Hardings of Millstreet

“Hello friends! I am searching for Harding family members in the area, and tracing family back to Joseph and Mary Harding of Millstreet, shoemakers in the 1800’s. I know my G-G-Grandad (Bryan Harding) came to America in 1857, settled in Massachusetts then Rochester NY. His brother Daniel, sister Julia emigrated also. Any Harding descendants in the area? I am travelling to Ireland this April and would be so happy to learn more of my family.” – Mary McDonough [from this comment]

By the Admin: While there were Hardings in Millstreet:-  shopkeepers, egg-layers, carpenters, tradesmen, shoemakers (Bryan, Bridget, John),  we seem to have found no reference at all to any Joseph Harding, which would be unusual. Below is some of what we found, which may or may not be of relevance:  [read more …] “Hardings of Millstreet”

Richard and Hanora Forde of Bolomore

> Hi Millstreet … but of a long shot. I have traced my great great grandparents back to Bolomore Rathcoole… just wondering if any Forde people in the area ?  – FB: Daisy Barrett Genuardi (14th Jan 2020)  [comment] [facebook<email> FB

> Thanks so much I will certainly give it a go ! I was in millstreet on 2011. We scattered my grandads ashes !

> My great gran was Ellen ( their daughter She married a Barrett)

> My dad talks about grandads brother Richie who went to america

Below are our notes on the family:

[read more …] “Richard and Hanora Forde of Bolomore”

The family of Cornelius Horgan and Honora Riordan, Dereen / Glenleigh

Hi, my name is Jeanne Cianciola. My great-grandfather Patrick Horgan emigrated to Boston in 1888 from Queenstown. His birth certificate states he was born 3/10/1867 in Dereen, Millstreet. His parents were Cornelius Horgan (6/20/1832) and Honora Riordan. He had 2 brothers: William (3/13/1864) and Timothy (5/9/1861). I believe William married Eliza Mangan 4/7/1889 and Timothy married Hannah Crowley 2/21/1889. I’ve only been researching for about a year and found the information above in the National Archives and Irish Geneology sites. I’ve hit a wall, so to speak. I’m wondering if I still have any ancestors in the area or if you might have further information on any of them. Thanks so much!

[read more …] “The family of Cornelius Horgan and Honora Riordan, Dereen / Glenleigh”

Looking for O’Sullivans

Hello! My name is Erin, I’m from the States but studying at UCC for the semester. My grandmother sent me with information about our family and family’s friends that lived in Millstreet, and I was hoping to be able to get in touch with them. My great grandmother was Catherine (Nanny) Kelleher, she and her family lived next to the O’Sullivans whose property borders the Blackwater River (not sure exactly where though, but near Dooneen). My grandparents and other family members have visited the O’Sullivan’s when they visited Ireland in the past. If anyone knows them and could put me in contact with them that would be amazing! My grandmother sent me with some pictures of her on the property from years ago and I was hoping I could be able to visit again for her. [f]
Thank you so much!!
Erin Sutter

Bridget Kelleher, Drishanebeg (1860-1936)

Hello, I visited Millstreet this September but couldn’t quite catch up with Mr. Radley. My great-grandmother was Bridget Mary Francis Kelleher and was born in Millstreet 1 FEB 1861. Her parents were Timothy Kelleher and Johannah Murphy. She and her husband, David Morrissey (or Morrison) emigrated to the US in 1889. I’d love to make contact with any relatives and to know more about the family. Thanks for any help anyone can provide. [1]
Best wishes,
Michael Morrissey
The below information is added by the admin to give some context, and to figure out who her family were. Easy enough to track Bridget, but we’re at a bit of a loss to figure out immediate family:  [read more …] “Bridget Kelleher, Drishanebeg (1860-1936)”

Local Genealogy Researchers

Looking for a Genealogy Service to do your family history research for you? Here is a list of local Genealogists that are willing to help you in your search:

Ciara Houlihan is a family history researcher who runs findmyirishfamily.com from Mallow. She has ancestors from Millstreet and Kilcorney, so is familiar with families and place names. She do genealogy part time. <houlihangenealogy@gmail.com>

Millstreet.ie – we do family research purely out of interest, connecting emigrants to their ancestral homeland, and if possible reconnecting them to long lost relatives. Our advantage is that we know the people here better than most, and sometimes talking to people on the ground reveals stories/connections that you would never otherwise hear about. Michael, Seán, Marie, and James help when time allows.

