Snow Brings Creative Magic to Millstreet!

Although it’s been very cold in recent times the arrival of snow has truly motivated some very creative magic such as the three snow sculptures which were superbly created by one of our wonderful Artists from Ukraine, Karina, outside the Wallis Arms Hotel….admired by so many including Margaret Healy (pictured) and Donie O’Mahony (also pictured).  We thank Jerry O’Connor for alerting us to the magical sculptures.  Here we also share further special snow images recorded throughout Millstreet.  Tap on the pictures to enlarge.  (S.R.)

Susie, our blind pet cat, checking out the snow!

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January 2021 Snow in Millstreet

We go on a brief “Snow Tour” in the Millstreet area.  We share images from Sat. night and Sunday (24th Jan. 2021) when Snow arrived.   We begin with two images kindly provided by Brian Kelleher, Aubane which he recorded at the foot of Mushera and at its Cross at the summit of the challenging mountain climb.   Then we view snow covered Clara Mountain from a variety of angles.  Tap on the images to enlarge….and keep safe and warm! (S.R.) [read more …] “January 2021 Snow in Millstreet”

Evening Snow in St. Mary’s

Tom has been taking lots of photos of the snow, but this may be his best this week. It’s St. Mary’s Graveyard taken last evening from the top looking down towards the road. There’s something lovely about the connection between the graveyard, and the life across the road with smoke and lights, and evening colours. But the first thing we noticed in the photo was that the paving was distinctly similar to the outline of Christ the Redeemer in Rio. Whatever you think, it is a magical photo. See more of his photos at his TMC Photography website.Below are some more of Tom‘s photos from this week:   [read more …] “Evening Snow in St. Mary’s”

The snow loves Ballydaly – it’s still hanging around !!!

Enough is enough! Please go away snow and let us get back to some sort of normality. Most other places are long clear of the snow, but lots of people around still have frozen pipes and numerous other problems because of the snow. – photos by Geraldine Dennehy

Clara and the Bealach from Ballydaly this morning Tuesday 6th March

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In Pictures: Snow Snow and more Snow

The last few days of snow have been enjoyable for many, and it was great to see so many people getting out and enjoying the novelty of so much snow … however, after three days  stuck inside, some are complaining about cabin fever! Now that the snow is disappearing, we thank all those that sent us photos and tagged in photos and videos. We didn’t have time to put them all up individually, so they are all here together:

These lads built this ten foot monster was in the Town Park

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Magical Snow Event 2018 at Mount Leader, Millstreet

While many of us are still snowbound (and trying to overcome a cold) thankfully a thaw is near.   Here with some 36 images we hope to share the magic of the past few days although undoubtedly days which created challenges for many.   Our base is Mount Leader where the kindness of neighbours delivering provisions and delicious soup is so hugely impressive.  Thankfully also electrical power has been maintained and the water supply continues to flow.  While my cat liked to roll in the snow she was delighted to be indoors in the warmth of my home.   And she has been great company during this amazing time.  Transmission of Church TV (although somewhat affected by weather conditions) is brilliant and a great advantage to the parish.  So let’s begin our “magical tour”.   Click on the images to enlarge especially the later selection in “read more”.   Enjoy!  (S.R.)

Trinity of snow-laden trees.

Footprints of very kind neighbours.

Porridge flakes and water for the birds.

Signs of much anticipated thaw.

And we continue to share 24 more images of our “magical tour”.  To access these just click on “read more” and also click on the pictures to enlarge.  (S.R.)

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Superb Lackabane Snow Images by Fr. James McSweeney

We thank Fr. James McSweeney for a splendid selection of wonderful Snow pictures at Deer Park in Lackabane – oftentimes known as “Cashman’s Park” where many young people had mighty fun today.   Click on the images to enlarge.  (S.R.) And we continue to share the remaining 18 splendid pictures by Fr. James ….. [read more …] “Superb Lackabane Snow Images by Fr. James McSweeney”

Truly Magnificent “Snowman Family” Created Today

We thank Elaine for this truly magnificent picture of the wonderfully artistic Flynn Family‘s creation of the brilliant “Snowman Family”. Sincere congratulations to
Maeve , Seán , Tara and Orla on using their day off school in such a superb manner. Click on the image to enlarge. (S.R.)

