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  1. The new site is fantastic! I’m sure alot of time and effort has been invested to produce such positive results. Its looks amazing, very professional, a wonderful reflection on our town and those who care enough about it to produce such wonderful results 🙂

  2. I’m glad that In passing is still on the site – we visited Millstreet, home of my father’s family, a few years ago, and I hope to return soon. I’ll never forget the beauty of the coutryside and the knowledge and kindness of Sean Radley
    hope the history link is up soon! Thanks all

  3. Hey there,

    I used to live in Millstreet for 6 years and still love coming “home” every so often, I miss it most times though… Germany just isn´t the same… The new homepage is really well done. Keep up the good work. Till next time. Be good!!!

  4. What a great site! It’s great looking at all the pictures of places I visited as a kid when visiting my moms family. Great to see the picture of Owen on the site. He was a friend of the family and what a character. Keep up the great work!

  5. My mum Maureen Dromey and dad Dahe Scally (God bless), came from Millstreet but came over to England many many moons ago. My uncle Gerard still lives there in the family home. Seeing the cross on top of Clara Mountain when we driving into Cork for the first time in more than 30 years brought tears to my eyes!!! Such happy memories. Some of you ‘oldies’ must remember the 4 Scally girls, Mary, Annette, Jacqueline and me (the baby..!)? Hellooooooooo 🙂

  6. I really like this site. I posted once about looking for the Carroll family in Millstreet and found a family member and someone with information on my family. Thank you so much, Keep up the GREAT WORK!!

  7. Hi there, I am trying to find links to Riordan’s living ‘on macroom mountain’ in the 1800’s, according to my Grandad. Specifcally a George and Mary Riordan who were probably tenant farmers around the 1880’s. They had 4 sons, George, Michael (we think) and John/Joseph (we think)and Cornelius, born 1882 ish. The older three went of to America apparently and Cornelius stayed around the Co Cork area, settling in Charlville.

    Would love to find some distant relatives and a good reason to visit Millstreet ;0)
    Thanks for reading this
    my email is <email>

    1. Hi Carrie, I also just sent you an email, but I’m not sure if it will get to you so I will repeat… My father’s great grandparents are from Millstreet – Timothy Riordan and Julia (Sullivan) Riordan (married March 5, 1867). Timothy’s father’s name was Daniel. They had 8 children, who were all born in Millstreet: Timothy, John, Johanna, Daniel, Julia, Eugene and Andrew –born in the 1860’s and 1870’s. Timothy (my direct line) emigrated to the US in 1899 at the age of 24. I am wondering if there is a connection? I have recently learned that they owned land on Caherbarnaugh, Millstreet – which is on a mountain… and then saw your post about ‘on macroom mountain’. Would love to hear from you!

      -Anne Riordan

      1. Hi Anne_

        I can fill in some of the blanks. My great-grandmother was Julia Reardon married to my great grandfather, Patrick Ford in February,1866. they had seven children, daniel (my grandfather) john,bartholemew,corneilius,patrick,julia,mary and catherine all of whom emmigrated to Lawrence, mAssachusetts in /around 1870-1900. The reardons, now known as Riordans, had a grandfather micheal who also settled in Lawrece…i do not know much about that side of the family…welcome cousin!

        1. Daniel, Regarding the Reardons/Riordans, my great-grandfather Bartholomew Reardon was born in Millstreet in 1832, and came to the US with his three brothers, Cornelius (who lived in Richmond VA), John, and Patrick (who moved to San Francisco and died in the earthquake). Bartholomew may have arrived through Richmond VA in 1859, and was said to have been conscripted as a Confederate soldier. He deserted and made his way to Concord NH where he married Catherine Donovan (born in Lawrence) in 1869, and then to Quincy Massachusetts where he was a farmer and worked in the granite quarries in West Quincy. Several of the brothers were stone workers. Bartholomew’s father was probably William, and his mother was Catherine Kelliher (who, when widowed, married Patrick Sullivan). She came to Quincy and lived with Bartholomew. She lived from 1806 – 1893. ….I notice that four of your great-grandparents’ children have the names of my great-grandfather and his three brothers. Any links here? All advice welcome! Thanks so much! Martha Reardon Bewick

  8. Thank you for a very informative site. My mother always said her family was from the Millstreet & Macroom area but I recently found out that her grandfather, Daniel Keleher, was born in Banteer in 1846, the son of Cornelius and Catherine (Hurley) Keleher who were married in Banteer in 1845. No further record of them is found in Banteer so I’m assuming they were in the Millstreet area after that and I am in the process of trying to sort out the geography and various land divisions. This site is a great help. Daniel and his mother Catherine did not come to the United States (Stoughton, Massachusetts) until around 1870 so I have a lot of searching to do to place them. It’s such a beautiful area, they must have missed it very much.