If you’d like to be added to this list please let us know!

[read more …] “Local Genealogy Researchers”

Help: Local Genealogists?

Does anyone know of local Genealogists, willing to help people with searching for their ancestors? (professional or non professional).

We often get asked, and much of the time don’t have a good answer, and end up doing much of the work ourselves, but often we just don’t have the time. With thanks any help, Michael.

[read more …] “Help: Local Genealogists?”

Donnelly/Herlihy/Lehane Clan of Ballydaly

Wondering if there is anyone who is interested in mid 1800s family connections to the Donnellys of Caherbarnagh? John and Michael were sons of Daniel and Mary. John was born late 1820s, Johanna, b. 1832, and Michael, abt. 1835. The three went off to America, settling in the State of Vermont. I am descended from John.

Their siblings included Mary, Jeremiah, Dermot and Honora. Honora married John Lehane and lived nearby in Knocknaloman. I know two of those who remained in Ireland were still living in 1917, when Michael passed. Just wondering if there are any Lehanes in that area, these days?

I also have a question about a Mary Herlihy, who died in Millstreet in 1902. Would she have died as a Herlihy, if she had married Daniel Donnelly? She is found in the Lehane household in 1901, but as a lodger, not mother-in-law. Any pointers to folks in the area who might connect to this line would be very much appreciated
—  Jared Handspicker, New Hampshire  <email>
[read more …] “Donnelly/Herlihy/Lehane Clan of Ballydaly”

Margaret Denahy Roney, born in Cloghoulamore 1885

“Looking for relatives of Margaret Denahy born on July 1, 1885. Father was Denis Denahy. Immigrated to the United States as a child. Margaret was my grandmother. Her mother was Johanna Shea. My grandmother had a sister named Claire. They left Ireland sometime in the 1890’s. Margaret’s obituary said they moved from Millstreet, Cork. If you can connect to riversidecemetary.com and look at the genealogy part and type in her last name Roney. She is listed as Margaret Roney, born in 1885, died in 1979. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you, Ed Tom Roney” <email>

[read more …] “Margaret Denahy Roney, born in Cloghoulamore 1885”

Ellen Donohue of Carrigacooleen, b.1863

I have just found that my late husand’s grandmother was born in Millstreet in 1863. Her name was Ellen Donohue and her father was Dennis Donohue and her mother was Hannah Riordan. Dennis’s father was John Donohue and her mother was Ellena. I would like to contact anyone connected with this family. Ellen came to Australia in 1888 and I have been looking for her for many years and only just found her.  [read more …] “Ellen Donohue of Carrigacooleen, b.1863”

John R FitzGerald Mahoney

Hi, I’m trying to find my ancestral roots: My Great Grandfather, John R FitzGerald, was born in Millstreet around 1828 and married my Great Grandmother, Mary Mahoney who was also from Millstreet and born in 1844. They came to the US in the 1860’s. His father was Richard FitzGerald born around 1800 and died in 1840. His wife was Nancy Murphy. Both from Millstreet. I was hoping that someone might know something about them. I am planning a visit to Millstreet next year.Any help would be appreciated.

Stuart Burnett, Massachusetts [1]

Great Grandfather Patrick Henry Linehan

I am trying to find out if my Great Grandfather Patrick Henry Linehan is buried in Millstreet.

He was a Master carpenter who lived with his family in Botherbue and had several children including my Grandmother Kattie Linehan who married my Grandfather Thomas Tynan.

He died on the 22 May 1906 – thank you if anyone can help.

Can anyone help ?

