Cornelius Corcoran, Texas

Cornelius Corcoran was the son of Cornelius & Mary Corcoran. Born March 17 At Millstreet Co. Cork Ireland, and died January 14 1884 At Kaufman, Kaufman Co. Texas 31 yrs 9mo 27 days. He is buried at Calvary Cemetery, Denison, Grayson County, Texas, USA (see the headstone on the left).

Interestingly, another Con Corcoran who was born in Millstreet is buried in the same graveyard. It is quite probable they were related but this one is Cornelius T. Corcoran (March 19th 1880 – Jan 30th 1820)  son of Tim & Mary (neé Kennealy) Corcoran of Coolekerane (see the headstone on the right). Read his baptismal information. [read more …] “Cornelius Corcoran, Texas”

Genealogy: Griffins / O’Sullivans

My great grandfather Tom Griffin arrived In Millstreet from Co. Mayo C1885. He married Hannah Daughter of Jeremiah O’Sulliavan. They had four children: Mary, Tom, JJ, and Paddy Griffin. Hannah Griffin died and was buried in Cahir Co. Tipperary C1939. The last Griffin was Gretta who owned and ran the pub Tanglewood on the Main Street in Millstreet about 2003.
Anyone have more information on the Griffins / O’Sullivans, or are there any other relations out there?
Joe Walsh (email: <email> )

Genealogy: Dennehys

Hello Millstreet,
I understand this is the place to find Dennehy history and I hope you can help me. I’m looking for info on my father’s family who came from Millstreet. My grandfather was Daniel Dennehy born Sept. 1868 – died in the U.S. Sept.20, 1905. He married Ellen Riordan, also from Millstreet. I don’t know if they were married here or there but they immigrated in 1892. They had five children, my father Dennis born 1895, Patrick born 1897, Jeremiah born 1899, Cornelius born 1902 and Ellen born 1904. Eventually all the children wound up in the U.S. with the exception of Cornelius, I believe. I am going to be in Ireland the week of Aug. 1 and will be stopping in Millstreet, short notice I know but am interested in checking any records that I can. If anyone has any info they can contact me at the above e-mail address. Thanking you in advance.

Maureen (Dennehy) Pampaloni  [email: <email> ]

Genealogy: Denis Kelleher

Hello Millstreet!

I’m looking for information on my Great Great Grandfather Denis Kelleher. He married Johanna Creedon and had the following known children:

Mary (1851??) moved to San Francisco and married William Galvin.

Hannah (1858) married Michael Fitzpatrick in Millstreet. Their children were Hannah Mae (1889-1976), Helen (1890), Michael (1893), Denis John (1896), Mary (1898), Catherine Maria (1900) and John Joseph (1900). Most of the children went to California. Hannah went to California with Catherine (Kate) in 1927. [read more …] “Genealogy: Denis Kelleher”

Genealogy: Kellehers, Mausrower

I am researching my wife’s side of the family (Kelleher), and I am trying to determine the church in which they were baptized in the mid-late 1800s. The records I am able to access merely say “Parish-Rathmore” but not the actual name of the church. Millstreet appears in some of the old records.
I can go back as far as Denis Kelleher, b. 1833 and his wife Julia (no maiden name recorded). They lived in Mausrower and were farmers. Their son Michael Kelleher (b.1864, married Johanna Daly ca. 1890) ) was [read more …] “Genealogy: Kellehers, Mausrower”

Biography of Daniel Long

Dear Friends, I’m a historian from Wellington, NZ, commissioned to write a biography of Daniel Long, who was head of the Public Service Association, this country’s largest public sector union, from 1960 until his death in 1976.

Both of Dan Long’s parents migrated from Cork just after World War One, and this message is an attempt to find out something of their early life in Ireland. Their names were Timothy Long and Catherine Mary Hickey until their marriage in about 1919.

I have found their family’s forms in the 1911 online census data. These tell me that they both lived in a townland called Scrahan in northern Cork, near a larger village called Knocknagree. Both came from farming backgrounds and had minimal formal education. Both families were Catholic.

I am hoping that your society can put me in touch with information on social conditions in the Knocknagree region around WW1. Even if this information doesn’t deal with the families specifically, a general idea of the place and times they lived in would be very valuable.