  9. We are an active, retired couple visiting Millstreet for the second time while staying for a few days at Killarney. I know a great deal about my ancestors, the Leaders, who were from Millstreet, my ancestor owning the Leader house on Clara Mountain which was in a dilapidated state when we visited in 2003. I know of no-one actually living in Millstreet with the Leader name. My third cousin told me that I would be related to all of them there to some degree. I would like to meet some of them to say “hullo.” Way back, the Leaders and the O’Keefes were related as well. Anyone out there doing genealogy? Would you like to make contact?

    1. Hi Margaret,

      My interest in in the Stuarts rather than the Leaders, but…

      Maria Stuart (1805-1894) married Benjamin Leader (1815-1901) in 1846.

      She is shown in Stirnet as “Maria Stuart (d 17.04.1894, dau of Thomas Stuart of Whitehall)”. She died aged 89 and Benjamin was 86 when he died a few years later – so a long-lived couple.

      Thomas Stuart was married to an Elizabeth Palmer and had numerous children. He was born c1765 in Limerick and is variously referred to as ‘of Whitehall’ and ‘of Lifford’. He was a child of the Limerick MP Thomas Prendergast Smyth (1735-1785).

      Do you by chance have any information about these Stuarts??

  10. I am researching my family and have found some letters with this at the top .. Adrivale, Millstreet County Cork. What does that mean. The person who wrote the letter, which is dated March 16, 1919, is Patrick John O’Leary. He is my Great Great Grandfather. He wrote the letter to my Great Grandfather John Patrick O’Leary that lived in Clinton, Ohio.

    Patrick O’Leary

  11. Hi Patrick, Arivale is a district just outside Millstreet. If you join or write to Friendito, they have friends who used to live there and I think they meet for social occasions. Obviously your gt, gt grandfather was writing (from Arivale) to his son who had immigrated to Ohio in which case the immigration records on or One Great Family ( Church of Latter Day Saints) would have a large amount of knowledge on Americans who migrated there over the years. Try to link up with other people who may be researching the name such as the family trees on There is a cost to all those sites but are really the best way if you get stuck! Good Luck!

  12. When you see Paul Fitzgerald and family (Pat, John, Ann, Meg) please tell him that Susan from Hampton Virginia says hi and looking forward to returning to Milstreet town.

  13. Hi Millstreet —
    My GF,John Kelleher, left Millstreet in 1910 along with 6 siblings and came to Boston. He was married to Margaret Buckley from Bauteen, Co Cork(that’s
    is according to the Marr. Certif.). His Mom was Julia Kelleher, she was buried at the Drishanebeg Cematary. Can someone tell me where “Bauteen” was
    or is located ???? Can’t find on Google Maps unless maybe in Tipp.

    1. Hi Millstreet — just seeking lineage info –
      CORRECTION to my June 19th, 2010 post:

      My GF,John Kelleher, left Millstreet in 1910 along with 4 siblings and came to Boston. His Mom was Julia Kelleher, she was buried at the Drishanebeg Cemetery. He was married to Margaret Buckley from Banteer, Co Cork(that’s is according to the Archdiocese of Boston Marriage record re-read).She was born 15 Aug 1889 in Banteer to Timothy Buckley and Margaret Sullivan.
      I have located the Kelleher’s on the 1901 and 1911 censuses but NOT
      the Buckley family …
      P.S. Thanks to the other Bill Kelleher(Millstreet) for guessing that
      Bauteen was really Banteer !
      P.P.S. How to decode “House 1” from the 1901 Census to an actual address?

