Millstreet, el pueblo Irlandés que vivió el sueño de Eurovisión

Last week, journalists from the Spanish ÉFE news agency visited Millstreet to do an article on the Eurovision which was held  here in 1993. Their work appears on several news papers today, below is an example:

When Noel C. Duggan dreamed of hosting the 1993 Eurovision Song Contest at the equestrian arena of his Irish hometown, Millstreet, many said he was “crazy”. But his drive and ambition helped put the tiny town on the map and, for one night, was the center of European music.

In an interview with Efe, the 89-year-old businessman remembers how the idea was born while watching the 1992 contest with his family and had a hunch that Ireland, and Linda Martin, were going to win Eurovision that night — and it came true… [read the full article on]

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24th Anniversary of the Eurovision in Millstreet

Let’s have look back at this day twenty four years ago, May 15th 1993, and we’ll never forget the XXXVIII Edition of the Eurovision Song Contest which took part in the Green Glens Arena, Millstreet. Watch the videos below with the voting (with Terry Wogan of the BBC), and the full show (Norwegian commentary), or look at some of our other memories from the 1993 Eurovision.

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Noel C. Climbs Clara Mountain on Sunday

To conquer Clara Mountain in one’s 60s is a mighty achievement but to climb Clara Mountain in one’s 80’s is quite magnificent . Well, that’s what Noel C. Duggan did last Sunday. Here he is pictured on the summit beside the Cross with June and Kevin Lucey while below he is photographed on Monday as he continues to work on his Shop Refubishment Project at The Bridge, Millstreet.  The previous time Noel C. was on Clara Mountain was in Eurovision Year 1993 when National Geographic Magazine featured him on a horse on top of the mountain (below)!  Click on the images to enlarge. We thank June Lucey for the Clara picture. (S.R.)

Noel C. Duggan sits on top of Oscar on top of Clara in 1993 … a version of the one that appeared on National Geographic at the time [amaz]

Noel C Duggan Did Dream

Noel C Duggan the entrepreneur of Millstreet Town
The fellow who did dream of Worldwide renown
Did dream that the 1993 Eurovision Song Contest at his Green Glens Complex would take place
No challenge for him seems too daunting to face

Noel C Duggan did dream and his dream did come true
The man is a genius to give him his due
He brought The Eurovision Song Contest to the Town of Millstreet
At his Green Glens Arena for glory Europe’s best did compete
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