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  1. Hi Sean, I’d like to thank you for being so nice to all of us from the radio, when we met you last week. I hope to meet you again before too long. We had a wonderful 2 nights in the pub with Seán & the lads, I’ve never seen such hospitality from anywhere as we had there & we’ll definitely sing the praises of everyone concerned.
    Again, many thanks from all of us on Friendly Radio Sean.

    Mags xx

    1. Margaret, we were so delighted to meet with you all in Carriganima. I’m just about to upload a feature on the wonderful weekend there. Sincere congrats. on your truly superb Friendly Radio Station which provides such excellent Country-and-Western music for a very appreciative global audience. We would certainly encourage website visitors to log on to and discover a very real listening gem. Looking forward to meeting with you all soon again. Very best wishes from all in Millstreet….and Carriganima.

  2. Hi Ted O’Leary nice to receive your email, thank you for the information about my Grandmother, too bad Mom and Daddy are gone they would truly enjoy the internet, I got my wife a webcam so she can talk, and see her sisters in Oklahoma, great age we live in. Our house has been through a revovation since last Oct. so I have spent my time from my workshop on my Dell at home, I am on the computer all day at work, so this research project about the Sullivan’s in Ireland paid off. Also it put me back in Gaeilge 101, like most Americans I speak, read, and write only english (American modified English). Most of my information has been from the sites I found starting with Millstreet. ie Keep in touch Ted John Andrew Sullivan

  3. Good morning(08:47 here in Research Triangle Park North Carolina) Majella O’Sullivan, I have not received your email if my email has not come to you let me know and I will contact the administrators Mr. Cashman or Mr. Radley

    1. Good Evening John Andrew.

      I have sent you an email to your office, so I hope that it will be there for you in the morning. I hope that the email won’t distract you too much from your work tomorrow. Looking forward to hearing from you soon, Majella

  4. My family history is that great grandfather left Millstreet for New York on a ship out of Queenstown in circa 1880, his name was Maurice O’Connell. He and his wife Catherine Cronin and several of his children arrived in Lawrence, Massachusetts about 1881. They had 12 children some of whom stayed in Ireland. Catherine was born in 1836 and died in July 1887 in Lawrence. Maurice l827 – 1917 died in Lawrence. Children were Bartholomew 1858-1925, Mary 1860-?, Patrick 1861-1933, Katherine 1862-1931, Maurice 1864-1904,Hanora 1865-1907, Bridget 1866-1886, Mary 1869-1883, John 1872-1908, Ellen 1872-1940, James 1875-1918, and Margaret 1877-1918. Any information will help greatly. Thank you

    1. Are you sure Millstreet is correct location? I can find this family in Carrigtwohill, which is close to Midleton.

      1. If you are reasonably certain that you have found this family then…WOOPIE!! I don’t have anyone to check with regarding the location–all I have is my memory of things deceased relatives have told me. Carrigtwohill may be where they lived and had some connection to Millstreet. Maybe they had desires to be form there, or were exaggerating their status. I do not know. But if you have found this family then pl;ease tell me how I can get the source data for my family search. Birth certificates, marriage license(s), or other official records would be most helpful. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  5. Family stories are that Maurice owned a farm in Millstreet when his wife’s brother needed a loan to save his own farm…so Maurice signed up to sponsor him with the farm. The property was lost and Maurice left with his family for the USA. One of Maurice’s sons, Bartholomew, had been a “Peeler”, which I understand was a sort of policeman. Shortly after arriving in the USA he signed on with the US Army, and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. My grandfather was Patrick who was a stonemason by trade.




  7. Folks, it sure was nice to see and hear mine and Vic Holdroyd’s song”TAKING ALL THE MEMORIES” sung by Noel Flynn. It came in great here in southern Florida USA. Keep up the great work for country music.The best to you all. J.D.

  8. Greetings from Stamford, Conn. USA! I am proud to say that my ancestors lived in Millstreet at least as early as the 1830’s and probably long before that. My great-great-grandfather John Murphy married Ellen Curtin in Millstreet parish in 1858. Their daughters Mary and Margaret went to the US in the 1880’s, son Daniel went to NZ, and daughter Ellen (Nellie) and sons Patrick and Daniel (Twins) and John, I have no idea what happened to them. Margaret disliked America and came back to Ireland; she and Nellie ran a guesthouse in Cork city at 8 Kings Terrace, that still stands, from at least 1910 on.

    Would love to find out if there are any Murphys and Curtins still living in Millstreet whose roots go back to th 1830’s. Better still would be to find living cousins!

    From photos I can see that your area is beautiful, and I hope to come visit soon.