  14. Hi,
    I am researching The Hickey Family of Cullen, Co. Cork. The marriage between Sullivan/ Patrick Hickey is were I am stuck. If anyone can help I would appreciate it.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Kim:
      I’m Brian’s aunt and will be glad to give you any info you need.
      The Sullivan/hickey you are talking about were my Mom & Dad.
      Feel free to contact me,

  15. Re: Genealogy- Lehanes of Ballydaly

    Hello. I have been doing genealogy for many years now. I’m familiar with the Millstreet birth and marriage (Glenflesk Parish, Kerry) online records from the Department of Arts, Sports and Tourism, and the 1901 and 1911 Ireland Censuses online. Great places for research!! I know about my Lehane ancestor’s emigration to America (Massachusetts, some via New York) and have found many others related to my Lehanes in America. I am so glad to know about your wonderful website on Millstreet.

    If there are any Lehanes related to Stephen Lehane and Honora Kelliher, both born in the 1830’s, then that is where my family’s Millstreet heritage began. These two were married in 1860. They had 11 children. Through birth records, I found that some of their children were born in Dooneen, some in Droumsicane, some in Coolekerane, one in Shanaknac, and one in Ballydaly. I’m guessing the towns are all in one area. Stephen and Honora were the parents of my great-grandmother, Julia Maria Lehane. Julia emigrated to Massachusetts to marry my great-grandfather, Patrick Kell(e)y, formerly of Ironmills, Glenflesk.

    I’m hoping to find a Millstreet family connection to this Lehane family.

    Thanks for your time.

    ~Patsy in Massachusetts, USA

  16. I lived in Millstreet and had a very good friend in the name of Fiona Broderick 8 claraview, would love to meet up with her again Fiona if you are out there get in contact x

  17. Hi Elizabeth,
    I now live in Purley, Surrey, so maybe not as far away from you as you may have thought? My email is <email>, would love to hear from you……

  18. Benjamin Leader of Stakehill had an illegitimate son named GEORGE LEADER born in 1879 by a woman named MARY CRONIN. She was born around 1842. I know the name is very common, but would anyone know anything about this Mary Cronin? She never married, but can be found living in Stakehill, right next door to Benjamin in the 1901 census. She was Catholic. Family lore says she worked in the “Big House” as some sort of servant. I am presuming that the situation changed in 1901 when Benjamin died, because George left the area, and after a few months in the US, he moved to Kinsale with his mother (and new wife). Does this story ring a bell with anyone? I know there are lots of Cronins in the area, and Mary is no help at all as a name. Anyone have any idea who she could be?

    Many thanks!

  19. Hi – I’m from Australia and I’m hoping someone can help me with my Buckley Irish relatives. My grandfather Timothy Buckley was was born in Millstreet in March 1847. He was the son of Daniel Buckley and Ellen Moynihan. He married Margaret Moynihan in Feb 1873 in Boherbue Co.Cork in Feb 1873. They emigrated to Australia in 1876 with their 2 small sons Daniel and Timothy and had another 12 children here. My grandfather John was one of those children.

    If my research is correct G/grandfather Timothy had a least one brother Laurence – I’m sure there would be more. In Timothy’s father Daniel’s generation (my g/g/grandfather) I have some names that could be Daniel’s siblings i.e. Timothy, Michael, John and Mary. I haven’t quite joined all the dots so they may prove not to be Daniel’s siblings after all.

    Many thanks, Claire from Queensland, Australia

    PS. My g/grandparents named their home in Queensland, Granua Uile – can anybody give me translation?

    1. Claire, Hello from Boston,Mass. USA. My name is Jack Buckley and my family was from Knocknakilla, Millstreet. I have done a good bit of research on the family going back to my 2gr grandfather Denis Buckley c early 1800’s he married Ellen Walsh from Millstreet. Within my family tree – which is on and currently inaccessible due to maintenance issues, there is a Timothy born about the time of your Tmothy to James and Margaret Kelliher. He married an Ellen Fitzpactrick. There is also a brother John Buckley that married a Margaret Moynihan.

      I recently visited Millstreet and met up with a good few of the Buckley cousins. If you could send me any updated info on your Buckley family tree I will see if I can find a connection and get back to you.

      If you use or have access to my family tree is public under my username of jackfbuckley or you can look me up John F. 1946 to John J and Frances Cox.

      My email address is <email>. Glad to share any info that I have that might be helpful. As your are probably well aware the Millstreet area is awash with Buckley’s, Kellihers and Moynihans to name a few.

