Weather Warning: STATUS RED – Ex Hurricane Ophelia

Weather Warning: STATUS RED Wind Warning for Galway, Mayo, Clare, Cork and Kerry. Ex-hurricane Ophelia is expected to bring severe winds and stormy conditions on Monday. Mean wind speeds in excess of 80 km/h and gusts in excess of 130km/h are expected, potentially causing structural damage and disruption, with dangerous marine conditions due to high seas and potential flooding. Valid from Monday 16 October 2017 09:00 to Tuesday 17 October 2017 03:00 – from Met Éireann

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Storm Ewan & March Fair 2017

Jerry Lehane (standing outside the very home of his childhood) points out the effect of Storm Ewan on March Fair 2017 in Millstreet on Sunday 26th Feb.. While some traders attempted to establish stalls on the street for the annual event the high winds and very heavy rain soon brought about the quick disappearance of the usual large number of popular outlets by 10.00 a.m.. There were quite a number of horses in the Fair Field but very soon the Fair ended there also. Here we share the quite unusual scenes from this year’s March Horse Fair in Millstreet. Click on the images to enlarge. (S.R.)

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Recent Millstreet Winter Wonderland

The past week brought some splendid snowy scenes with Clara Mountain clothed in white and a full moon making night temperatures fall significantly. These scenes were all taken from Mount Leader Estate, Millstreet. Click on the images to enlarge. (S.R.)

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Winter is Coming!

2016-11-18-hello-winter-snowman-on-mushera-800The Sun is shining bright,
there’s a chillness to the air,

I feel it everywhere,
All through the day and night;
Winter is coming!

(Alexander Byron)

After a lovely autumn, the temperatures dropped last night to give us the first real sign of winter with snows on the hills.

Donal stopped at Togher on the road over Mushera this morning to make this snowman.

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April Snow, Flooding, and Rainbows

We knew it was going to be bad yesterday, but few expected it to be that bad. Heavy snow in the morning, made things awkward, but it  turned to constant heavy rain at midday which washed away the snow, and the afternoon was just streams of water flowing in every direction. Sure, summer is coming, isn’t it …

2016-04-10 Snow - Ballydaly this morning - photo by Geraldine-800Blanket of snow in Ballydaly yesterday morning – photo Geraldine Dennehy

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Last Snow of the Winter ?

A week ago there was a sudden and unexpected heavy snowfall which blanketed the area, especially Mushera which got a good deep cover. While it’s lovely to look at, hopefully it will be the last one of the year, and that the weather will pick up, after what has been an awful winter. (With thanks to Paul/Noreen O’Connor who took the 30+ photos below at dawn last Sunday in the Mushera / Knocknakilla area).



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December Flowering Daffodil

2015-12-29 Flowering Daffodil (in December)It has been unseasonably warm this last two months, and our plants are confused. This daffodil from Dooneen is trying to get out before the snowdrops … only three months early! There have been reports from all over of plants flowering way out of season this December. Climate change perhaps, or a seasonal anomaly, who knows. What has been happening though is that ground temperatures have stayed up at 12 Celsius, which is a point where many plants start to grow at, and it might be an explanation of sorts. In the last few days, ground temperatures have fallen back to 7C, so that might put a stop to out of season flowers.

More Wind and Rain for the weekend

It’s safe to say that we’re pretty sick of all the bad weather at this stage, but with the arrival of Storm Desmond Met Eireann have issued a code red rain warning and a code orange wind warning for South Western counties, from this evening all through Saturday and into Sunday morning.

It might be a little dangerous at times, so we’d all be better off getting out the tiddlywinks and avoiding it if possible. [read more …] “More Wind and Rain for the weekend”

Rainfall Warning for Tomorrow

We’re coming to the end of the current dry weather, so to avoid doing things in halves, there’s a Code Orange Weather Warning in effect for tomorrow, with some flooding possible and up to 70mm of rain on higher ground 🙁 From the graphic below, it looks like it will begin raining during the night and get a bit heavier from the late morning on.