  9. My Healy Great Grandparents had a farm in Millstreet, My Grandmother Margaret Healy left the farm in the 1920’s and came to New York.. Does anyone know of a Denis and Margaret SWEENEY HEALY FARM IN Millstreet.T? We were in Millstreet a few years ago but could not find it. The children went to the Coulhabeg School and there were about 18 children, Any help would be great.Thanks a million, Chris Kennedy

  10. Please express my sincere condolences to Margaret Cleary and Pa during the sad loss of their Baby Ryan… Another Angel in Heaven…..

    Tom….. Manchester.

  11. Hi there,

    I was in Millstreet last August and managed to meet up with a long lost cousin of my mother’s. It was wonderful to meet her and her husband after all the years of being told about the irish half of my family. My family are the Fox’s, based mostly in Milford. My Grandad was a blacksmith so i’m told and loved Hurling. Any info would be great!

    1. Charlie,
      It is cold and rainy here in Upstate NY today and as always when I have a spare minute, I check this website…but for some reason this is the first time I noticed your entry. If your grandfather’s name was Scannell I actually remember watching him work in his forge…when I was about six years old.

  12. Great site and thank you for all of your information.

    My great grandparents were Patrick Ford & Julia Reardon, married in 1866. Their progeny all came to Lawrence,Massachusetts in/around 1870-1900. my great-great grandparents were John Ford who married Julia Healy..dates and places unknown.

    Is anyone able to color in some blanks/ Most appreciated.

    Daniel Ford

    1. Hi Daniel,
      Was your grandmother Ellen Carey? I think I can fill in some blanks for you. Millstreet will give you my email address.

      1. Hi Mary!

        Yes that is my grandmother…would appreciate any information you have on her side as we know very little.

        thank you

  13. Thomas Wallace left Ireland during the Presidency of John Quincy Adams 1825-29, and hailed from Rathcoole, County Cork. He wrote fondly of “fishing the Blackwater” back home with his brothers. Seeking to communicate with anyone regarding Rathcoole, historically and currently.

    Thanks in advance, Kim

    1. Hi Kim
      My family names are Sheehan and Neville. The Sheehans came from Coolclough, and Nevilles from Rathcool(e), County Cork, between 1800-1900. These places are only about 5 miles apart and are in the parish of Dromtarriffe, partly in Kerry and partly in Cork.
      I live in England and I am going to visit both these villages in June 2012. I expect to see the river Blackwater, although I don’t know what it’s like for fishing these days. Would you like me to take a picture for you?
      Best wishes

  14. Hi!
    I am looking for any info on the Breen families from Ballyday. Some members emigrated to Boston early 1900s or late 1800s. Names I recall are Nora Breen and Patrick Breen. Married into the Hogan family. I believe some Breens are still there. Went searching a few years ago and learned there are Breens around Millstreet. Perhaps related. Can you help? Thank you!

    Lori Hogan
    Colorado USA

    1. Hi Lori
      I have been trying to trace relatives of my Ggrandmother Catherine Breen some family say Kilbrin was mentioned but i see in the Family Search where some of her family were babtised in Cullen Boherbue Newmarket Co Cork before they moved and settled in a place called Mountcollins co Limerick where some of her family emigrated to America New York I think but i might be able to research exactly where in America they went to
      Catherine Breen DOB 1825/1834 Approx co Cork who married a James Daly also from Someplace in Co Cork history has it that they eloped to get married place (Unknown) Patrick Breen DOB 1868/1869 Cullen Newmarket Co Cork Daughter Mary Daly DOB 1870 Cullen Boherbue Co Cork Born to Parents Catherine Breen & James Daly and then more of the family were born in Mountcollins Registration Abbeyfeale Newcastle west co Limerick there was a Julia and a Hanora a Catherine & a James in it some of them Emigrated to America where Patrick Daly & Mary Daly Married a John Noonan place (Unknown) There was red hair in the breen family if this is any help
      I see in the Family Search Records.Org where a Catherine Breen DOB 1834 Parents John Breen & Catherine Roche Co Cork Parish (Unknown) I am up against a brick wall and i am getting no place as i am not sure is it Kilbrin Cullen Or Boherbue she came from or any Catherine Breen from either of these place who married a James Daly then i would know i was on the right track but there must be Dalys or Noonans in America who have connections to these places in Co cork & Mountcollins abbeyfeale Co Limerick where they went to school & Emigrated from By Cobh Harbour co cork I think if you can put anything together it would be very much appreciated
      Margaret Flanagan

  15. Hello from Oregon, USA I am researching my O’Callaghan family. Jeremiah Frank O’Callaghan b/1829 married Hannah mcCastre (sic) b/1832. Children we all born in Millstreet area. Callaghers Jeremiah O’Callaghan b/ Jan 1857; Callaghan O’Callaghan born Dec 22, 1863 and Ellen O’Callaghan b/July 1864. I do not know parents marriage date of itf there were other children. Immigration to USA occurred sometime around 1864- 1865. Any info on this family would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks, Barb

  16. Hi all,
    I’m researching o Leary Cronin marriages in the late 1800.
    Timothy o Leary died 1935 married Bridget Cronin died 1929.
    I’m looking for marriage records to find both sets of parents.
    As far as I know they were buried in kilcorney, any help would be much accepted.
    Looking forward to a reply.

