 Jul 1896. This would usually give the names of both sets of parents, and so you might get maiden name of their mothers. Also where did sisters and brother live. Did they have relatives in Chicago?

      1. Hi Mary Hackett,

        We actually had some luck finding my dad’s grandmother. She came from East Tarmons. We are still looking for ANY info on my dad’s grandfather – William Lynch. We don’t have any information on his siblings; how many, what gender, names – and no last name for his mother. Through DNA we have found a distant relative that actually lives in Chicago – last name Barrett and she came from E. Tarmons (relative of William Lynch), but from there we are at a standstill again.

  38. Looking at returning to visit Millstreet again, this coming June and thought that I would post this to see if anyone has any further info.

    My wife’s G-Grandmother was Mary Lehane Doody, born about 1847. She was the daughter of Daniel Lehane and Mary O’Sullivan. Daniel occupied land in Knocknolomon and his landlord was Humphrey O’Sullivan.

    Mary’s siblings were: 1)Margaret (married John Sweeney)and their daughter Margaret married Timothy Moynihan.
    3)Patrick (married M McCarthy)
    4)Julia (married John Casey)Daughter Nora married John Dineen (1897?). Their daughters Katie Dineen (married Peter Murphy) and Mary Dineen (married S Chambers.
    5)John Lehane (married Hanoria Herlihy) Their son John (1880?)and daughter Maggie Lehane (married Patrick Collins). Their children (as per 1911 Census) included Michael, 6, John, 4 and Hanna, 2.
    The property passed from Humphrey O’Sullivan to Jeremiah O’Sullivan, to Timothy O’Sullivan and then, in 1890, to Wm. Hassett as Landlord. In 1892, John Lehane was resident, as of 1892. In 1908, Hassett sold to Denis Creedon. In 1950, John Lehane was resident. In 1954, the property was vacant and occupied, again, in 1957, by Dan Collins.

    We are looking to locate anyone familiar with this family, so that we might locate the burial site of Daniel Lehane, his wife, Mary and decendants.

    Any information would be gratefully appreciated!

    1. Hello! This post 3 yes later but just found it in an Internet search. I’m from Daniel Lehane’s daughter Julia Lehane Casey line. Her daughter Norah married my Grandfather John’s brother James Dineen (my great uncle).James was,a Tailor and lived with Norah on Upper Mill Lane, Drishane, Millstreet. He passed away on 4 December 1915 in Millstreet. Norah passed away at home 4 July 1924. Her daughter Katie was present at her death. I have well documented sources. I don’t know if any of this could help you but posted just in case. My family is making our first trip to Ireland this July and will be going to Millstreet. If you found any buriels for Daniel or my line it would be most assuredly appreciated.

      1. Debra —
        We’ve had little, to no success finding gravesites. Priests of that time period recorded Weddings and baptisms, but seemly few, if any, burials.
        We did locate the Collin’s headstone, in the graveyard nearby to Drishane Castle, but NO luck with the Lehane locations.
        We DID visit the land where the Daniel Lehane’s family home once stood, but the house was demolished some years ago . . .
        Don’t want to add too much unnecessary info on the area or the family, since you seem to have quite a bit of that, already — but, if you would like to communicate further (and possibly share / trade info, I would be delighted.
        You will LOVE Millstreet, I have NO doubt. It is my favorite town in all of Ireland —and, after 20+ visits over the past 18 years, that should tell you a lot! 🙂

  39. I seek information on Timothy John Kelleher, born in 1844 in Cork, immigrated to U.S. settling in Cincinnati, Ohio, and in 1869 he married a lady, also from Cork, named Mary Elizabeth Cody or Cole. I’m looking for baptism records, family connections, relatives …. does anyone have knowledge of the family of Timothy John Kelleher … ??

    I look forward to hearing from you. Gratefully, Patti Westgate in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

    1. Patti,

      My people are from Millstreet and I have a Kelleher in my family tree. My Great Grandfather John Patrick O’Leary had a sister Mary that married a Jeremiah Kelleher – I think.