I am visiting Cork next week 16 July 2018

Paul Tynan

Email  <email>

[read more …] “Great Grandfather Patrick Henry Linehan”

I am looking for my Cronin/Lucy Relatives

My name is John P Cronin and my Great-Grandfather Micheal Cronin immigrated to America in 1883, he married a women by the name of Katherine Danahy and had three sons and two daughters. His family was located in Boherbue/Boherboy near Kilmean, my great Grandfather had 10 brothers and sisters, of which one was a Johanna Cronin. One of her children or grandchildren named Sheila married a Tim Lucy. We in America received a letter in 1986 from the Lucy family, there is also a mention of a Catherine Cronin, unfortunately, no one followed up on this letter, now thirty years have gone by so I am attempting to find more of my roots, any information would be gratefully appreciated!

[read more …] “I am looking for my Cronin/Lucy Relatives”

Genealogy: Murphy / O’Callaghan

Hello! This post might sound random but I thought I’d give it a shot. My mother’s family is from Millstreet (her grandma and grandpa) and I was wondering if there are still any family members who live there. They would be part of the O’Callaghan and Murphy families. They immigrated to San Francisco, CA and Oregon in the early 1900’s but my mom said she kept in touch with family who still lived in Ireland when she was younger. Mary Murphy and Dennis O’Callaghan are my great-grandparents for reference. (Side note: O’Connor is my married name so no blood relation to O’Connor’s that I know of). 😊 – from Kelly O’Connor in California
[read more …] “Genealogy: Murphy / O’Callaghan”

Looking for relatives of Timothy Foley

I am looking for relatives of TIMOTHY FOLEY who lived in the Millstreet area. He was born at Doon (Doonasleen) on the 17 July 1902. I recall being told his daughter played cards at Marion’s Bar (McCarthy’s Bar) some 12 or 14 years ago. I myself am from Doon trying to help a relative of the Foleys in Idaho USA. Like to know where Foleys are buried. I suspect the old cementery Cullen. She is visiting Ireland in August, and any help is welcome. I live in New York. Would like to hear from you. <email> [read more …] “Looking for relatives of Timothy Foley”

Researching O’Learys of Dromtarriffe

I am coming to Ireland in April and am looking investigating some family history and visiting cemeteries.
I was looking for information on my grandfather’s family, the Leary/O’Leary family from the Dromtariffe Region. In particular, Cornelius Leary b.1831/1832, son of Cornelius Leary and Catherine O’Shea/Shea. Cornelius married Johanna Horgan and they came to Australia with Jeremiah and Catherine Leary in 1855.
I then came across a document titled From Dromagh to Sydney about the McMurtrie Family. My grandmother was a direct descendant of the family in this document. We never knew of a Irish connection.
I was hoping someone might be able to guide me in the direction of local cemeteries and records relating to theses two families?

[read more …] “Researching O’Learys of Dromtarriffe”

Margaret O’Sullivan born in Cullen in 1855

Every few days, Ireland Reaching Out profiles people from Ireland’s distant past. This week they profile a lady who was born in Cullen in 1855:

Margaret O’Sullivan was born on May 4th 1855 in Cullen, the eldest child of Cornelius  and Margaret Hickey. She came out to Sydney Australia with her sister Mary arriving on 1 July 1880 and was soon joined by her younger sisters Hanora and Julia … [read the full profile on Ireland XO]

One question: The parish records give the location of birth as Gurnabeg in the parish register. Would anyone know where that is? Later the family were recorded in Lisnaboy Upper.

[read more …] “Margaret O’Sullivan born in Cullen in 1855”

Denis Lucey and Nora O’Connell

My maternal grandparents — Dennis Anthony Lucey and Nora O’Connell — were born in County Cork. Dennis’ birth may be August 1, 1869 at Horsemount, Kilcarney in Millstreet while Nora’s birth is approximately 1871 in Macroom. Dennis’ parents may be John Lucey and Hannah Toomey. I will be coming to Cork this June and it would be a pleasure to discover family connections, so any suggestions, clues or leads in this search will be greatly appreciated.
Dennis and Nora met in San Francisco, California and married in approximately 1900.

Brian Hassett, Auburn, California.
[read more …] “Denis Lucey and Nora O’Connell”

Genealogy: Patrick O’Sullivan and Hannah Lane

Hello, My brother and I are researching our grandfather Patrick O’Sullivan who was married to Hannah Lane in Millstreet in December 1905.