[read more …] “Biography of Daniel Long”

Geneology research “Murphy”

We are coming from the USA to Millstreet Ireland March 31-April 6. 2011. We are looking for information on the Denis(father)and Jeremiah(son) Murphy family that left Dromtarriffe area in 1851. Jeremiah’s baptismal records are on file at Dromtarriffe Catholic Church. We would like to find out where this family actually lived prior to leaving Ireland and if there may be any relatives in Ireland. Denis married Mary Foley, and Jeremiah’s was 9 years old when they left. Jeremiah married Briget O’Neill, and the family settled in Dubuque, Iowa, USA. We will be spending a week at the Buckley’s self catering cottage near Millstreet starting March 31. Any information or contacts would be appreciated. Dan and Joyce Murphy Ocean Shores WA, USA. [read more …] “Geneology research “Murphy””

Mitchells in Millstreet

Hello, I am looking for any info on the Mitchells of Millstreet circa 1830-60s. I know that there were 2 brothers Michael Patrick and Dennis. I believe Dennis was born around 1838 and Michael around 1842. I was wandering if someone could possibly tell me how many Catholic parishes there were in the area at that time? I would like to see if they have any records of the Mitchells.
Thank you for your help, John Burgess email:<email>

Johannah Buckley – genealogy

I am seeking any information on a Johannah Buckley, born at Dooneen Cross, Millstreet, to Con Buckley and Johanna Murphy in 1856. She had three brothers and four sisters.  I believe they were farmers and that Johanna’s brother Con, continued on the family farm.  Johanna emigrated to New Zealand in 1879 and married James Goggin (son of Patrick Goggin and Kate Kelleher, Gurtnapeasta, Clondrohid, Macroom). I know it is a bit of a long shot considering how long ago it was but any information would be most appreciated. One day I hope I can visit with my family. Megan  (email)

James Cronin

hi, i wrote to you to last year looking for help in finding my grandfather. Since then i have found out a little bit; his name was James Cronin whose father was Jeremiah. We found out his mother’s name was Maria Dennehy. They had lived in Skagh??  My grandfather was born on September 1915 i am looking for any information on what happened to him after 1941. I know he married Ellen Shine in June of that year but not much else. I know he had at least one brother, and maybe 2 sisters. Any help would be great. Absolutly love the site. Great for keeping up with local news. Tks again for any help.

Helena  ( <email>

Skagh is an area Between Derrinagree and Boherbue. It is [read more …] “James Cronin”

Looking for O’Callaghans

Hello, I am searching for descendants of my late father Francis O CALLAGHAN,d.o.b.13 /1/1905. He was the son of Cornelius and Margaret O Callaghan, Liscahane, Drishane.
I am also looking to find my grandmothers maiden name. She married Cornelius J O’Callaghan in 1893, her christian name was Margaret. They had 7 children, Joseph,Timothy,Patrick f, Hannah,Cornelius, Denis, and Francis (my father). They lived in house no 9 Liscahane, Drishane. thanks,
Any replies please to, 087-2287353, or e-mail <email>
Thanks you, Francis O’Callaghan.

[read more …] “Looking for O’Callaghans”

James/Jim Kelleher

Hello there, I am hoping someone in your community could help me with my search on a man named James/Jim Kelleher. I know you probably get these requests all the time and unfortunately I cannot provide a lot of information however I am hoping the details I can provide may jog someones memory in your elderly community. Jim/James Kelleher had ‘red’ hair and would have been born in the late 1800’s. He had a ‘limp’ (possible artificial limb) and used a crutch. May have been a farm hand on a farm over in Bruree in 1934 and did visit Croom on a few occasions around the year 1940. I have been told he may have been a soldier. Unfortunately that is all I can tell you and realise it’s a ‘rough shot’ but this search is important to me for personal reasons and I cannot abandon it. If anyone can help me I would be most grateful.
Thanks and Best Wishes. Helen Barrie

leave a comment below, or send an email to Helen if you have any information

Spillanes baptised in Millstreet

I have just discovered that my great grand aunt and uncle (brother and sister) were baptised in Millstreet. Their names were Daniel and Catherine Spillane, their father Paul Spillane and their mother Catherine Driscoll. Their sponsors (god parents) were Michael Spillane, Ellen Driscoll, Tim Mccarthy and Ellen Spillane. Clonakilty is the recorded parochial area. I should love to know more about the family and hope someone will recognise the names. The family came over to England around 1841/2. Daniel became a Catholic priest and died in 1896 visiting family in New York.!
As far as I know Catherine never married and her parents died in England. I hope you can help, or point me in the right direction for further research”. Best wishes, Christine.