2015-09-10 Code Orange rain warning for the next dayAll in all, tomorrow won’t be the best day for hanging out the washing!

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From the top of Musheramore

Caherbarnagh, Clara, and the Brandon Mountains on the horizon in the haze. Taken from Musheramore, by William Glasgow Howe, a member of one of a number of group of walkers that passed this way over the Duhallow Way in the last few days. (16th April 2015). Click the photo to see more from their walk.

Speaking of being on the top mountains, the annual Clara Mountain Run is on tomorrow (Sunday) evening at 7pm starting at the West End. The race is open to all, and full race details are on

Easter Monday – Sunshine and Showjumping

2015-04-06 Easter Monday Sunshine - Welcome Tour at Green GlensWall to wall sunshine this Bank Holiday Easter Monday for the first of the Eventing Ireland one day events – Cross Country gets underway in Drishane Castle from 1pm! The Welcome tour is on from April 2nd to 12th, taking a break tomorrow April 7th. Full details on with updates and more on their facebook page.

Our own Gerladine Dennehy has been taking photos at the show for the last few days. Here are links to the photos from the first few days: Day 4 – Easter Sunday (52 photos); Day 3 – Easter Saturday (38 photos); Day 2 – Good Friday (19 photos); Day 1 – Holy Thursday (20 photos) [read more …] “Easter Monday – Sunshine and Showjumping”

Solar Eclipse Obscured

A light cloud cover that moved in overnight blocked most from seeing the partial solar eclipse in Millstreet this morning. While most of us saw nothing other than it geting a little dark, the photo below taken by Jordan at Drishane View shows that it did at least make a brief appearance.
2015-03-20 Solar Eclipse at Drishane VIew, Millstreet - photo by Jordan Cooney [read more …] “Solar Eclipse Obscured”

Lunar Halo in the night skies

2015-02-01 Lunar Halo_A rarely seen phenomena was seen in the skies tonight as the moon looked to have a huge ring around it.

Quite beautiful, it’s called a lunar halo and here’s the explanation:

“A lunar halo is caused by the refraction, reflection, and dispersion of light through ice particles suspended within thin, wispy, high altitude cirrus or cirrostratus clouds. As light passes through these hexagon-shaped ice crystals, it is bent at a 22 degree angle, creating a halo 22 degrees in radius (or 44 degrees in diameter).” – from Farmers Alamac

Our photo doesn’t do it justice, so have a look at lots of great photos of Lunar Halos

Schools closed tomorrow January 15th

PictureDue to a status Red and a status Yellow weather alerts for tomorrow, all Boards of Management of primary schools in the area have instructed us to remain closed tomorrow, January 15th. This is in the interest of pupil and public safety. We regret any inconvenience caused.

Millstreet Community School is also closed, as are the preschools: Little Treasures and Curious Minds:

— details —

STATUS REDWind Warning for Donegal, Galway, Leitrim, Mayo, Sligo, Clare, Cork, Kerry and Limerick – Mean speeds in excess of 80 km/h with gusts of 130 to 150km/h possible. The strongest winds will be along exposed coasts and mountainous areas. [info on status red]

Issued: Wed 14th Jan 2015 20:00 . Valid: Wed 14th Jan 8pm to Thurs 15th Jan 2pm

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A Snowy Morning – wind, rain, and cold to come

2015-01-13 Snow on Mushera this morning - traditionally the coldest day of the year - Hillary's Day - photo by Donal Cashman
Snow on Mushera this morning – photo by Donal Cashman

Today is St. Hilary’s feast day, traditionally the coldest day of the year. So it was not unexpected that we awoke to a blanket of snow in town as well as the hills around us (it’s the second snowy morning this winter). We may get a few more flurries as the day goes on, but it could also be rain :-/.