… His father was a car driver and I know my father Joe (who was apprenticed to Denis Healy of Millstreet as a carpenter in 1929) told me his grandfather (Patrick’s father) drove a jaunting car and was killed in a thunderstorm…

I am coming over from England to visit my brother Joe who lives near Schull at the end of October and we plan on visiting Millstreet during my stay. Any help you can give us would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards, Steve O’Sullivan

Above is a message we got recently, any help with the above would be appreciated. Regardless, we went about to try and find out more about Patrick O’Sullivan:  [read more …] “Genealogy: Patrick O’Sullivan and Hannah Lane”

O’Donoghue/O’Leary Ballinagree/Kilcorney

Hi all! I’m looking for more info on Jeremiah O’Donoghue b 1842 and married Catherine O’Leary b 1857. They left for NZ in around 1877 and I’m pretty good for info from that point on. It’s the Irish end I’m struggling with.
Jeremiah parents were Jeremiah and Ellen nee Walsh. I’ve heard they had a farm at Horsemount/Kilcorney. He had at least one sister, Julia, who married Catherine’s brother, Dan O’Leary.
The O’Leary family lived at Ballinagree. I’ve heard that Catherine decided to get back in touch with her older brother Timothy in her later years, saying “there’s been a Tim O’Leary on that farm for 400 years, there’ll be one there now!” Apparently, he was still there.
Are there any cousins of mine still around the area? Where were these farms? Are they still in family hands?
from Ireland XO

O’Leary’s Home from the 1800s

We came across the photo below this week and we wonder if anyone recognises the house in the photo. The writing on the photo says “Cornelius & Mary (Williams) O’Leary home in Ireland outside Millstreet County Cork, now owned by McSweeney”. The O’Learys lived there in the mid 1800s. The house is fairly distinctive with it’s double hipped roof and arch above the front door. Any help would be appreciated [1]

[read more …] “O’Leary’s Home from the 1800s”

Looking for Luceys

Hello all! I am looking for the Lucy(Lucey) family from county Cork. I have a very extensive list of family members documented once they came to the United Stated but little before that. I know many of the records were destroyed and to add to it the family seemed to use the same first names over and over.

Here is the information I do have: The family did live in Or around Millstreet based on two gravestones in Galena, Illinois. My third great grandparents Timothy(maybe Timotheous) born around 1822 married Catherine Monnahan(maybe Moynihan) born around 1830. They immigrated to the United States I believe 1854ish and settled in Galena. They had one son, Michael, born in Ireland. Six other children born in Galena, Illinois/Rice Township. Timothy had the following siblings, all who immigrated as well (guessing early 1850s and maybe late 1840s but that in unlikely due to ages): Dennis born around 1830, Patrick born around 1835, Jeremiah born around 1836, and Honora(Hannora). There may also be a brother John. Based on the eight year gap between Timothy and Dennis there may well be siblings born between the two that did not immigrate.

I would be grateful for any information anyone has about my family from Ireland. There is a trip in my future to visit in a couple of years but want to do my research now.

Thank you everyone!
‎Nikki Holland Berg‎

[read more …] “Looking for Luceys”

McCarthy/Foley/Cronin: Gortnacreha/Mullaghroe/Eagloune/Knocknaloman

We hope to connect with the McCarthy Family that lived in Gortnacreaha & Mullaghroe & Eagloune (wives’ maiden names: Foley & Cronin).
We have the marriage of Daniel McCarthy & his bride Mary McCarthy (her maiden name) in 1860.
Daniel’s parents lived in Mullaghroe: Daniel McCarthy & Honora Foley.
Mary’s parents lived in Gortnacreha: Florence McCarthy & Catherine Cronin. The new couple went on to have eleven children:

  • Daniel born 1861 in Gortnacreha
  • Honora b. 1863 in Gortnacreha
  • Catherine b. 1865 in Cullen
  • Florence (male) b. 1867 in Cullen
  • Mary b. 1869 in Eagloune
  • Michael b. 1871 in Eagloune
  • Timothy b. 1872 in Eagloune
  • Jeremiah b. 1874 in Eagloune
  • John b. 1877 in Eagloune
  • Julia b. 1879 in Eagloune
  • Denis b. 1881 in Eagloune

We know they lived there until at least 1879 and that sometime between 1879 and 1890 the parents (Dan and Mary) moved down to Knocknaloman. Their son Daniel married and moved from Eagloune to Rathduane when he married shopkeeper Mary Morgan of Rathduane (daughter of John Morgan and Helena McCarthy). We do not yet know what happened to the other siblings (marriages, etc.).

