Truly Spectacular Rás Mumhan 2024 Superbly Filmed

Stage 3 of the truly spectacular Rás Mumhan 2024 was superbly hosted by the Sliabh Luachra Cycling Club in the Millstreet area on Easter Sunday (31st March 2024).   We thank Mark Murphy together with Siobhán and Craig for very kindly sharing Hollywood standard video coverage of the exciting event.   We were blessed to meet with all three splendid people again this year as they filmed the highly prestigious Cycle Event outside St. Patrick’s Church, Millstreet.  We also thank Michelle of Sliabh Luachra Cycling Club for alerting us to the magnificent Tik Tok film footage.  Look out for some local faces in the outstanding feature!  (S.R.)

Rás na Mumhan 2024 Film Crew Supreme – from left: Siobhán Murphy, Mark Murphy and Craig Moss. Tap on the image to enlarge. (S.R.)

Here we share the truly brilliant video coverage with wonderful scenes of Green Glens, West End, Aubane, Mushera and more….To view the Video just tap on the link below:

Magnificent Video Celebrates Cullen Pipe Band’s 80th Anniversary

It’s been 80 years since the founding of Cullen Pipe Band.  To mark the historic 80th Anniversary in 2021 a very special short video has been superbly produced by “Molscéal” Productions.   Thanks to permission by Con Houlihan we share not only the link to this magnificent Video but also som 36 still images from the Production which was filmed at the Kiskeam Annual Commemoration for Seán Moylan in 2021.   Tap on the images to enlarge….And tap on the following link which brings you to Facebook  to view the excellent Video  (S.R.):

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Tour of Ireland in and around Millstreet

Tour of Ireland: peleton passing through Millstreet for the first time
Tour of Ireland: peleton passing through Millstreet for the first time

RTE are showing highlights of the Tour of Ireland are showing highlights from each day in the evenings. They are also putting the highlights programs onto their website. The one from yesterday (Saturday) is here: For the parts of the highlights around Millstreet, the times are outlined below:

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Millstreet film maker to jet off to New York Film Academy

BEFORE jetting off to the New York Film Academy, Millstreet film maker Steven O’Riordan will host a special three-night screening of his documentary, ‘The Forgotten Maggies’, this weekend at The Glen Theatre in Banteer.

This searing documentary will be screened on national TV in September but has only been shown in public once before — in Galway during their recent film festival. Since then, however, it has received waves of interest nationally and internationally.

‘The Forgotten Maggies’ tells the stories of Kathleen Legg, Maureen O’Sullivan, Mary King and Mary Collins; four women indelibly marked by Ireland’s Magdalene laundries …

The above is a stub from an article published on Thursday August 13th the Corkman newspaper. The full article can be read here:

Trailer for the film “The Forgotten Maggies”

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