    1. I know there used to be a Cronin family in Millstreet,on corner of Murphys Terrace when I was there visiting in-laws in 1980s.. Hope this helps… Tom Brightman… Manchester.

      1. Thanks a mill Tom ,
        Got a bit bogged down for awhile ,but I’m back on track now.
        Guraibh mait agut ,

    2. My Great Great Grandparents were Patrick John O’Leary and Johanna Sullivan. They had nine kids. I think one of them married a Cronin. I have run across that name in my research.

      Patrick O’Leary
      Louisville’ Kentucky USA



    I live here in Manchester and often read Millstreet news etc. After treatment for eye cancer, I now have a kidney stone and was scheduled for surgery on 14th May 2012. Being somewhat nervy about the operation, I telephoned the hospital chaplain to ask if I could be annointed on the day of my surgery..After I gave him my name and time of admission to the ward, he said it was already booked for him to see me and give me the sacrament. I told him this was not possible. I asked him how he knew, he said a person called Bernadette left a message on my behalf.
    I do not know a Bernadette so its weird,,, but gets weirder because my favourite saint I pray to is….Guess who ?? St. Bernadette.

  18. My 5x great grandparents were Richard Fitzgerrold (1800-1840) and Nancy Murphy (1800-1840). Both died in Milstreet. Their six kids emigrated to the US. I’m looking for any information I can find about them. I live in California. THanks :] David

  19. My name is Tom and from Manchester. I wish to ask to remember in your prayers the soul of a 22 year old man here in Manchester who had attended an open-air “Stone Roses” concert a few weeks ago with his 5 friends. The concert was massive and very muddy ground. At the end of the concert Chris Brahney and his friends began to exit the park. Chris realised he had lost his mobile phone so told his friends he was returning to the spot to try to find it. He was never seen alive again. Here in Manchester we set up a voluntary club on facebook and we gained 120 thousand people to search for Chris. The search lasted for 8 days and nights but sadly his body was found in Manchester ship canal in Salford where I myself live. The ironic thing was that 2 days before he was found, his Father and 2 friends were making an appeal on BBC Television, the new television studio was on the edge of the ship canal and within yards from where Chris was found.This tragedy rocked the area of Manchester and beyond the seas. Chris has not to date been buried but yesterday was his 23 birthday.
    I am very grateful for your prayers for Chris, his family and friends who blame themselves for leaving him at the concert to find his phone. Thank you and God Bless you all….


  20. Just to let people know that my uncle, Dennis O’Sullivan, passed away yesterday after a short illness. He was born in Millstreet and lived in Main Street. He has lived with his sister Noreen, in England for many years but Millstreet was always home. You may remember him as the brother of Kevin O’Sullivan, who sadly passed away in March this year too. May he rest in peace.

  21. We extend our sincere sympathy, Joanna, to all the Family on the sad passing of Denis to his Eternal Reward. He was always so wonderfully proud of his Millstreet roots and, like his brother Kevin, was so very popular not only with the many residents of Main Street, The Bridge and West End but with all in Millstreet. His knowledge of the history of Millstreet was hugely impressive and he was always so willing to share this with so many. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam dílis.

  22. Leaders of Christchurch, New Zealand researching relatives to John Collie, son of Graeme and Maurneen Collie of Dunedin.

  23. Hello…

    Great grandparents were from Millstreet area. Great Great grand father Richard Dowe, and Great Great Grandmother Ellen Dineen. Great Grandeparents were Michael R. Dowe and Catherine Riordan. Both Michael and Catherine left the area and settled in Lawrence, MA. I would appreciate any information that is known. I believe the Dowes were from Mountleader area.

