Green Flash at Sunset over Mushera

A rare Green/Blue Flash is observed on the rim of the Sun, as it sets between Musherabeg and Musheramore on Monday evening April 13th 2020. The flash occurs only in specific conditions. It was captured by Denis Walsh with a zoom lens from near Cork Airport. (It is best seen on a large screen).  [read more …] “Green Flash at Sunset over Mushera”

A Red Sky at Night

A Red Sky at Night - by Geraldine Dennehy
We’ve been blessed with this week’s fine spell which has lots of opportunity for taking nice photos of the world around us. Especially the skies this week, with the various moons and this one from Geraldine Dennehy entitled “A Red Sky at Night”, is of the bright red susets we are getting every evening now, which would be nice even if we said it was from the Serengeti. Long may it last … until Sunday that is !

Spring Equinox by Con Collins

2015-03-23 The Spring Equinox 02 - by Con Collins 2015-03-23 The Spring Equinox 01 - by Con Collins

The Spring equinox (12 hours of day, 12 hours of night) taken over Deep Creek in South West Florida USA happened on March 20th. Thanks to Con Collins formally of Cockhill, Millstreet, and now living in Southwest Florida who sent us the two above photos of the sun at that time.

It certainly was a day of celestial happenings as it [read more …] “Spring Equinox by Con Collins”