Russell Murphy’s Creative Postcard

Russell Murphy from Australia with Murphy Family roots in Ballydaly has superbly created a post card of a recent poem by Francis Duggan and an image we captured during the week in the Clara Road area.  Tap on the card to enlarge.   Many thanks to Russell who is a Loyal Follower of the Millstreet Website and of Cork Music Station.  (S.R.)

Caherbarnagh (or Cahirbearna) is part of the chain of mountains which stretches westward from Millstreet to Killarney. Its name means “the hill of the four gaps”.

Fr. James Captures Magnificent Image of Millstreet from Tullig

We thank Photographer Supreme, Fr. James McSweeney for sharing this truly outstanding panoramic view of Millstreet from Tullig this Friday morning (1st May 2020).   And we also include an historic postcard of Millstreet Town taken some decades ago…kindly shared by a Loyal Follower of our Millstreet Website.   Two special treats on this 1st May 2020!  Stay safe and well All.  Tap on the images to enlarge. (S.R.)
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Old Postcard of Millstreet Railway Station

Old postcard of Millstreet Train StationThis old used postcard of Millstreet Train Station  Railway Station surfaced on eBay this week. We’d love to know if anyone knows when this photo was taken at what kind of engine is shown.  The island platform lasted at least until the late 80s (removed at the time of the Eurovision?), but the control building Signal Cabin in the background lasted a bit longer, though without the chimney I think.

Here is a similar view from 1985, a view of the train station from 2011.

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