But please be aware that the forecast for the next few days isn’t great. Tomorrow afternoon until Thursday is going to be very windy and wet too, and after that it will get cold barely getting above freezing during the day, and getting even colder at the weekend. More details below:

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First Snowman of the Winter !

The first snows arrived about 6:30 on Thursday morning. There wasn’t much in town, but there was a nice bit on the hills. One of our braver readers made a snowman and took some nice photos in the morning sunshine on his way to work at the top of Togher. Click the images for full size

2014-12-11 Snow on Mushera Butter Road - IMG3173

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Stormy weather this evening

2014-10-05 High winds for this eveningThe first storm of the winter is coming towards us this evening. The winds have started to pick up already, but by tonight the gusts will be very strong. Be careful and tie down anything that could fly … like trampolines 😉

Put into context, devastating storm of last February had gusts of 65mph around here,so it’s not going to be terrible.

Details on IrishWeatherOnline

Large Funnel Cloud / Tornado Sweeps past Clara

From 5:10 to 5:25pm yesterday evening (Sunday April 27th 2014) , there was incessant thunder and lightening coming from the Ballydaly/Clara direction. It was really scary for many but out of the thunderstorm appeared a large funnel cloud, which wasn’t far from touching the ground and becoming a tornado. It was captured on camera by a few, and these are shown below. We’d like to hear your experience of the storm, and if you have reports of any damage or more photos if you have them by leaving a comment below, or by email: <email> )

2014-04-27 Funnel over Clara Mountain - by Ola Cashman - taken from Millstreet Country Park 02 - darker sky
The Funnel Cloud as it passed over the Bealach (the shoulder of Clara Mountain) at 17:27hr before slowly dispersing – photo taken by Aleksandra Cashman from the fountain beside the main building at Millstreet Country Park
2014-04-27 Funnel Cloud over Clara - by Áine O'Neill - taken from Minor Row
The funnel cloud as it passed behind Clara mountain – photo taken from Minor Row by photographer Áine O’Neill on her phone [see her photography website]
2014-04-27 Clara Funnel Cloud - James Cronin's photo 01
Funnel cloud over Clara probably when it was dispersing – taken from Cloghoulabeg by James Cronin

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Record Rainfall over Winter

In an article in today’s Examiner, stats are given for the rain that fell on us this winter:

– Records were broken during the last three months when 216% more rainfall than average fell at a monitoring station in Millstreet, Co Cork.
– A total of 998.4 mm fell (3ft 3.31) during December, January and February.
– The monitoring station has been in operation there since 1986.

On average we’d get about 1500mm of rain in Millstreet Town every year, and higher still the closer you get to [read more …] “Record Rainfall over Winter”

Weather Makes Such a Difference!

People were most generous towards our church gate collection this weekend in aid of The Friends of Mallow Hospital Special Equipment Fund.  Here we see Mary Kelleher and Breeda O'Leary who very kindly helped to coordinate the collection on both days.  Here on Saturday night we were blessed but just look (below) at the effect the high winds and rain had on us on this morning!   Weather certainly makes a big difference.   The Los Zarcos Car Boot Sale was also affected by this morning's challenging weather.   Later in the week we shall report on the full amount collected for the praiseworthy cause.   Click on the images to enlarge.  (S.R.)
People were most generous towards our church gate collection this weekend in aid of The Friends of Mallow Hospital Special Equipment Fund. Here we see Mary Kelleher and Breeda O’Leary who very kindly helped to coordinate the collection on both days. Here on Saturday night we were blessed with excellent weather but just look (below) at the effect the high winds and rain had on us this morning! Weather certainly makes a big difference. The Los Zarcos Car Boot Sale was also affected by this morning’s challenging weather. We wish to also extend thanks to Mary Healy and John Randles who assisted us in our collection.  Later in the week we shall report on the full amount collected for the praiseworthy cause. Click on the images to enlarge.   (S.R.)

Church gate Collection on 15th Sept. 2013