If you are part of that McCarthy/McCarthy family of 11 children we would enjoy hearing from you

Diane Rollo  <email>
George Pearson  <email>

[read more …] “McCarthy/Foley/Cronin: Gortnacreha/Mullaghroe/Eagloune/Knocknaloman”

Cahill: Trying to Connect with my Relatives in Ireland

I am in the process of doing my family history in hopes of connecting with relatives in Ireland. My great grandfather Cornelius D. Cahill was born in Umeraboy, Cullen Parish in 1864. He moved with his family to Glenamucklagh West (between Newmarket and Rockchapel) around 1870, but emigrated to the USA around 1887. He had 9 brothers and sisters, of whom seven emigrated to the USA.

Two family member we know of stayed in Ireland and we are focusing on these to see if anyone knows/remembers them:

  • My great granduncle Patrick Cahill who stayed at home. He married Annie Pigott, a neighbour, and they had one child Daniel, who also emigrated, but was present at home at he deaths of his parents in 1948 and 1961. The Pigotts and Cahills seems closely linked and the families were living together in 1911.
  • My great grand aunt Ellen who married a McCarthy and was still alive in 1945, but we have no trace of her.

1961 isn’t that long ago, and we would be grateful if anyone remembers the Daniel or his parents Patrick & Annie of Glenamucklagh, or if anyone knew of Ellen McCarthy that we can’t find.

Donald Cahill, Baldwinsville, New York, USA <email>

Below is a quick summary of the family we know of and what happened to them: [read more …] “Cahill: Trying to Connect with my Relatives in Ireland”

Looking for Jim Murphy

Update: Contact has been made 🙂

Hello there, I am trying to track down  a man by the name of Jim Murphy. His wife’s name is Mary and he has a sister by the name of Mary who married a Mr. Paddy O’Shaughnessy of Banteer, Cork.

Jim Murphy spent some years in England back in the 60’s / 70’s and was one of my Dad’s best friends. My father is trying to get in touch with Jim.

All I know are the details above and that Jim was originally from Poundhill in Millstreet. He would be around 80 years old I would assume as that’s how old my father is.

I’m sorry I don’t have more detail but I am hoping someone there would remember Jim and know if he is still alive and how we could find him.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
John Keane  0857142381 <email>
[read more …] “Looking for Jim Murphy”

Rathmore RC Parish: Location of Chapels in 1845

The February 3, 1845 baptism of my great-great-grandfather Patrick Harrington (1845-1915) is recorded in the parish registry of Rathmore RC parish. According to the register, Patrick’s parents were John Harrington and Catherine Crimmen, and the family’s residence was Knocknaloman. Rev. Eugene Murphy performed the baptism.

I am trying to determine the chapel in Rathmore RC parish in which Patrick’s baptism probably occurred. Lewis’s “Topographical Dictionary of Ireland” (1837) identifies several chapels in the eastern district of the parish as of 1837–one at Knocknacoppel, one at “Griorguillea” (I assume Gneevgullia?), “recently rebuilt”, one at Knocknagree, and one described somewhat mysteriously as being “attached to the establishment at Rathmore open to the public”. [ref]

The National Inventory of Architectural Heritage website states that the current Roman Catholic church at Rathmore, St. Joseph’s, was not built until about 1865, but that there was an “earlier building” on the site, built in about 1800–presumably also a chapel. [ref]

My assumption is that if there was any kind of chapel at Rathmore in 1845, Patrick’s parents would have had him baptized there, since Rathmore was closer to Knocknaloman than the other Rathmore parish chapels.

If anyone is aware of other good sources of information about which chapels existed in Rathmore parish in 1845, or any other information that might provide a clue as to where Patrick may have been baptized, I would be very interested in hearing of it.