      Looking forward to hearing from you. All the Best, Jack

  20. Hi – another message from Claire from Queensland Australia. I forgot to add that my maiden name was Buckley hence my desire to track my Buckley relatives in Millstreet. If anyone can help I’d be happy to communicate with them by email and share with them the information I have on the Australian branch of the family. Thanks again. Claire

  21. If anyone is walking through town on any day and should run into Pauline O’Sullivan or her mother Julia Mary could you tap them on the shoulder and ask why they are not on facebook? Julia and I have been here for months waiting for them to get with it. I would be thankful for any assistance with this problem.

  22. A very impressive website for a great community.
    Lots of happy memories of Millstreet.
    Congratulations to all involved.

    1. Thank you very much for your much appreciated comments, Bríd. Millstreet has many wonderful memories of the Maxwell Family. The heartfelt sympathy of so many here in Millstreet is extended to all the Maxwell Family on the recent very sad departure (in July) of Séamus Maxwell to his Eternal Reward. Séamus who was such a true gentleman uplifted all by his consistently cheerful smile and sincere friendliness. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam uasal.

  23. My Great Grandmother, Julia Lucey was born in 1845 (parents Jeremiah Lucey b. 1824 & Mary Kelleher b.1820) and moved to New Zealand. I know she was from Millstreet. I moved to Rochester, New York and, astonishingly find that my neighbour is a Lucey from Cork. Does anyone recognize the names I mentioned?

    Geoffrey Jones

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    If you know any ladies in London working or studying that would like to start playing or continue do contact us via Thanks

  25. My Dad, Tim Kelleher, grew up in Liscreagh and sadly, passed away 5 years ago. He repeatedly relayed a story to me that I am trying to confirm through records. He stated that his grandfather (Mortimer Kelleher, born approx. 1839) had a brother who came to America, fought in the Civil War for the South under Stonewall Jackson, and then returned back to Ireland. I believe that this brother was John Kelleher, who is listed on the 1911 census as single and living with his other brother Cornelius Kelleher, and Cornelius’s wife Margaret Dennehy, in Pound Hill. Cornelius and Margaret had three sons, Patrick(b. 31/10/1874), Timothy (b. 7/12/1877) and John (b. 28/8/1883). I was wondering if any of their descendents knew of this story, since they had lived with this Civil War uncle. By searching civil war records, I have confirmed that a John Kelleher from Cork fought for Louisiana under Stonewall Jackson, was captured and later released upon taking the Oath of Allegiance to the North. If anyone could help, I would really appreciate it!

  26. Great site! Have loved both visits to Millstreet. Pretty town and beautiful countryside around it. Not sure if any relatives are still in the area. My great-grandfather, Michael Dowe (or Doe or Doo) was born at Mountleader in 1856. His parents were Richard and Ellen (Dineen). My great-grandmother, Catherine O’Riordan, was born at Gortavehy in 1858. Her parents were Joseph and Mary (Connell). While I know the chance of finding a relative is slight, any information about these families would be much appreciated. Thank you.

  27. Hello there,
    Thank you for a great site!
    I am seeking connections with descendants of James Kelliher b 1889 Rathbeg Rathmore son of Matthew and Ellen Kelliher, siblings were Minnie and Con and Murty. I would be grateful for any information. I can be contacted at <email>
    Thank you.

  28. Hi, I’m looking for information on my Grandmother’s family. Hannah Ring was born in 1891 to Timothy Ring and Mary Donovan. They lived in Coolinarne. Her known siblings were Jeremiah (1884), Robert (1887), Julia (1889), Denis (1894), Timothy (1896) and John (1901). Robert and Denis emmigrated to the US in the 1910s & 1920s. Hannah married Daniel Kelleher, a carpenter who lived in Lackabane, and moved to Cork City around 1928. Any information on the Rings would be appreciated.

    email: John Kelleher

    John Kelleher

  29. Hi everyone,

    I´ll visit Millstreet again from the 1st till the 10th of October. I´m really looking forward to it!!!
    So see you all this friday!

    Nice greetings from Germany, Franka xoxo

  30. Let it snow! We were in Millstreet three years ago, what a great town. My grandmother Margaret Healy(1897-1993) came from Millstreet. She spoke as if it were the only place on Earth. What great photos. Merry Christmas to all from New York City.

    1. Hi Chris …. Delighted that you are enjoying our daily current Snow Tours of Millstreet. Thank you for your very kind comments. New York must be truly magical at Christmas. Every blessing and good wish throughout a Bright 2011.

