Reopening of St. Patrick’s Church Millstreet Greatly Welcomed

On Tuesday, 20th May 2020 St. Patrick’s Church, Millstreet was reopened as Phase One lifting of COVID-19 restrictions permitted.   Here we share nine images where we note health and safety measures are very much in place within the Church.   This reopening event was greatly welcomed.  Tap on the images to enlarge.  (S.R.)

Local Millstreet residents greatly pleased by the Church reopening.
Patricia Guerin wisely brought her own seat to the Church as almost all church seats are cordoned off in the interest of safety.
Special Prayer in front of the main altar of St. Patrick’s Church, Millstreet.

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Rare RTE Film featuring Billy Coleman and some Familiar Local People from Millstreet at the 1976 Circuit of Ireland Rally

RTE did a one off insight into the Sport of Rallying back in 1976 and sent Reporter Liam Nolan along to follow the 1976 Circuit of Ireland Rally and in particular to follow the exploits of Millstreet Man Billy Coleman the 1975 Circuit Winner,the Footage here is of particular interest to the locals around here in Millstreet as a lot of familiar Faces are featured in this rare and most interesting documentary.

This Rare Footage is Courtesy of Pat Sullivan Carrignavar,Enjoy.