The Muskerry Bard

Come boys pledge a toast in a bumper most bright,
To the men who lie fettered in prison to-night.
Condemned by packed juries and perjurers base,
But there is one beyond all who is worthy of praise.
He who spoke through his rifle wherever he went,
That renowned legislator for lowering the rent.
For moral force theories could never accord,
With the noble desires of this patriot Bard.

Near the Muskerry mountains he first drew his breath,
And imbibed the pure air of his dear native heath.
And e’er he had grown to the age of a man,
To battle for freedom he bravely began.
Though England’s proud warriors may boast of their skill,
Their fleets and their armies, discipline and drill.
Far dearer to me was the Volunteer Guard,
That obeyed the command of the Muskerry Bard.

He defeated for years, all the limbs of the law,
And for daring and pluck struck each deepest with awe.
And the threat of his name spoken ever so tender,
Had made the most mean-hearted grabber surrender.
Twenty five times at least in the dock did he stand,
And was never betrayed by his brave hearted band.
Though often was offered a bounteous reward,
For a member to swear on this chivalrous Bard  [read more …] “The Muskerry Bard”

Inspiration from the Past on WTRTM at 7pm on C103 Today

We thank Presenter John Greene for advance information regarding this Sunday (17th May 2020) evening’s programme at 7 on C103.  (S.R.)

In unprecedented times like these, inspiration from others is a helpful tool to see us through.  In national and world history there are ample examples.

On Where the road takes me this Sunday evening, John Greene brings you the first of three programmes entitled ‘Inspiration from the past’.

The theme on all three is incarceration and how the incarcerated dug deep to battle unbelievable odds and in one case turn the tables on their captors.

While lockdown or self isolation for Covid-19 is definitely not  incarceration, it is hoped that the mental resolve of the people in our three stories will help you to deal with any problems associated with the aforementioned.

Programme one tells of how a romance blossomed in one of the most evil places on Earth, not only blossomed, but lasted for fifty eight years afterwards. [read more …] “Inspiration from the Past on WTRTM at 7pm on C103 Today”