    1. Thanks Mary, it’s never perfect, but we try to make better all the time, and with contributions from all parts of the community, it has become very popular with those at home and abroad.

  31. Hello there Millstreet and Ballydaly, I am related to the Guerin family I am wishing all my family Merry Christmas and a happy new year Barry

  32. Hello,
    If anyone sees Kathleen Kelleher in McCarthys, please tell her that her cousins in Boston are checking on her! Boom,boom

  33. I am seeking any information on Johannah Buckley, born at Dooneen Cross, Millstreet, to Con Buckley and Johanna Murphy in 1856, she had three brothers and four sisters. I believe they were farmers and that Johanna’s brother Con, continued on the family farm. Johanna emigrated to New Zealand in 1879 and married James Goggin (son of Patrick Goggin and Kate Kelleher, Gurtnapeasta, Clondrohid, Macroom).
    I know it is a bit of a long shot considering how long ago it was but any information would be most appreciated.
    One day I hope I can visit with my family.

    1. Hi Megan
      I am helping a distant relative with her mother’s family. Her mother died recently and left a sheaf of notes concerning the Goggin Family. I Googled Gurtnapeasta and got your Guestbook comment. Snap! – because Johanna Buckley (b.1856) & who married 17 Oct 1882 Wellington (St Mary’s of the Angels) to James Goggin is mentioned in these notes.
      Would be nice to compare notes sometime

      Aileen from Tawa, N.Z.

      1. hi there.i would love if you could contact me as i believe i am a distanr relative of the goggin family..i have done some research and may be able to fill a few gaps..i would also like to get the notes on the goggins cross referenced…many thanks

        1. Damien
          I am also a relative of James Goggin, son of Patrick Goggin and Kate Kellaher.
          Have you read/got the article written by Jame’s son, John about their days in 40 mile Bush north of Wellington in the late 1800’s, very interesting read.
          I’m happy to share it if you haven’t.
          I am looking at trying to find more info of the Goggin Family in Ireland, do you have any info?
          Regards Rob

          1. I am also a descendant from Goggins of Clondrohid Parish, but mine were of Maulnahorna, which is five miles north east of Gortnapeasty. I’ve never come across a connection to Goggins of Gortnapeasty though.

    2. Megan
      Did you manage to find any information on the Buckleys, I am also a relative of James Goggin, my G G Grandfather.

  34. Dia dhuit: Millstreet, my name is John A Sullivan from Raleigh, North Carolina. My dad John O’Sullivan was born (1898-1979) and raised near Millstreet, mom Helen Barrett (1905-1999) was from Ballyhea.Mom and dad were from County Cork and I from county Queens.
    Dad worked as he was taught in Millstreet, a carpenter, mom worked as a housekeeper in the New York City School of Nursing in Queens. I have spent my life as an engineer.
    Dad came from Ireland in 1923 with one of his brothers David O’Sullivan, and a sister Marie Perry (nee O’Sullivan),yes dad dropped the O’ at least my birth certificate from St. Johns hospital in Queens reflects so.
    Mom and dad had only two children baby sister Kathleen (1938-2004)and me John.
    Uncle David was a real American cowboy in the Southwest, and then set up a sheep ranch near Klamath Falls, Oregon, uncle Dave returned to Millstreet in 1947, married a nurse, and opened a pub. Aunt Marie married William Perry producing a Suffolk County judge,two policemen, and a housewife.
    Yes the O’Sullivans did well in America, as a 77 year old “Narrowback” I can only say thank you (Go raibh maith agat) for producing Millstreets finest export my Dad, Beannacht Dé leat.

    1901 Census – O’Sullivan Family of Annagloor

    1911 Census – family in Annagloor

    1898 Birth of John O’Sullivan, 17th Jan, Annagloor

    Birth of David O’Sullivan of Annagloor, 12th April 1899

    1. Hi John

      I recently moved to Raleigh NC. My uncle Barry Walsh mentioned to me that he had read a post on the millstreet church website about a relative of his uncle who had put up a post on the site who was from Raleigh. My father was peg’s (dave’s wife) nephew and worked for many years in the bush bar in millstreet. It would be nice to catch up some time, my phone number is 919 345 8060.