A Snow Day Tradition

It’s been a few years since we had a proper snow day in Millstreet, so when the opportunity arose on Friday there was a fine crowd, young and old, keeping up the tradition of tobogganing down the Deer Park.
They came early though. It started snowing about 10pm on Thursday, and by 1am there were a dozen or more already on the hill. And they came in big numbers on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday, the melt had begun, and only two were spotted on the hill, but only for a few minutes as they obviously discovered what sliding down on wet snow was like !

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Friday’s Snow Scenes in Millstreet

The brief appearance of snow in the Millstreet area on Friday (9th Feb. 2018) brought some truly wintery scenes especially on higher ground.  Here we share some four such images.  Click on the images to enlarge.  (S.R.)

Clara Mountain as viewed from Mount Leader.
Clara Road as viewed from Mount Leader.
Mushera Mountain as viewed from Millstreet Town Park.
Looking West from Millstreet Town Park.

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Recent Millstreet Winter Wonderland

The past week brought some splendid snowy scenes with Clara Mountain clothed in white and a full moon making night temperatures fall significantly. These scenes were all taken from Mount Leader Estate, Millstreet. Click on the images to enlarge. (S.R.)

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Winter is Coming!

2016-11-18-hello-winter-snowman-on-mushera-800The Sun is shining bright,
there’s a chillness to the air,

I feel it everywhere,
All through the day and night;
Winter is coming!

(Alexander Byron)

After a lovely autumn, the temperatures dropped last night to give us the first real sign of winter with snows on the hills.

Donal stopped at Togher on the road over Mushera this morning to make this snowman.

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Last Snow of the Winter ?

A week ago there was a sudden and unexpected heavy snowfall which blanketed the area, especially Mushera which got a good deep cover. While it’s lovely to look at, hopefully it will be the last one of the year, and that the weather will pick up, after what has been an awful winter. (With thanks to Paul/Noreen O’Connor who took the 30+ photos below at dawn last Sunday in the Mushera / Knocknakilla area).



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More Snow Photos from this Morning

Thanks to those that sent us these photos of the snow scenes and fun in the snow this morning: from Alan (taken from the Deer Park, above St.Mary’s Cemetery); from Michelle (playing in the snow before school this morning), from Tom from TMC Photography (of Millstreet Hospital, and Clara mountain, taken from the Killarney Rd), and from Áine (of Lackabane and the Nun’s Wood).

Morning Snow Before the Rain

Before the rain arrived by noon today it was a truly case of snow all over Millstreet as we note here having been captured in the Mount Leader area.   Click on the images to enlarge.  (S.R.)
Before the rain arrived by noon today it was truly a case of snow all over Millstreet as we note here with scenes having been captured in the Mount Leader area. Click on the images to enlarge.  (S.R.)

9Morning Snow in Millstreet 14 Jan. 2015 -80010Morning Snow in Millstreet 14 Jan. 2015 -8006Morning Snow in Millstreet 14 Jan. 2015 -8007Morning Snow in Millstreet 14 Jan. 2015 -800How very quickly the thaw has set in with the snow melting very quickly while rain and [read more …] “Morning Snow Before the Rain”

A Snowy Morning – wind, rain, and cold to come

2015-01-13 Snow on Mushera this morning - traditionally the coldest day of the year - Hillary's Day - photo by Donal Cashman
Snow on Mushera this morning – photo by Donal Cashman

Today is St. Hilary’s feast day, traditionally the coldest day of the year. So it was not unexpected that we awoke to a blanket of snow in town as well as the hills around us (it’s the second snowy morning this winter). We may get a few more flurries as the day goes on, but it could also be rain :-/.

But please be aware that the forecast for the next few days isn’t great. Tomorrow afternoon until Thursday is going to be very windy and wet too, and after that it will get cold barely getting above freezing during the day, and getting even colder at the weekend. More details below:

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First Snowman of the Winter !

The first snows arrived about 6:30 on Thursday morning. There wasn’t much in town, but there was a nice bit on the hills. One of our braver readers made a snowman and took some nice photos in the morning sunshine on his way to work at the top of Togher. Click the images for full size

2014-12-11 Snow on Mushera Butter Road - IMG3173

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