  24. thank you for your site my husband peter and I live in Australia his Great G Father Peter was born in Millstreet in 1860 and we have been looking for years to find any trace of Honora Doyle & Patrick sullivan who were his parents i am not sure of any sibling so your site is wonderful to look at other people,s posts Kind Regards Pauline <email>

    1. hi pauline,
      glad to hear you enjoyed the site

      i don’t know of any Doyles in millstreet, but i wouldn’t be far out to say that one in every 20 here is an o’sullivan, so it’s like a needle in a haystack :/

      if it’s any good to you, click the link below to find all the Peter O’Sullivans baptisms in the online records for millstreet (pre-1900)
      there’s none from 1860, but there’s a few from around that time.

      michael (one of the admins for

    2. Hi Pauline, I do have details on your people. You can contact me directly through the web site and I will put them together for you.
      Mary <email>

  25. Thank you Michael for the link I will keep looking it’s so good to read all the posts.

    Thanks to mary for your reply I have emailed you and look forward to hearing from you im so excited.

    1. Mary Hacket must have been a saint in a past life because she has just given us a miracle we thank her very much.
      peter & pauline o,sullivan

  26. Very interested in this site – my great grandparents Michael and Mary Sullivan lived in Millstreet from about 1865 to 1880 – then moved to Newmarket.
    Michael was born in Newmarket in 1838 and was the son of John Sullivan, that much I know and he lost a leg when he was a soldier.
    Mary’s maiden name was Nagle and they had at least 8 children.
    I should like to find out where they lived before they came to Millstreet .
    I am going to visit Millstreet in June 2013 and would like to visit the cemeteries there to look for tombstones.
    Grateful for any ideas, suggestions, local information from anyone interested in family history.

    1. Thank you Tom.
      I am trying to learn the geography and towns in Co. Cork and Kerry.
      Hoping to visit Millstreet, Newmarket, Kanturk and Killarney.
      Best wishes

  27. Just an idea….

    Could someone draw up a road map of Millstreet and the surrounding areas, pinpointing points of interest?

    Maps could be sold for a small fee, with proceeds to be donated to the hospital.

    1. hi Margaret, this idea for the website has been in my head for some time, as a way of co-ordinating all of the information of places of interest in Millstreet. In essence a guide to visitors for what to see, and something that would give them a little insight into the history of these places.

      but it would take time to get all the information together, and time is something i have very little of at the moment. any help from others would be welcome.

      1. Hi Michael,

        Your work in maintaining this website and keeping “The Millsteet Family” together is beyond value. I truly do not know where you find the time to accomplish all that you do. Maybe though someone out there could download a Google map (if that is legal) of the area and, for now, index the various points. The County Council or the National Government might have aerial maps that could be used. If visitors/researchers have some inkling of what they are looking at, or where they should begin their search, it would make their trip more worthwhile and possibly lead to repeat visits. How about making it a Community School project?

        1. Thanks Margaret, we do it because we enjoy it, but it’s a group effort, of which i’m only one, so I’ll not take the credit for everyone’s effort.

          There are lots of map resources, though i’m unsure what could be used, who would pay for printing etc. It may be a long process to get a hard copy out. But it would be worth it

          1. I will take the liberty to speak for all our immigrants in saying that we are deeply grateful to all contributors. Millstreet has always been blessed with dedicated community-minded people. As for those of us away from home, we know more about our home town than we do about the happenings in our present neighbourhoods.
            Maybe one of the local politicians could pry loose a map from the County Council. There are people in the area with the knowledge and expertise to get this done. Cost of printing could be covered by charging participating local businesses a small fee to advertise on the back of the map. Come on guys!

    2. This is a fantastic idea… My great grandparents (Riordans) are from millstreet and I’d love to see a map to locate where the farm was and also to have for when I finally visit one day (in US).

  28. I have some info for Patricia Candler re Michael Sullivan,born Newmarket 1838.According to Curious Fox website,he married Mary Nagle in 1858 and suffered a leg injury while serving in British army.He later wandered around the county looking for work.I hope this info helps.

  29. Many thanks for looking out for my folks, Richard – I can’t have too many observant people around – but I joined Curious Fox about 3 years ago and it may be my message that you’ve seen. I found some other information I needed from Curious Fox and think it is well worth joining.
    Michael Sullivan, born 1838 in Newmarket was the son of John Sullivan and Honora Mullane. I don’t know if John and Honora married in Newmarket, though I think its likely.
    After losing a leg through T.B. Michael left the army and married in Carrigtwohill, although the Priest there had no children of the marriage recorded in his register. Michael and Mary must have come to Millstreet in about 1866 and they lived there until at least 1880.Six of their children were baptised in Millstreet. I keep hoping to hear from one of Michael’s descendants – better informed than myself, of course!
    Many thanks for your response – are you looking for ancestors, too?
    Best wishes

    1. A son Laurence Sullivan married a Mary Sugrue daughter of Denis Sugrue and Honora Russell from Faha Killarney on 28 Sep 1893, but I can’t find anymore details on them.