Thanks in advance for any possible help!
Bob Kenney, Potomac, Maryland <email>
[read more …] “Rathmore RC Parish: Location of Chapels in 1845”

Who was Sylvester O’Sullivan?

A few days we got a message inquiring about a Sylvester O’Sullivan and family who was a hotel keeper in Millstreet at the time of the 1901 Census:

“From the 1901 census I have discovered my gt-grandfather: SYLVESTER O’SULLIVAN who owned a hotel at 43 Main Street, Millstreet, he was born in 1843. Wife ELIZABETH, four daughters , one of whom was my maternal grandmother: Kathleen sometimes known as Catherine. She married an RIC officer in 1907 who was stationed in Macroom. The other sisters were: Ellen, Maria, Lillie (widowed with daughter aged 5 in 1901) Any relatives out there? – Catherine valerie Harden [1]”

We did a bit of background research, and there really was little else substantive could get on Sylvester O’Sullivan (even with such an uncommon name). From what we can gather, Sylvester ran the hotel for about ten years in Millstreet before retiring around 1907, where he retired moved to Monkstown, below Cork City.  This is what we found:  [read more …] “Who was Sylvester O’Sullivan?”

Looking for descendants of Mary Buckley, Laught / Rathcoole / Millstreet

I am submitting this post in the hope of finding relatives of my g-g-grandmother Mary Buckley who are still residing in the Milstreet-Rathcoole-Laught area. My wife and I are from the US and will be in the Millstreet area in July, and would love to say hello to any cousins we are able to identify there.

Mary Buckley (1845-1885) was a daughter of Timothy Buckley of Rathcoole and Ellen Healy of Crippleford. They were married in Dromtariffe parish in June 1833. They had at least six children, five of whom lived to adulthood–John, Honora, Denis, Mary and William. Mary married Patrick Harrington of Ballinagree and emigrated to the US in 1868, settling in Concord, Massachusetts. She and Patrick had eight children; Mary died young in 1885.

Mary’s sister Honora and brother William also emigrated to the US and they too settled in Concord. Honora did not marry but William married Catherine Kiely, who I believe may have been from Dromtariffe parish as well. They had two children, and I have a copy of a letter from one of them, Mary Ellen Buckley, to her cousin in Ireland Liam O’Buachalla in 1916.  [read more …] “Looking for descendants of Mary Buckley, Laught / Rathcoole / Millstreet”

John & Margaret McCarthy Dennehy marriage 1936

We are trying to find the family of John and Margaret McCarthy Dennehy  of Rathduane/Millstreet who were married 15 Feb. 1936. John is the son of Timothy Dennehy, and Margaret is the daughter of John McCarthy and wife Mary Morgan McCarthy.
Margaret is the younger sister of John McCarthy who immigrated to USA, and we think John is the grandfather of Diane.
If you are part of the McCarthy/Dennehy family of Rathduane, please contact us.
Diane Rollo:   <email>
George Pearson:  <email>

[read more …] “John & Margaret McCarthy Dennehy marriage 1936”

The Godsil’s of Millstreet

Hello Millstreet, I am writing to you from San Antonio, Texas. I have been researching the Godsil Family for years. My 3x great grandmother was Ellen “Nellie” Godsil born in Millstreet in 1810 and died in Jersey City NJ in 1900. According to her death certificate her parents were William and Mary Godsil. I believe Ellen’s older brother was William Godsil who was born about 1800 in Millstreet and died in 1882 in Millstreet. He was a weaver. I believe two of his children were Timothy Godsil who was the informant on William’s death record and Mary Godsil Mattmore, DOB 1847 and emigrated to America married Patrick Mattimore and died in 1882 in Jersey City, NJ. My 3x great grandmother Ellen Godsil married Jerry McCarthy but he died at the age of 35 and is buried in the Old Cullen Cemetery. His daughter Mary McCarthy Sullivan traveled to Ireland in 1909 to erect his tombstone. I believe Ellen remarried a McSweeney. She emigrated to America in 1880 as a widow and lived with her daughter Mary McCarthy Sullivan. Any help would be appreciated.

Chaille Fox Lazar <email>  [read more …] “The Godsil’s of Millstreet”