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1901 Census for Millstreet

Genealogists and family historians all over will be delighted to hear that the 1901 census of Ireland (31 March 1901) has been online for some two weeks now. There are only two complete censuses relating to Ireland: those conducted in 1901 and 1911.  The 1911 census went online just under a year ago, and contains slightly more information about each individual, but the 1901 census includes the following:

  • Name and surname
  • Relation to head of family
  • Religious profession
  • Education
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Rank, profession or occupation
  • Marital status
  • Where born
  • Irish Language
  • Specified illnesses

The census is hosted on the website, and you can navigate the Census in two ways:

  1. Using the Search facility on the site, or by
  2. Browsing Millsteet’s District Electoral Divisions of the time (map below): Coomlogane, Drishane, Keale, Caherbarnagh, Cullen, Derragh, Crinnaloo, Rathcool, Skagh, Kilcorney (listed as Kilcarney),  Doonasleen, Knocknagree, while half of Dromtarriffe Parish is in the Kanturk area in the form of  Rosnalea, and Coolclough.

Note: The town of Millstreet is split down the middle (at the bridge) by Coomlogane and Drishane DED’s.

Dispensary Districts & District Electoral Divisions in Co. Boroughs & Urban Districts (1912) [Full Map] [All DED Maps]

Listed below are all the local Electoral Divisions (14) and all of the townlands (220):










Kilcarney (Kilcorney)



Rosnalea (Dromtarriffe Parish)

Coolclough (Dromtarriffe Parish)

Earl Grey Famine Orphans

Dear Sir/Madam
My great great grandmother Johanna/Hannah Mahoney was one of the “Earl Grey Famine Orphans” from Millstreet sent to Australia in 1850. Her parents were Daniel Mahoney, a shoe maker, and Catherine nee Sheehan both deceased. I found a Widow Mahony and 3 dependants were evicted from Rathcoole in 1847 which could be Catherine.
I am trying to find out where Daniel and Catherine would have been buried as probable famine victims. Would it have been Cillin on the Clara Road or Clondrohid?
I would like to pay my respects and if possible plant a tree in their memory.
Although I was born and raised in New Zealand I have lived in Clonakilty the past 16 years and have only recently discovered my ancestors.
yours faithfully
Kaye <email>


About the Earl Grey Female Orphans

Between 1848 and 1850 over 4,000 adolescent female orphans emigrated from Irish workhouses to Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide on the other side of the world. Their emigration has become known as the ‘Earl Grey scheme’ after its principal architect, Earl Grey, Secretary of State for the Colonies in Lord John Russell’s Whig government at the time of the Great Irish Famine.

[read more …] “Earl Grey Famine Orphans”

Genealogy: looking for James Cronin

I have just discovered your site while looking for my grandfather and have been engrossed on the articles. I thought you may be able to help me in my search. I am looking for a James Cronin who married Ellen Shine in June of 1941 in Dromtarriff, they had one child a girl Mary, all i know is that they separated not long after she was born. Ellen as far as we know never heard from James the only info i have on him is that he his fathers name was Jeremiah and that his brothers name was Andrew i know of at least 2 sisters but have no names any help would be great has i have hit many a brick wall.

Thanking you,


Genealogy – Leaders

We are an active, retired couple visiting Millstreet for the second time while staying for a few days at Killarney. I know a great deal about my ancestors, the Leaders, who were from Millstreet, my ancestor owning the Leader house on Clara Mountain which was in a dilapidated state when we visited in 2003. I know of no-one actually living in Millstreet with the Leader name. My third cousin told me that I would be related to all of them there to some degree. I would like to meet some of them to say “hullo.” Way back, the Leaders and the O’Keefes were related as well. Anyone out there doing genealogy? Would you like to make contact?
Margaret Kaiser.

Kathleen O’Leary – Genealogy

My grandfather, Timothy John O’Leary, came to the US (San Francisco, California) about 1846-1850 from Millstreet … his father and grandfather were also Timothy John O’Leary … family lore has it that my older brother was the ninth generation with the first son with that name … my brother’s son is called “Ten” within the family since he is officially Timothy John O’Leary X … I would love to know some family history from Millstreet regarding my father’s family … I can be reached on facebook or contacted directly at  … thank you for any response …

Looking for Carrolls

I am looking for information on my family that lived in Millstreet, Cork. We will be in Cork May 2011 and would love to find the graves of our great grandparents & our great, great grandparents. Daniel Carroll Millstreet, his father Michael Carroll & mother Mary (Sweeney) Carroll, Catherine (Kelleher) Carroll Millstreet, her father Timothy Kelleher & mother Ellen (Conway) Kelleher. Would be great to find family (still living).

Vivian Glacken

Reply to Vivian directly by email at , as a comment on this page, or through our ContactUs page.