      1. Hello Mary, I’m gathering info about Denis Sugrue and Honora Russell, as they are parents to my Peter J. Sugrue. I’ve found a bit of free info on them and siblings on

  30. Hello everyone,
    I just came across this site and I had to contribute. My name is Cornelius O’Shea or Con as I am known by. I was born in 1940 above the Bridge Bar in Millstreet which was owned by my father John O’Shea. (now I know why I like to g to the pub for a drink) I went to school in Millstreet and I just love that town. I emigrated to the USA in 1961 and presently live in new Jersey. It is so nice to see so many people interested in Millstreet.
    best regards to everyone,
    Con O’Shea

  31. Hi Con,

    My name is Margaret (O’Shea) Jordan. My O’Shea ancestors originated in Clondrohid. A few of us in Cork are very actively researching O’Sheas of the Clondrohid and Millstreet areas. Our O’Shea blog is at and my email address is <email>.

    We would love to hear from you and discuss O’Shea family history.


  32. Just replying to thank Mary Hackett. I didn’t know it was Faha, Killarney.It gives me another place to consider.
    Lawrence married in Killarney Cathedral, according to his marriage certificate – he seems to have found work in Killarney. The only other thing my cousin Patrick remembers hearing, when he was a small boy, was that Lawrence was a strong Irish Nationalist. He disapproved strongly of his brother joining the British army, although he served in South Africa.
    Many thanks – every crumb of information is important.
    Best Wishes
    Pat Candler

  33. This looks a fantastic site! I am trying to trace the Lehane family that is rumoured to have lived in the Millstreet vicinity, namely Catherine Lehane born about 1857/8 whose father was Con (Cornelious). I know its a long shot but any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Best wishes

    1. My Great Grandfather lived in that area – he was James Lehane – I do not have a DOB for him, but his daughter, Mary Lehane (1877) married my Grandfather Eugene Walsh. Eugene was born in Ruhillmore, Kilmeen, District of Millstreet.

  34. Hi Brendan,

    Thanks for your message. Does my Catherine, born abt 1857, fit as a child of your grandfather? She moved to the Kilmallock area to find work and married a Patrick Burns in 1879, living in Bruff until her death in 1921.

    Does any of this tie in with your Lehane family?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes

    1. I’ not sure , but there was at least 10 or 11 of the twelve of my grandfathers family that moved to America. Do you know how many were in the family? My grandmother’s name was Ellie ryan

  35. Just returned from holiday in Killarney. I have been advised that my family history studies need to broaden geographically from Millstreet to include Meelin, Rockchapel, Brosna,Kanturk, Liscarrol, Rathcool and Banteer.
    Visited Newmarket, where my g/great grandfather was born.
    I should like to thank all the Roman Catholic priests and parish clerks who make time to help with family history enquiries. It is information that would be difficult to find anywhere else.
    It was a very pleasant week and I specially enjoyed all the wild flowers blooming on the roadsides.
    Best wishes

  36. I am coming to Millstreet in July to visit Millstreet and am hopeful to learn more of my family who had at least seven children born mostly in workhouses around Millstreet. My ancestor was John Sheehan who married Catherine Lucy(Lucey). I am unable to find a marriage record but they had these known children: beginning in 1870 Timothy, Mary, John, cornelius, Daniel, Ellen, and Jeremiah(1879). Daniel and Ellen came to Boston between 1895 and 1902. Daniel married Anne Duggan in Boston – who was from Dublin (parents whom I cannot locate were Edmond Duggan and Mary MacElroy). Ellen married Dennis Quill (also from Ireland) and lived in Brockton, MA near cousins/relatives-Kelliher’s and Quills and Buckleys. I know that Ellen came to the US at age 19 and she is said to have attended St. John’s convent in Drishane and she traveled with a Jeremiah Sheehan who was 47 yrs old. Two of the sheehan brothers are said to have gone to Australia to fight in the Boer War. I would love to meet descendants of the Sheehan family or learn anything more about them. If anyone has a thought or lead, please contact me. thank you very much!!

    1. Unfortunately the workhouse records were destroyed in a fire when the IRA burned the building in 1919. I did however trace the birth of one Jeremiah Sheehan in the workhouse in 1879 through the parish records which are available online. I’ve listed all of the Sheehan with mother Katherine Lucey and father John in that period.

      John [28 Oct 1872] [12 Nov 1872]
      Cornelius [8 Jul 1874] []
      Daniel [18 Nov 1875]
      Ellen [3 May 1877]
      Jeremiah: [2 June 1879]

      Looking on the familysearch site, I find similar records.

