“Radio Treasures” Tonight Features Corncrake & Sponsored Programmes Memories on Cork Music Station

An Invitation to tune into our weekly “Radio Treasures” on Cork Music Station at 9.30 until 11pm this Tuesday (9th June 2020).   Happy Listening!  (S.R.) 

  1.  Music and Songs aplenty including “Ireland in My Dreams”….And the sound of the Corncrake recorded on Tory Island.
  2.  Call outs to our Loyal Listeners worldwide.
  3. Our 10pm Feature takes us back to 1Radio Memories of Sponsored Programmes .  Our 1960s edited recordings are from Millstreet Museum Audio Recordings.  
  4.  Time to smile!
  5.  Time to reflect – Wise Quotes.
  6.  Remembering our Faithful Departed.
  7. Carriganima Book just published…We share how Irish words are so much part of our English language in this area.
  8. Musings and Chatting about the attached images relating to the many images pictured here. Tap on the pictures to enlarge.
    Visitors to Tubrid Holy Well, Millstreet delighted that this Centre of Prayer and Haven of Peace reopened on Sunday, 7th June 2020 with COVID-19 safety measures in place.
    Cork Co. Council Millstreet recently put in place at West End, Millstreet a very impressive Steel Bicycle Stand Feature fabricated by Vanhalen Ltd., Liscreagh, Millstreet.
    Angela Sheehan of Shinnagh, Rathmore is a loyal regular visitor to Tubrid Holy Well, Millstreet pictured (7th June 2020) on the evening of the reopening of this Centre of Prayer and Haven of Peace with COVID-19 safety measures in operation.
    Patrick W. O’Leary of Louisville, Kentucky, USA kindly posted these two wonderful Kentucky St. Patrick’s Day Tee-shirts to Millstreet – which arrived this morning.
    During my Clara Road walk on Sunday, 7th June 2020 I got to meet Evelyn and John Moylan with Georgie the dog and Polo the Pony. June Moylan kindly shared four superb images of Evelyn and John’s recent trip to the summit of Clara Mountain – totally charming and courageous. Many thanks for sharing such photographic gems, June.

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Sincere Thanks from MCC to All Magnificent Front-line Workers

We received the following message from  Maura  Kiely,  Secretary,  Millstreet Community Council

On behalf of our community, Millstreet Community Council wish to acknowledge the Trojan work of the front-line staff of our hospital, medical surgeries, health centre, chemists, postmen, supermarkets, butchers, suppliers of petrol and diesel and all who helped the community in a variety of ways.

They served the community with good humour and smiles— even in the early days of this pandemic, before perspex protection and when nobody knew what to expect.
They all deserve our unending gratitude and perhaps the best way that we can show this gratitude now is to Shop Local.  (S.R.)

Eily’s Report – 9th June

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a chairde, and welcome to my report.

Here we go, here we go, here we go. The shackles are off and we’re free to go. I saw a picture in the paper a few days ago of hundreds of pigeons being released from a pigeon carrier which was obviously a long distance from base giving them the freedom to fly back home. That was the kind of scene that  hit my mind as I listened to the account of the latest phase of the Covid19 pandemic.  Yes we too got our freedom and it was great to feel it, even for a little while until reality kicked in which prompted us to go back and read that again.   I know it must be very disappointing  for people like hairdressers and their customers, playgrounds, The Sunday Mass to mention but a few but the amount of permission that has been given is after putting a new face on our  world. The Town of Millstreet is after coming alive. Builders tearing into projects that have lain idle for months and people meeting people, some for the first time in months and glorying in having the chat.   As I said in the past people showing more interest and goodwill than ever before.  Absence does make the heart grow fonder. For my own part of it and for those like me it was a joy to go into a shop be it the super store or the chemist or book shop or whatever, needless to say it was a strange feeling, almost apologetic, Should I be here.?. and then to go around the stands and view the display but with our strict training  of don’t touch anything top of our minds. Some customers diving for the sweet stuff, but me being a savoury person, made a beeline for the meat counter. Where the lambs liver was a sight for sore eyes, coupled  with streaky rashers and a fried egg with brown bread, I was in raptures at tea time that evening.

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The Hosepipe Ban Starts Today

The National Water Conservation Order (The hosepipe ban) comes into force from today Tuesday 9 June until Tuesday 21 July.
For the months of March – April – May, we’ve had less than half the rainfall of normal years, leading to a greatly lowered water table. This combined with the fact that we’ve had little or no rain in the last three weeks, combined with high temperatures, has led to a huge reduction in water levels in reservoirs nationwide. It is much worse up the country, but it is worrying as we head into the summer.We hope that our water source at Tubrid will prove as dependable as ever over the summer months.

Here are the eight things you can’t do with a hosepipe or similar apparatus from Tuesday onwards:  [read more …] “The Hosepipe Ban Starts Today”