Spectacular Bealach Images Above the Fog Today

As we all experienced on this Sunday, 29th Nov. 2020 a Foggy Day in Millstreet Town (!) it was quite a different story on the wonderful heights of Bealach area above Ballydaly.   And we’re most fortunate that some six superb images have been shared by Mary, Dan and John O’Riordan of Ballydaly where we note a beautiful sunny day above the fog which gives the impression that one is almost observing the sea below the trees and fields.  Sincere thanks to our Friends for sharing. Tap on the images to enlarge.  (S.R.)  More splendid images to follow later. [read more …] “Spectacular Bealach Images Above the Fog Today”

A New Seat at the Cross on Clara Mountain!

We thank Michelle O’Keeffe of Dooneen for sharing this wonderful image of the New Seat which some kind person has placed at the Cross on Clara Mountain for the comfort of energetic climbers.  Tap on the image to enlarge.  (S.R.)

Availing of the splendid new seat at the Cross on Clara Mountain – Michelle O’Keeffe and Mary O’Mahony with pet dogs Buster, Oreo and Milo!