      I think that you’re incorrect on when Ellen travelled to US, the record that you seem to refer to shows William(47), hannah (28) and Ellen (19). I think that Ellen travelled to Boston via Ellis Island on the SS Umbria leaving Queenstown (Cobh) arriving in New York on April 14th 1901. The records show that she travelled alone, however entered the US with another millstreet man Anthony Barrett who was travelling to SFO (his entry was on the following line in the manifest. She was 23 at the time. She lists her destination as “Cousins Ellie Neil, 56 Eagle St, ??? NY” The writing is difficult to make out. I have saved a copy of that manifest.|%3Fheehan&ALTS=97|shaehan&pID=604696040157

      There are several Daniel Sheehan’s that entered the US in the Ellis Island data, however none are specific enough to identify Daniels’ entry.
      I did find that a Daniel Sheehan married Annie Duggan on 24 Nov 1901 in Boston.

      And they had several children.

      The convent in drishane (infant jesus sisters) was estabished in 1909. the other convent in Millstreet was the Presentation convent.
      The Boer was was fought in Australia, and it seems that Cornelius served with the Royal Irish Rifles and was discharged on 28 Jan 1904. (his soldier number was 3287). They did fight in that war.

      Looking at the commonwealth casualty records, I found that a record for the death of Jeremiah Sheehan, (father + mother Kate, age 36),%20JEREMIAH

      There are several families of sheehans living in Millstreet, however whether they are descendants of your relatives is unknown. I believe that you have some research to do beforehand.
      The best lead may be Cornelius Sheehan who was returning to Millstreet after discharging from the Military.

      hope this helps somewhat

      1. Hi Pat,
        I additionally found these children of John Sheehan and Catherine Lucy:
        Timothy b.1/8/1870 in Slievereagh, Cork (spelled Shean) and Hannah Sheahan christened 10/28/1872 Millstreet and Cullen and then Mary Shean b. 05/04/1871 christened in Slievereagh also.
        I think I never found the right passenger list for Ellen or Daniel Sheehan. Daniel’s census records show he came to US in 1900. He did marry Annie Duggan so they are my ggrandparents. I found Annie’s immigration record and it’s a match because she came to visit her cousin DAniel who lived on 17 Fellows St and that’s who she married with his address listed so that’s a definite match from 4/12/1901 on the Norwegian from Londonderry. I can’t find her parents Edmond Duggan and Mary Macelroy possibly in Dublin. I can’t find Daniel’s parents John Sheehan and Catherine (Kate)Lucey in Cork. I think that might be Cornelius in the Royal Irish Rifles but I can’t find a record of him in Cork after that. Jeremiah is the right age at death but his father is listed as Dennis and our family’s Jeremiah is father John. Ellen Sheehan told stories of her time in school at the Drishane Convent says her grandson who is now in his 80’s.
        I have Ellen definitely confirmed on the 1900 census in brockton, MA living on the same street as her future husband and with cousins and it says she came to US 5 years prior. I can’t find anything definitive at this point. I certainly appreciate your help. If you have any further suggestions, especially for where to start my research in the Millstreet area, I am all ears. Thank you again!!!

        1. Hi Jeanne,
          I just got off the phone with a distant relative (James Leo Tuite), talking history about our common ancestor named John J. Quill (b.1831), an Irish immigrant from Millstreet (so we think) who lived in Chester County (PA) and New Castle County, (DE) from roughly 1855-1918. Leo Tuite lives in Brockton, Mass…as had his father’s ancestors. I’m very interested in your post because there existed a close relationship between our Quills and a Timothy Sheehan (b. 1825 perhaps in Millstreet area) and wife Johanna who came to America in 1851. Their son Daniel F. Sheehan (b.1865) became the legal guardian for my grandmother (Alice McTague)when she was orphaned after the death of parents John E. McTague and Mary Ellen (Quill) Mctague (daughter of the for-mentioned John J. Quill. This Daniel Sheehan married a Margaret Kelliher and they lived in Chester County (PA).

          John J. Quill’s wife was a Julia Desmond, whose mother we think was Mary Lucey who married Andrew Desmond in Ireland. We only know this because we have these people as parents of Andrew Desmond who we presume to be Julia’s brother. Andrew lived in Chester County as well.

          I know we are talking about some common names, but they revolve around each other and have the Millstreet connection. I am also intrigued by a connection to Brockton as well. Our gang migrated during the famine period, but we may have some links. Happy to hear your thoughts.
          Chris Haugh
          Frederick, Maryland

    2. Hi Jeanne: Denis Quill was from Macroom area, parents were Jeremiah Quill and Johanna Shea. Johanna’s parents were Thomas Shea and Margaret Buckley, according to her death cert in 1904. This may help with some other Buckley connections for you. The family seem to have emigrated in 1884, eventhough Denis emigrated in 1870?