      My Great Grandfather John Patrick calmed to America in 1888 and settled in Wilmington, Ohio which is about 20 miles east of Cincinnati. My Great Grandfafther had two kids – Patrick John and Mary. Patrick John was my Grandfather. He moved from Wilmington to Cincinnati. A lot of the people that lived in the Wilmington area moved to Cincinnati.

      If they died in Cincinnati most likely they were buried at St. Joseph New Cemetery. They have a great website that you can search. I have 40 people buried there.

      Hopefully you find the records you are looking for.

      When I was in Millstreet I visited the cemetery. There were a lot of Kelleher’s buried there.


      Patrick O’Leary
      Louisville, KY

    2. My Grandfather was Timothy Kelleher (b 1895) in Kilcorney/Banteer, (not far from Milstreet). He had a brother John. Their Father was called John/Sean Kelleher. Not sure if he could be a brother of your Timothy John.

      My own father is John and my bROTHER IS timothy SO THESE NAMES ARE PROMINENT AND CONTINUOUS. It would be helpful is you could narrow down the area of Cork as Kelleher is reasonably common and although Timothy and John seem to be the only 2 names that run in the family – they are not unique names! If it helps my John (b 1840s?) and son Timothy (27/7/1895) were know as the Joiners (Carpenters).

      Hope you find a nugget of information here to help?!

      Good Luck
      Elizabeth Kelleher!!

        1. My father and my great grand father were both named Timothy.

          My 2nd great grand father Denis Kelleher married Johanna Creedon and lived in Millstreet. DOB and DOD are unknown. So far I have found the following children:

          John D Kelleher(b. abt 1855 d. abt 1908) married Mary Fitzpatrick 2/11/1888. They lived in Aubane and had 6 children (Denis, Michael, Johanna, Mary, Catherine & John)

          Hannah Kelleher (b. 3/23/1856 d. 2/25/1951 in San Francisco) married Michael Fitzpatrick 4/18/1888. They had 7 children( Hannah, Hellen, Michael, Dennis, Mary, John & Catherine) 3 died young the rest moved to San Francisco. Hannah also went there after the death of Michael.

          Mary Kelleher (b. abt 1851 d. 4/25/1846 in Alameda, CA) Married William Galvin abt 1876. Had 5 children (William, Frank, Joseph, Michael & Margaret) in California.

          Denis Kelleher (b. 6/26/1859 d. unknown)

          Timothy Kelleher (b. 12/21/1861 d. unknown) married Mary Manning 08/10/1860) lived in Lackabawn, Millstreet. Had 7 children (Hannah, Denis, Daniel, John, Helen, Peter and Michael). Hannah went to San Francisco with her 1st Cousin Hannah Fitzpatrick. Denis died young, Daniel,(my Grandfather) and Hellen moved to Cork City. John went to New York, Michael ended up married in England, and Peter stayed in Millstreet.

          Catherine Kelleher (b. 7/18/1865 d. 5/16/1952 San Francisco). Married Walter Walsh about 1900. They had 1 child Catherine.

          My grandfather Daniel maried Hannah Ring in Millstreet in 1923 and had 5 children before moving to Cork City. My father Timothy came to New York in 1949.

          I would be very interested if anyone has connections to or information about Denis Kelleher & Johanna Creedon. The Millstreet records have gaps for the that time period and I have not been able to find their parents or siblings.

          1. John Kelleher, I have most of these connections on my tree. I am on the Fitzpatrick line… We should chat off line; I also have an tree I can send you. <email>

          2. I have a Mary Kelleher ( mother Ellen Cronin, father Morty kelleher) who married a Arthur Oleary a convict transported to Tasmania Australia, they were from Co Cork and Co Clare,(Arthur’s mother was Honora (Nory)McCarthy and father Denis Leary/O’Leary) I was wondering if there might be any connection there with your Kelleher’s Cheers Maureen <email>

      1. My grandfather and his brothers (see the post below) as well as my father were also carpenters. I’ve been told they had a shop in Millstreet.

    3. Hi Patti,
      Timothy John Kelleher is my great-great grandfather. I’m pretty sure Cody is the correct name for Mary because that name has made it down the family line to my grandfather and uncle (from New Orleans). I haven’t found baptism records, but would be glad to connect and share what I have.

