“Radio Treasures” Live on Air This Tuesday 9.00 to 11.00pm

Having made a return two Tuesdays ago to live broadcasting on www.corkmusicstation.com “Radio Treasures” will be transmitted tonight Tuesday, 3rd May 2022  from 9 to 11pm settling back after a seven week break.  Please note the new time of our Tuesday Show which previously began at 9.30pm.  My sincere thanks to all the many Loyal Listeners who extended such a royal welcome back before, during and after the programme through WhatsApp and Text Messages, Emails and Phone Calls – all very much appreciated.   We shall, of course, feature lots of cheerful songs and some splendid music.  And we shall share lots of interesting musings.   We shall remember some wonderful people who went to their Eternal Reward in recent times.   And we shall chat about the featured images below sourced from the Pictorial Archives of Millstreet Museum.   Tap on the 18 images to enlarge.   If you wish to make contact with our Tuesday Radio Show please message us on the Seán Radley Facebook page, email us on millstreetmuseum @gmail.com, text or WhatsApp us on 086 825 0074.   Special features in tonight’s programme include:   1.  A Poem recalling Going to the Bog for Turf2.  Dawn Chorus on 1st May 2022.    Happy Listening!  (S.R.)

Signs of Summer with Dawn Chorus heard daily by Clara Mountain overlooking Millstreet.
Conor Buckley and Theresa Cleary about to attend Millstreet Pipe Band practice at Millstreet GAA Community Hall on Friday evening.  Conor is sharing his musical guidance with the Band on an ongoing basis.
Your kind support for this special Tractor Run this Sunday, 8th May in aid of Millstreet Museum and Millstreet Community Website would be greatly appreciated.  Special thanks to Millstreet Vintage Club for organising this important event.
Every success and good luck to John Randles and All on relocating to Rathmore in the Kingdom of Kerry. Sincere thanks for such superb service, advice and wonderfully supportive approach over more than three decades at The Square, Millstreet.
We share recent views of exquisite Nature on Clara Road and in Millstreet Town Park.

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Tractor Run in Aid of Millstreet Museum and the Millstreet Website on next Sunday May 8

Millstreet Vintage Club are holding a Tractor Run on next Sunday May 8th Starting and Finishing in Millstreet Town,a Scenic Route is Planned to go in a direction West of the Town,the Run is in Aid of both Millstreet Museum and The Millstreet Website which are two very important Services to both the Millstreet Locality and the Wider Surrounding Area.

Sign On for The Tractor Run will be at the Wallis Arms Hotel Millstreet from 11am with Take Off at 12.30pm,Entry Fee is €20 and all Tractors are very Welcome,There will be a Perpetual Trophy for the Best Vintage Tractor on the day and your Support would be very Welcome,for Details Contact Dan O’Riordan on 087 2452569

Eily’s Report – 3rd May

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a chairde and welcome to my report. And a very Happy Month of May to you one and all. I hope you treasured the onset of the Merry Month as much as I did. Weather wise it was ideal we got lots of warm sunshine and the soft rain which fell was indeed the answer to many prayers, as we had watched the fields and shrubs take on an arid appearance. The gentle moisture from the Heavens, mostly at night,  stole the show by changing the  thirsty earth into lush green. Places which were recently seeded, showed signs of growth in a matter of minutes.  My earliest memories of May are those of cotton dresses, ankle socks with fancy borders, and leather T-strap sandals, (shlippers in our day ) and daisy chains, and dandelions and birds nests and wild flowers and nettles and docks and new-born foals, fluffy chicks, baby pigs, corncrakes, the cuckoo and rainbow trout jumping in the stream. In other words a world full of wonder and life, new lives to set the world around us into full gear for the months ahead. May was the month when we had nettles with our dinner three times in the month. They being full of iron to build us up against the threat of flu  or colds or any sort of sickness that may cross our path during the year. Early in the month we’d be sent out bucket and scissors in hand to gingerly snip off the tender tops of the offensive plant, and we didn’t always escape but the first painful sting sent us rapidly searching for a dock. The dock considered an unwelcome weed has been hunted and chased since time began but still flourishes today.  The only redeeming feature it ever had was that it’s juices were supposed to cure  the almighty sting of the nettle and that was why we tearfully sought it in our moment of suffering. Mind you I don’t think it ever took the pain away and if we persisted in weeping we were told to ‘shut up our ‘ould crying, didn’t ye rub it with the dock,’ end of story. Arriving in with our pail of leaves  we immersed them in water which did a lot to tone down their punishing power. The strong stems trimmed off the leaves were consigned to the pot where the bacon for the dinner was already boiling. At the dinner table they were served up instead of cabbage three times in the month.  Though they were far from being appetising, we never-the-less devoured them because they were considered ‘good for us’. Years later when I recall the ritual I am inclined to think differently of our use of them. When you think of all the boiling and the straining of the liquid , I can’t help but wonder if strong iron content  wasn’t  thrown away in the water. Maybe we should have been given the liquor to drink and discard the uninviting leaves.  Today we are advised to use nettles to feed our plants. Immerse them in a tub or any container of water, leave to soak and water the flowers with the residue. Nothing could be cheaper and a great way to get rid of the stinging nettle.

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A message from John Randles

I would like to let all my customers know that as of Tuesday May 3rd 2022 I will be working from the McCarthy Insurance Group’s office at West End, Rathmore, Co Kerry.

I started Brittany Insurances & Financial Services back in 1987 and thoroughly enjoyed working with generations of customers over the years and seeing all the changes in Millstreet from our centre point in The Square.

I wish to express my thanks and heartfelt appreciation to all my customers, who supported me over the years, and I look forward to seeing you in Rathmore.

If you have any questions regarding your insurance, please do not hesitate to call me on 029 70317 or 064 775 1111

Thank you,
John Randles