  35. Oh, how I wish I could shop at Nibbles every day of the week. The breads and pies and sweets are so tempting. Wonder if I can mail-order???? All the way to Texas! Probably not.

  36. Greetings from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Thanks to the 3 generations of Corcorans who were so gracious in spending time and sharing information with my sister Mary and my cousin Noreen on their recent visit to Millstreet. That would be James, Martin, Donal & Finbarr. I hope it’s not much of a burden putting up with those of us traipsing around looking for our relatives. Oh…and Finbarr, I’m glad Rockey got home safely…

    Tom Corcoran

  37. Thanks for keeping all the emigrants from around Cullen & Millstreet updated with all the local news.

    Mike Cremin (Dumont NJ) formally from Cullen

  38. looking for timothy murphy found letter with millstreet as his address he would be about 95 now any relatives who know of him..he had sister who was a nun in cork thanks

  39. While researching the family tree (Bingham/ McCarthy – Coole House, Millstreet)I’ve found this enjoyable site.A recent great find was an early 1900’s family photograph,signed C Cronin. Anyone know if Mr. Cronin’s family are still in the photography business?
    Sue, from Sunny Brisbane, Australia

    1. Hello Sue,

      The Cronin that you refere to may be Bina Burke’s (nee Cronin) parents, her father worked Coole all his life. Bina still lives in a house on the Crowley/Coole lands.
      In you Mc Carthy search you might like to make connection with Paddy Comerford Dean/Rector in Christchirch C of I Cathederal in Dublin. He has a very good blog. He has connections with Coole House which he referes to in his blog from time to time. He also has made contributions to the Millstreet site – if you search you may well find them. He definitely has Mc Carthy connections.

      My sister Martina lives in Coole House with her family, she is always interested to learn about its history.

      Best regards,

      Thomas Duggan

      1. Thank you for responding to my query,Thomas. My Grandfather’s Aunt, Mary McCarthy 1839 -1920(nee Bingham, born Kilkeel Co.Down)inherited Coole House, Millstreet, from her employer Jane O’Donnell nee Chesney. In the family photo, taken by C Cronin,there is a Miss H Burrows. Have been trying to link this woman to the family (possibly connected through McCarthy, Johnson, or even O’Leary family). I will follow up on your suggestions, Thomas. I appreciate your help.
        sincerely, Sue

        1. Hi Sue, Just came across this site today while looking for any info on Coole House. My name is Patsy Long, Belfast. I am the Granddaughter of Sarah(Perry)Malcolm standing in the centre of the old B&W picture of “Coole House” lying to the R is Sarah’s sister my Gt Aunt Mary Louisa(Minnie Perry) McCulla to the left is Gt Uncle Harry Perry, and above him on the girl’s knee is my Uncle Ernest Ray Malcolm the 4th Child to Sarah. I would love hear from you and am enclosing my email address.
          Hope to hear from you soon
          Regards Patsy.

    2. Did you ever hear from anyone?
      Hi there Sue
      I’m Pauline O’Donoghue , my mother was Philomena Davis from Cork , my great grandfather was John Francis Davis (Aka JFD Malcolm) who’s second partner was Sarah Perry …Coole House . Sarah’s mothers name was Bingham.

  40. Dia dhuit Millstreet,
    A thank you to the administrators for Millstreet. ie. My first email was back in Feburary, since then I have been able to launch off to many other sites, and collect so much information about Daddy’s family much I never knew or just forgot during the past 77 years.
    Daddy and his father came from Aunaglour, my Grandmother was from Clarathlea. Momma and Daddy did not talk very much about life in Ireland, due to the political, social, and economic circumstances in the 1920’s, they both left the land of their birth and raising, and came to America. I could not imagine life without snow in the pine tops, driving the beach road along Emerald Isle to Pine Knoll Shores so Sandy and I can enjoy our yearly Christmas lunch, or not to see the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the hills of Tennessee in Summer
    The photos and your LTV2 with Mr. Radley,and Miss Eily (in our Southern culture we pay the highest respect to ladies with hair the color of mine, grey or white by using Miss in front of the forename) show me a beautiful country, but most of all the beautiful children, they are the heart and soul of the new Ireland, and its great future. It was truly heartwarming to share with you the respect paid to Mr. Radley by his students, I can not thank my Nuns, Brothers, Teachers, and Professors enough for their hard work, and what they did for me in life.
    With respect to your LTV2 program # 183 Mr. Radley played a lead-in song “They came to hear Deirdre play” by the Outlaws, great song much like my country and Bluegrass from my beloved North Carolina, I have been a lifelong country and Bluegrass fan, Daddy loved to listen to my country tunes, I guess the Scots, Irish music of the 1700’s in America started it all, thank you Mr. Radley for that fine tune.
    As I listen to Miss Eily, and Mr. Radley I hear Mom,Dad, and all the Aunts, and Uncles, I do miss the Irish accent, and the great times shared by a big loving Irish family.
    Again thank you (Go raibh maith agat)for your grand website sad Daddy is not next to me on the computer, also you have me back in Gaeilge 101.
    John Andrew Sullivan Raleigh, North Carolina