      1. That is very helpful to me. Thank you! I will be arriving in Ireland in one week! So excited but hardly know where to begin my research!! This will help. I’d love to meet relatives, if only that were possible! I had only gotten as far as Dennis’ parents names. 🙂

    3. In my family tree. Jeremiah Sheehan (1860 to 1944), married Ellen O’Sullivan. I also have a Ellen (Elly) Sheenan born 1916, who married Michael Walsh (my father’s cousin). Not sure is there is a connection here. (BTW, The Boer War was South Africa, not Australia). I was born in SA and came to live in Ireland 18 years ago.

  37. I just started searching family history and have found a possible connection to Millstreet. My great grandfather was Daniel Kelleher and he had a brother Cornelius. After checking the 1900 Census for Toledo Ohio where we know Daniel lived we found him living as a boarder with a family. He listed date of immigration to the USA as 1893. I checked immigration list and found a Daniel and Cornelius traveling together to Boston that year. They listed their last place of residence as County Kerry. Searching County Kerry with this new information I found a couple Jeremia Kelleher and Hanora Riordan Kelleher who had baptisms for two sons Daniel and Cornelius around this time period. Thats as far as I have tracked so far. Can anyone help me with more information? I’m trying to search to see if anyone related to Jeremia or Hanora is still living in the area.

  38. HI Pat,
    Thank you sooooo much for your information. I can’t view ancestry but hope to soon. I was overwhelmed and overjoyed to read your response. I have spent so much time and in a flash you came up with more information that I never found. I will respond tomorrow. You are a true blessing! THank you!!

  39. Does anyone know about the Drishane Convent? A grandson is still living of my Ellen Sheehan who came to US in 1896 and always spoke about her time at the school – Drishane Convent. Someone else told me the convent was only established in 1909 but that can’t be right. Any thoughts?

  40. Hello!
    I am the grandson of Denis Joseph Sheehan B. 4 May 1869, Co. Cork, married to Bridget Linehan B. Feb 1870, Co. Cork. They came to Boston about 1890. They either married here or there – not sure. He was a laborer.
    We have some indications they were from or lived in Millstreet, and also some Rathmore associations. We have found nothing thus far of their parents or any travel details.
    Can anyone help us?

    1. CORRECTION: My niece just shared this info with me…

      Denis J. Sheehan was born 10/16/1868 in County Cork.
      He sailed into Boston 7/13/1891 on the ship Samaria. He became a US citizen 10/18/1899 in Boston.
      On the 1900 census he lived on Pioneer St. in Cambridge with Bridget age 30 and Denis J. age 8 mos.

      On the 1920 census Denis J. was 52, Bridget was 44, Joseph was 20, Mary was 19, Annie was 17, Alice was 15, William was 12, Helen was 10 and Elizabeth was 5. They were living on Kenwood St.– not too far from Hamilton St., Cambridge, MA.

      1. Keep trying to find a Boston Marriage record for your Denis and Bridget, because if they DID marry here, the parents’ names will be listed. Very helpful. Boston definitely has marriage records from that time. Also, irishgenealogy site is giving marriage records. If he came alone on that ship Samaria, I’d think that indicates marriage in Boston is more likely. Good luck! Marriage records in Boston helped me solve my own mysteries regarding parents of immigrants.

        1. Thank you! My niece has checked over the years and thus far not found any records. That is why we wonder if they got married before coming over.

          1. UPDATE: we have the parents!

            Denis J Sheehan’s parents were Denis and Mary Cronin.
            Bridget Linehan’s parents were John Linehan and Mary Healy.

            Please. Does anyone have any information on them?

      2. I am a Linehan descendant and Bridget Linehan (1869) is a relative. She was born at Coome, Glenville. Her father was Simon and his father, also Simon, was my gg grandfather.
        I would be delighted to share details.
        Donal O’Callaghan

  41. The relatives I”m searching for in the Sheehan family were all born in the Millstreet area from 1870-1879. Did you find the birth record to see who the parents are of Denis? The parents of my clan are John Sheehan and Katherine Lucey with different possible spellings. I have no further information on them. Daniel came to Boston around 1900 or so and he’s my ggrandfather. Ellen Sheehan lived in Brockton and DAniel lived in Roxbury, Boston and Quincy, MA.

    1. Thank you. We have not had any luck finding any birth records or church records whatever.

      Would you share the date of death for Daniel? We found an article in the paper which we believe was our Denis misnamed as Daniel, but perhaps it was your Daniel and not ours, although the dates jive for us.

