Thank you, Noel

Perhaps the uplifting Tweet of  “Evening Echo” journalist, Pádraig Hoare when referring to the reaction of Cllr. Noel Buckley at the Election Count Centre when final results emerged last night:  “(Noel)…Conducted himself with outstanding class. All media present were struck by his dignity and graceful exit. A good man” …  so expresses the feeling of so many who over the past ten years have got to witness Cllr. Noel as such an approachable, cheerful and supremely dedicated local Councillor of Cork Co. Council who achieved so much for Millstreet Parish.   One clear example relates to his Trojan work in bringing about the reopening of Millstreet Museum and Tourist Information Centre.   There were numerous other projects with which Noel has been associated – all of which have had fruitful results.    We sincerely wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to both yourself Noel, Margaret and Family.   We wish you every happiness, fulfilment and excellent health for the future…and  hoping that your hugely regarded commitment to Millstreet will continue for many years to come. Your enormous contribution to our native parish of Millstreet has been utterly inspiring.   Míle, míle buíochas.  (S.R.)

Rent Reduction sought for Museum and Pipe Band

Noel Buckley

Councilor Noel Buckley last week was asking county council officials to reduce the rents for our Museum and our Pipe Band who both have rooms in the Carnegie Hall. Apparently the rent for these rooms is €6,500 each per year which seems like an exorbitant amount for local groups that have given so much to the community for such a long time.

It would be a great relief to both organisations to have that burden off their backs. The move was thankfully supported by other councilors from the Kanturk region. But why this was not sought in the last few years when it would more than likely have been granted remains a mystery. update 9 Oct: Found out that the increase was only upped from a nominal fee once they had been moved out of the Carnegie Hall for the year because of refurbishments.

You can read the full article on the Corkman newspaper.