    1. Hi John, I was wondering what was your mother or grandmother maiden’s name – was her name Nelly Barrett

      1. HI Majella:
        Yes Mom was Helen Barrett(but Mom was Nellie or Nelly, and Daddy was only known as Jack). We lived in Cambria Heights, Queens, then Mom and Dad lived with my sister Kathleen Manno in Bethpage New York.I am an engineer,I worked for 38 years with Grumman aircraft, and, now with the United States Environmental Protection Agency, my family lived in Smithtown New york. Dad passed away in 1979, Mom in 1999, and Kathy in 2004, Kathy had four boys, but two have passed on. My son Patrick John lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, our daughter lives in Draper, Virginia, and is married to Richard Meadows NYFD.
        Majella you are O’Sullivan you must be from uncle David O’Sullivan side of the family, Dad never used the “O” his sister my aunt Marie would give him a hard time about that. My wife Sandy and I moved to Raleigh, North Carolina in 1995, I still work, heck i’m only 77 I have a few good fights left. Nice to hear from a member of the family, I assume in Ireland? Keep in touch John Andrew Sullivan

        1. Hi John Andrew,

          Just to let you know, I had composed an email, but I don’t have your email address to send it to you. We are related. I am your second cousin. You and my dad would be first cousins. He has a picture of three boys called John, Edward and Vinnie. Would these be your sister’s three boys. My dad received a picture from your father Jack, when he visited my father in the late 1960 to early 1970. Jack was definitely in Ireland in June 1967 for one of my uncle’s wedding. Is there someway that you could send me your email address so that I could correspond more with you. Kind Regards, Majella

          1. Hi Majella:
            You can send me a email to my office at our research campus, then I will email you from home.
            The administrators of Millstreet ie do a great job respecting folks email address, also they keep out inappropriate comments, very nice site, Moms town had very little information sad. John Andrew Sullivan
            Research campus email: “<email>

          2. Hi John,

            My name is Ted O’Leary, I am your second cousin. I mom is Mary Sullivan, my grand father was Timothy (Tead) Sullivan. I grew up in Hollymount, Rathmore (near Millstreet). I currently live in Dungarvan Co. Waterford. My mom says your grandmother Many Ann Breen came from Doon, Kiskeam, Co. Cork and not from Clara clea. Many Ann Breen reared my mom.

            Its nice to talk to you,


  41. Hi!

    I just thought I’d let you all know that the documentary about Eurovision that was filmed in Millstreet last year is going to be on RTE on the 5th May on RTE1 at 18.30pm.

    It was really lovely to work with you all. I know our crew had a great time while they were there!

  42. Mary Kelleher born Dromsicarne Millstreet 30 September 1926.
    Trying to find out about Mary’s early life, and the year she left Millstreet for England.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi,mary was my dads aunt,he lives in that house in Dromsicane.will get in contact with an aunt for you,for more details.

      1. Hello Stephanie,
        Thanks for your reply, if you could ask anyone if they have the year that Mary left Ireland for England that would be helpful.
        Mary Kelleher was my Mother, and she never really talked much about her childhood or early life in Ireland and I cannot remember if she ever told me the year she left. Also trying to found out the reason she left Ireland. I know that she spent sometime in Manchester. I remember visting Dromsicane ( I was very young 2/3 years old maybe. I remember seeing my grandmother Julia Kelleher at Dromsicane and the journey over to Ireland and being sick on the boat!.
        Your father John P would be my cousin, thats all for now, I have so much more to say. thats all for now. email address <email>

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