      1. They married on 1 Sep 1898 in Cambridge. His parents were Denis Sheehan and Mary Cronin, her parents were John Linehan and Mary Healy. Their first child Denis J was born on 17th Oct 1899 and they lived in 8 Pioneer St at that time too. Do you have any details of any of Denis or Bridget’s brothers or sisters? This would help to find where they were from.

        1. Thank you! Thank you!
          Yes. That is them!
          We did not have any Linehan upline!
          That is excellent information.
          I also did not have the marriage date.
          How do you have this information? Are we related?

          1. Hi Paul, 2 daughters are buried in St Patricks Cemetry, Waverly, Cambridge: Agnes on 26 Jul 1906 and Mabel 9 Aug 1914. Maybe if you check here at this cemetry, if any other family members have been buried there. Denis died between 1920 & 1930 and Bridget after 1940. If you know where they are buried, you could also check there. They were living in 3 Hancock Pk.

          2. Thank you Mary.
            We just discovered Agnes a couple of years ago. No one knew about her!
            Mabel is altogether completely new~!
            My query is there is a Waverly MA and there is a Cambridge MA, but neither one has a Saint Patrick’s Cemetery. So, I do not know what to do with this information.
            We know when Denis died, but not Bridget.
            They were all still living at Hancock Pk when I was born. I actually remember going there once. 🙂
            I live in Virginia now, so I will have to relate this back to my niece in MA and await her reply.

          3. you may want
            St Patrick’s Cemetery
            999 Belmont Street
            Watertown, MA 02472
            (781) 322-6300
            My Millstreet born GF(John J Kelleher) is also buried there.

            very close to Waverley and Waverley Oaks.
            < 1 mile.
            Also I was reared on Hancock St., Cambridge, MA
            There is a Hancock Park and a Hancock Place off Hancock St.
            Good Luck with search

          4. Thank you Bill!
            I will have to follow up on that with my niece!!
            It is such a small world – my best friend in High School used to sing in the Saint Patrick’s Choir. I did not know they had a cemetery, but if it is on Belmont that is some distance away from the church. Thanks everyone for the information!
            BTW – We did identify Mabel – she died of Diphtheria. My father (William) was sick with it at the same time and survived! Lucky me! 🙂

          5. Bridget LINEHAN age 20 and her sister Margaret LINEHAN age 18, both spinsters b. IRE, arrived Boston 14 Oct 1891 on the steamship Catalonia, having embarked at Queenstown (Cobh). You can follow Margaret to see if there’s anything to be learned from her record. It might be more productive to look for them back in Cork. You sound quite sure that Bridget was b. Cork Feb 1870 — is that from the Census of 1900? If correct, you should be able to find her baptism in the Catholic parish registers online at the National Library of Ireland, URL: Needless to say, it would help greatly to have some idea what parish to look in, but there are civil registrations for girls named Bridget b. 1870 in Mallow and Fermoy, so perhaps those are the parishes to start with. Let me know if I can assist you or others with LINEHAN in Cork.
            Paul B. Phelps, Alexandria VA USA

        2. Following that info – I just found Bridget on the 1880 US Census! She was already here!

          It lists:

          Mary Sheehan 38
          Patrick Sheehan 18
          Ann Sheehan 16
          Maria Sheehan 14
          Thomas Sheehan 12
          Bridget Sheehan 10
          Catherine Sheehan 8

          1. Wait – that is wrong information – she would have been Bridget Linehan in 1880 – oh well…

        3. On Denis’s side we have a William Sheehan mentioned, but no idea whether he is a brother, cousin or exactly what…

    1. Ah, well, that is decades off, but thank you for sharing the information.
      The article I am referring to is from the Boston Globe – Oct 18, 1921
      I looked more closely at the image of the newspaper piece and I now believe it really is Denis J.
      It is curved away and a little blurry and fuzzy – the inner fold of the original paper.
      So, at first it looked like Daniel.

  42. This is a wonderful website. My great great grandparents are Timothy J Riordan and Julia V (Sullivan) Riordan, born in 1841 and 1847. Their son, Timothy J Riordan, born in Tourbony, was my great grandfather who emigrated to Boston in 1900 and then ultimately settled in Providence, RI, where many of us Riordans still live. Does anyone have any connections to these Riordans (my family line)?

    1. Hi


      I am not sure did you mention Mountcollins Abbeyfeale Co Limerick Ireland.
      If you did I would have a good idea of the area, as my ancestors the Riordan’s came from that area.

      I have a DNA DONE WITH FTDNA


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