Denehy, O’Leary, Dineen & Sullivan

I am a descendant of John Denehy and Hanora O’Leary Denehy who were married in Millstreet 3/1/1870 and emigrated to Clinton County Ohio in 1873. John had a sister Hanora who married Wm. Haley s/o Dennis and Julia (Creedon) from Macroom and emigrated in 1868. Jeremiah a brother of John and Hanora joined them later. John’s father was Jeremiah Denehy married to Johanna Dineen. Hanora O’Leary Denehy’s parents were Patrick O’Leary and Johanna Sullivan O’Leary. If there are any Denehy, O’Leary, Dineen or Sullivan researchers who would like to share information I would love to hear from them.
Regards, Deanna Lyon

The marriage record is here: Marriage of JOANNES (JOHN) DENAHY of KEELMEEDY and HONORA LEARY of ADRIVAL on 1 March 1870

Leave a comment, or send a message to (using the Contact Us page) and we will make sure that the reply gets to Denna.

Baptism, Marriage and Burial Records

At the end of November 2009, Martin Cullen TD, Minister for Arts, Sport and Tourism unveiled a new website called, with the aim of allowing everyone to search for information on their Irish ancestors from the comfort of their own homes.

Luckily for us, the Kerry Diocese along with the Dublin Diocese are the first to have their records included on the site, so the records for Millstreet Parish (includes Ballydaly and Cullen)  are available to browse through

For Millstreet, there are 11,718 Baptismal records and 1,957 Marriage records for the dates 1st January 1751 up to 31 December 1903.

[update Feb 2013]  The full list of Dioceses with records online has increased since this article was first published, and is now:

The site is very easy to use, so it should be one of your first ports of call if you are researching your ancestors.

Thanks to Presley for reminding me of this item

History of the Tithe War and what gave rise to this Tithe Defaulters list


Con Kelleher


I was very surprised when I first found this document in the internet and thought it might be of interest to some viewers of our website. Many of the names (people and places) are spelled as they were pronounced at the time, being greatly influenced by the Irish language.  Also some confusion with the letters P and D!

Click on link to view list: Drishane 1831 Tithes Defaulters : (Full list also below)

Tithes were taxes of 10% of income, mostly from tenant farmers but also from tradesmen, which were to be paid to support the Protestant Church ministers. This was the case because the Protestant Anglican Church was the established state church and continued to be so till it was disestablished in 1869.  As the vast majority of the population were Catholics they hated having to pay this and regarded it as an unjust tax and they also gave something towards the support of their own local Catholic priest. Even Protestants disliked paying as it was an excessive burden on all at this stage.
[read more …] “History of the Tithe War and what gave rise to this Tithe Defaulters list”

1911 Census for Millstreet

An example of a local Census Return Form from 1911
The 1911 Census Return for the O’Riordan family who lived at the corner of Mill Lane and Main Street, Millstreet

Recently I became aware that the 1911 Census has been published online at So if you would like to find who was in your house the night of that census, or if you would like to trace your ancestors then this is an interesting place to look. Personally, I have found my own four grandparents and my 7 great grandparents that were still alive then, and some more interesting facts too.

In this census, Millstreet Town is not a district, but is split into two separate DEDs (District Electoral Divisions): Coomlogane and Drishane from the days of the great houses in town. The full list of local DED’s are:

Caherbarnagh, Coomlogane, Drishane, Kilcorney, CrinalooRathcool,
Keale, Cullen, Skagh (Derinagree), Knocknagree, Rosnalee, Doonasleen

note: the Derragh DED which was in the 1901 census is now gone and is part of the Cullen DED in 1911.

The census was taken on April 2nd 1911.

[read more …] “1911 Census for Millstreet”

Old Guestbook 2000 – 2009

In the previous version of, there was a Discussion forum where people could leave comments. This is no longer in use, because you can comment everywhere on the blog, but here are the comments that came in regardless.


Discussion Forum


Welcome to our discussion forum.  If you would to like to add a comment, or start a new discussion, you can send an e-mail  to [deleted]

i am trying to trace the family of cornelius murphy born 1st april 1877 he was born in cullen and registered as living in millstreet his father was denis murphy, mother was mary mahoney .He left in 1898 on the ship pavonia with his brother denis murphy and his cousin mary murphy they were bound for boston america but cornelius got off at liverpool uk and then moved to wales and dont know at this time if his brother and cousin stayed in the uk or continued to boston if anyone has any information please could you contact me [read more …] “Old Guestbook 2000 – 2009”