Happy New Year to All

This evening, Millstreet Pipe continued their tradition of playing out the old year and playing in the new year. Below is a video of one of their renditions.

We’d just like to thank everyone that tuned in to us, and especially those that helped us in any way in 2018. The very best and a happy 2019 to all near and far. Go mbeire muid beo ar an am seo arís. 🥂 🎆

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U17 Soccer

Kanturk AFC are currently recruiting players for their U17 soccer team. If anyone has any interest in joining or would know of anyone interested please don’t hesitate to Contact Neilus Higgins (087) 669 9639
Training is currently taking place in Newmarket on Wednesday evenings from 7:30-9:00pm, if anyone wants to call and have a look. ⚽⚽⚽⚽

Lest We Forget (1)

In this decade of commemorations we are encouraged to remember and not to forget. Very good advice and we will do our bit during the hundredth anniversary of “the four glorious years” to recall the facts of those years. We will do so with the help of the “Irish Bulletin”, the daily paper of the Dáil.
There could not be a more appropriate source as the whole object of the War that Britain engaged in was to destroy that Dáil. This is history from the horse’s mouth.
People who set up the Bulletin published lists of atrocities before it was officially launched in November 1919 and did so afterwards as well. Below is a list for 1919 and early 1920. It is not all comprehensive as it relied to a large extent on newspaper reports which were all censored and dozens suppressed and before the Bulletin had established a network for receiving news of atrocities independent of the press. Later lists will show much more comprehensive listings for the period covered here.
However, it gives the flavour of the ongoing terror campaign in period it covers and confirms the “existing state of war” as described in the Dáil’s Declaration to the Free Nations of the World on 21 January 1919.


From January 1st 1919 to April 30th 1920
(In the majority of cases the dates given are those upon which the incidents were reported in the daily Press)

January 1919
7th People of Dunmanway, Co. Cork, attacked by soldiers and police with rifles, fixed bayonets and batons.
27th Police with fixed bayonets attacked a crowd at Baltinglass which had assembled to welcome home a political prisoner.

February 1919
11th Police forced doors of King’s County Council Offices and attacked Council staff with bayonets.
12th Patrick Gavin shot dead by soldiers at Curragh camp.
19th Soldiers attacked card party at the Temperance Hall at Annacarty, County Tipperary, and wrecked the Hall.
20th Timothy Connors, Greenane, Co. Tipperary, aged 11 years, kidnapped by police and secretly taken to unknown destination, his parents being refused all information.  [read more …] “Lest We Forget (1)”