K&L Deliveries Ltd Ukrainian aid appeal

 Gordon and Breeda sincerely thank the people of Millstreet and surrounding areas for their wonderful generosity to our appeal on Saturday for Ukraine. We would also like to thank all of our staff who voluntarily gave their time on Saturday to help organise and load all the donations provided. Together with our haulage partners the trailer will be shipped to the Polish-Ukrainian border, which will be distributed through the local authorities to Ukrainian refugees in need. Your generosity has made this possible.

Millstreet Meals on Wheels service

The Millstreet Meals on Wheels service is available for the elderly & isolated in the Millstreet catchment area. All food is prepared in Millstreet Day Centre & we operate the service 5 days a week. You can order a hot dinner for as many days as you like, delivered to your door from Mon-Fri for just €6 a day for the main meal & €2 for dessert.

 A variety of meals are served throughout the week and the staff will endeavour to facilitate individual tastes when preparing meals. Coeliac dinners & desserts available also. Please see our menu for next week below.

 If you or anyone you know would like to avail of the Meals on Wheels Service over the coming weeks please contact the kitchen on (029) 30998 or the office on (029) 70926 (please leave a message if no answer) or email <email>

Eily’s Report – 15th March

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a chairde and welcome to my  report.

“I tore me ould breeches going over the ditches, St. Paaterick’s Day in the morning”.  It was a phrase that was on most people’s lips on March 17th long ago,  as we youngsters ran off to find some Shamrock.  There was always an air of joy about it, another milestone on the calendar. Devotion to the Patron Saint was very real and profound. Back then, Spring would be well on it’s way. Many fields ploughed in readiness for planting and new grass coming up.  We forget a lot with the passage of time, but it’s great to have a few pointers for us to dwell on. We got married in mid February 1957 and I can recall that there was a rush on to have the early potatoes in the ground before ‘Patrick’s Day.’ Seasons have changed a lot since then. I wonder how many of my ilk can remember the differences they found between where they were born and reared and where they married into.  Lots of us married in our early twenties, moved from one family to another and started anew. I came from a rather secluded place a mere couple of miles away and arrived close to many busy roads. Many of the farmers in the area were resettled people.  Descendants of people who were evicted from their lands and homes back in the 1800’s because they couldn’t pay their rent. Families were big that time and were forced to live in hovels work for a pittance, while saving up the fare to go to America. In time the grip of the English landlord lost it’s power and some large estates became available to be divided among those who were evicted, though the acreage was very small compared to what they lost. The great man who made it all happen to a great degree was Riobard O Suilabhan the moonlighter, better known as the Bard was one such recipient in the immediate area. Dwelling Houses were built in these holdings and the people moved in, paying rent and rates twice a year. Some with very little knowledge of farming, since they had none or very little connection with the land up to then, some returning from America to take possession.

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