Culture Night 2020 on Friday 18th Sept.

In the promotion for this year’s quite different Culture Night on Friday, 18th Sept. 2020 Millstreet Community Singers feature in a superb sequence at Turbrid Holy Well where we listen to a splendid track from the CD “Together” which contains a magnificent selection of songs performed by Millstreet Community Singers.   We share a number of links here to enable everyone to access the huge variety of activities which one may access on Culture Night and (in some cases) before then.  We shall also recall Millstreet’s truly excellent Culture Night 2019 later.  (S.R.)

To access the video, the link is:

On the National site, the listing is here:

On the County site, the listing is here:

The video is part of the overall playlist for Culture Night, accessible here: [read more …] “Culture Night 2020 on Friday 18th Sept.”