Liscahane Grotto Original Drawing Plan Presented to Museum

We thank Mary Fahy of Murphy’s Terrace, Millstreet for a wonderful selection of historic items which she has very kindly presented to Millstreet Museum.  Included are many historic receipts, documentation relating to the CYMS Millstreet Branch plus the original drawing plan for the Liscahane Grotto which was officially blessed and opened in the late 1950s.   It was Mary’s father – the late Jackie Forde of Church Street, Millstreet who created the plan for the Grotto.   Jackie was gifted as a superb Craftsman and completed many beautifully designed inlaid tabletops which would be quite similar to the Religious Bookstand which has also been donated to Millstreet Museum.  Tap on the images to enlarge.  (S.R.)

Cornelius Forde completing a magnificent painting of the very same beautiful Grotto at Liscahane in recent years.