Millstreet Pictorial Updates – 26th Sept. 2022

Here we share a selection of images relating to recent Millstreet happenings.   More to follow in time.  Tap on the images to enlarge.   (S.R.)

Patrick W. O’Leary of Louisville, Kentucky whose family generously supported the fundraising of Millstreet Children’s Playground meets with Committee Members of Millstreet Town Park during his recent visit to Millstreet. Patrick’s paternal ancestors came from Adrivale, Millstreet.
John Healy recently very kindly presented a superb publication on the History of Eurovision to Millstreet Museum.

A magnificent presentation by Paul, Nora and Marie at Millstreet’s Polytunnel last week on the theme of sustainability.

Patrick presents two splendid books to Gillian at Millstreet Library. He is acquainted with the Fields Family in Connecticut, USA whose daughter Lisa is Illustrator supreme of the two publications.
Annmarie O’Riordan and superb Musical Group at the official launch of her new CD at the INEC Club on Sunday night.

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Running a School in Ukraine from Millstreet

Nova Kakhovka in Ukraine, was taken by the Russians on the first day of the invasion. For the first couple of months Professor Igor Serdyuka still did his job as the director of a 500 student school. But in early June the Russian occupiers told him to start teaching the Russian curriculum. When he refused, they threw him in jail. He escaped the war with his wife Tatyana, and they have found refuge in Millstreet, but he still organises teaching the students online.

Sky News visited Millstreet recently and interviewed the couple, which can be watched on