The Strong Boy Of The Schoolyard

Far north of this countryside near Warrnambool
In the mid to late fifties in Millstreet Town i went to primary school
Years later one who would prove himself a man among men
Humphrey Kelleher was the strong boy of the schoolyard back then

Humphrey as a young teenager full of youthful elan
As a boy tall and sturdy and as strong as a man
Not gentle or shy but not a bully in any way
Yet any boy who tested his might had some price for to pay
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Cork ‘Red’ win the Humphery Kelleher Tournament

2015-07-05 The winning Cork Red U15 football team in the Humphrey Kelleher tournament in MilstreetThe winning Cork red u15 football team in the Humphrey Kelleher tournament in Milstreet on Saturday (July 4th). Included above is Colin Walsh of Cullen who plays with Duarigle Gaels (Cullen + Millstreet). Photo from

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In His Prime Humphrey Kelleher

The strong boy of the class room as i do recall
He later became a legend of Gaelic Football
In Cork’s All Ireland nineteen seventy three winning team the stalwart full back
In his prime Humphrey Kelleher was a hard nut to crack
Even as a boy he was as strong as a man
Full of the joys of life and of youthful elan
And what a great character he grew into be
The likeable fellow he did seem carefree
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