Dog Warden Service Visiting Millstreet Area

On Tuesday, 23rd March 2021 two Cork Co. Council Officials were carrying out their duties at The Boeing Picnic Area near the River Blackwater in regard to the Dog Warden Service.  Following numerous complaints from the Public the focus by the Officials was on Control of Dog Fouling (Litter Pollution Act of 1997) and also on the Control of Dogs Regulations 1998 – Dogs that require special care including breeds like American Pitt Bull Terrier, German Shepherd/Alsatian etc…. and every other strain or cross of every breed in the listed category of dogs – while in a public place are required to be securely muzzled and led by a sufficiently strong leash by a person over the age of sixteen who is capable of controlling such a dog.   It was indicated that there will be increased patrols in the Millstreet area and that Pooper Scoopers should be carried by those walking their dogs.  Tap on the images to enlarge.  (S.R.) [read more …] “Dog Warden Service Visiting Millstreet Area”