  40. Looking for tim Murphy originally from millstreet, cork.
    Would now be 55-60 years old. A tall man about 6ft – 6’2
    Brown hair, worked in Kildare about 35 – 40 years ago.
    Nothing sinister just wondered where he is now and what he’s doing, anyone
    Else from the past iv found in face book except him.
    Please email with any info

    Thank you in advance

  41. I am looking for information regarding my family.
    Denis Sheehan, born about 1810. He married Elizabeth “Betty” Keleher about 1830. Their daughter, the only child I know of, Ellen was born in Baile Bhuirne, Cork and died in Boston, MA USA March 16, 1922 in Boston, MA.

    Ellen Sheehan married Denis T. Connors (born about 1819) in Cork.
    Ellen & Denis had the following children in Cork, Ireland.
    1. Mary Connors, June 24, 1862, Shanaknuck, Millstreet, Cork.
    2. Margaret Connors, Dec. 9, 1863, Millstreet and Cullen, Cork
    3. Abigail Connors, May 4, 1865, Millstreet – She was also known as Abina Connors.
    4. Ellen Connors, Feb. 4, 1867, Shanaknuck, Millstreet, Cork.
    5. Katherine Connors, Oct. 5, 1868, Millstreet, Cork.
    6. Bridget Connors, May 30, 1870, Millstreet, Cork
    7. Timothy Denis Connors, Jan. 17, 1871, Cork. Died June 24, 1929 in Charlestown, Boston, Middlesex, MA USA. (My Grandfather).
    8. Elizabeth Connors, 1873, Cork.
    9. Nellie Connors, 1875, Cork.
    10. Daniel Connors, Apr. 20, 1875, Millstreet, Cork.
    11. Cornelius Connors, Mar. 26, 1877, Shanaknuck, Cork – Lived in Charlestown, Boston, and Middlesex, MA USA in 1905.
    12. Ty Connors, 1877, Millstreet, Cork.
    13 Denis Connors, Feb. 22, 1880, Shanaknuck, Cork.

    I have been unable to locate any further information in quite a while and would appreciate any help I can get.


    Terri Connors.

    1. Have you looked at the 1901 census records ? There was a Denis and Ellen O’Connor living in Shanaknock ages 80 and 60 at that time. The O’Connor family were well established in the area at that time. Even Shanaknock had more than one branch of the family. The same family names keep repeating. It is difficult to unravel the family threads with the repetition of names and the same town land. Maybe have a look at the Griffith Valuations .

  42. Hello Judith I wonder if you are in Millstreet yet? I hope you have a lovely visit! Please let me know if you find out any more information about our shared great great grandparents, Owen and Honora. And please give my best to Sean, such a lovely man who made us feel at home.
    All the best, Christine McCarthy McMorris

    1. We are in cobh. Will head to Bantry on the 8th and visit millstreet shortly after. Thanks for thinking of us. Would love to meet sean.

  43. Hello there,
    In September I am travelling in Ireland from New Zealand. I believe my mothers mother was a Sugrue from Millstreet? Are there any Sugrues in Millstreet now? Julia Sugrue was my Grandmothers name.

  44. Hello! I am wondering if anyone would be interested in checking out the Fitzpatrick/Sullivan/O’Sullivan headstones in Cullen and emailing me pictures. I am in NYC and wont be getting over there anytime soon. Will gladly pay for the time and energy of anyone who is interested in helping me. Please contact me to discus further. <email>

  45. Judith Mccarthy here from Washington usa. Plan to visit millstreet Tuesday the 13th on our way north. Don’t know if Sean or Mary will be around. Will poke around town with my family. only have email and sporadic access. Having lovely holiday, so many mccarthy names everywhere.

    1. Hi Judith…Hope your visit to Ireland is going very well. I can arrange to meet with you all at Millstreet Museum on Tuesday, 13th May from 11.30 a.m.. I have commitments up to that time. Please email me at millstreetmuseum to indicate your approximate time of arrival in Millstreet on that day. Very best wishes – Seán Radley

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